Jury Selection Week in the Criminal Trial of Donald J. Trump

One of the most important trials of modern time is finally here. It is about the hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels, a porn star. She was paid to keep quiet in order to keep a sexual encounter she had with President Trump back in 2006 that came to light just before the 2016 Presidential election.

It begins back then when the National Inquirer tips off Trump and Michael Cowen, Trump’s attorney and fixer. Stormy Daniels had a story she was going to publish about a 2006 sexual encounter that she had with Donald Trump.  Michael Cowen pays her $130,000 to stay quiet. This was the beginning of the ‘Catch and Kill’ scheme of Donald Trump, in an attempt to have the National Enquirer ‘Catch and Kill’ any story that could impact the election.  Cowen’s part was to pay her off to keep her quiet. So the National Enquirer would acquire negative stories and Trump would pay the National Enquirer to not publish them. Michael Cohen also paid off Karen McDougal, to not share her story or interaction with Donald Trump. Karen McDougal was paid $150,000 to keep quiet.

But how did Michael Cohen pay off these women? Did Trump give Cohen the money up front? Of course not. As cheap as Donald Trump is, Cohen acquired the money through a personal home equity loan to pay off Stormy Daniels.  He did this for his stand-up boss, Donald J. Trump. In a cover-up in a payback scheme, Donald Trump paid the money back to Michael Cohen in 12 monthly installments, but in Trump’s business records, the transactions were considered ‘legal fees’ in the Trump business organization. They were not legal fees. Trump was paying back Michael Cohen for the hush money payments that he made for his boss. And the main reason for the felony charges now, Trump attempted to cover the National Enquirer stories with another crime using his business as the payments being for ‘legal services to Cohen’, which is a felony. Talk about a ‘cooked goose’. That’s the definition of Donald Trump, when all this gets proven in court.

As the story goes, in 2018, the Wall Street Journal broke the story of the hush money payments. At first, Cohen’s house was searched, and then Cohen takes the fall for Trump. According to Cohen, he took the fall for Trump to protect his wife, who prosecutors said they would also attack but would leave his wife alone if Cohen pleads. Cohen pleads guilty to 8 Federal charges of tax evasion, fraud, and campaign financing violations related to the payments to Daniels and McDougal. McDougal was paid $150,000 to keep quient, but since then has come out and told her story and will testify in court. Michael Cohen also looses his law license and can no longer practice because of his boss, Donald J. Trump.

Trump is a scumbag. He ruined so many people’s lives. Many people hold Trump responsible for many of the lives lost due to Covid-19 on his watch. Now he thinks he’s going to be president again, now running as the Republican nominee. He may be the nominee, but it is my opinion that Trump will not ever get close to the White House ever again, and he is now on the way of becoming successfully prosecuted in this criminal case.  The Republicans are in for a severe thumping in the next election in November. Not only will they not gain the White House, they will lose more seats in the Senate and lose the House of Representatives by a very wide margin. Let’s just see if I’m right.

Finally, Donald J. Trump will be gone. He already is known as the worst president ever in U.S. history. No president has ever been despised more than him. He makes President Richard Nixon look like a saint. He makes George W. Bush to be such a stand-up guy. But like I said, no-one else represents the definition of scum than Donald J. Trump. No president except Donald J. Trump has gone so far out of his way, not considering his constituents, to protect himself. He’s only running for president to save himself from being incarcerated.  He never cared that the Democrats could beat the Republicans if he were their nominee, so he’s running anyway. If he happens to win, Democracy loses and the country is in for some very dark moments. If he loses, Democracy wins and the country can move forward, and forever put behind them such a man, the 45th President of the United States, who failed his country.

Michael Cohen was sentenced to 3 years in Federal prison. In 2019, Cowan testified before the House Oversight Committee and stated that Trump knew about the payments and directed him to pay the two women. Of course, as the liar that Trump is, he denied that at first. In 2021, Michael Cohen was released from prison, as he was then sentenced to the last half of his sentance in home confinement. Ultimately, he was sent back to jail by Trump for another week in solitary confinement because Cohen was writing a book while in prison for the first year or so of his sentence. He refused to stop writing it and vowed to publish it, so Trump jailed him again to keep Cohen silent. Here is Trump again, trying to cover up a story that was not favorable to him. Trump felt that no one would ever believe a convicted felon. Now in the Stormy Daniels case, Cohen will testify, as would a bunch of others. The extended jail time was eventually overturned in about a weeks’ time, and Cohen then served the remainder of his sentence at home, during the height of the COVID-19 spread. He was safer at home than in jail.

But finally, what goes around, comes around. Trump received his 1st indictment out of 4 in this case a year ago. It was about hush money payments in his attempt to cover it up through his business, which turned into a slew of felony charges because he used his business to cover up the payments. Everything is backfiring on Trump. Cohen will testify, and he is one of the main credible witnesses of the case, along with Pecker of the National Enquirer and others who will ‘spill the beans’ on Trump.

Donald J. Trump’s hardships are just beginning. Last Monday on Tax Day, April 15th, Donald Trump was ordered to be in court during the start of a jury selection of a 12 panel jury and 6 alternates for the hush money payments case. The jury alternates will stand by just in case one of the main jurors vacates their spot or is removed from their position as a juror for any reason. This process took 4 days last week to complete.   Opening Arguments by the prosecuting attorneys will take place on Monday, April 22nd, which just a few hours from now.

Trump has yet to pay for his crimes in this case, and will now have daily ‘come to Jesus’ prayers while he sits in the courtroom.  On another sick note, Trump has been farting out loud while sleeping in court in a very disgusting display of his very sick ignorance to be considerate of any people around him, including his attorneys that must sit near by.  He is already making enemies with the jury, the most important people in the courtroom. They will decide his fate, not Judge Juan Merchan.  Everybody seems to respect the jurors except Donald Trump. Getting on the wrong side of the jurors can be the beginning of the end for Donald Trump. If found guilty, by a jury of his peers, citizen Trump should be in jail before the 2024 election. And yes, he is no president. He has absolutely no more power than you or I, and should be treated as such.

It will be another first. The election will still go on, even with Donald J. Trump convicted of a felony. If Trump loses the election, he faces the continued prosecution of this court finding, plus he will then have to face more felony charges that have come his way since the initial charges in this case. If Trump wins, everyone knows what will happen. Trump will pardon himself and prosecute anyone who was against him.

Prior and during the jury selection process, Trump kept filing stays to ask Judge Juan Merchan to stop the trial. He posted at least a dozen requests in a weeks time. He also at one time asked permission to be away from the courtroom because of a Supreme Court immunity ruling that is about to take place that he wants to witness. But Judge Juan Merchan will not let Trump out of the courtroom. Trump is now stuck and must appear every day because the case is not a civil one, but a criminal one. The judge told him if he doesn’t show up for any of the days of the trial, there will be an immediate warrant for his arrest.

While this is all happening, the New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed papers to ask a judge if she can continue with seizing Trumps assets to cover the $464 million dollar judgment. She plans to collect because the bondsman that he had acquired to post the $175 million bond reduction is now found to not be worth the paper it’s written on.

The bonding company does not have $175 million in cash, but maybe less than 10% of the money in cash. This prompted Letitia James to move forward to get ready to seize Trump’s bank accounts, and his properties. Even Mar-a-Lago Club is at risk, even if it’s not in New York State. But the chances may be slim in that case, though, as it has a number of primary property restrictions that would appear to make seizure by a creditor, a government or private entity unrealistic. But what about his Trump Tower in New York City. How about his place of residence there. This can become very interesting. Donald Trump is surely to have many more bad days in front of him. When this is all over, Trump may be broke, his children’s futures dashed.

If ruled in Letitia James’s favor. Trump will come out of court every day to find more and more of his assets seized. He claimed to be the greatest businessman of all time. In actuality, he has been the worst.

Including money from his bank accounts, properties, possibly like Trump Tower, his golf course and anything she can get her hands on to almost anything to get back monies that Trump owes the State of New York after loosing his last court case.

As for Joe Biden, he just barrels along raising money and is out there campaigning every day, while Donald Trump will be stuck in court.

The Republican Party really pulled off a crazy stunt that has now backfired in their laps. Trump cannot campaign. He’s stuck in a courtroom and may find himself in a jail cell fairly soon, as he is already in contempt of court. A hearing on that will be coming up in court as soon as Tuesday that will explain the contempt charges.



British Writer Pens the Best Description of Trump I’ve Read

The following is an article I read on ‘X’ and also found on the Internet, published by a very notable British writer.

Nate White, a British writer penned the best description of Donald Trump I’ve ever read:

“Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?”

A few things spring to mind. Trump lacks certain qualities which the British traditionally esteem. For instance, he has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honour and no grace – all qualities, funnily enough, with which his predecessor Mr. Obama was generously blessed. So for us, the stark contrast does rather throw Trump’s limitations into embarrassingly sharp relief.

Plus, we like a laugh. And while Trump may be laughable, he has never once said anything wry, witty or even faintly amusing – not once, ever. I don’t say that rhetorically, I mean it quite literally: not once, not ever. And that fact is particularly disturbing to the British sensibility – for us, to lack humour is almost inhuman. But with Trump, it’s a fact. He doesn’t even seem to understand what a joke is – his idea of a joke is a crass comment, an illiterate insult, a casual act of cruelty.

Trump is a troll. And like all trolls, he is never funny and he never laughs; he only crows or jeers. And scarily, he doesn’t just talk in crude, witless insults – he actually thinks in them. His mind is a simple bot-like algorithm of petty prejudices and knee-jerk nastiness.

There is never any under-layer of irony, complexity, nuance or depth. It’s all surface. Some Americans might see this as refreshingly upfront. Well, we don’t. We see it as having no inner world, no soul. And in Britain we traditionally side with David, not Goliath. All our heroes are plucky underdogs: Robin Hood, Dick Whittington, Oliver Twist. Trump is neither plucky, nor an underdog. He is the exact opposite of that. He’s not even a spoiled rich-boy, or a greedy fat-cat. He’s more a fat white slug. A Jabba the Hutt of privilege.

And worse, he is that most unforgivable of all things to the British: a bully. That is, except when he is among bullies; then he suddenly transforms into a snivelling sidekick instead. There are unspoken rules to this stuff – the Queensberry rules of basic decency – and he breaks them all. He punches downwards – which a gentleman should, would, could never do – and every blow he aims is below the belt. He particularly likes to kick the vulnerable or voiceless – and he kicks them when they are down.

So the fact that a significant minority – perhaps a third – of Americans look at what he does, listen to what he says, and then think ‘Yeah, he seems like my kind of guy’ is a matter of some confusion and no little distress to British people, given that:

• Americans are supposed to be nicer than us, and mostly are.

• You don’t need a particularly keen eye for detail to spot a few flaws in the man.

This last point is what especially confuses and dismays British people, and many other people too; his faults seem pretty bloody hard to miss. After all, it’s impossible to read a single tweet, or hear him speak a sentence or two, without staring deep into the abyss. He turns being artless into an art form; he is a Picasso of pettiness; a Shakespeare of shit. His faults are fractal: even his flaws have flaws, and so on ad infinitum.

God knows there have always been stupid people in the world, and plenty of nasty people too. But rarely has stupidity been so nasty, or nastiness so stupid. He makes Nixon look trustworthy and George W look smart. In fact, if Frankenstein decided to make a monster assembled entirely from human flaws – he would make a Trump.

And a remorseful Doctor Frankenstein would clutch out big clumpfuls of hair and scream in anguish: ‘My God… what… have… I… created?’ If being a twat was a TV show, Trump would be the boxed set.”

Election Interference Cover-up Case and Trump’s Future

Now that Trump must finally by now realize that he will be going to his first criminal trial, what will he do to stay out of jail if convicted?

First, you must know of what he can be convicted of. Will he gets convicted of a lesser crime of a misdemeanor of just falsifying business records under New York law, or will he get convicted of a felony by using the business record fraud in furtherance of another crime.   The case is a little complicated and may take some time to sort out in a courtroom, time that Trump claims that he doesn’t have because he needs to run for President.

For a misdemeanor crime, Trump would stay out of jail, but if he is convicted of a felony by using the business record fraud in furtherance of another crime, he qualifies for jail time.

Up to this point in his life, Trump has lost more cases than he won. He’s burned through millions of dollars to defend himself. But now he finally reached a case that is out of his control. He may have one more thing up his sleeve though that can derail the trial for a certain period of time, because Trump is the master of delay. Presently, he has potentially 4 felony trials at his doorstep, and he managed to delay or stall the other cases except for the Stormy Daniels/Business records cover up case that he now must sit in a courtroom for, right in the middle of campaign season which he will be absent for. Now his sins are coming back to haunt him.

Yet, the Republican Party claims that this is the best man to represent them in the upcoming election. He is their top candidate, now the only candidate that doesn’t sport his successes as the reason why he should be elected, but instead is having his donors give money so he can use their money for his personal interests. He is using his own supporters to give money to him, not knowing in many cases that the money will not be used for his reelection cause, but for his own personal benefit.  Yes, I may have said the same thing twice, but what is it going to take to get the die-hard supporters of Donald Trump have a ‘Come-to-Jesues’ moment to finally realize how much Trump is using them.

The lesser included offense, a misdemeanor, is buried in the felony prosecution. But to examine this further, Trump has been indicted of 34 counts of business record fraud that has been ratcheted up to a felony because in New York, if you combine business record fraud, a misdemeanor, with the reasoning a person falsified the record to cover up or conceal to promote another crime, it now is no longer a misdemeanor. It could be election fraud or to cover up the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels just prior to the election to mislead voters to keep them from knowing that he did something sexual which would have turned into a scandal that could have derailed his possible election win.

Trump has attempted to convince Judge Juan Manuel Merchan who is presiding in his case, to postpone his case until after the election or kill the case altogether, and has tried his tactic at least a dozen times in one week. Trump is desperate to keep himself out of court, but with jury selection to start on April 15, there now is virtually nothing he can do to delay the trial any longer. Or, is there something else he can do.

As the self professed smart person that he claims he is, he can now fire his attorneys. That would delay the case until he found new attorneys, and they would need time to get up to speed in the case.  After all, he has money to burn, or does he? He couldn’t even find a reputable bondsman to come up with a reduced amount of $175 million to keep the New York Attorney General Leticia James from seising his money from banks or the properties he has in New York. Firing attorneys may buy him another month. So then, what is his next move. He’s already tried to convince Judge Merchan that he couldn’t be tried fairly in New York, because too many people now have already created an opinion of him in the case.

Jury selection is tedious, but the attorneys of his defense and of the prosecution will have to agree on the jurors selected. That will take time, but everyone that knows how the jury selection process works in New York has confidence that a non-biased jury can be found.

So here we go. Now going into an election season, Joe Biden is pursuing his re-election bid, unabated by Donald Trump that must fight for his freedom in a New York court, who is going up against Judge Merchan after he tried to sue the judge, then go after his daughter Loren Merchan who is a senior executive at “a Super Liberal Democrat firm” says Trump, that has worked with top Democrats, including President Joe Biden.  So What!?! Why attack the Judge’s daughter, the same judge that may put you in the slammer? That’s really smart Donald!

Actually, I know why. It’s because Trump thinks that everything he does makes his followers happy. He’s Mr. TUFF guy. Really. !?.@/$? Let’s see how resilient he can be when he has to go to a courtroom every day. Let’s see how strong he is, if he is actually convicted of a felony. Will he still run for office if convicted. Of course, he will. Even if he must do it from a jail cell. He has no shame.

This year, I am predicting the largest, one-sided presidential victory of all time. Donald Trump will lose the election, this time not by just 80,000 votes he lost by in the last election, but by a super majority of states that finally will realize he is not the future of the Republican Party. Trump will eliminate himself so that the Republican Party can finally be rid of Trump. But now, they have their own ghosts to scare off, because the party has evolved in the MAGA party, which is the Trump brand. Where do the Republicans go from here? Can they reinvent themselves, or will they cease to exist? That’s the unknown factor at this time. But for Donald Trump, it will be a very bad year for him.


D-Day is April 15 for Donald Trump

The time has come. Ex-President Donald J Trump is about to embark on a journey in his life that he never has done before. Finally, Trump’s corruption has caught up with him. He will be a defendant in his first of four criminal trials. The beginning of the end is on the horizon for Donald J. Trump.

For the last several years, people heard about Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels, a porn star, before the 2016 election while he was married to Melania Trump. At a time before the 2016 Presidential election, Trump re-paid his former lawyer Michael Cohen a $130,000 hush money payment to conceal from the American people that Michael Cohen paid to the porn star for Trump.  Not only did Trump pay back Michael Cohen, both Trump and Cohen covered up the payment. It eventually costed Michael Cohen his freedom as he went to jail. The conviction also cost Michael Cohen his bar license, as he now can never serve as an attorney for the rest of his life.

But since then, Michal Cohen has come clean. He now has ‘spilled the beans’ on Trump. Michael Cohen has written two books to highlight his experience as Trump’s attorney and even before that. The first book was named ‘Disloyal’ which was a true story of the former personal attorney to President Trump. Then he wrote a second book called ‘Revenge’ which explained how Donald Trump Weaponized the US Department of Justice against his critics.

Michael Cohen paid the price for Trump, but up until now, Trump has never been accountable for his own dirty deeds. But he is about to go on a whirlwind criminal trial, the first for any U.S. President in American History. All this is happening during the buildup of the 2024 general Presidential election. But now that the trial is beginning, Trump will not be able to campaign during the court proceedings, because he must be present every day at every minute during the trial itself, and he stands to become a convicted felon.

During Trump’s presidency, no prosecuting attorney would even attempt to accuse Trump of any wrongdoing, although evidence was continuing to grow, and it would be a matter of time before he would be indicted. Trump knew he could stay safe if he was elected to a second term, but unfortunately he lost to Joe Biden. Trump lost by a mere 80,000 votes.  In a gross dereliction of duty after he lost the election, he caused the death and destruction that January when he tried to overturn a valid Presidential election and stop the transfer of power.

On April 15, jury selection will start, and most like will run at least a week, with the criminal trial to start immediately after the jurors are sworn to secrecy.

Updates to the trial of Trump will appear here on Trumpdecisionpoints.com.





MAGA – Make Attorneys Get Attorneys


Donald J. Trump has become a fatal disease to just about every attorney that represented him. Some have had the smarts to pull out early. All of them are gunuine election deniers. All of them were willing to push Trump conspiracy theories. What did it get them?

There are at least 22 lawyers who formally appeared in cases on behalf of Trump or who apparently have worked independently on behalf of his false assertion that he won the 2020 election. The lawyers are Robert Cheeley, Kenneth Chesebro, Jeffrey Clark, Matthew DePerno, John Eastman, Jenna Ellis, Michael Farina, Rudy Giuliani, Julia Haller, Scott Hagerstrom, Brandon Johnson, Stephanie Juntilla, Christopher M. Kise, Howard Kleinhendler, Michael Madaio, Armen Morian, Emily Newman, Sidney Powell, Clifford S. Robert, Gregory J. Rohl, Ray Smith, and L. Lin Wood.

Now again, at the top of my head, the attorneys I can identify that have lost their attorneys license or are about to. They are the following…

Rudy Guiliani

On August 14, 2023, he was indicted in the prosecution related to the 2020 election in Georgia, Later in 2023, Giuliani lost $148 million in a defamation lawsuit regarding comments about the 2020 election in Georgia, and subsequently declared bankruptcy.

Jeffery Clark

Clark was one of the few lawyers within the Department of Justice who was willing to act on Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud and requests for help in overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election, witnesses said during the committee’s June 23 hearing.

Clark was subpoenaed by the committee and agreed to be interviewed. However, that interview was cut short by Clark. In its June 23 hearing, the committee showed video of Clark invoking his 5th Amendment protections against self-incrimination at least twice.

John Eastman

A judge in California recommended on Wednesday that the lawyer John Eastman be stripped of his law license, finding he had violated rules of professional ethics by persistently lying in his efforts to help former President Donald J. Trump maintain his grip on power after losing the 2020 election. So it looks like John Eastman is next to fall.

Kenneth Chesebro

Several dozen prominent legal figures submitted an ethics complaint to the Supreme Court of New York’s attorney grievance committee, calling Mr. Chesebro “the apparent mastermind behind key aspects of the fake elector ploy” and accusing him of conspiring “with Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Eastman and others to subvert our democracy.”

Jenna Ellis

On October 24, 2023, Ellis pleaded guilty to one felony count of aiding and abetting false statements and writings, regarding her helping Giuliani and lawyer Ray Smith “knowingly, willfully and unlawfully” make false statements during a Georgia legislative hearing in December 2020. She was sentenced to five years of probation along with $5,000 in restitution, 100 hours of community service, writing an apology letter to the people of Georgia and testifying truthfully in trials related to this case.

Others on the brink of loosing their authority to practice law are the following:

Lawrence Joseph – Juli Haller – Brandon Johnson

The disciplinary charges—filed earlier this month in Washington D.C. but released this week—state that attorney Lawrence Joseph violated “the standards governing the practice of law” in D.C., over a complaint filed in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election seeking to overturn the results of Trump’s loss.

The Bar association in Washington, D.C., filed disciplinary charges against three lawyers associated with former President Trump’s alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

The filings, made public Friday, accuse attorneys Juli Haller, Lawrence Joseph and Brandon Johnson, of knowingly making false statements to courts about different lawsuits they filed after election was certified and called for President Biden.  Read the complete details here in this article.

Alina Habba

In a hush money deal, just read about it in a story right here. She’s an attorney that was paid millions by Donald Trump for a defense, but has lost every major case, and in some cases, got sanctioned. But she presently is spending some of her millions she received from Trump to support him in his court cases in which she lost. Why would Trump continue to contain her as legal council?  Everyone following what has been going on with her with Trump are the only ones who really know what’s going to happen to her in the future. Just a hint – “YOU’RE FIRED!” by Donald Trump and then her walls will be tumbling down just like the other attorneys.

Sidney Powell, who has pled guilty in the State of Georgia in her role in trying to overturn the 2020 election, has been granted a reprieve in Texas. She will not loose her license there in Texas. Beyond the sanctions in Michigan, Powell was charged in the sprawling racketeering case brought by the Fulton County District Attorney in August. She reached a plea deal with prosecutors in October and agreed to plead guilty to six misdemeanor counts.

Why has this happened? Why do these attorneys that went to school to study hard and acquire a license, pass the bar and then decide to represent or be associated with a scum-bag like Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Trump is the same person who has just become the Republican Nominee for President in 2024 to run against President Joe Biden.

What are the MAGA supporters thinking? Why do they continue to support a former President that claims that he represents them when he actually represents himself. Even knowing that he most likely will become a convicted felon in the future.

Donald J. Trump will be the first convicted felon huckster U.S. President in history. Trump is pushing his line of bibles, sneakers, NFT trading card collection, stakes, vodka, energy drinks, furniture collection, golfing advice, fragrances named ‘Success’, eyeglasses, gold bullion Chocolate and finally shampoo.  Come on Donald. Why not share your wealth with the hard-working people of this country. Oh yea. You are not at rich as you tend to be. You still have yet to pay a reduced bond.

Out of all of these attorneys, Michael Cowen has been the only previous attorney of Donald Trump to ‘pay the piper’ and service a jail sentence. Donald J. Trump most likely will follow suit and spend time in a jail cell after he looses the 2024 presidential election.

Trump’s main reason for running in 2024 is to stay out of jail, and persecute those who charged him with the crimes that him and ONLY him can get away with it, at least for now.  But all of the people that have been hurt directly are ALL REPUBLICANS, people who supported him, but he wouldn’t think twice in turning against them.

The MAGA supporters that support him now must find this out the hard way.






Donald Trump Will Be Convicted and Will See JAIL TIME

If you watch the news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, NEWSMAX and FOX NEWS, you will not totally hear the truth. That’s because they seem to always proclaim in their newscasts what their specific audiences want to hear. Up front in full disclosure, you are reading a website blog here that is a written by a Democrat. Ok, for you Republicans, this statement must turn you off for what I’m about to say, and for that reason, I believe that any Republican reading this article up to this point will just bail out and not read further.

But what you will read here is what most governments, Republican or Democratic, will not totally be transparent when it comes to how they manage their own affairs.

Here, you will receive what I totally believe is true. In my last article written, I stated that Donald Trump’s LLC were cancelled. What I should have said is that it is with certainty that they will be cancelled, pending the outcome of the Fraud trial now going on in New York.

But in an effort to not lead you on, I would like to state why it is my belief that Donald Trump will be convicted and will spend the rest of his life in a jail cell.

Donald Trump is facing 91 felony charges across four different jurisdictions; he will face multiple convictions that will then equal several life sentences in jail confinement.

Donald Trump tried to bring an end to our government and our democracy and tried to overturn the will of the American voters to keep himself in power for a second term. The case against him to overturn the election will not be until next year, but Trump is presently all but surely will be convicted in the disgorgement case in progress NOW that will determine how much money he will have to pay to the State of New York for failing to pay his fair share of taxes and then over-valuating his properties throughout the years to be able to get very big loans from banks and be one of the companies on the Forbes top 400 list. It is a fraud case that will end in Trump then actually losing his LLC’s, take away all the money he has left, and even lose his property in Mar-a-lago. Trump needs to plead a deal, if possible, because once he is convicted, other court districts will never consider a plea deal. Trump may have to liquidate the Mara largo property to help pay his debts in New York. The baseline amount that the state of New York is asking for in the disgorgement case is $250 million dollars. But the actual amount awarded by Judge Arthur F. Engoron in the fraud case may be double or triple that amount.  But like I said from the onset, Trump is facing several life sentences in jail, and he will no longer need his properties, including the Trump Tower in New York, as he WILL spend the rest of his life in prison. Who knows what may happen in the future to his children, as they will be also affected in their business ventures in New York state and other jurisdictions.

Some of my close Republican friends of course are on the other side of the fence and believe Trump will never go to prison, but the facts are facts. Donald J. Trump has 91 felony charges now pending against him, and even if the majority of these charges get overturned, if just one of these felony charges are left that he is convicted of, he will spend time in a jail cell. The minimum amount of jail time could be as low as one year, but he would be incarcerated behind bars. But to be real here, with 91 felony charges pending against Trump, who in his right mind would believe that Trump would not spend the rest of his life in prison. The only people I know of that would believe that are my Republican friends.


Trump Guilty of Fraud – LLC’s in the State of New York CANCELLED

Trump never made the greatest of decisions, which is the main reason this blog exists. He only made them when it benefited him, and keeping within the law while doing it was no option for him. All he has done throughout his career was to circumvent the law, and not pay proper taxes, while at the same time, overvaluing his properties so that he could get super loans from banks. The only problem was that his properties were way overvalued by him, and he committed fraud when he borrowed money for property values that just didn’t exist. It was just a matter of time as New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron made a ruling against Donald Trump in the civil fraud case, in which just the preponderance of evidence is all that is required.  Since this is not a criminal case, there is no burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt needed, so Donald J. Trump is screwed. The judge found Donald Trump guilty of fraud by inflating his net worth in business transactions, and now without a jury trial to begin on Monday, October 2nd on the 6 other counts. The complete and utter destruction of his company is on the line. There is a chance that he will never be able to earn another buck for the rest of his life. Other counts are for insurance fraud, fraudulent financial statements used by Trump, and fraudulent business records. The judge also imposed sanctions on his attorneys, two of his children, along with two other company executives. Trump’s businesses are headquartered in New York, and now the Trump business model is held cold in their tracks. No more business in or from New York State. It is the ‘beginning of the end’ of Donald J. Trump.  Now court cases begin, and it will be non-stop litigation for Donald Trump in the midst of trying to run again for President. He will not be able to secure loans in the future most definitely in New York State, but other states would deny Trump the ability to borrow.

Just last week, it was found out that Donald Trump lost his opportunity to have a jury trial in the fraud case, because his attorney Alina Habba who didn’t submit forms in time so that a jury trial would be possible. Instead, it looks like Donald J. Trump will have to answer to Judge Engoron on October 2nd where the judge will now decide on monetary damages somewhere in the tune of $250+ million dollars. During the ruling by Engoron, Alina Habba was sanctioned for all the frivolous lawsuits made as she represented Trump.  This week on September 28th, Engoron found Trump liable of defrauding banks and insurers by fraudulently overvaluing his assets by at least $2.2 Billion dollars, and qualifying for loans he made using inflated property worth values.  Trump has no longer any control of his properties in the state of New York, as his LLCs are now canceled. With cancelled LLC’s, the business properties are now worthless on paper, and Trump won’t be able to sell them if he wanted to, according to Leitman Bailey, an American lawyer who practices residential and commercial real estate law. Trump would be in default on his loans, and no buyer would be able to buy the property, no title insurance company would be able to insure it, and therefore no sale could take place. Trump can no longer do business in the state of New York. He can no longer do business in his famous Trump Tower, that most likely will lose the name of ‘TRUMP TOWER’ on the exterior. Trump’s footprint in New York is being stomped out. Any LLC used in his New York businesses are now null and void, although Trump will file a temporary injunction to stop immediate effects of such a ruling, in which the final determination of his businesses in New York may be in limbo for maybe up to 2 years. LLC cancellations for Donald Trump is like tearing the heart out of the Trump business in New York, as his businesses no longer have the right to do business under the supervision of Donald Trump. He can no longer make money there.  Does this affect his business in Florida, Mara Largo?  He runs Mara Largo from his offices in New York. Of course, 8 other business locations in New York City are affected.

They are the following… Click on each link for each specific website…

Trump Tower and Triplex Apartment Complex
4-6 East 57th Street
Trump Park Avenue
1290 Avenue of the Americas
40 Wall Street
Trump National Golf Club Hudson Valley
Trump National Golf Club Westchester
Seven Springs


Trump will try and fight this decision by Engoron, but now he has more fish to fry. Like I just said, Trump has a hearing on Monday, and he plans to attend. He will also file an appeal that may take years to decide Trumps fate with all real estate owned and operated in the state of New York. By then, he may be incarcerated for other crimes. In any regard, things do not look good for Trump. With all this happening now, he still is running for President. Really?/!.,?/!  With his reputation put up on a table, who will support him now besides his MAGA Republicans?

So, what happens to ‘Trump Tower’ or ’40 Wall Street’ now that he can no longer run a business at or from these addresses? Well, for starters, Trump will have to hand control of his New York properties to an independent third party, also known as a receiver. He will still own them but will not have any control over them. He will not be allowed to manage them, or sell them, even if he wants to.   But, Judge Engoron hasn’t made a final decision if the assets can be managed by a third party or whether they must just flat-out be sold. In any light, Trump is screwed. The fraudster finally got what he had coming, and the ruling is hitting him hard. This is just the beginning of the pain Donald J. Trump is about to experience regarding his financials and his freedom in the future.  He has so much and stands to lose most of it.

As of the date of this update, October 7, 2023, the trial for Donald J. Trump is underway. Trump claimed he would be at the trial the entire week. On the 3rd day, Trump bailed out and went back to Florida. He couldn’t take the heat. He didn’t need to be there because it was not a criminal trial.  The only thing left to decide is how much money Trump would have to give up to the State of New York.

ON a real dark note for Donald Trump, what has happened is that Trump is about to lose total control of his businesses run from New York, not just in New York. Any LLC’s or businesses he has worldwide that are controlled by LLC’s in New York most likely will have to shut down.

An updated list of properties that are affected that Trump will no longer have control over will be forthcoming.

MAGA Party equals Destruction of the Republican Party

Everyone who has ANY perception of political news these days who are well-informed knows that the Republican Party has evolved into what is now known as the MAGA Party. The original thought was that it stood for “Make America Great Again”, which is a term that is the motto now of the very far right, so-called Republican base. But if you really understand what that statement falsely admits, you can conclude that Donald Trump never understood that America has always been great. Case in point, what does ‘Again’ mean in that statement?

The slogan first showed up in the political campaign of Trump when he first ran for president in 2016 and 2017. What he conveyed to his followers is that the nation is in decline, and that he and he alone would make America great again. Now, in his latest post in his social media site called ‘Truth Social’, Trump admits that ‘MAGA’ is a cult.

Donald Trump’s supporters continually go down his rabbit hole of the MAGA cult as they continue to support his conduct during his present campaign to try and win back the White House in 2024.

But what the MAGA party truly stands for now is not for what it once stood for . Now as a whole, they are in the process of destroying their country.

MAGA extremists like Margarie Taylor Green, and Matt Gaetz are in position now to make sure that the House is not capable of passing desperately needed laws to keep the government open at the end of the month.  With complete control of the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, the MAGA leaders will use him as a scapegoat as to why the government is shut down. McCarthy did everything to concede power to these MAGA extremists, so he could become the speaker. Now he is leading these extremists to impeach President Joe Biden because the MAGA’s demanded he do so, on which they have no grounds to do. Most importantly, they are doing this under the direction of their MAGA leader, Donald J. Trump.  This extreme party has now become a threat to democracy. They intend to stomp out everything that really makes this country great, including their present president, Joe Biden. But unfortunately for Speaker McCarthy, they will use the shutdown and the problems that are owned by the MAGA party, as an excuse to fire him from his job. That makes Speaker McCarthy the most ignorant man in America, soon to be one of the most disgraced after attempting to fight so hard for these MAGAs in attempt to keep his job which even he knows he could not keep because of their demands of him.


In a statement by President Joe Biden, he summed up what he believes what the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ believers are. In a speech he made in Philadelphia on September 1, 2022 in Philadelphia, he stated the following…

“There is no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven, and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans, and that is a threat to this country,” Biden said. “MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people.”

The country is poised to put up with the beginning of the long list of court battles that Donald Trump faces for the next few years. Regardless of the facts, the MAGA followers of Donald Trump will continue to support him with their votes and their money, so they can help Trump pay all of his legal bills he now has.

First, MAGAs believe that the last election that Trump lost was stolen. They believe that COVID-19 was a bioweapon from China. They blame the riots at the capitol the work of antifa. They are now blaming Democrats in attempting to remove Trump from the campaign by using the Actual 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

In all actuality, Trump supporters should blame themselves for support such a criminal mind as Donald Trump. Nothing good can ever come out of their support for Donald Trump. They cannot make America great again or actually keep American from not being great by continuing on a path to destruction of their own party.

Can the country survive with a destroyed Republican party. I argue that it cannot. This county was built on a belief that people have a right to their beliefs and no man has the right to take rights away from others. There needs to be two healthy parties, ones that can disagree with each other, but can come to a common resolution to their differences. One thing is for sure. The Republican party can not exist in it’s true and intended form with the addition of the MAGA party. That puts democracy at stake here.

Elections matter. Will the country re-elect an honest and decent president such as Joe Biden, or will the country elect a failed president, twice impeached, 4-times indicted monster of a man, someone who will continue to tear down the country in every way possible because he will then have nothing to lose. The U.S. Constitution for once may be responsible for saving the country by eliminating Donald Trump from ever running for political office again.  I predict a jail term for Trump. It most likely will be drastic. For the felonies he is charged and all can be proven, he stands to spend the rest of his life in jail. On the other hand if re-elected, he cannot be up for re-election if he is serving his second term in office as president. If you think his accusations against everyone that he doesn’t agree with are bad now, just wait until he gains a second term.  He will attempt to pardon himself. He will acquire a MAGA person, such as Majorie Tayor Green,  to be his vice-president, just in case something happens to him, the MAGA party will continue to exist and havoc in the county will persist. Democracy and our lives are at stake in the upcoming election. There will not be a more important election than the presidential election of 2024. If Biden wins, the country will continue to thrive. If Trump wins, freedoms as we know it today will no longer exist. America will no longer be free. A second civil war will erupt.

Fallout to Republicans and Criminal Defendant Trump because of the 14th Amendment

Now that criminal defendant Trump really is disqualified to run for President under the 14th Amendment, Section 3, will the Secretaries of the States now remove Trump from their state ballots?

Lawsuits now showing up to get Trump removed from running for President in 2024..  Thank GOD, because I need him out of my life!


More than likely, Trump will be removed from EVERY Democratically controlled ballot across the country. That means that even if Trump still runs in every Republican controlled state, he could never receive the required number of electoral votes – 270, to become President.

The question I have, will the Republican controlled states now go against the U.S. Constitution and still leave Trump on their ballots in November 2024? If you are a follower of the Constitution and believe what it stands for, then all the states will remove Trump from their ballots.

Now, all the news media on both sides of the aisle will talk about this, and I wonder how long it will take for the Republicans to realize that the longer they support criminal defendant Trump for re-election as President, the higher the possibility that they will not be able to produce a candidate that the country could follow as a Republican candidate.

Actually, the boat has already sailed. It really makes no difference what the Republicans do now. Trump is toast. The Republican Party is toast, because of their leaders who fail their constituents because of MAGA. The longer the MAGA Republicans support Trump, the more certain that Joe Biden will win re-election. The best chance they have to beat Joe Biden is to have another candidate, someone other than criminal defendant Trump as their candidate that will run against Biden.

The Republican Party is ignorant and most definitely blind. The Republican legislators in Congress that still support Trump for President, a criminal defendant that Trump is, the so-called Republican Party will not only lose the Presidency to Joe Biden but will be swept clean regarding seats in the Senate and the House, meaning that the Democrats will take COMPLETE control of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government.

Maybe, this is what it will take to get the Republicans to take their blinders off, or not follow a criminal man just because you feel it’s your only way to stay in your position. On the contrary, the members of the House and Senate that support Trump will start losing their re-elections in a historical fashion. There is a possibility the House and Senate will be highly controlled by Democrats in 2024.

Trump – Disqualified by the Fourteenth Amendment to Run for President

The 14th Amendment of The U.S. Constitution is clear.


Here is what the Amendment says, and I quote section 3…

Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3:

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

So now is the question of why Donald J Trump can run for any office. The Fourteenth Amendment is absolute. It stands by itself, and it is clear. Never mind the four indictments facing him, the disgraced president still barrels on as the front-runner candidate for the 2024 Presidential election.

This article in the Constitution forbids Donald Trump from holding the office of the presidency again because of his conduct before, in and after of the January 6th, 2021, insurrection of the U.S. Capital. He furthermore is not qualified because he came to the aid and comfort of the rebellionists who took part in what he wanted, and that was to stop Mike Pence and Congress from certifying the Presidential election. Trump therefore now is ineligible to serve as president ever again.

So why is disgraced Trump still allowed to run? He is in violation of the 14th Amendment, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, right?  Should he not be running?  The disqualification clause operates by itself. Any prosecution that Trump has pending that are a result of the four indictments against him are of no consequence of the U.S. Constitution 14th Amendment, Section 3.

But who is to enforce this law which is clearly being violated by Donald Trump? Who made the decision that Donald Trump can run for President?

The officials that decided to put in his nomination decided that he can run. The Secretary of State in the 50 states must make that call. If any of them overturns Trump’s qualification to run, he/she will be challenged in court. This decision to disqualify Trump will now have to go up to the U.S. Supreme Court that is heavily favored as Conservative, but it is my belief that the high court will rule against Trump, and he would be removed from the ballot for the 2024 Presidential election.

The bottom line here is that Donald J. Trump, disgraced President of the United States, is in violation of the 14th Amendment, and it will be up to the Secretaries of State and the Supreme Court to make this egregious error right.

I am not making this stuff up. J. Michael Luttig and Laurence H. Tribe have confirmed this in their article published in a publication known as ‘The Atlantic’.

I am providing a link to that article in The Atlantic here…