Decisions about Promises that Donald Trump Cannot Keep

Not good decisions

Trump is already making decisions about promises that he made during the election  that he is not willing to keep.

Originally, Trump made the decision to totally gut ObamaCare stating  “On day one of the Trump Administration, we will ask Congress to immediately deliver a full repeal of Obamacare.”  Now he is backing off at the moment. He signalled last Friday that he is now willing to keep parts of ObamaCare, namely the ‘Pre-existing conditions’ and ‘Children staying on parents insurance policy until age 26’ clauses. I highly doubt if Donald Trump completely understands ObamaCare, but the fact is that in order for him to keep these parts from ObamaCare, there is no way he can gut any it. To fully dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Republicans would have to secure 60 votes in the Senate to overcome a Democratic filibuster. Now, even with the majority, those votes remain out of reach. Besides, it would be such a headache for him if he even tried. There is not a single Democrat of the 48 in there who would vote for that. He also claims that he will be able to roll his new new insurance package in place of Obamacare without any lapse in coverage, as everyone covered now will have continuous coverage during a transition period.

So now it appears that Donald Trump does not have any real advisers on this subject, but hopefully he will have them in place by his formally accepting the Presidency as the 45th President of the United States on January 20th, 2017. Donald Trump may again change his mind, and most likely will. So it is hard to truly believe what he will plan to do with medical insurance until when he actually implements one approved by the U.S. Congress. Trying to gut Obamacare would waste too much of his time. It is very well known by now that Trump will enjoy passing many laws handed for his signature from the Republican dominated House and Senate. Within the last year, The Republican controlled Congress did turn in a bill to overturn ObamaCare within the last year, but Obama promptly administered a veto to keep ObamaCare in place. It was just a formality, as not even the Republicans believed that Obama would kill his signature legislation. Even if the Republicans wanted to kill ObamaCare, how will they insure all the millions of people now receiving coverage from ObamaCare?   Killing ObamaCare is just another promise that he cannot keep. 

The next decision he has made that he does not plan to keep is to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her email problems. He is taking credit for now saying that he would rather move forward and get the country on the right track, then to look back and make decisions about Hillary Clinton, even though he said publicly at one of the presidential debates that he would have her prosecuted.

Now this decision of his is quite interesting. Why? Because Donald Trump would never have the right or the power to prosecute Hillary Clinton. His promise was hollow, and just rhetoric. The FBI already stated that they would not prosecute Hillary Clinton. So who is Donald Trump fooling. He acts like he is doing her such a favour. Hillary knows that Donald Trump could never prosecute her without the decisions made by the FBI, and they have already made their decision on the matter of her emails, and Benghazi. She is in the clear. What Donald Trump really needs to be concerned about is all the lawsuits that will surface even after he becomes President of the United States.

The next decision he is apparently making is that he does not plan to carry out a Muslim ban. He drew an outrage by many people when he claims that all Muslims needed to leave the country and he would do just that if elected President.   At the moment, he is President-Elect, but now he seems to be backing off the Muslim ban. He originally modified his decision claiming that there will be “extreme-vetting’. On Capitol Hill last Thursday, President-Elect Donald Trump was asked if he would “ask Congress to ban all Muslims from entering the country.” He just walked away, and would not comment that he would ban Muslims.

What else will Donald Trump walk-back on? Was anything he said honest and true and planned to keep his word? Apparently not when it comes to ObamaCare, Hillary Clinton and Muslims. I wonder how many followers he is upsetting when one of his follows main chants at his rallies was “LOCK HER UP”.

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