Trump Tax Returns

Not a good decision

Donald Trump has made the decision all during the election to not show his tax returns. Now that he is President-Elect, what are the chances that he will voluntarily present his tax returns? If you believe as I do that there may be damaging information in the returns that can affect his presidency,  you can say that he will not voluntarily show his taxes. The answer to this issue may be in the form of a question.
If by chance that Trump’s returns showed him to be engaged in all kinds of profitable businesses, a generous donor to worthy causes, and hugely wealthy, do you think he’d hesitate for an instant before releasing them? Of course he would not hesitate.But because there is a dark side to his taxes, we’re never going to to see them, even if Trump claimed that he will publish his tax returns once the audit on his taxes are complete. Now that he is President-Elect and soon to be president, all bets are off.

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