Trump to Pick 1 out of 4 Possibilities – to be Secretary Of State

The hunt for a new Secretary of State to be chosen by Donald Trump is still on. Most likely by the end of the week, Donald Trump will pick the candidate that most certainly will get a gruelling go-over by the U.S. Senate. Now there are four candidates in the running. 

The favoured is Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee who met with Donald Trump for the third time today.

Next in line is Rudy Giuliani, a former New York City mayor who also met with Donald Trump and has opened voiced that he expect the nomination.

Next there is David PetrausHe highly decorated but scandal-scarred former military commander, who has emerged as a new contender for secretary of state after days of bitter internal feuding over who will get the coveted post. It is not known at this time that he can hold top secret clearance because of prior issues, which would disqualify him from the job.

Between Giuliani and Romney, Giuliani stood by Trumps side through thick or thin. Unfortunately, the word is that he does not have the experience for the job. Even so, he has been openly stating to the media that he is qualified, and openly states that this is the position that he wants the most.  Again, he will have an extremely difficult time getting through confirmations in the Senate.

Romney was Donald Trump’s, most scathing foe on the political circuit during the primary campaign and throughout the general election process. It looks as if Trump is still willing to bury the hatchet after all the comments that Romney made. He should have less of a problem getting confirmed by the Senate, but there is still another dark-horse that may surprise everyone and get the nomination, and that would be Bob Corker, U.S. Senator from Tennessee. He is scheduled to meet with Donald Trump at Trump tower later today and then we should know shortly after who will become the next Secretary of State.

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