Issues Rising from Trump Decisions as President-Elect


Not a good decision

As the editor of this blog, I am trying to keep my opinions nutural, but it seems that I’m going to have to have so much to write about.  A couple of things have happened today in the news that people need to know about. In keeping with the reason for writing this blog, the decisions made by Donald Trump, I would like to highlight two issues with more details that Donald Trump may not necessarily want you to know about. Many people know that they are happening  because they hear Trump news being reported every day. But not in this detail.


Bahrain National Day which is held each day on December 16th. Each year, The country celebrates their independence from Britain in 1971. As a country, Bahrain has a terrible human rights record and recently there was a brutal crackdown on an Arab Spring uprising where thousands of people lost their lives and many were jailed by their government.

There is a Bahrain Embassy in Washington DC. Each year a full celebration to celebrate Bahrain National Day takes place. The reception celebration is held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. One year it was held at the Four Seasons Hotel.

This year, they have decided on a new venue. Instead of the Ritz, it will now the Bahrain Celebration will now be held at Trump’s D.C. Hotel, which is now raising ethical concerns. Details about this celebration to be held at one of Donald Trumps properties can be found in a POLITICO article,presented by Nolan D. McCaskill and Madeline Conway dated (11/29/16). Of course, why wouldn’t Bahrain not want to book their event anywhere except on a property owned by the President-Elect. I guess that the Bahrain formal orgainization does not want to meet President Elect Trump at the Ritz, and that could be understandable, not to mention that it may put a little cash in President-Elects pockets. Is there a conflict of interest here or not? Don’t you think they are trying to get in good with the President-Elect? Of course they are.


A day earlier on December 15, President Elect Trump had another tweet storm here are some of his tweets….

“to be holding a major news conference in New York City with my children on December 15 to discuss the fact that I will be leaving my great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. While I am not mandated to …”

as stated on Donald Trumps Twitter feed account. He also states

” it is visually important, as President , that in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. Hence, legal documents are being crafted which take me completely out of business operations. The Presidency is a far more important task!”

Originally, Donald Trump mentioned that he was going to allow his kids run his businesses once he becomes president.

There is an office called The United States Office of Government Ethics that sets rules of conflicts of interest in the Executive Branch. They responded to Donald Trump’s tweet today about the Twitter announcement with great excitement but also with great sarchasism.

So now the Twitter war begins….

The Office of Government Ethics tweeted in return..

“OGE is delighted that you’ve decided to divest your businesses. Right decision! Bravo! Only way to resolve these conflicts of interest is to divest. Good call! This divestiture does what handing over control could never have done. We can’t repeat enough how good this total divestiture will be ….”

BUT, here’s the problem.  Who is fooling who here… President Elect Donald Trump never said that he is going to divest his business interests. He never said that he will rescind ownership of anything. What he is actually talking about is just turning over control to his kids.

Now if he did the right thing, for example, announce his divestiture, then for sure that would be a great deal in neutralising his conflicts of interest. If he doesn’t divest himself, in essence, he will be taking a bribs, which what is indicated for the celebration at his hotel. He still is benefiting from his private businesses, monies that he receives specifically because he is going to be President.  That is the definition of ‘conflict of interest‘. It is specifically prohibited by the U.S. Constitution, even if you are president.   But he has made no statement that he will divest his businesses.  He does not plan to isolate himself in ANY way from his financial interests, except that he says his kids will run the businesses. You can read more on his businesses ties and his business empire that he has across the world right here.

To get right with the law, the president-elect intends to sell his assets, and put his funds of his assets in a Blind Trust  to get right with the law. But to date, neither he or his transition team is saying anything of the such.

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