Donald Trump – A Sorry Representation of President

I have been silent over the last several months in an attempt to see if the President of the United States would ever act like a President. Sadly, I am to report that the leader of the free world is not the leader of the free world that I know. He is looked down on by many leaders of the free world. He lies continuously.  With just 1 year plus a 2 months in office, Mr. Trump has belittled just about anyone and everyone that has disagreed with him on anything, even his own government. He has the lowest approval rating of ANY president in U.S history. From this point on, I will refer to the 45th President of the United States, as “president”, not “President” or “my president“.   Donald Trump tries to rule with an iron fist and never admits fault, compared to President Obama who admitted fault, and who truly was the leader of the free world whom everyone around the world respected, even Vladimir Putin. The Russian president may not have agreed with him on mostly anything, but at least Putin and Obama knew where they stood with each other and had an awkward respect for one another. This thing between Trump and Putin is almost like a ‘love fest’. How pitiful our president is, someone who couldn’t even properly respect the victims of the Florida shooting. After all the gun violence, he and his Congress refuse to put up any bans on guns and condemn the shooter. Instead he continues to state that the shooter named Cruz must have mental issues

Well, the fact is that Donald Trump, IS unequivocally the most hideous president of ALL-TIME, and continues to live up to his most pitiful representation of a U.S. President. It was proven over the weekend with Bob Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians over the weekend that it proves the conspiracy theory’s and that the Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was not “FAKE NEWS”. Donald Trump constantly calls out about the reporting of the news media. It was a “hoax” as he calls it referring to the Russians involvement into the 2016 elections. How biased can a president be? So biased and favored towards Russia, president Trump will never call out the Russians with interference in our general election. Well, as a previously registered Democrat and a supporter of liberals, Donald Trump has only not abandoned ship and the ideals that everyone believed that he lived by, but now represents the Republicans as their president. He is supposed to be the leader of the Republicans? For the most part, the Republican Congress support him and back him in just about everything. They have become co-conspirators to his actions. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, the leaders of the House and Senate, are totally complicit in the actions of this sorry display as president.

The basis of this website from it’s inception is to reflect on president Trump’s decisions made in office. For the last several months, I have been complacent in providing updates. But this president cares for no-one, and only is concerned about himself. I can no longer sit back and just watch him destroy this country day by day without showing how culpable he truly is.

The office of the President of the United states is a place of moral leadership, and Donald J. Trump does not have ANY morals. In other serious news on the president, a second woman came out with allegations of sexual interaction with him while married to the First Lady Melania Trump. How long does the First Lady put up with her cheating husband? In his quest to become the most hated U.S. president in history, ee continuously tries to convey that it is O.K. to govern with fear instead of hope. He is totally unfitting to be the President of the United States. What he does, matters. But in his eyes, what he does is great and he can do no wrong, instead, he is defensive, self-serving, and his incorrect defenses  are most  indefensible. Everyone except the president actually knows that what he does from day to day belittles our country. What an ignorant person he truly is.

How much longer will this country put up with such a sadistic president? How much longer can the U.S. Congress support him.? He surely will take a beating in the mid-term elections along with most Republicans that support him, including Russian evidence with interference in the election that he never wants to put an end to. He has done nothing to prevent further attacks in our mid-term election this year. Mark my words here. Before the end of his third year in office if he lasts that long, he will be impeached, most likely by the House, not necessarily the Senate,  and this body of governing representatives will gain a Democratic majority in 2018. It is unknown if the Senate will swing to become a Democratically controlled body, but if it were ever to happen,  this president WILL be ousted from office. The Republican controlled Congress does not have the guts to disagree with this president now since they are in majority. But in 2018, I can tell you now that the Democratic wave is coming and the U.S. Congress will turn against Trump after the mid-term elections.   

Regarding Russia, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are the only two people that disagree Russia meddled in the 2016 election. But the rest of the world thinks differently, including the U.S. Justice Department, the CIA, the FBI, the Director of National Intelligence, the NSA, the Senate intelligence committee, also including H.R. McMaster and Senator Chuck Grassley, Ben Sass and many more. With the condemnation and indictments of 13 Russians by Bob Mueller, the president still will not admit Russian interference. Both the House and Senate created a bill and sent it to the president to sign for further sanctions against Russia, but he refused to sign it, even though Congress voted mutual consensus that the Russians interfered. Trump continues to protect Russia. The question is WHY?  What does Putin have over Trump?

The Twitter storm over the weekend regarding Mueller’s findings, proves the presidents melt down over the Russian investigation. There is no precedent for his actions, and what we are witnessing today I can predict will in the future never happen again. Trump has singularly destroyed what the office of President of the United States represents.