What’s happened to this President?

I’ve been away from posting for ONLY several months now, but since the last post and observing what is happening today with President Donald J. Trump, you would have to think that so much time has passed, but that I as the writer/editor of this site just came back from another universe. Personally, I never thought for once that the 45th President of the United States would be one of the greats. But I would have never thought that a President of the United States could be so corrupt as Donald J. Trump.

Actually, I resorted to the fact that I would have to put up with his fake news comments every day, and that trying to efficiently cover this President with so many lies each and every day, is almost too much for any writer/editor of a website like this to cover on a daily basis. But as the saying goes, “the truth will come out” and everything anyone needed to know about Donald J. Trump will come out in the open. Now with the Democratic controlled House of Representatives about to take hold on January 3, 2019, the investigations will begin and the facts will be told.

But it is definitely fact that Donald J. Trump’s decisions, even before he became President of the United States are corrupt. I never would think that there would be a modern day president in my lifetime that would outrank in corruptness than two other presidents that seemed to hurt the country. The two other presidents to mention are Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush. But in a ranking of corruptness, Donald Trump holds first place, Richard Nixon holds second, and George W. holds third. Obviously, this is my conclusion, and not of all other people. Opinions vary and I wish to disclose my thoughts here.

Even what I just said about the presidents, I never thought I would say that George W. Bush is an angel compared to Trump. Well I am now. I have written another site about George W. Bush that can be found at http://bushdecisionpoints.net, and if you were to go there, you would understand why I do not think too much of George W. Yet, if I had to choose between voting between both George W. or Donald J, I’d have to vote for George W. That would be a clear choice of choosing the less of two evils.

The reputation of the United States in the global world stage has been severely tarnished by President Trump. Presently, this president is sporting his 3rd government shutdown, now effectively called “The Trump Shutdown”. He appears happy that almost a million government workers are now out of work, and that so many of them may never get paid for their time off, even if they ever get a chance to go back to work. The longest shutdown in U.S history is 21 days, and the present one stands to break all records. There is now a stalemate between the House and Senate, and no doubt a compromise may be the only way to end it. So why is there a shutdown? The Republican led Congress passed a bill to fund the government over a week ago, supported by both Democrats and Republicans but Donald Trump refuses to sign the bill. Why? First, because he listens to conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Colter who persuade him, along with apparently the only TV station he gives credit to, not calling them fake news, and that would be Fox News. Second, because he will do anything and everything to support his base supporters, the 30% of Americans that will back him regardless of what he does, for the good or for evil. Third, because the bill does not contain the funds needed for one of his so called campaign promises that happens to be one of his biggest lies ever. The funds he wants, which his total Republican Congress refuses to give him, is supposed to cover the expense of “the wall” that he wants to build between the United States and Mexico. Trump is asking for 5 billion dollars for the wall which may cover upgrades or replacement of the existing wall, when what it would approximately take to build a complete wall is 21 billion, depending on the design chosen to build it across the entire southern border. The projection does not take in account the hidden expenses or unexpected expenses that may come up over time, or the increased costs that it may also incur if building the wall is spanned over a large period of time.

But why does the U.S. want funds from Congress? Even before this man became president, he campaigned on the fact that “Mexico will pay for the wall”. But instead since he cannot fill that campaign promise, he now expects that the U.S. taxpayer will pay for the wall. He tries at every opportunity to demand funds from Congress so that his wall can be built. The sad part of all of this is that ‘the wall’ is not the answer to immigration problems and the entry of illegal drugs into the United States from Mexico. A recent report claims that maybe out of every five cars that are thoroughly checked for contraband when crossing the border from Mexico at a checkpoint, only one out of five are actually thoroughly checked. So how could a wall protect us from drugs or illegal contraband. In my opinion, funds should be secured from Congress on a whole host of border issues, not just ‘a wall’.

Trump campaigned with a statement claiming that most people coming from Mexico are “rapists”. Thirty percent of all Americans believe every word the president utters. It is another obvious lie. Yes, there may be some “bad” people that manage to cross the border, but Mr. Trump needs to look within the country, and handle the problems that he has inherited which he takes no responsibility for, such as rapists from this country, the gun issues that began in this country, and drug issues that absolutely no relationship to Mexico, American born thieves, killers and rapists come from every country in the globe. President Donald J. Trump accepts no responsibility and never claims that he is ever wrong. If that were the case, then why are there so many investigations going on by the FBI about Donald J. Trump about times since before he even became the 45th President of the United States?

The bottom line here is that this country is a “country of immigrants”. My grandmother and grandfather came from Italy. The vast majority of everyone you talk to in this country has relatives that are from another country or are immigrants themselves. But what is Donald J. Trump claiming that he wants to do now? He claims that soon he may close the southern border if he doesn’t get the funds to build ‘the wall’. Effectively, he is holding America hostage just because he can do it. It’s just another lie. Donald Trump will never totally close the border. At the same time, he is unarguably the ‘weakest’ president in U.S. history. He hurts his own people just for his selfish interests.

Impeachment is imminent. More on that later.

Donald J. Trump truly does not care for this country. He only cares about himself and money. Just follow the money, and you will learn just about everything you need to know about Donald Trump. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how corrupt he is, and how poisonous he is to anyone he associates with. But soon, maybe as soon as February, Mr. Mueller – Special Council to investigate Donald Trump and dealings with Russia will become known, unfortunately most likely will also incriminate his entire family in corrupt family practice.

I will attempt to make frequent updates to this website. Just covering all of Trump’s lies would take a full time job to cover, but I think that is where I may start. How about his top 30 lies of all time? I will cover this topic in my next post.

In the meantime, I hope that you visit back frequently. From time to time, please state your comments or criticisms regarding my posts. If they are valid comments or criticisms, I will post them. If I feel that they are not valid responses, I will just delete them. Just be sure to understand that Donald J. Trump cannot escape the wrath of the truths that will be told here on this site, to also include information concerning his taxes, that the House will certainly uncover in time.

In the meantime, I wish and even pray that Donald J. Trump will wake up and understand how may people he hurts from day to day. Does he have any sympathy for anyone? Will he EVER admit being wrong? The day that he finally admits to being wrong, will be the first day I could ever respect him as my President.