Finally Heard from Dominic

Hello Everyone,

Well, you would think that someone finally came back from the dead. Dominic is off today, and he promises that he plans to write his first article today. I will have fun refuting just about everything he says. But I encourage all of the readers here to have an open mind.

His first post was a comment. Yes, he loves to laugh allot, but I’m hoping that some of you could respond with your comments to me and Dominic and let us know how you feel on the subject.

A reminder, all comments will be flagged and approved if written in a proper manner, then posted just as you wrote it.

Please bookmark this website and check it every day. It will be interesting to see Dominic’s change of heart when he finally realizes that Trump will not win re-election in the fall.

A challenge to all of you readers… What has Trump done as a failed president for the American people to gain re-election?  Would you like to add your own two cents to this website besides just commenting on our posts? Display your skills and I’ll even give you a chance to write. The only trade-off is that I will review each post before it goes live on the website.

No ‘FAKE NEWS’ allowed. And I’m talking about the fake news that Trump puts out there every day. He’s made thousands of false statements since his election in 2016, beginning with his first. As he stated ” The crowds were greater at my inauguration than Obama’s crowds.” How insecure is that. He always has to tell everyone he is better than everyone else, that he has the “greatest mind” as he says allot.  He even claims that he knows more than Dr. Anthony Fauci. The doctor “is an American physician and immunologist who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984.” according to Wikipedia. The doctor says that we are in a steep upward curve when it comes to people contracting the virus, but Trump in his so perfect mind says that he believes that people need to go back to work by Easter.  The governors don’t agree with Trump. Trump has no power to make people work by Easter.

I don’t want to hear what you hear second hand, like from Instagram or Twitter. I want to hear your own thoughts. Don’t make the ‘shit’ up. State the facts.

Good luck to Dominic and whoever else wants to write..


The Diving New York Stock Exchange – Economy in a Death Spiral

The New York Stock Exchange continues to bleed, as it continues to spiral in a downward turn. Stocks dropped down again today, another 647 points… The Republican controlled Senate can’t put a bill together with ANY Democratic support. Yes, it is true that the virus is the main reason for the stock market fall, or is it? Maybe it’s because the president of the United States continues to provide false facts to the American People, when they need a leader that would only convey the correct facts, whether they are good or bad. the American people deserve the truth. The one most important job that any U.S. president has is that he must ‘PROTECT HIS PEOPLE’. That’s us. But instead, peoples portfolios on their 401k’s now look worse than they did in 2008, the last time the stock markets nose dived.

As the stock market continues to go down, Trump conveys that this direction is just temporary. How can he possibly know? It’s just another false hope. After all, there is no evidence that the markets can go up as quickly as they dropped. But, still he claims that when the Coronavirus “enemy” is defeated, that the markets will go up again, just as fast as they went down. How ignorant is this president? Pretty ignorant as I see it, because the American people can see right through him.

Are we supposed to believe that the markets can just come back without problems? The fact is that the economy is in a free fall. People are not working, and in matter of fact, many more people will loose their jobs. People have been promised to receive funds from the Federal government that will help them ‘financially’.  And before that can happen, the country must deal with a stalled Congress before any relief funds can be made available to anyone. Trump wants to give the majority of money that the Senators are fighting for to the well off folks, such as big companies and CEO’s of those companies. He claims that this is what he doesn’t want to do, but the workings within a bill created by the Republican Senators yesterday that did not pass in the U.S. Senate states just those facts, and if that particular bill by the Republicans ever reached Trumps desk, he would sign it. Again, Trump is lying through his teeth.  The rich would receive money, unchecked by the people. The bill is meant to help the ‘well off’, and not the poor. The bill is not transparent and is misleading, according to Senators that had a chance to read it.  The truth is out again, just what the Republican Senators are up too, and if the Democrats in the Senate get their way,  the Republicans will not get away with it.

But now this is where reality sets in. In just about two weeks of time, the small businesses that only carry on funds to pay their workers month to month, will run out of funds to pay workers and will have to lay off their work force.  In just one week, rent payments and bills will be due on the first of the month. Things are not getting easier for the American people and the U.S. economy, but still we find ourselves in a downward death spiral, and the Coronavirus is not relenting, and is coming at us at full force. In just a few weeks of time, unless the hospitals and medical staff get what they need to do their jobs, a major catastrophe stares us right in the face and many more people will succumb to the virus and die, and workers will become ill and then who can even predict what will happen.

Still, with all that is happening, Donald Trump claims that the economy will recover “quickly” as he likes to put it. He claims that it will go up as fast as it went down. He says that because he knows if that doesn’t happen, his goose is cooked in November. So what does he do? He conveys the fact as he knows everything, and that the economy will recover as fast as it went down. Talk about an absurdity. That is one. Trump is thinking about himself, and not the American people.  So as I see the facts, it is now impossible for Trump to gain re-election to the presidency in 2020.  People are tired of his lies, his misdirection and fake news that he himself creates, just to confuse everyone.

It might be just too late for the country to recover by November. That might mean that it may not be safe for the voters to go to the polls to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The Democrats want a bill in place so that citizens can vote on a leader in November by mail. Estimates are that the mail in voting would cost the government 2 million dollars. I’m pretty sure that the president would want every American to have a chance to vote in the upcoming presidential election, as that would definitely work against him.  I’m not even sure if that amount of money is even enough. Maybe the estimates mean 2 billion with a ‘B’, not 2 million. In any case, it would be a small price to pay to offset not having our national elections in the fall. Even so, voting is one of our main rights in our democracy, and again, at whatever the cost. The citizens of the United States need to understand that at all costs, they MUST be able to vote in November.

As mentioned earlier in this post, regarding the stock market results today, they again continued to spiral down, and during these trying times, there doesn’t seem to be anything to stop it from happening. The fact is, since our economy is setting at a standstill, maybe the stock exchange needs to go out on vacation until things get better. That’s just my opinion. I’m not certain that this can be done, but if the markets continue to do what they are doing now, all Americans will loose every penny they put aside for retirement in their 401K’s. All gains that anyone has made in the markets in the last 3 years even before the Trump presidency has been wiped out. Can the stock market rebound after this crisis is over? It surely will rebound, but may take years. But who knows. It may rebound quickly, but that’s the folks on wall street getting back on their feet, not the thousands of Americans that lost their jobs, the small businesses that went out of business because they have no workers and unable to pay even if they had workers. A case in point, how long did it take for the stock market to rebound, even with Barack Obama in the White House after the collapse of the markets in 2008? The country is being held hostage by a system that is totally dependent on the U.S. Stock Exchange (Dow Jones). What happens when the markets are depleted? In one simple word – Depression. So the story can get worse. And our worst fears are upon us now. If Joe Biden is elected in November, that means that it will take another Democratic president to get the country back on its feet.

What is the definition of an economic depression? It is caused by worsening consumer confidence that leads to a decrease in demand, eventually resulting in companies going out of business. When consumers stop buying products and paying for services, companies need to make budget cuts, including employing fewer workers. Actually that’s already starting, but when it crashes to the bottom, most all people will be out of work, and we will experience something like no other in my lifetime.  I wasn’t around during the great depression in 1929, but 91 years later, its hard times all over again.

Again, the daunting question we all have now is if somehow we get out of this mess, how long will it take for the country to recover? Trump seems to believe that it will recover almost instantly. Actually, there are too many variables and Trump’s ignorance regarding them is simply astounding.

Trump refuses to take the blame for this situation or any negative situation, but if he acted sooner to get the country prepared to face what was to come, then we would be much better off. He blamed our fate on what he calls “The Chinese Virus”. He never blames himself, even if his government stalled during the entire month of February in response to the Coronavirus when he knew it was going to come to the U.S. Even so, since he was aware of what was happening in China a long time before the citizens knew about it from his government, that makes Donald Trump totally responsible for the outcome of the ‘enemy’ as he calls it, as it attacks the U.S. All presidents in the past, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton, and every president before Trump all claimed as Harry S. Truman said, “THE BUCK STOPS HERE!” Truman kept a plaque on his desk that stated that. He wasn’t going to pass the buck to anyone else but accepted personal responsibility for the way the country was governed. But our ‘Mr. Know it all’ president claims that it’s never his fault, especially the situation we find ourselves in today. I wonder where that plaque is today. Most likely, Donald Trump threw it away.  I challenge any one reading this blog to give one instance that in the almost 4 years that Trump has been our president, that he ever claimed responsibility for anything bad. His main claim to fame, take a look at the stock market. It’s because of me…. Yes Mr. Donald Trump.. Look at it now!.

My Nephew still ‘M.I.A.’ – New Writers Needed

How can a person defend himself on this website for being totally quiet? Answer: Can’t be done.

My nephew Dominic wants to put up a wager with his uncle who happens to be the webmaster of this website.  I’ve given him total authority to write on this website freely, without moderation from me. We agreed to make a wager which is very simple. Dominic claims that Donald Trump will win re-election, but I do not. My nephew is willing to put up a 6-figure bet that Trump will get re-elected. Now tell me this. Is there anyone out there that believes that too? Since I’m having such a hard time trying to get my nephew Dominic to write here, how about ANYONE who would like their opinions published, come out and send me information that you believe to be true concerning the election. It could be for or against Trump for re-election. I doubt if there are any others out there willing to make a 6-figure bet, especially what has now happened to the economy because of the coronavirus.

Even so, if you would like to get your beliefs published here, feel free to do so. Again, whatever you write must have something to do with the upcoming election. You need to state who you believe will win the election and why you believe in it.

On the other hand, I am looking for permanent writers that can contribute their ideas to this website. By now, you should know what this site is all about. Of course, your writings will be moderated, and as long as they are about Trump and the upcoming election, or about the facts or lies of the day, then the articles will be published as written. Also understand that I can accept or refute anything that you write in a future article. But to make things fair, I will not modify in any way the material that you send me. As long as it’s within bounds, it can and will be published.  Actually the one thing I hope you will not want to do is to also bet that Trump will win the election.  But you will have ‘freedom of speech’ here. Make it clean, to the point and publishable and we can become good friends.  If you’re that good, then I can help you create your own political WordPress website if you care to sponsor one. I’ll also help you get it published A.S.A.P.

If you are interested, please leave your comments here, and I’ll consider it and get back to you. Please give me a way to contact you so that you can begin writing.

Best of luck to all future writers of

Trump – The King of False Facts

Why do the American people let Donald Trump get away with it? Or will they in November?

Every day at every news briefing, Donald Trump, a man whom the citizens of the United States is supposed to believe in, trust and respect, continuously lies and makes false claims about everything that he talks about. We are in the 3rd week of March 2020, and Trump has made 33 false claims about the coronavirus. This type of action from a president who is supposed to be protecting this country, someone who is supposed to present the correct facts to the people who somehow must trust him as their president, continuously lies about something so serious as the coronavirus. You don’t have to take my word for it, but still another report by a CNN column called Facts First. On March 22nd, the authors Daniel Dale and Tara Subraminiam of CNN reported the following information.  Some of the information are quotes taken right out of CNN text within the CNN report.

Trump made 33 false claims during the first 2 weeks of March 2020. He wants you to think that he knows about everything and that his facts centered around the coronavirus pandemic are true. But the American people see right through Donald Trump. Even today, when he kept himself from attacking reporters who just want the straight facts from him, sounded the most presidential he has in a long time, but all for not. When you continuously lie, create more Fake news that you would think couldn’t come out of the mouth of any U.S. president, Donald Trump just continues to make false claims, and the sad part is that anyone who’s been following the news about the virus, knows that Trump is just plain lying to the American people.

To keep up with the false claims and lies that Donald Trump spews out of his mouth day after day is almost impossible and it would also be impossible for me to list every one of them here. . In the past, I found it very hard to keep up with Trump concerning his lies and mistruths to the American public. But now, when I can spare my time, I’m going to make it my mission to let every reader know what exactly was said by the president, and show proof that he was not truthful.

If I could have only known when I started this blog that Donald J. Trump would make so many rash or bad decisions as president. In hind-site, naming this blog – truly fits the bill for what I can say here. He seems to be making so many bad decisions each and every day.

So as reported by the CNN article dated March 22nd from a time-frame from March 2 through March 8, and then from March 9 through March 15, there were actually 71 false claims in total. Sadly 33 were related to the Coronavirus. His administration also put out some false and misleading claims.

Per CNN, Trump is now averaging about 57 false claims per week since we started counting at CNN on July 8, 2019. From that date through March 15, he has made 2,062 false claims in all.

First, let’s start with the most egregious false claim of them all: The availability of Coronavirus tests.

Trump claimed on March 6 that “Anybody that wants a test can get a test. That’s what the bottom line is.”  The fact is that in order for you to get a test, you would need authorization from a doctor first, and you would have to produce an order from your doctor. Does that sound like ANYBODY can just go out and get the test? Answer NO. Trump was wrong.

As Trump displays himself as being a perfect human and doesn’t make errors, he makes “trivial slips’ when he reads his prepared speeches. He acts like a juvenile at times, as he “pretends” that he has not slipped at all. He misreads his remarks. But on March 11 as he is speaking from a script he said that he was imposing restriction on travel from Europe. Per the CNN report he said, “these prohibitions will not only apply to the tremendous amount of trade and cargo, but various other things as we get approval. Anything coming from Europe to the United States is what we are discussing.”

The following is what CNN claims as the most absurd false claim make by Donald Trump. As stated by CNN while meeting with the prime minister of Ireland on March 12, Trump was asked whether he was fine shaking hands with foreign prime ministers. Trump said they hadn’t shaken hands that day — then added, “You know, I just got back from India, and I didn’t shake any hands there.”

An Indian news website promptly published a photo gallery of seven Trump handshakes during his trip.
Talking about control of the Coronavirus, Trump claimed that the virus was under control and that he didn’t mean what he said. Here is what he said, according to the CNN report.. “The worst is, yes, ahead for us. It is how we respond to that challenge that’s going to determine what the ultimate end point is going to be. We have a very, very critical point now.” But Trump claimed the next day that he didn’t mean that the virus was under control, so he said the following  we are doing a very good job within the confines of what we’re dealing with.”  But he confused the listeners, because he previously said that he was talking about the virus when he spoke of “control.” He thinks that people forget what he says, when in fact back in January he said that “we have it totally under control”, according to the CNN report.
That’s about all I have time for at the moment, but watch for another update concerning the stock market in the morning, as future trading in Europe shows that the markets will be down again in the morning.


Trump – Seriously Abused his office to Protect the Country

In Americas biggest time of need, you would want a president that would be level with the people, and do everything in his power to protect US citizens. Instead, here is a published timeline of Trumps actions or inactions regarding the Pandemic that we find ourselves in today.

The bottom line here is that president Trump brushed off COVID-19 for month, and it’s going to cost Americans their lives. Now 80 million people are ordered to stay at home, and it’s only going to get worse.

Here is what is known about how Trump handled the issue. All of the following information was published in an article on “RollingStone” on March 19, 2020 by Ryan Bort. 

January 22nd, 2020 – Trump asks about the coronavirus at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. But before he asked, just one week before, the first person in the U.S. came down with the virus. The person was a man from Seattle who had just returned from China earlier in January. What did Trump do….  NOTHING!. He refused to believe that the problem would seriously hurt the citizens of the U.S.

January 30th, 2020 – Trump addresses the coronavirus during a speech on trade in Michigan. What did Trump say in Michigan. Trump said “We think we have it very well under control.” trump then said, ” We have very little problem in this country at this moment – five – and those people are all recuperating successfully. But we’re working very closely with China and other countries, and we think it’s going to have a very good ending for us.” Then he says :” Hopefully it won’t be as bad as some people think it could be,” he added.

February 10th, 2020 – Trump claims that the coronavirus will be gone by the end of spring while talking to reporters at the White House. Here is what he said… “Now, the virus that we’re talking about having to do – you know, a lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat, as the heat comes in. Typically, that will go away in April. We’re in great shape, though. We have 12 cases, 11 cases, and many of them are in good shape now.” But just only days later, the Centers for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield estimates the “virus is probably with us beyond this season and beyond this year.”

February 14th, 2020 – Regardless of what the CDC said on February 10th, Trump continues to push the idea that it will be gone in a matter of weeks. He says the following..”There’s a theory that, in April, when it gets warm, historically, that has been able to kill the virus,” he said while speaking to the National Border Patrol Council. “So we don’t know yet. We’re not sure yet. But that’s around the corner.”

February 23, 2020 – Trump claims to reporters at the White House that “We have it very much under control in this country.”

February 24th, 2020 – The truth comes out. On this day, you find out where the bulk of his concern lies: how the coronavirus could impact the stock market.

February 26th, 2020 – During another press briefing at the White House, Trump tell the reporters “We’re going to be pretty soon at only five people,” and he says “And we could be at just one or two people over the next short period of time. So we’ve had very good luck.” Also note, that Trump know how the problem was now exploding in China. By this time, he also knew what was happening in the State of Washington, which become the hot point in the U.S. for the coronavirus. He continues to say, “I think every aspect of our society should be prepared,” he added later. “I don’t think it’s going to come to that, especially with the fact that we;re going down, not up. We;re going very substantially down, not up.”

February 27th, 2020 – Trump claimed “It’s going to disappear,” Trump said at the White House. “One day – it’s like a miracle – it will disappear.”

February 28th, 2020 – Trump had to blame the Democrats, as he said in a rally in South Carolina, Trump alleges Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus, calling it “their new hoax.”

February 29th, 2020 – Trump claims that the coronavirus is under control at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He says “I’ve gotten to know these professionals. They’re incredible,” Trump said. “And everything is under control. I mean, they’re very, very ool. They’ve done it, and they’ve done it well. Everything is really under control.”

March 4th, 2020 – Trump is interviewed by Sean Hanity, and tells him that the global death rate is “false” and claims that the coronavirus is actually ”very mild’, and suggests that those infected can get better by “sitting around” and “going to work”.

March 7th, 2020 – Trump claims..”No, I’m ot concerned at all,” Trump said from Mar-a-Largo. “No, I’m note. No, we’ve done a great job.”

March 9th, 2020 – Trump bashes Democrats for sounding the alarm “far beyond what the facts would warrant: before implying that the common flue is far worse, an argument he’s made on several occasions and which has been parroted by Fox News.

On Twitter, Trump claims on March 9th, 2020 “The Fake News Media and their partner, the Democrat Party, is doing everything within its semi-considerable power (it could be greater!) to inflame the CoronaVirus situation, far beyond what the facts would warrant. Surgeon General, “The risk is low to the average American.”

Also on March 9th, Trump said the following on Twitter… “So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & he economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!

Conclusion: Here is a president, that is misleading and lying over and over again on what he knows as fact. The American people can no longer believe him. Americans will die because he knew and we didn’t. He knew what was happening in Wohan China, but still he refused to believe that the problem would infect the world, and did not give this information to the American people, as he believed that the virus certainly would not come to the U.S.  He claimed he has everything under control. Still, today on March 21st, 2020, there are now a confirmed 22,000 people confirmed with the coronavirus and almost 350 people have died from the disease. How can a president that has let down the American people believe that he will be re-elected? Yet, he still does believe that he will be re-elected, even as an impeached president. Note, that other impeached presidents never tried to be elected to a second term. They just survived their present term.

In another personal issue, I am in a wager with my nephew who believes that Donald Trump will be re-elected. Regardless of any facts that work against Trump, my nephew still supports the president. I’ve given my nephew several opportunities to get out of this bet. I fully expect that if he looses the bet, that he will not pay up. I have no trust that he ever will. But, I’m giving my nephew an opportunity to defend himself here. Let him tell you and me about what he believes in. Even if I win this bet, I do not ever expect payment from him. When he looses, I will fully disclose who my nephew is. At that time, I will share a video with the public on the bet we made together.

Again, note that the information found about Trump and the timeline can be found in an article by Ryan Bort on “RollingStone” on March 19th, 2020 at 12:46PM EDT.





The Wager about Donald Trump

To this date, I am still waiting for my nephew Dominic to contribute to what I thought would be a good debate about the election in November. I am allowing this debate to be displayed on this website because I would like others to contribute their ideas as to what is being commented on by either my nephew or myself. I encourage any and all people who would like to comment to please do so, but please understand that because this website can reach anyone all over the world, comments will be moderated. As long as the comments are within bounds, are specific about Donald Trump and the election, and are comments about either myself or my nephews comments regarding the topics being discussed, then comments will be allowed, otherwise they will just be deleted before publication.

Since it has been at least 5 days since my last post, and I’m waiting for my nephew to respond with an initial post,  I feel that it is necessary to provide an update here. The update is not just about my nephew, but the state of affairs we find ourselves in during the tenure of Donald J. Trump, our current president. Every time I mention Mr. Trump as president, I intentionally write the word ‘president’ and not capitalized as ‘President’. Why would I disrespect the president in this manner. Well, I guess it’s what can be called fair play, as this president respects no-one. In the end, the only thing he is concerned about is money or himself, or things that he can directly affect his money.

But what I like in a president would be positive values. I can honestly say that I cannot think of a single honest trait about Donald Trump, and that is one reason why I believe that Donald J. Trump is not re-electable. Written immediately below is what I know about Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

In a speech made by Bernie Sanders today, admitting ‘his back is against the wall’ to be the Democratic candidate to run against Donald Trump in November, he made a statement that I will now quote here. Even though I do not support Bernie Sanders for president and support Joe Biden, I adhere to some of his values and his beliefs as an American. He said the following about Donald Trump.

In a speech given today about the state of the Democratic race for presidential candidate against Donald Trump,  Bernie Sanders stated..

Trump is the most dangerous president in the modern history of our country and he must be defeated. Tragically, you have a president today who is a pathological liar, is running a corrupt administration, he clearly does not understand the Constitution of the United States and thinks he is a president who is above the law. In my view, he is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, and a religious bigot, and he must be defeated, and I will do everything in my power to make that happen.” 

Sadly, I must say that I totally agree with Bernie’s statements. I truly wish that it was not true. When Donald Trump won the presidency, I wanted him to do well. But he has proven time and time again that he’s not doing the job for the people, but for himself. I want a president who can represent the people. But it is true, and for anyone to admit otherwise about Bernie’s statement is just being the same kind of person themselves. What I mean is that if you agree with Trump for example, that he is not a racist, then you must have racist beliefs. If you believe that he is not a sexist, then his actions with woman in the past according to your ideas must be OK, so therefore, in my eyes and in the eyes of most Americans, you must be a sexist to. That goes with all of the other adjectives Bernie Sanders described when he was talking about Donald Trump. Please understand that this is MY belief, and I’m not trying to state the beliefs of others. But it is absolutely true when I say that most Americans believe this about Trump and because of this one true statement, I sincerely believe that Donald J. Trump will not get re-elected in November.

What is it going to take to get my nephew Dominic to actually contribute to this blog as he said that he would? I have given him access to write as an author to this website. His writings will not be moderated to make it fair to him, because since I’m the administrator of this website, I can write anything that I want to. Dominic is a very busy guy these days as he dashes his semi truck back and forth across the country as he is creating some hard earned wages. So I respect his reasons why he cannot just step away for earning a living to contribute to this website.

Then I try to understand why my nephew Dominic is willing to make such a bet,  a 6-figure bet, when he works so hard for his money. Why would he be willing to loose a monetary bet for that reason alone? Why is he willing to chance loosing money that instead can support his family consisting of a wife and 3 children? I don’t know, but I want him to write here so that I can discourage him to make a foolish bet. I would like others to try and discourage him to not make this bet. So I am urgently asking readers to submit comments. But unfortunately, nothing that I say here will sink into Dominic’s senses. As I said before, he fully supports Donald J. Trump to win re-election as president of the United States. Maybe, just maybe YOU might be able to convince him.

For this bet to actually occur, Dominic will have to participate on this website. Unfortunately, that was not an initial consideration when we made the bet. But I’m giving Dominic full control of stating his beliefs about Donald Trump and the election on this website for the world to see, so unless he is willing to open up and say what he feels, then I may just not go along with the wager.

Is Dominic just trying to make a quick buck without thinking the facts through? That’s exactly what I feel, and Dominic must come on board here and write to prove otherwise.


Stock Markets Continue to Tumble

One of Donald Trump’s bragging rights has been the Economy. He continued to take all the credit for the Stock Exchange record highs. Is it sustaining? Well, because the Coronavirus, the Trump administration has a real problem. There are approximately 300 Million people in the United States, and the president claimed on Monday, March 2nd, 2020 that there will be about 1 million test kits available by the end of the week for the virus, but in actuality, only 75,000 kits are now available. Today is Friday, March 6th, 2020. This process of continuing to lie about the seriousness of the virus, and a present report claiming the lack of providing test kits for even the doctors that have been affected is a travesty. How many people are walking around with an active virus, able to infect other people, but the president claims that the virus will eventually go away. Oh my God!

Today, the stock market futures continue to be volatile. At this point, the markets on March 6th, 2020 most likely will open down. The DOW is expected to drop another 800 points at open. This continuous free-fall of the stock market proves that the USA economy is on shaky ground. What is Trump saying now? Is he still bragging?  But of course, according to him, it couldn’t be his fault. It’s the Democrats fault right? Its Obama’s fault. Donald Trump is perfect. He knows everything. That’s Trumps message.  But he says what he wants, spewing out lie after lie. So this is the president  that the Republicans stand behind. The Senators are making fools of themselves standing behind him.

As of this time, I’m still waiting to see a response from my nephew Dominic. He’s pretty busy these days, but as of this moment, he continues to want to bet me that Donald Trump will win re-election. I’m hoping that he will be able to post his opinions and his reasoning on this this website. His claim is that Donald Trump is the best president that the United States has ever had.  I want him to reaffirm his beliefs. If it’s not true that he believes that, he needs to say so. I don’t believe that I’ll take him up on the bet unless he openly states here as to why he is willing to be me.

So the readers of this website continue to wait for Dominic. If you are interested in hearing a difference of opinion here other than my own. Please leave your comments. Maybe we together can convince my nephew Dominic to write.

Differences in Opinion about Trump

James (webmaster)

Preface: This page is being created because of difference of opinions among people. Not all people agree with my thinking, but I would think the majority of people today do think as I do. Daily updates and comments will now be posted here about Donald J. Trump and what’s going to happen in November.

First off, I must say upfront that I am biased, a liberal, but lean towards the center. I honestly try to hear the ideas of the other side, but I’m usually repulsed by almost everything I hear, especially from the Fox News network. Maybe I think that because I’m biased, but maybe not. Who’s to say. But I would also argue with anyone that most people in the United States, and around the world for that matter, are on my side. I will express my personal ideas here, and not news stories. I may briefly talk about a story from time to time, but as an added twist, I am bringing into this conversation, thoughts from my nephew. His name is Dominic, a die-hard Trump supporter.

Dominic will also be able to post on this website. Again, to prepare you for Dominic, he is a Trumper, through and through. He thinks the polar opposite as I do. He agrees, that Donald Trump is an outright liar, but he claims that he stirs up the people when he does and that’s good, and for that reason and others, sincerely believes with his whole heart and soul that Donald J. Trump will win his 2nd term in office. He feels that he can win on that premise. Really…??&!$?(!&%?

I think the opposite. I believe that Trump is scaring people. He is destroying what this country stands for. He has no chance to win a second term. Every day you hear something about Trump. For the longest time, he’s boasted about the U.S. Economy. So what does it look like now since the advent of the CoronaVirus. Stocks are tumbling. 401K’s are getting trashed, or ‘Trumpized’ as I like to call it. Every American that has a 401K, is now loosing money. Thank you very much Mr. Trump… And yes, it is totally his fault, because he’s totally unprepared to face such a virus where to date there is no vaccine or cure. The president who is dealt this hand, has to be responsible for it. People are dying. Originally, Trump said that it would never come here because we are prepared. Really?./@? Oh my God. We are so prepared, our first death case in the United States, a middle aged man in his 50’s that wasn’t in the greatest health to begin with, just died yesterday in the state of Washington, and we don’t even know where he caught the virus, or who he was in contact with. Gee, I can’t wait to see How the stock markets perform on this news. One week of this continuous decline in the markets have taken away at least 3-trillion dollars out of peoples 401k’s and livelihoods. If it happens for a second week, then we will be well on the way to a repeat crisis of 2008. My hopes of course would be that the markets will rebound. With the corrections process built into the market because of what has happened in the past during the 2008 fallout, I think the markets will be doing better. But the people affected will rebound in a much slower rate. Do you think that the people affected by this ever will vote for Trump in November. Of course not. But once strong supporter of Donald Trump, my nephew Dominic, will support him no matter what. He does so openly, and willing to put money where his mouth is, and I guess I’ll have to take him up on it.

In the very near future, I will post the bet between my nephew and I, and then you will see how far off the deep end he is willing to go for Donald Trump. I’m going to give him several chances to cancel the bet, but as stubborn and blind he is regarding the facts, he will make the bet with me anyway. I’m hoping that some of you can comment your thoughts while we post. The posts most likely will appear almost daily. I’m hoping that eventually that my nephew Dominic will see the light. As time goes on, he may get wise and at least say he was wrong. I may even give him a couple hundred bucks if he wises up. But of course he wouldn’t say he is ever wrong, just like Trump. Oh yea, he’s a Trump supporter, and they are NEVER wrong. Trump has never in a single day during his tenure as president, ever said he was wrong. Everyone else is. The newspapers are wrong. are fake news. The FBI is wrong. But do you know who is right. Of course Putin. Of course, Kim Jong-un. is such a wonderful guy and can be trusted, according to Trump. Forget about what the U.S. Government officials say. They are wrong and Donald Trump is right. Trump knows everything. All I gotta say, is what an ASS Donald J. Trump is!!!
Immediately below, is a a video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat who is enlightening the governing body of the Republican hypocrisy that is out there for everyone to see. The Republican Senate supports Trump, so in their eyes, Trump is such a great man. View the video and see what kind of man he truly is.

My nephew Dominic also believes that Donald J. Trump is one of the greatest presidents of all time. And of course, I believe and know that he is the absolute worst president of all time. At one time, I used to believe that George W. Bush was the worst president of all time. You can read what I wrote about that president at If I had the power to take our country to a time before Trump, I’d promise to praise George W. Bush. I would write another column on that website saying that I was wrong. I’d do just about anything if I could turn this country away from the wrath of Donald Trump. Maybe the only way to do that now is to defeat him in November. ALL people must now go out and vote in the primaries and in the general election in. The future of the country depends on it.

I will now text my nephew Dominic and inform him that this blog has been updated. I will invite him to write and I hope that he does. Please observe what a far-right supporter of Trump really believes, and I must say that I believe that he truly believes what he speaks.

Again, as we go along, feel free to comment on anything written here. Maybe you can convince my nephew about the facts. Say whatever you like, but I must inform everyone that all comments will be moderated, and if anything foul or something is written that is definitely off the wall, insulting and not suitable for print for everyone to see, then you will be banned.

ONLY my nephew will have an open rein into what he says and how he wants to say it. Let’s just say that I’m going to deep-dive into his mind, and see if I can finally convince him that he will be making a foolish bet, not worth loosing. Again, details of the bet will be forthcoming.