My Nephew and His Bet to beat Joe Biden

I am the editor/publisher of this website. My nephew sincerely believes that Donald J. Trump will win re-election to the White House in November.  He also says that after he writes a few articles here, he is going to write a separate article in an attempt to try and persuade me and others to support Trump. Why? Any person with any common sense can tell you that it is now impossible for Trump to win re-election in November. My nephew wants to make a large wager, the figure being $100,000. He claims that Trump will win election. I say that he will not. He wants to make this 6-figure bet with me proclaiming that Trump will win. If Trump wins, then I owe him $100,000. If Trump loses, Dominic will pay me $100,000.

Let me state right here and now why Trump will not win Re-Election. I am stating the obvious which happens to be fact just so that I can convince my nephew to not support Trump for re-election. He in turn is trying to convince me that Trump will win, but to this point, he is doing an awful job of it.

For starters, Trump is his own worst enemy when it comes to the polls.  In his latest tirade, he made totally irresponsible and irrational comments on the last Coronavirus briefing yesterday on April 23rd, 2020.

What our president hasn’t realized yet is that what he says have consequences and that it would be beneficial for him to allow the medial doctors advise what treatment should be taken to fight Coronavirus.   Trumps poll numbers are consistently dropping because people who listen to him at these briefings do not believe what he says.  The briefings are definitely not helping him win re-election.

During the briefing yesterday, Trump stated that the possibility of injecting disinfectants into the body may be a cure. He also said that light treatments may also help.  What he doesn’t understand is that when some people listen to him, because he is the president, that they truly believe what he says. The problem is that he doesn’t know what he is saying. Somewhere in America, there will be a person who is going to swallow ‘Lysol’ thinking that because the president said it was OK, that it would truly be OK to take the disinfectant to rid himself of the virus. Any grown adult with the slightest bit of common sense knows that drinking ‘LYSOL’ would not be the thing to ever consider doing, because Lysol was never created to be ingested into the body.  It is a poison and will kill any one who drinks it. There are warning labels on the product that apparently Trump never read that state these facts.

As of this writing, I am willing to give my nephew one last chance to bow out of this bet. It is not only the practical thing to do, because he truly doesn’t have the money to make this bet and he will believe almost everything that ‘FOX NEWS’ broadcasts about Trump. I’m still waiting for article #2 from Dominic and I will give him the choice to continue and go forward with the bet. If he continues to go forward, then I will make a formal statement here, that will include all of the details of the bet.

Is there anyone out there that would be willing to explain to my nephew why this bet is a very stupid thing to do. Just leave a comment and I’ll review it and publish it. Of course if you are on Dominic’s side, then especially please comment.

Otherwise, the only thing I will be left to do is to publish this bet for the world to see.

I hope everyone is staying safe.

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