Many More People to Die because of Relaxed Social Distancing

The following statement can be found in an article published at dated May 4th, 2020, written by William A. Haseltine.

“Unfortunately, the U.S. is not limiting COVID-19 infections enough to avoid a severe second wave. Our current control measures — limited testing and largely voluntary self-isolation for those known to be infected or exposed — are unlikely to eliminate the virus from the population.”

So what does that statement mean?

To further complicate the issue, the upcoming fall will have influenza mixed with Covid-19. There will not be a vaccine widely available for Covid-19 by the fall, which means that your annual flu shot that you get each fall will not be sufficient to protect you from Covid-19. Most likely, a vaccine will not be available before the end of the year.

Because of relaxed social distancing, there is a heightened possibility that the children will not go back to their schools in the fall.  I believe that the number of case deaths to come because of Covid-19 infections will substantially rise and will be somewhere between 125,000 and 150,000 before the end of the year. But by listening to one of Trump’s advisors, Jarred Kushner, the problem is behind us now. He claims that his father-in-law, the president of the United States, is doing a terrific job. When the virus re-surfaces with a vengeance, Trump will claim that he got the recommendations from his doctors to open up the economy and get people back to work. He again will not take responsibility for what is about to happen. Relaxed Social distancing would only be OK if people would self-impose social distancing for themselves and wear a mask when out in public. No such thing will happen. Right at the time of this writing, many thousands of people who flocked to the beaches have decided not to wear masks, so I strongly believe that there will be an up-rise in deaths because of the relaxation of social distancing.
Trump has been on full display with his desire to open up the economy at any cost, even at the cost of human lives. He can blame whoever he wants to, but as the saying goes, “THE BUCK STOPS HERE”. So whatever he says, the fatalities from the Coronavirus is on his watch. He is totally responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. Trumps main job as president of the United States is to protect lives. He fails to do so with just about every action he takes. He believes that opening up the economy is the best thing that can happen and if the virus is held back and the economy comes back, then he can be assured re-election in the fall.
Unfortunately for Trump, not only will the virus not be held back because of the lack of continued social distancing, but the economy will not come back in short term as it was prior to the Coronavirus, regardless of what Trump hopes will happen. The predictability projection of the stock market is very bleak, and most likely the country will enter a phase that will be known as the great depression of 2020. Trump hopes for thing to happen and to not happen. He doesn’t act to make his hopes a reality.

With proper guidance by the president, this free-fall of the U.S. economy could have been avoided with the proper leadership in Washington. Trump needed to leave the decisions made by the administration up to the medial doctors and Dr. Fauci. But instead, Trump tried to play doctor, telling Americans that they may need to drink Lysol or use light to get rid of the virus. Watch is news briefing of Trump telling people EXACTLY that…


In my opinion, Trump is the most deplorable human being ever to inhabit the earth. Worse than Hitler, as he will be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people right on U.S. soil. Trump failed to keep  the people in his administration that had the capability of predicting the arrival of the Coronavirus in the United States.

Regardless of what Trump will be credited for doing right in the name of the American people, it will become all null and void as soon as the virus re-surfaces in a big way.

Of course my hopes and I pray that I am totally wrong, but as they say, “The proof is in the pudding”. Trump must prove his innocence now to get re-elected. But when you jump off of a cliff like he has done with this pandemic, there isn’t anything that he can do to save himself.


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