Trump Incites Violence – Not Becoming of a President

The president of the United States repeatedly incites violence but in most cases, I don’t believe that he even knows it. One thing that he does know is that he has tons of followers on Twitter. Yesterday, Trump posted at midnight his “thugs” tweet, which he later took back. But then he just couldn’t stop. He claimed “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Luckily Twitter did over-site on the tweet and Twitter called Trump’s post as violating the rules against “glorified violence.” He said one thing, but then he claims that the statement was misconstrued. He claimed that “Frankly it means when there’s looting, people get shot and they die.” So if that is what he meant, then why didn’t he say it?

He gets in trouble promoting his Twitter tweets because he doesn’t think before posting, nor does he ever show any evidence that what he says is the truth. both traits are not becoming of a person who is the president whose #1 responsibility is to protect us. Obviously, Trump would never take responsibility for what he says, because he can restate his words any way that he wishes to benefit himself, even though he further harmed American lives by making such a tweet. Even though he took his Twitter statement back, some of the readers most likely never saw what he wrote later in a post, so the damage has already been done. Twitter is an accessory in his case, because they continuously embolden him while allow him to make such statements, ones that you or I could never post on Twitter. They have been doing this for four years now. He gets preferential treatment because he is the president. In that case, so why should we believe anything he says. He has done and continues to do a very poor job in protecting American citizens from Covid-19. He wanted the ‘stay at home’ orders lifted and they were lifted nationwide, so now we have violence in the streets because of a police slaying of a black man. The deceased would not even be out on the road to be approached by the derelict cops that murdered him if the stay at home orders were still in place. A life would have been saved, and almost 200 businesses would have been spared by the violence and arson that has occurred in the last few days in Minnesota alone. Many major cities have had to endure unruly protests across the country, including in California, Texas and  east coast states. Many of these protesters and looters and arsonists are not wearing a mask. So let’s try to spread Covid-19 even more. Thank you Mr. president!. Now with all the riots happening in Minnesota because of a murderous act of a cop, he has no ability to consul a nation. Nothing he has said after the crime committed by policemen in Minneapolis Minnesota was done to consul a nation. He only can publish more insulting hideous Twitter tweets that offend everyone. What he had time for was to make a second trip to Florida at the expense of the American tax payers to watch the Space-X launch this afternoon.

Regarding Trumps actions, did he observe the time when 100,000 people have lost their lives because of Covid-19. Obviously he did not. He made no statements to consul the people of the effects of Covid-19 that took away 100,000 lives. All the news networks except Fox News have made a statement about it. What did he do. He decided to play golf? Really, Mr. president? Today, instead of trying to figure out how to stop the violence without creating additional violence in the streets of Minnesota, he decides to go to Florida to watch Space-X launch. In normal times, he should go, but this time I believe that he should have spent time in trying to keep more peoples lives from ending. His answer, to send the National Guard to stop violence. It will be interesting tonight to see how they prevent violence and maybe more deaths. But probably sending them may be the one act that he has done during this whole time after the shooting in Minnesota that is a good thing. Mr. Trump must have a good solution that no-one knows about to be re-elected for a second term. If you can tell me what it is, then please tell me.

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