Trump Realizing the Virus is not going Away BUT HE WILL BE

For that matter, Donald J. Trump is realizing allot of things lately. Yesterday, the most ignorant president to actually hold the office finally realized that his so-called convention that was moved from North Carolina to Florida, in defiance of all of his advisors, doctors, and state officials, will not take place. It was interesting to see this failed president make that statement during a press conference. Yet, he now wants to move it back to North Carolina, but he must know that he’s not going to get any OK from the state to hold the convention in a closed public place. But Trump doesn’t care, as he only cares for himself.  The only option he has will be to have a virtual convention, or speeches aired that would have been stated at the convention, in order to hold and regain some of the Trump supporters that he has lost. He only has one month for his so-called convention, and then he has 3 debates to contend with Joe Biden. We will see who’s smarter.

The facts are getting really clear, now just about 100 days from election day. Donald Trump is loosing big in the south, especially in Florida, and Georgia. But Joe Biden is running away with the support in those states including California. Trump is loosing in Michigan, and is even down in the polls in just a point or two in Texas. Yes, TEXAS!.

By Trumps policies, he is even digging himself a larger hole to fall in. If he completely falls in the hole, I’m afraid he doesn’t have a tall enough ladder or life line to escape the burial he will receive when he looses the election with Biden. After the election, Trump faces several lawsuits that he will not be able to hide from, including prosecution from New York. Donald Trump has created his own future which tends to be bleak.

Trump continues to push to have schools re-open in the fall, even during the flu season, that will ultimately assist in claiming more lives from virus patients acquiring the simple flu. He doesn’t care about the children that will be at risk. He doesn’t care about their families, especially the elderly that can and most likely will catch the virus from the young ones.

Trump doesn’t realize that everything that he’s done in the past in his first term is now m-e-a-n-i-n-g-l-e-s-s. All the good he may have done by some accounts has been erased away from his terrible job with the pandemic, when Trump now holds an approval rating of the mid-30% range. You don’t have to take my word for it. Go to F0xNews and check their polls. They just came out and they are damning for Trump. Trump is putting the final touches as he is personally nailing his coffin, as he forces non-identifiable police officers in war fatigues and unmarked cars to arrest demonstrators that are in the streets in democratically controlled cities. Doesn’t he realize that he needs these voters if he wants to win. He needs every vote that he can get.

My nephew Dominic is consistent in his belief to support Trump, even though these facts exist. He contacted me recently, and wants to publish a few articles in support of Trump or his policies on this website. I told him previously that I would allow him to publish without moderation from me. He would have complete control on what is published. Since then as he didn’t publish his articles in a timely manner, he temporarily lost his ability to publish here. But I have thought things through and I’m going to let him write again. This time, I will publish all the comments from readers, as I must admit, were suppressed by me when Dominic wrote his first article, incidentally that will be republished when Dominic comes up with his next articles.  I encourage all readers to comment on anything that Dominic or I write. This time, the articles must be good enough to convince me that he even has a chance to win a $100,000 bet that he wants to make with me, that Donald Trump will win election.  I am not stupid. I base my decisions on facts, and I’m only willing to go through with the bet if he can prove with his articles that Trump can win because of them. Is there any solid ground that Dominic and Trump can stand on at the moment? Trump governs through division.

The country is tired of it. And, there are two more things that will happen when he publishes the articles.

First, I will refute the lies that he makes in Trump’s name. I will refute the inaccuracies as he states them. Second,  every line that he writes will be subject to criticism by me and the readers, and all criticism will be published.

To get back to Trump, everything he has done so far in the past in his first term is a thing of the past. None of that counts in this moment of time. What matters is for voters to have the right to vote in a manner that they want too. What counts is what needs to be done to stop the Coronavirus from spreading. What is important is for him to fully accept the claims of  ‘Black lives Matter’. He needs to accept that the U.S. Congress has voted to remove all of the Confederate statues throughout the country.  He needs to understand that his method of protecting these monuments of hate in the past are going to be gone, and he shouldn’t fight it, denying citizens their first amendment rites to protest.  He needs to go with the governing body in this case because even if he vetos the bill that passed overwhelmingly by both houses in Congress, which I fully expect that he would, that the U.S. Congress, to include the Republican led Senate will over-ride his veto. After all, Donald Trump votes by mail, so why can’t voters vote by mail. They would not be subject to the Coronavirus by staying at home. Donald Trump claims he doesn’t want to risk people in close proximity catching the virus at a convention, but it’s OK for children to be in close proximity in a closed classroom. It’s OK for people to have to exercise their right to vote in person but he doesn’t have to. It is known that the lines will be exceptionally long, especially in minority precincts, as the Republicans have reduced the number of polling places in these precincts in a direct attempt to prevent many people who most likely will vote against him, the right to vote, while continuing to provide more than ample voting places in precincts that would vote Republican and vote for him.

The bottom line, Trump cannot win a fair fight. It is fully expected that when he looses the election, he will confuse to concede. But what Trump doesn’t know even if he doesn’t concede is that he will be physically removed if he tries to stay. He can cause havoc between the election and the final 90 days before Biden assumes the presidency in January, but if he tries anything stupid, he will be impeached again and removed from office faster than anyone could ever imagine.

Even on another front, he is loosing in his words “biggly” which is not even a real word. His niece wrote a very damning book that cannot win him any votes in November.  John Bolton, who used to work in the Whitehouse also has a book that is published now, and another to come that is promised to surface before the election by his own personal attorney who went to jail named Michael Cohen. Three books and more to come. Trumps taxes will surely become known to everyone eventually after he leaves office.

On January 3rd, sweeping reform to include all of  Trump’s executive orders will be reversed. Our democracy will survive without him. Many of Trumps supporters will now vote for Joe Biden. As the saying goes, Donald Trump’s goose is cooked.

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