A Trump Supporter Perspective

I love this country. We enjoy and take for granted many freedoms and opportunities that do not exist in many places of the world. As an American I wake up, work hard and with adequate time and perseverance achieve whatever I set before me. We can achieve our dreams and I am grateful for this country. There is much to be grateful and supportive for, however when I listen to President Trump at a press conference, I see a stance and tone of debate. I see the Media and the left painting America as bullies of the world but not providing adequate context and that America is not a great country. Positions taken are often then amplified on Opinion Segments within the news networks. Trump is painted as an offender of Freedom and democracy in American politics.

Politics is a dirty business; nothing is black and white the divisions within the political systems in governments here at home and abroad thrive in this environment. There’s a lot of noise and mud in the political arena.  I for this reason don’t like to invest much time in discussing much with others this aspect of life. However, the author of this website aka. my Uncle Jimmy and I were discussing President Trump and debating on how the current administration is running the country. Shots were fired and bets were placed. Some terms and conditions were established and I will bring to light my reasons and thoughts here in this Blog for my support of Donald Trump.

I wish to also say this that these are my views subject to my thinking processes and upbringing. Where I see compassion and strength others may see hatred and weakness. The truth though I have found is always in the middle between the extremes.

There is a general narrative that Trump is an impulsive failed businessman, a racist, a xenophobe even more so an incompetent president bringing this country down with him. The other Narrative I see is one that President Trump is resetting politics as usual, reducing big government’s role and using his skills that he has honed over the years as a successful businessman to spur economic growth by his economic and foreign policies. I see a man with a mission to unleash American abundance & creativity within the daily life of every American. Thereby expanding the essence of America and what it means throughout the world. Both of those narratives will be explored, clarified and judged as this blog progresses.

Trump as a candidate made many promises. In substance they were in accordance with his message for many years as a private citizen. These interviews and perspectives he has performed are available to all who choose to do their own independent explorations of Trump.

I am voting for Trump because of his results he delivered regarding his promises. I am voting for Trump because of his strength, focus, and compassion for America first.  I am voting for President Trump because he has displayed a high level of focus and intent to get his agenda of America First into the lives of every American citizen. He has remained strong though all the lies and attacks the Media has pushed. Trumps, hard nose, don’t let them see you sweat, strong man façade inflames controversy. This style has a result of pushing things out of context which then defines differences of views and later stroked and cuddled by media Opinion segments. People then only see the media and President Trumps Style. They are distracted and don’t talk about the substance, context or result of actions taken by this administration.

This is my first blog post, there is a lot to unpack, so I think it is best to keep things simple and short. I will explore each of the follow reasons below in a separate blog post in support of my decision to support Donald Trump in this next 2020 presidential election.

In the Three+ years as President Donald Trump has:


He has drawn a line in the sand regarding trade deals with various countries. He has demonstrated thorough various actions he will always put American in the best position possible to capitalize in trade and foreign policies that improve the lives of Americans and Americas as a whole.

Reduced taxes for everyday American workers. Resulting in unprecedented GDP and job growth.

Through various forms of deregulating the government’s role across all federal agencies taking back control of the powers given to the Bureaucrats by incompetent leadership back into the hands of elected officials.

Continues to push a commonsense approach to working in correcting climate change.


Has not backed down in keeping America in a position of strength by safeguarding our immigration systems.

Continues to push for immigration Reform

Foreign Policy

By country and various alliance and coalitions he is correcting Foreign policies that have hurt America in the past.


Operates in a way that puts terrorists and proxies on notice.

Actively pursues options to stop America being “Police force” for the world

Continues to push a balance approach to military action. “Peace Through Strength”

As brought back fairness within NATO alliances

Donald Trump as President has accomplished much more, and I do believe him when he says he is just beginning. He has been gaining more Republican AND Democrat support as seen from his rallies. In addition, I found a movement at Go to( #Walkaway Campaign)  to exist to be a real force for democrats waking up as a result of the medias lies in a world of information overload. The Media’s Relationship with the President is dirty and complicated. I will present to you my perspective on The Media in a future post.

By Rattling the ‘Deep State” and “Big Corporate Media” Trumps Victory is sealed, and he will win Bigly and most likely turn a few blue states red. Trump has not lost his fire and is not slowing down. The enthusiasm for Trump’s America is growing.

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