“Enemy of the People”

Below is presentation of what I see is a real enemy of America and our freedoms. They are the very issues that at the very least need to be considered from macro and micro level concepts as to why we are here as a nation. Also what we can do about it and our actions in moving forward and my hopes for the direction this administration continues to take us in.

In our country we have a very intelligently crafted Constitution and Bill of Rights of which our Founders formed the blueprint of our society and its governance. They created the 3 branches of government and installed subtle and yet strong ‘Checks & Balances” to ensure our Union would endure regardless of an individual’s political qualifications AND to remain absent of tyrannical ruler-ship. This has proven evident and ever more so efficient in maintaining our Union as Donald Trump, a businessman and an outsider unskilled in public governing, was elected as President and the administration continues to govern.

Some things to consider as I have become more politically aware is what incentives various news and media organizations. The main news conglomerates CNN, MSNBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and Fox News are motivated by consumer ratings, advertisement dollars and the promotion of conspiracies and divisiveness. Everyone is competing in an ecosystem that is fast changing with the inventions of various social media platforms. The entity or reporter that sheds light on something first is the best and most valid. But in a climate of such great competition there seems to be a need for more sensational content and controversy. All in the name of Rating, Dollar and Controversy. And then the various social media platforms only amplify ideologies more intimately and provide more “noise” to an already overloaded environment of information.

Literally EVERYDAY regardless of anything else for three years the news conglomerates pushed a narrative that Trump colluded with the Russian government to win the presidency. The Mueller report came out and provided no substantial conclusive evidence showing that was the case. Then it was Impeachment for withholding aid to Ukraine, and then bribery and then abuse of power for political gain. On and on. Americans are tired of this as seen in several polls. Fighting has still ensued and there are no signs of it slowing down. Anything the administration sets out to achieve regardless of merit is obstructed in partisan games. Be it taxes, immigration reform or military action it is met with blind partisanship. Heck now with this current crisis, there are 3 oversight committee’s consisting of partisan and bi-partisan governance of hearings and yet one side still wants an additional oversight committee totaling four, really? come on! This is just simply exhausting, and before the dust even settles with this crisis. What about other issues that need care and legislative debate? This practice of redundant committees only adds insult and injury to a growing fracture within our country.

What has become of America’s political arena as a direct result of the above? Was the real intended goal achieved? I would argue yes, it was! The enemy of our republic has hijacked our “United” States.

The Enemy is hiding in plain sight but is camouflaged by the noise of Trumps use of hyperbole, and communication style and the Medias political and moral piety.

In watching most of the Russia and Impeachment Hearings. I saw a subtle misuse of the information and much can be said maybe in a later article. However, there is one testimony that is relevant to what is ongoing in American politics that struck a chord with me. During the impeachment hearing was the testimony of Dr. Fiona Hill. A portion of her hours long testimony shed light the underlying enemy of America. She stated that the real threat and purpose of Russia meddling with the USA was to sow distrust and cloud over whoever was president regardless of who it was. However, she goes on to present further personal partisan policy differences and stated half-truths. Ultimately when asked by the committee to raise your hand if the information they presented was impeachable she did not raise her hand. It was so paradoxical.



The Elephants in the Room

But Trump Lies and is fast and loose and takes liberties with facts and information. Trump is not “Presidential” and attacks people and the news that oppose him.

Trump communication style of being fast and loose with information when not critical is a form of honest interaction. Take for example when people ask him about North Korea and he just gives a typical political run around. He could not possibly answer comprehensively for a whole host of reasons. Yet the media ran many stories that Trump has no agreement with North Korea only to create more “Distrust” around this administration’s efforts.  Trump is not being “Presidential”. This is futile to discuss as Trump cannot fit inside any preset political or personal definition. This is what many Americans like.

The media being held in high regard throughout the past few decades has changed into many different forms and the News conglomerate have been shaken due to Trumps style and lack of political correctness. They only respond with hatred and double standards and sloppy research of various topics. For example, Climate Change and the Paris agreement. If the reporter read the content, they would see that this administration is without fault in terminating our participation’s Paris Climate Agreement. Nonetheless they choose sensationalism, fear mongering and sloppiness over steadiness and accuracy. Being aware of personal bias is only achieved with a certain level of steadiness and maturity which is abundantly absent in both sides of our political culture currently.

I understand many Americans dislike Trumps Brashness and bluntness in the moment style of communicating. However, that is not justification for calling Trump a reckless, incompetent, or racist, and xenophobe as Bernie Sanders and many networks like to promote. His policies show the contrary. The Media aggressively paints Trump as reckless and refuses to report anything good that this administration has organized through its governance. Thus the sides become more defining and the RESULT is the division is evermore clear.

After presenting to you the above information, I ask you now not who but what is the real enemy of the United States. From my view it is much deeper than a personality, agenda, or party propaganda (whatever the flavor). It is this division or as Dr. Hill put it any means to place a “cloud over any presidency”.

I pose that this form of public chaos ultimately is good for our growth as a nation. It is a positive in that it causes us to our own research to gain stability. Like a child going through puberty. One becomes more aware of the environment resulting from new externally forces being imposed. It naturally causes us to then make more informed decisions for ourselves and our country. We can develop convictions as to what our place is as an American. In a world getting smaller by the day through globalization this understanding is absolutely required if we want to remain a free and prosperous society. Globalization is not a negative, but we need to slowly and collectively as a species and as Americans what those values will be. (More on this at another time).


As the dust begins to settle with the Russia and Ukraine investigations, new information is coming to light. Information devoid of the hyper partisan zeal. As I said in my first Blog post “The truth is in the middle of two extremes.” The information we are presented with from the IG report has displayed gross bureaucratic negligence, FISA abuses, and extreme biases from people inside these investigations who were shown to be acting above the law. At this moment in time there are still ongoing investigations going on with Durham so until we have more information, I will refrain from going deeper. This shows only more of the inner workings of the bias and the double standards within the media has promoted Trump with more voter support.

Moving forward

“A house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.  –  President Abraham Lincoln

We won’t be divided forever and the above statement was made with confidence from Lincoln. This is a testament to the “Checks & Balances” and in our current ideological Modern Civil War a warning to be aware of our responsibility as in determining who and what we stand for as nation.

Which side are we on?

Many more Americans are defining what it is to be an American to them and we have become more politically engaged than ever before. This is a good thing and something the enemies of the USA are hoping we do not awake to. I believe our Nation had indeed started to lose its way. Complacency had gotten the best of us. The previous Administration had lost its convictions of how to change D.C. due to their beliefs of political correctness and liberal form of governance. This produced a greater divide in American prosperity and freedom. Trump is the American People choice for a new type of leadership and the results speak for themselves

Trump will always be Trump and fight back and 10x harder and say more outrageous things. He is not politically correct and that is what I and many Americans like. We elected a fighter for the American Dream and there is no one more prepared for the fight as Trump has already achieved a measure of the American Dream.

Before Trump was elected Washington could be likened to a kitchen’s “junk drawer”, And the Administration is the owner of that Drawer about to clean it. How is it done most effective? You take the draw out and dump everything out in a pile. You than determine what you want and do not want in it. It is rough and things will never be returned to the drawer. However, after it the cleaning process has been completed the junk drawer is renewed to its former glory. Our you can go the politically correct and slow way of organizing and possibly lose sight due to time constraints (term limits) and nothing really changes.

For Americans, Trump has up ended the Washington’s way of doing business in darkness and that “Drawer” is being returned to its former glory, but to those that fight for political correctness and a global agenda it will be a rough ride. However, Canada and Mexico our are neighbors who would surely take you in.


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