Promises Made Promises Kept – Immigration Reforms

As Americans I think I can speak correctly that we want to experience life in peace and prosperity. We all as humans and American want these things.

Trumps Promises area form of defining what is to be an American. Many of us felt America had slowly allowed complacency start to rot away our foundations of Abundance Strength and Greatness in the world.

When Barack Obama was running for his first term, I did not think he was the best choice for America as he did not have a record in taking the lead to get things done. I thought Hillary was more equipped for the Presidency as she was a household name and was a smart intelligent politician. Obama did not have any executive experience as he put it one day in his radio address.  He was naive and a smooth talker. However, I was hopeful and like Trump said at the time he thought he would be a good cheerleader for American but that was all a misguided hope.

It felt as though Obama lost his way through his form of political correctness that killed Americans enthusiasm for the “American Dream” and what it is to be an American. This struck a chord deep within many Americans as the economic recovery was happening but slowly.

I wanted to give you some context as to what motivated me into supporting Trump. Therefore, I am not here to explore Obama Successes, failures or style.

Trump comes on to the scene with a pretext of having achieved the American Dream. His successes and failures have been public for decades. I and many people felt we could relate to him and liked his hard nose style of dealings. He said repeatedly that he would be tough with trade, strengthen the military and strong with immigration and always put American First with his administration actions. Sure, that’s all fine on the campaign trail but it is a different thing all together once you are on the inside working with bureaucracy and lifelong un-elected bureaucrats. Trump had no experience and it showed in his first few months. We who voted for him knew where he stood, and he would be held accountable 100% if his administration failed and became the same as those administrations before him.

Trumps promises made on the Campaign trail were the culmination of what he said for years in the private sector as a businessman and citizen and he had been coherent for many years regarding his positions.

Promises made to being converted to change things in government are hugely complex and time consuming. There are unimaginable bureaucratic positions and regulations to navigate through. This is mainly why I don’t think significant changes happen.

Execution demands leadership. With Donald Trumps over the top style, foresight and previous high level/risk experiences he worked to build the teams with the most effective people needed and when not working they are held accountable and are replaced. Trump Style.

Immigration Reform

Trump over and over talked about getting the wall built and reforming immigration processes and making them more favorable in protecting the American culture and economy. Immigrants are welcomed in through a legal process designed through legislation and executed by elected and appointed civil servants. Obama fell victim to political unpatriotic political correctness when he passed the DACA Bill with his iPhone and pen as he is quoted as saying. This act started to wake previously politically sleeping Americans to the fallacies of political correctness and the radical lefts system of thought. I remember it did for me at least.

“Mexico will pay for the wall” is what the Democrats tout as a promise broken. They stoke the embers of division anyway they can. What in fact was really said. What is the substantive and hard issue at hand?

Immigration Reform though strong physical border protection and stronger comprehensive legislation beneficial to the American way of life. This is the reality. Trump has listened to what Americans, Congresses and most importantly to the officers on the front line in what they need, and he put a lot of effort in making this a reality.

The reforms needed regarding immigration were focused toward protecting wages and lives of Americans, stopping the rapid flow of drugs into the country by walking without obstruction and crossing the southern border where no wall exists, Moving the country to a merit-based entry system. There are more aspects, but you get the picture. These measures are to be design by the Congress but as of this election cycle fail to be accomplished or even debated. This is contradictory with the narrative that the President wants to stop immigration into the US because he views people born in other places a inferior. Supporter of trump are aware of this tactic from liberal media cohorts.

Trump goes up, over, under, and any way possible to get as close as possible to what he wants. He negotiates, it is what he does. His team negotiates, it what they do. This administration has been touted as the most watched and active administration on Capitol Hill, according to a lot of lawmakers from both sides.

I am confident that Trump will continue to work to solve this issue. He was the first to raise awareness to the issue to do something about it. By his leadership he has:

  • Redesigned the asylum processes Through “Safe third country” Policy
  • Built more wall by reallocating funds
  • Put an end to the separating the children policies stemming through weak laws and loopholes loosely formed by the previous 3 presidential administrations
  • Has brought awareness to the practice of releasing an undocumented person who commits a felony level crime back into the community. He has exercised is power where possible to stop this.
  • Negotiated with various countries to assist in helping reduce the number of people making the trip to enter illegally into the USA.
  • Has negotiated with Mexico to help with stopping the caravans coming through directly to America.


By his strong leadership style, he has executed the above and many more actions in spite of gross hypocritical and hyper-partisanship within the Democratic Party. Has he been smooth and always accurate in his speech, HELL NO! However, our system of government keeps things in order through the bureaucratic “Check & Balances” (More on this later.

We can debate Immigration Legal vs. Illegally entering a country until the cows come home, this is not what I am here to do. Many Americans have seen the “indirect” negative effects of illegal immigration and understand the benefits of a clearly define and strongly enforced system can provide. Trump has for now at least initiated action as enabled by law.

The irresponsible media has inaccurately reported the information through their failure to present truthful content based on the raw data. As seen falsely by the cover of the Time Magazine cover and countless hostile opinion news segments. Engaging in the same type of sensationalism and “Bombshell’ reporting style only hurts our country.

Another notable issue was “Immigrant Caravans” Who ever heard of such a thing. I did not …until Trump ranted off about it via his twitter feed. I learned that there where organizations based in the USA and abroad that literally sell information & various forms of assistance to gain access to America. I began to see that these organizers grossly abused a law meant as a form of compassion through “Political Asylum” protection. Asylum protections are allowed by law. I agree with the need for them to be in place. However, both sides of the aisle have agreed at times that reformations need to take place. However political correctness and weak leadership had allowed no progress. Until Trump rattled the cage.

In case you are wondering about Time Magazine, the 2 year old girl photographed was from Honduras. She was carried across the border illegally by her mother. Her father did not know where they went and only assumed, they tried to get into the USA (For the 2nd time). The Father had a decent job in a shipping port, but it apparently was not enough for the mother. The mother took her child (without fathers’ consent) with her along the journey through we can assume various buses, walking and ultimately employing a “coyote” to navigate the area of crossing. According to DHS she tried before back in 2013. Why try again??? This time with the hope of a girl and the propaganda promoted by the “Caravan” organizations who abuse the generosity of the USA only to enrich themselves.

Some  thoughts on the “Policy” Child separation

On its face it is a horrible idea and practice, however when and why was this practice implemented? Why had Trump and AG Jeff Sessions put a Zero Tolerance Policy in place? Many who do not follow politics or don’t do much primary research on the issues are led to believe that this is a practice is done because Trump is a heartless cold individual that doesn’t care about families or immigrants. Upon closer look you will find that it was started as a result of Clinton’s Immigration reforms resulting from the Flores vs. Reno Settlement. The policy then to a more rigid form once Obama faced mas immigrant caravans of children crossing the border. This is where the policy gained momentum. Children were caught crossing the border with and without Adults. There was cause for concern regarding human trafficking. The result was to separate children from the adults. Then sort out the facts. The children would not be charged with the crime, but the adult would be and hence therefore cause the children to be placed in foster care EXACTLY like every American adult who commit crime in the USA today in 2020. Tens of thousands of children are separated from there parents due to crime and entering a country illegally is a crime and is and SHOULD BE treated no differently. As Hillary Clinton said once in an interview those who don’t want to be separated from their kids will be deterred from want to break the law coming here illegally in the first place. Every position has a valid opposite perspective and “truth is in the middle of two extremes”

Overall Obama faced challenges with immigration and did not want to make a stand, He was trying to be politically correct and shortsighted vs doing what was right for America and Americans.

Trump took a stand for legal immigrants and against illegal immigration. The radical left is unaware of the harms illegal immigration has on the participants and indirectly Americans.

Trump brought many aspects of immigration into the light and once he did all Americans saw front and center many shortcomings of our system. Trump has be the only president to face these difficult issues head on and instigate the needed reforms. Loopholes with the laws were create by politicians forming weak positions and laws and various harmful practices took place. Trump took the lead.

Trump and only Trumps style of communicating brought immigration issues to many Americans kitchen table.

I digress….Human Trafficking, Caravans, Hardcore Drugs, Criminals, Terrorists, entering our country through weak immigration processes or outright entering by no legal port of entry all have harmful effect on the culture and lives of every American and one cannot deny this if given any honest effort of thought to this issue.

Much more must be done with more action and less talk from the Congresses. There needs to be more bipartisan cooperation on this issue regardless of who is in the White House. Trumps leadership style and track record show that he will invest the time to negotiate the changes needed no matter the hard change. He works many hours a day and sleeps little. I doubt the same could be said of Joe Biden who falls asleep during A town Hall event.

Immigration Reform is a YUGE issue with many aspects. The effort that have been made have been in alignment with the America First Agenda. Has America benefited by this administrations decisions and in leading the conversation of reforms needed in immigration and border security? …. I contend it has. I believe many more Americans do too.

The number of illegal crossings and potentially harmful experiences for all involved has dropped as a result of these policies. The negotiations with Mexico and other countries have proven helpful in slowing down illegal activity getting past our borders. This administration under Trumps leadership is solidifying again the American Dream. Many Americans believed it was possible and now after some the actions listed above I think many more Americans are now able to give Trump another term with a more agreeable Congress.



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