Trump now Dis-enfranchising Voters to Win the General Election

What Trump has done in the past no longer counts. What he is doing now is what counts. His polls are terrible. He will be in a struggle when it comes to November election.

Here is what Trump is doing or not doing now. If anything, that my nephew Dominic said is actually true, it doesn’t mean a thing in the days of the pandemic. What Trump has done in the past is not what he is doing in the present. Donald Trump has done so much more harm to the country recently than he has done good.

  • He cannot do what it is necessary to protect all Americans from the Coronavirus. He thinks it’s better to play golf instead of addressing COVID-19 problems throughout the country. He is totally responsible for the high number of fatalities regarding the virus.
  • The economy is in shambles. He has no plan or mission going forward.
  • He tried to kill Obamacare, but failed. He tried to deport the DACA people, but failed.
  • He continues to build a wall with funds from the United States even though he promised that “Mexico will pay for the wall”.
  • His present agenda is to cripple the U.S. Post offices by removing equipment such as 671 mail processing machines at these offices so that mail-in ballots will not arrive in time to be counted. He’s even started removing mailboxes throughout the country. He openly admits it.
  • He is now proving that he is a racist by his actions.
  • He attacks characters such as calling Senator Harris, and VP Joe Biden, because he doesn’t have anything else that can stick against his rivals.

What is mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg. So, I’ll get right to the point. No other candidate in history would ever get away with what Trump has done in the past and present, and he is betting that he can win the election by continuing to do it.

Since Donald Trump cannot run as a candidate for president honestly and fairly, I can no longer go with the idea to go along with my nephew with a bet that we were going to make. Why should I gamble my money away when the candidate that my nephew supports cannot play fairly? What Dominic writes is good on paper, but not necessarily true. I give him credit. His is a great writer, even better than I.

So, it is now official. The bet between my nephew and myself is now OFF. With that said, I still believe that Donald Trump will not win a second term, even if he continues to try and suppress the vote and undermine the election in November. He got caught, but he doesn’t care. During the last election when Trump won, Russia assisted Trump so he could win. This time, Trump is doing it on his own, by dis-enfranchising voters by tampering with the United States Post office.

Donald Trump is sick. Donald Trump WILL BE PROSECUTED when he is forced to leave office. He doesn’t deserve to hold the office for a second term.  He is about to find out in just 82 days that the American people no longer want a person like him in the White House. No doubt there will be more investigations that will take place regarding Trump and his newly appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, one of his major campaign donors, a person that has no experience in Post Office operations.

One other thing. In Dominic’s last article, there are no comments listed. There is a reason for this, but since my nephew did not alert me of the issue and I haven’t’ been monitoring the website on a daily basis because of other commitments, the issue was never fixed.  At this time, I don’t think any further comments are necessary anyway. If the wager had gone through to the election, then I would have allowed more comments. 

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