Actions Always Speak Louder than Voices

Let’s take a walk down this road. My Uncle has stated many times Only Trumps current actions mean something and the past accomplishments mean nothing. Let’s examine what reasons I know and feel Trump is deserving of a second term and the narrative that a majority of this country have subscribed to.



Taxes Reduced taxes for businesses and individuals. The details are complex but in general how can one believe this is not the chief reason as to why the American economy became so strong? Did not businesses BIG  & SMALL benefit and therefore invest more? I contend this was and is a big part (2nd to Regulation cuts) of the foundation of our growing economy.

Veterans Mission Act – Made the provisions of privatizing the VA healthcare permanent and not temporary as in the 2014 VA Choice Act. Also made firing of poor performers possible. There are many advantages and disadvantages but none the less positive progress is being made by these reforms.

Opportunity Zones – These were established in 2017 and have the purpose of incentivizing economic development though by which Taxes and profits can be deferred or eliminated if the investment is rooted the distressed community for an appropriate amount of years. The details are complex and many.

Deregulation – For every one new bureaucratic regulation made or kept, approximately 8 have been removed.

Religious Freedom – 50 million allocated and foreign policy directives to include pursue religious freedom protections abroad. Has been active in issuing E.O.’s and negotiating legislation in Congress to ensure all religious rights are protected and not just the loudest religions and active disciples.

Prescription Drugs- E.O. and talks in congress to lower drugs strong arming drug manufacturing companies into lowering prices (success with insulin and Epi-pens for starters)

Human Trafficking – Has targeted human traffickers at home and abroad as well as paved the way for assistance after victims are freed. I don’t recall any other president effort in similar form. This is a big issue and highly complex and when discussed heavily politicized.

Right to try – Sign bipartisan legislation in fast tracking drug potentials into clinical trial with some successes in patient trials

School Choice – Continues to push for the freedom and responsibility of school choice being that of the family unit. Less government more freedom. This is a big issue and will be resolved once the BS in congress is removed

China and Russia – He is the ONLY president to have directly confronted China’s unfair and unethical and unlawful abuse of trade laws and agreements. Has held their feet to the fire. Tariffed the shit out of them and gave large amounts of money to those businesses who suffered. He will not back down as many other before couldn’t even make a single call let alone took action for change. He is also the only President to reduce the negative role Russia plays in the world by issuing many E.O.s and legislative actions. You can search and read the Brookings Institute website to confirms this if any readers are interested in the DATA regarding that in addition to the many congressional hearing regarding Russia and other national security threats.

NATO – Negotiated with applied pressure to achieve more nations involved paying their fair share. Held other nations accountable. Many don’t care if he changed his views once in office with getting out of NATO at this point.

USMCA – Renegotiated the  NAFTA trade deal agreement which had negative effects on the American worker and economy

Trade Agreements – Renegotiated many trade agreements into a form that reposition America’s strength on the world economy. He installed tariffs to aid in his ability to negotiate those agreements and the results speak for themselves. He is the only President that remained true to his promise in holding tariffs over the countries and demand fair reciprocal trade agreement

Immigration – Remained consistent in aggressively attacking illegal immigration.

Israel – He said he would recognize the state of Israel’s capital and move the US embassy and he did. He also saved over a billion dollars in doing so too by some estimates

UAE Peace Deal –  This administration took a different approach in negotiating with Israel and the many Muslim countries in the middle east and the results speak for themselves. The first peace deal had been signed and has started the beginning of normalization of diplomatic and economic relations of the Judaic and Muslim countries in the middle east.

Terrorism – Chief terrorist killed Qasem Soleimani and Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi. He removed the bureaucracy involved from the previous administrations weak polices in dealing with terrorist and now allows the generals to do what they are trained to do and. He said “he would bomb the shit out of them “But he did more than that he removed the ISIS caliphate 100% The killing of Iran top terrorist now places Iran in a different position and will soon force them to come to the table for a new deal.

Healthcare reform – Not much has gotten done but a few executive orders and legislative actions have chipped away the reasons for insurance companies to destroy the healthcare market. The market is slightly more stable and premiums lower.

LAW & ORDER – Most police departments and Unions have openly endorsed President Trump …This speaks for itself regarding him being a LAW & Order President as promised.

I will discuss this more in detail in a separate article discussing the decisions and action should there be interest in this. However I cant help it… I must divulge a little……… I find it interesting that every accusation that democratic party has thrown at this administration is found to be proven not true by the serious rank and file people who perform the investigating. Even more surprisingly many reports show that it is those in leadership of the democratic party who are guilty of bribery and corruption and harming the interest of the American people. We may go down this rabbit hole if My Uncle chooses to provoke me in this direction.

Let us not forget how things turned out in North Korea, Puerto Rico regarding aid corruption, many natural disasters and tragic events and how they were directly handled by President Trump. What about illegal immigration, DACA, Caravans, Opioid Epidemic, fisa warrant abuses, legitimate textbook spying (with written evidence!) on a political opponent, Space Force, Paris climate agreement, Iran nuclear deal (many haven’t read into it but I have), Russia Ukraine invasion consequences and punishment, 3 Supreme court Justices (the world isn’t fair!) Covid-19 testing rate standards, FDA bureaucracy modified in time of crisis, I can go on and on, but unfortunately there is not benefit for the effort. I would need write many articles with at least 3-5000 words each just to fully examine these. The reality for me is that I am not looking to be busier,

My Conclusion

The above list is only a fraction of the efforts and accomplishments of this administration. These are things he promised to work on as president during his campaign against Clinton and he had performed remarkably despite an uphill battle with a divided congress and even more divided internally right and left parties. I will say to be objective that there are unresolved negative aspects that raise concerns with each accomplishment; AND that as I said in my very first article nothing is simple in government.

Trump controls the narrative with those who make his base, those who like me, work a lot and do not have time for political debating and who don’t trust the cookie cutter, poorly rated corporate conspiratorial media networks, Fox included!!  Podcasts such as Tim Pool, Ben Shapiro & YouTube videos of Direct White House Briefings with Trump and or spokeswomen and heck even the long dragged out circus show Congressional hearings show ratings and statistics that this administration is generating the bigger viewership and therefore influence. Some of these shows consistently garner just under 100 Million views each month. Joe Biden and Obama interviewing each to date just pushed past a million views (2 MONTHS LATER on Bidens own Channel). Other Data is gathered by watching the Presidents rallies briefings and then comparing with the lack of excitement and just raw confusion in Biden’s events. I can see where the direction of influence is flowing. All points lead to Trump winning by a landslide.

Trump maintains a winner attitude and sure there’s smoke and mirror tactics being used in the press briefings. That is not new with Trump, (call it Trump Flavor) it is how he has always operated from his first deal in Manhattan to now in his Presidency. If you want something you and you alone go after it regardless of the obstacles. He stands for less government overreach and operating the government from a federalist position. He advocates for less government intervention in our lives so Americans can free accomplish anything we choose.

I could expand each paragraph with more comprehensive support, for the sake of time I can only hope that my written words will point you in understanding the direction of this conservative leaning American.

Final note

I am not here to convince you to vote Trump I am only here to present my views as to why I will support President Trump’s reelection. This was to fulfill a term of a bet in which the goalpost had been moved multiple times to date (albeit an effort to thwart my support of Trump (fascist tactic)).

My Uncle says The polls, poll, polls and MORE the POLLS. However, let us not forget about how the data is gathered, and that suppression polling does exist. I would be very cautious in where I place my eggs. I will give my uncle credit that he is smart for backing out. The conservative voices are not truly silent. We and the many more out there are wise to wait for our moment and will not contribute to the divisive culture of the liberal heads of which when you disagree with their heavily lauded view you are Canceled or deemed a hateful racist. The conservative base has matured and during this cycle shall be fully able to express our American views & rights. Many in the Liberal media know this and are afraid this election cycle. So much so that CNN Don Lemon literally calling for those who listen to burn down the entire system!!! Fucking Madness!!!

This process has been very time consuming and has brought to light a dizzying amount of data to look at and determine what is true, half true, our out-right dishonest propaganda from all sides and facets.

I will be polishing up my last few articles (“Covid-19”, “Leadership”, “Clarity from a rebuttal” and “final note regarding the narrative”) and will fight against my schedule to publish this week or the next, after which unless my Uncle chooses to remain true to his word regarding a decent size bet or present a good alternative I wish to fade back into the distance in expressing my political thoughts through writing.



ALSO Please comment as I look forward to answering or clarifying and of my views if possible……….Uncle Jimmy stop suppressing the free expression of speech from the readers.  Thanks!!



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