Actions Speak Louder than Voices – True Statement

This website has been down for over a week because it was hacked and it took a while to get it back up and running. But, I promised my nephew that it would be back up and running before the end of the night, and I’m happy to be able to keep my word.

Yes, my nephew’s view on Donald Trump may be the case in his mind, but let’s just stop and think what actually happened here. Donald J. Trump just lost the election, and now he has become a “LOSER”. Can Donald Trump handle the facts? In Donald’s mind, he has never been a loser, and never will be. That’s the main reason why he refuses to concede. My nephew believes that the Supreme Court will rule on “suspicious” balloting and that the end result will be “glorious”. My nephew thinks I talk in circles. I mentioned in a text message that the Supreme Court “SCOTUS” “won’t take up the case”, but then I said, “if they do, then it won’t matter”…. Come on. I never said that they wouldn’t and then they would. The statement just indicates that there may be a possibility. I’m trying to give Dominic the benefit of the doubt as if the bet was carried out, he did have a good chance of winning, after I witnessed how close the election was.

In a previous post by Dominic, he tries to list Trump’s accomplishments. Many of the statements are simply not true. Regardless, it doesn’t even make any difference if it even was true. Yes, I know, Dominic must be thinking that I’m talking in circles again. I told him time and time again, regardless if Trump did accomplish most of those things he listed in his last article right before this one, that anything that Trump actually did accomplish was negated because of his actions or non-actions concerning the coronavirus. Donald Trump stopped his focus on this disease several months ago.  He no longer takes the virus seriously. It was more important that he center his focus around his campaign and not on the virus during the election cycle, and you can see where that got him.

What should have been Trump’s major concern is what he failed to do for the country which was his primary role, and that is to protect the country. Bottom line here, he did not. That is why he did not romp Biden at the polls.  I will say it again, so maybe it will sink into Dominic’s head. Trump totally gave up on the corona-virus. He was thinking that it would just go away, or everything would be OK again after a vaccine would be available to the public. In a sense, he is right. The corona-virus will go away some day, but not because of him and not anytime soon. He hasn’t figured out how to even convince the public to wear masks which has been proven to be the #1 method of protection without a vaccine. For him, wearing a mask makes him look weak. Because of his lack of leadership during this pandemic, thousands upon thousands of unnecessary lives have been lost and will continue to be lost, and many more to come. Each day that goes by, a new record is set on the number of people that acquire the virus. How does Donald Trump sleep at night knowing that he could have actually won the election if he wouldn’t have gave up on the virus?

That question brings up another one that I have for myself. I was totally wrong in my mind thinking that Donald J. Trump couldn’t win. I would have never thought in a million years that he would have had the votes of nearly half of all who voted for a president in 2020. But the fact is that TRUMP didn’t win and why? I said it before and I will say it again, regardless of all the good Trump may have done during his term in office, all was negated because he could not and would not even try to defeat the virus. Is it getting into your heard now Dominic? He gave up on his doctors, especially Dr. Fauchi, the most renowned doctor who is  surpassed by no one having more knowledge on infectious diseases.

I’ll say it one more time. Donald J. Trump’s response or the lack of handling the virus is the action or the lack of, that costed him re-election. Now after I have seen the results of the election, I can reluctantly say that I was wrong on many fronts about Donald J. Trump. He ruled the country as if he was a cult leader. He continues to possess the Trump spell over the lawmakers, mainly his Republican enablers in the Senate. Regardless of all the people (Republicans) that he directly affected in a negative way, they still voted for him. I will never understand that. But the fact is that it is so hard for me to accept that Donald J. Trump at one time actually had a clear path to victory in 2020. Just think how the result of the election could be in favor of Donald Trump, if he just thought like Biden about what he would do to defeat the virus.

Before the pandemic hit, his first 3 years in office worked out for him in big ways. But then all came crashing down in February of 2020. When the country finally closed down and the stock markets tumbled, all of a sudden NONE of his successes in those first 3 years mattered. He has such a chance to gain the support of all the American people, not just Republicans. But instead, people lost jobs, their income, their businesses, then the effects of the virus hit directly home to so many families as now hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost to Covid-19. Trump’s actions did not even slow the virus down.

Trump wanted to show how powerful he was. He ruled the country and made the entire world see what kind of strong-man he was. He governed like a dictator, and associated himself to the major known dictators in the world with the countries, namely North Korea and Russia, He used his powers in very corrupt and unusual ways, in that many of these ways were never seen before by any prior president. And the Republican party now branded forever to be the Trump party, allowed their president to act upon his will with no consequences for what he has done. But now, Donald J. Trump will be known as the most hated president. He will be forever known as an impeached president that only served one term and left the office in disgrace.  He will be forever known to have been defeated by the one person who is his primary reason for getting impeached in the first place. The differences in every aspect imaginable are different between Trump and President-Elect Biden. Trump will forever be known as the lying president. He will be the only president in history to have refused to show his taxes before serving in office, and for that matter, the only president that would never show his taxes while in office.

Seeing Donald Trump’s taxes could be the tell-all to the corruptness of Donald  J. Trump, and that’s the reason why he has fought every step of the way to keep his taxes private. His only excuse… his taxes are being audited. The fact is that even if they are being audited, that would not keep the U.S. public from seeing them if he willed it. Not wanting the American people to see his taxes displays one glaring fact in a form of a question. WHAT IS HE HIDING?

Well soon, when he is no longer in office, for one thing, the state of New York will find out everything about his taxes. Is that a good thing? For the country it is, and for Donald J. Trump, it will not be. Why?

First of all, there are many pending lawsuits that will surface as soon as Donald J. Trump leaves office. But even before he does, I fully expect that Donald J. Trump, as corrupt as he is, will pardon himself for ALL FEDERAL CRIMES along with every Federal lawsuit in existence against him. He can do that as president. But what he can’t do is pardon himself of crimes found by a state.

There are at least six lawsuits facing Trump when he leaves office by a state or individuals suing him.  but I can name most of them from the top of my head. I will name them here…  Please consider the following links provided in these cases are from CNN Politics and these accusations are fact as they stand.

In New York, the Manhattan district attorney’s office is looking into the financial inner workings of the Trump Organization.

The New York state attorney general examining how Trump valued his assets. He inflated his property values to gain more graces with the banks for future loans, but then devalued the property at tax time so that he had less taxes to pay if any at all. No one on the planet knows how to evade taxes better than Donald Trump. But if he was going to do such a bold thing, you would think if he was smart that he would be able to keep it out of the courts, and especially not allow the American public to see what actually transpired in his taxes.  But his is not smart, actually pretty stupid. The only problem is that he ran for president thinking he was going to loose to Hilary Clinton, but surprisingly won. It is tradition that presidential candidates and Presidents openly show their taxes if running for an office such as the President of the United States. But not Donald Trump. To this point, Donald Trump has been successful from allowing the American people, the people that have elected him in the first place from seeing all his taxes and corruptness that his tax reports will show. He has been successful time after time getting the courts to grant him the right to not show his taxes, but now that he will no longer be president, things will change.

Then there are the Attorneys General of Maryland and Washington, DC, suing over the emoluments clause. Trump has openly profited from his businesses while in office by accepting funds from foreign leaders when they visited the United States. They stayed at his hotels and he profited from them.

Then there is the Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit which basically states that Donald Trump raped her in the 1990’s. Of course he denies it, never ever admitting to ANY wrongdoing in his life, especially as the 45th President of the United States. But he says in public “She’s not my type”, which in some ways that if she were his type, he may have raped her. A judge refused to dismiss the case against him just before he won the presidency.

Then there is another sexual assault case in the Summer Zervos’ defamation lawsuit. Her claims are that Trump repeatedly kissed her during one of his  beauty pageants as she was one of the contestants, and that he fondled her breasts. He repeatedly tried to get the case thrown out of court, but unsuccessful each time.

Then there is still another lawsuit, this time coming from his own family. His niece Mary Trump claims that Donald Trump committed fraud as he was part of the scheme with his late brother and his sister, to keep Mary Trump from getting her fair share of the estate of Trump’s father, Fred Sr. A former FBI director, Robert Mueller testified that Trump can be charged when he leaves office.

Little is left to the imagination regarding the failures of Donald Trump as most of his failures have been posted by the media in detail. Right now for at least the next 70 days as Trump serves out his term as president, he enjoys the protections provided to a president to resist prosecution, but as a former president after he leaves office, he will have fewer airtight legal protections and it is my opinion that TRUMP WILL BE PROSECUTED .

One last comment, and it is in regards to the election. Donald Trump gave it his best to become the victor in the elections but he failed. I must hand it to him. He almost pulled it off.  Trump refuses to concede as he believes that a judge somewhere will disenfranchise voters by negating their vote so he could still have a chance to win. Even if the case reaches the Supreme Court, my opinion is that it won’t matter. The election is made by the people, not the Supreme court, and in this election whether the court is leaning Republican/Conservative or not, I sincerely believe that they would not even act on the request by a loosing party to help them overturn an election. THE ELECTION IS OVER.

In closing, I have created and will continue a new website located at the following address..

I encourage all who reads the articles here in this blog to also read what is published as time goes by during Biden’s tenure as the 46th President of the United States. I will be just as critical and in some cases harsh if the Democratic President of the United States fails as Donald Trump has during the last 4 years. But the fact is that no-one in the future could fail as badly as Trump has done as our 45th president.