Frivolous lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court and Quickly Rebuked

The below stated list of members of Congress, signed onto a lawsuit with the Attorney General of Texas – Ken Paxton and filed an Amicus Curiae Brief with the Supreme Court. What is an Amicus Curiae Brief? By definition, an Amicus Curiae Brief is a persuasive legal document filed by a person or entity in a case, usually while the case is on appeal, in which it is not a party but has an interest in the outcome—typically the rule of law that would be established by the court in its ruling. These signing contributors wanted their names known, stating that unconstitutional irregularities took place in the 2020 Presidential election with no real proof into these allegations for the lawsuit. These accusations and irregularities centered around an accusation of fraud, and none have been proven in any court of law. Over 30 previous lawsuits were lost by Donald Trump after his loosing bid to be re-elected to the Presidency, claiming fraud in the 2020 presidential election. This last lawsuit was masterminded by the State Attorney General of Texas and was directed at the Supreme Court for review and decision. When the document with the signers as stated above reached the Supreme Court, the motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the electors from ratifying and finalizing the vote of the 2020 election was unanimously turned down in a 9-0 vote.
The obvious desire of these representatives were to have the Supreme Court overturn the results of the election and go against the will the the majority of people in respective states. If they didn’t have this outcome in mind, they would have not signed such a document. These representatives also outwardly intended to disenfranchise all of the voters in the four battleground states of concern in the 2020 election. These states included Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. The preliminary injunction that was filed was quickly rebuked by the Supreme Court.

What’s in it for these Representatives that filed a motion?

First and foremost, the Attorney General of Texas – Ken Paxton wants a presidential pardon for his outright corruption during his tenure as the Attorney General of Texas. He received the attention of the president when he initiated this lawsuit. He really didn’t care that he dragged 126 representatives with him, to forever be known as the people who wanted to disenfranchise voters from four independent states, in which no state has the supreme authority over the other. The Supreme Court recognizes this, but Donald Trump who also conspired with the Texas Attorney General for this lawsuit against four other states, most likely will pardon the Attorney General of Texas because he helped Trump’s cause to try and keep him in power, against the will of the majority of people who voted in 2020.

For all who signed onto this lawsuit, the main goal was to overturn the election.  They are openly attempting to stay in the good graces of Donald J. Trump who has several legal issues and lawsuits to attend to after he leaves office. The representatives condone the actions of President Trump.

All the listed representatives of Congress stated below are Republicans. These Republicans have lowered themselves to openly state by the lawsuit that the will of the people in these four states does not matter. What only matters is that the current president stay in office, which is their own will, not the will of the voters of individual respective states. This is the first time in American history that a sitting president forcefully pursued changing the outcome of a certified general election.
Tomorrow, December 14th, the electors will gather and put a final certification on the results of the election, thus eliminating any chance for Donald J. Trump to pursue this outcome, and President-Elect Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States, as he is sworn into office on January 20, 2021. The reckless actions of these Representatives will forever change what the American people believe are the beliefs of the Republican party and will forever be listed in the history books that they conspired to overturn an American election.

126 U.S. Representatives in the 116th Congress that sponsored a lawsuit

after the 2020 Presidential Election to Disenfranchise  voters in the states of

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia.

Mike Johnson – Louisiana
Gary Palmer – Alabama
Kevin McCarthy – California
Steve Scalise – Louisiana
Jim Jordan – Ohio
Ralph Abraham – Louisiana
Robert Aderholt – Alabama
Rick W. Allen – Georgia
Jodey Arrington – Texas
Brian Babin – Texas
James R. Baird Indiana
Jim Banks – Indiana
Jack Bergman – Michigan
Andy Biggs – Arizona
Gus Bilirakis – Florida
Dan Bishop – North Carolina
Mike Bost – Illinois
Kevin Brady – Texas
Mo Brooks – Alabama
Ken Buck – Colorado
Ted Budd – North Carolina
Tim Burchett – Tennessee
Michael C. Burgess – Texas
Bradley Byrne – D.C.
Ken Calvert – D.C.
Earl L. Carter – Georgia
Ben Cline – Virginia
Michael Cloud – Texas
Doug Collins – Georgia
Mike Conaway – Texas
Rick Crawford – Arkansas
Dan Crenshaw – Texas
Scott Des-Jarlais – Tennessee
Maria Diaz-Balart – Florida
Jeff Duncan – South Carolina
Neal P. Dunn – Florida
Tom Emmer – Minnesota
Ron Estes – Kansas
A. Drew Fergenson – Georgia
Chuck Fleischmann – Tennessee
Bill Flores – Texas
Jeff Fortenberry – Nebraska
Virgina Foxx – North Carolina
Russ Fulcher – Idaho
Matt Gaetz – Florida
Greg Gianforte – Montana
Bob Gibbs – Ohio
Louie Gohmert – Texas
Lance Gooden – Texas
Sam Graves – Missouri
Mark Green – Tennessee
H. Morgan Griffith – Virginia
Michael Guest – Mississippi
Jim Hagedorn – Minnesota
Andy Harris, M.D. – Maryland
Vicky Hartzler – Missouri
Kevin Hern – Oklahoma
Jody Hice – Georgia
Clay Higgins – Louisiana
Trey Hollingsworth – Indiana
Richard Hudson – North Carolina
Bill Huizenga – Michigan
Bill Johnson – Ohio
John Joyce – Pennsylvania
Fred Keller – Pennsylvania
Mike Kelly – Pennsylvania
Trent Kelly – Mississippi
Steve King – Iowa
David Kustoff – Tennessee
Darin LaHood – Illinois
Doug LaMalfa – California
Doug Lamborn – Colorado
Robert E. Latta – Ohio
Debbie Lesko – Arizona
Billy Long – Missouri
Barry Loudermild – Georgia
Blaine Luetkemeyer – Missouri
Kenny Marchant – Texas
Roger Marshall, M.D. 0 Kansas
Tom McClintock – California
Cathy McMorris – Washington
Dan Meuser – Pennsylvania
Carol D. Miller – West Virginia
John Moolenaar – Michigan
Alex X. Mooney – Virginia
Markwayne Mullin – Oklahoma
Gregory Murphy, M.D. North Carolina
Dan Newhouse – Washington
Ralph Norman – South Carolina
Steven Palazza – Mississippi
Greg Pence – Indiana
Scott Perry – Pennsylvania
Bill Posey – Florida
Guy Reschenthaler – Pennsylvania
Tom Rice – South Carolina
Mike Rogers – Alabama
John Rose – Tennessee
David Rouzer – North Carolina
John Rutherford – Florida
Austin Scott – Georgia
Mike Simpson – Idaho
Adrian Smith – Nebraska
Jason Smith – Missouri
Ross Spano – Florida
Peter Stauber – Minnesota
Elise Stefanik – New York
W. Gregory Steube – New Jersey
Glenn “GT: Thompson – Pennsylvania
Tom Tiffany Wisconsin
William Timmons South Carolina
Jeff Van Drew – South Carolina
Ann Wagner – Missouri
Tim Walberg – Michigan
Mark Walker – North Carolina
Jackie Walorski – Indiana
Michael Waltz – Florida
Randy Weber – Texas
Daniel Webster – Florida
Brad Wenstrup – Ohio
Bruce Westerman – Arkansas
Roger Williams – Texas
Joe Wilson – South Carolina
Rob Wittman – Virginia
Ron Write – Texas
Ted S. Yoho – Florida
Lee Zeldin – New York

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