Ken Paxton to be Tried by a Jury in Collin County Texas

As stated in a previous post about the frivolous lawsuit headed by the Attorney General of Texas – Ken Paxton, is an attempt for him to have Donald Trump clear his name in an upcoming presidential pardon.
Most likely, Donald J. Trump, now known as one of the most corrupt Presidents in U.S. history most surely will pardon Ken Paxton, as Donald Trump holds onto power for the next month before being prevented to serve a second term. Trump will pardon Paxton just because he initiated the lawsuit that went to the Supreme Court in favor of Donald Trump and to try and overturn an election where the president lost.
The following is what can happen if Trump does not pardon Paxton. The Attorney General of Texas most likely will be tried for felony securities fraud charges of 2015 in Collin County Texas. A judge from Harris County reversed a decision made a year ago that Paxton should now face a jury in Collin county where he and his wife have deep political connections. Since Paxton can now have that trial in Collin county, it would favor the outcome of the court proceedings in Ken Paxton’s case thanks to a Democratic judge in Houston. The special prosecutors in the case against Paxton are filing to reverse the Democratic judge’s decision. This Attorney General just recently received other serious allegations claiming wrongdoing. Also Paxton’s own top aides claim that he is using his general office agency to serve the interests of a political donor. As expected, Paxton is denying any wrong-doing.
But now that he has stuck his nose out for Trump, expect a presidential pardon to come his way, and Trump will again prove that he does not support the law, as he pardons his criminal supporters, and expect more to come. The only problem here is that when Trump leaves office, he cannot save himself. The state of New York most likely will file criminal charges against Trump after he leaves office on January 20, 2021 and at least a half-dozen lawsuits against Trump are pending.

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