Difficult Times Ahead for Donald J. Trump

In just about a month, President Trump will be out of the White House. Where is he going to live? Most presidents are welcome back into their communities, but for this president, leaving the White House will be a total and undesired experience from other past presidents. He is not welcome back into the community in Palm Beach, Florida, where his Mar-a-Largo business resides. When he turned it into a business in the 1990’s, he lost the legal right to live there. Presently, he can only stay at that resort legally for a few weeks at a time. For most communities, they offer their city to an outgoing president, but apparently no city wants Trump. He lived in Manhattan just prior to becoming president, and I hardly doubt that he would be interested in living in New York in the future.

Donald Trump thinks that losing the White House is the worst thing that can happen to him, thus his reason for fighting to stay in office at all costs. But why would he want to stay there when he mostly enjoys playing golf instead of leading all the people in the free world to have a better life? He proved that after loosing the election. He stopped governing as president and became a full time golf player. His job as president was to be a protector and chief, with the American people first with utmost importance in his mind. Instead, his thinking has always been about himself.

What can he do to make money regardless of how he acquires it? That’s a $50 million dollar question. The fact is that he will spare no means on how he acquires his money as long as he doesn’t have to pay any taxes and thinks he can get away with it. Everyone wants to pay less taxes, but all law abiding people would never come up with schemes to not pay taxes as Trump proved time and time again that may be proven with his tax returns that the State of New York has already acquired, and may pay for it with a conviction in court.

Yes, there are many other reasons why Donald Trump would like to continue being the president, besides making life miserable for the majority of the citizens he is supposed to represent.
First and foremost in his mind, he knows that New York prosecutors are looking into possible extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump organization. He was the first one to tell you that there was fraud in the election in 4 particular states that he lost. But now, he most likely will be investigated with possible crimes involving bank and insurance fraud. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office put out a subpoena detailing financial records in connection with at least an amount of $2 billion Deutche Bank has lent Trump.

Approximately 5 months ago, the Supreme Court declared that the president can face state criminal charges. Trump’s financial records may show in detail how Trump devaluated his properties to pay little or no taxes, which is against the law. For years, he paid no taxes. In 2019, his tax liability was claimed to be under $1,000 per returns that were able to be acquired to date. He is in short a ‘tax-cheat and hid his business records to promote a tax scam that may be a felony. Chances are that he most likely will face serious fines instead of jail time for his tax under-payments. But of course, since he lost the election, he has been successfully convincing his blind followers to donate money to him, which he will use to pay his taxes, tax penalties and lawyer expenses. Up to this point, going to jail may just be political, but not ruled out as an actual possibility. If Trump is actually charged with a felony, he will be dragged through the court system, and he may go to jail. There are several lawsuits that he will face when he leaves office, and it will be a miracle if he survives to stay out of prison for his prior actions before and during his tenure as president.

So what can happen to Trump if he is accused and convicted of serious felonies by the state of New York? Time will tell and the Manhattan District Attorney also claims that it is possible for his children to go to prison for banking and insurance fraud. Already on record are decades of Trump family lies on loan applications and insurance forms.

It is alleged that there are pre-election hush money payments to silence two women named Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. He can face jail time for this as his ex-attorney Michael Cohen has publicly stated that Trump was involved with the payments.

The district attorneys of New York will not wait for Trump to leave office, as it is being reported that Trump’s actions are already under investigation with possible indictments to soon follow. The president will no longer be protected from prosecution after he leaves office. Though I doubt if he will ever see a harsh jail environment if convicted, but then again he may find himself at a correctional facility like Michael Cohen or may need to stay at home under house arrest. Presently, his crimes may be so extensive, that he may face some real time behind bars. I would agree that he should not serve any hard time but his actions as president may just put him there. Don’t look for any presidential pardons from President Joe Biden. But one may come his way someday, especially if Kamala Harris is not the president after Joe Biden leaves office, most likely in just 4 years. The next Republican president to gain the office most likely would grant Trump a full pardon for any Federal crimes he may be convicted of.

The American people thirst for justice. At the least, this 45th President of the United States will be shamed and stamped a crook. He most likely will spend the rest of his life in his legal battles and exposed as a criminal regardless if he spends time in prison or not. In hindsight, I can say that Trump may wish he never became president. While running, there was no one  more surprised of winning the office in 2016 than Trump himself. Trump needs to live with his buddies in North Korea and Russia, where he may get permission to build his hotels and golf courses. He may be really happy there, especially as it is my prediction that Melania Trump will divorce him some day and so may his family.

He said that he would submit his taxes and he didn’t. He said that he would make Mexico pay for the wall, and they are not. Trump lied about so many things, so many times that it’s not even a surprise as he keeps doing it. Americans are paying for electing such a criminal mind and yet the Republican base tried their best to get him re-elected but failed. That shows you how corrupt the Republican thinking is these days. Many things that Trump promised that would help the American people never came to light.

He said he would never take a salary while living at the White House. As that may be true, it may never be proven that he didn’t accept a presidential salary of $400,000 a year. Instead, he accepted money in other ways. Now, he is openly accepting donations from his followers as he tries to convince them that he actually won the election and not Joe Biden. He plans to pocket most of the money for his rainy days in court.

Will the American people ever stop hearing news about Trump? Most likely Trump will always make news, as he lives to be the center of the universe, even when he becomes a private citizen. But he will soon find out that an Ex-president’s life is never totally private, which in his mind may work in his favor.  In reality, it will work against him but he truly will not recognize that.

Will Trump ever run again for office? He has mentioned the fact, but if convicted with a felony and falls out of grace with the American people, namely the Republican party, he will never be able to run again for public office. The majority of the Republicans support Trump at the moment, but allot can change in 4 years and it will. Will the American people support re-electing Trump at the age of 78? After all, it’s not an impossibility by most likely improbable. President-Elect Joe Biden is age 78 at the moment and will leave office when he is 82. I also agree that a younger person should be the Democratic President-Elect. But Biden’s running mate and now to become Vice-President is Kamala Harris who will turn 60 when Biden leaves office. She will become the Democratic candidate in 2024 for the Democrats, and possibly the first woman president of the United States. She may also have a chance to be a president for 2 terms, insuring that there will be no Republican president in the White House until  a Republican maybe elected in 2032.
Trump’s future in American government ends in about a month. Don’t ever expect to see him in public office again in the future. If you are hoping for this, you will be sadly disappointed.
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On another note, my nephew apparently has decided that it is a waste of time to continue writing articles supporting a deposed president. My nephew was totally convinced that Trump would win re-election. He’s had many opportunities to write with no moderation by me, but wrote few articles. I am happy that I did not go along with the wager as I would not want to collect such funds from my nephew, as he would have lost the wager. But if he comes out with a notion to support Donald J. Trump for election in 2024, I’ll take the wager next time I will not back down. I believe that in todays times, it would be such a foolish thing to make a prediction of an another Trump presidency in the future. 


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