Trump Now Faces Many Legal Difficulties and Financial Issues after the ‘Insurrection’ on the U.S. Capitol in D.C.

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is about to leave office. But he couldn’t leave or even admit defeat in the election even after almost 50 confirmations by the courts, including the Supreme Court, have decided that the election was not stolen, and there was no proof of fraud during the voting. Donald Trump has NEVER admitted defeat, so there were no other options left available to him before he was forced out of office. On January 6th, shortly after he was unsuccessful in keeping the U.S. Senate under Republican control, in an attempt to save face to his very loyal followers, he decided to take the election into his own hands, even when there was absolutely nothing  he could legally do about it. The only thing left to do was to rile up his loyal followers and have them march down to the U.S. State Capitol in Washington, D.C. A joint-session of Congress was in the process on January 6th to certify the votes in the election with Vice-President Joe Biden as the winner of the Presidency. It was the final straw for Donald Trump. He had no other recourse in his sick mind than to attack the institution representing the United States, in a time in his life as president that he was supposed to protect.

Trump, along with Senator Cruz and Senator Hawley, the Trump family, including his lawyer and long-time friend Rudy Giuliani, decided that their loyal followers should march down to the capital and claim fraud in the election. Rudy will be the first to admit that the rioters were not from the rally held by Trump just minutes before, even when the rioters that showed up held up signs supporting Trump, flags and those “America First’ red hats. But in reality, the majority did come from the rally and Trump encouraged his followers to take the election in their own hands, and that is exactly what they did. It wasn’t since the State Capital was attacked by the British over 200 years ago, has anyone ever put the U.S. Capital located in Washington D.C. in great peril. The Trump supporters broke into the building in an attempt to find Vice-President Mike Pence and the leader of the U.S. House of Representatives – Nancy Pelosi, to bring them to what they called justice. The rioters brought nooses to “hang Pence”. They wanted to do anything possible to change the outcome of the election, even though nothing could be done. Trump now shows no remorse for inciting the crowd and offered only a forced denunciation of their actions several hours later after he was finally convinced by others in the party to do so.

The joint-session of Congress to certify the election was interrupted before finishing the confirmation of votes. Tragically, they had to hide from the protesters, as the protesters had breached the building, putting the lives of the senators, including Vice-President Pence and Democratic Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi in harms way. Luckily none of the Senators and Congressmen were injured, but the damage by the protesters was widespread. Windows and doors were broken, and a police officer, Brian Sickneck died one day later from injuries inflicted by rioters. It took a few days before Trump was finally convinced to fly the U.S. flag at half-mast at the White House. A total of 5 people died from the riot.  One of the protesters, a woman named Ashli Babbit, was killed by police while trying to break into the Speaker’s Lobby. Several of the rioters were also heard and recorded demanding that Vice-President be hanged while others carried nooses. Sadly some of the Capital police that were on-site to protect the building, sided with the rioters, took selfie pictures with them and stood with them during the riots. The officers who were know to support the actions of the rioters were permanently suspended from their jobs and also face prosecution with the rioters.

The country witnessed in real time, what destruction was being done to the historical building and to our institution of democracy. The entire world was watching in real time, while the president said nothing. It was the true definition of an insurrection, and some of the participants will be destined for jail time up to 10 years when they are caught, tried and convicted of  ‘Insurrection‘.

After the crowds were finally turned away, the joint-session of Congress was held, in determination by both the leaders – Senator Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi. They formally certified the election results, and now there wasn’t a thing that could be done to change the outcome.

Everything that was done by the rioters was for naught. They did not accomplish what they set out to do, because Donald Trump told them to do it and justice was not accomplished by his reasoning. Vice-President failed Donald Trump so the president showed his outrage.

Donald J. Trump is now positioned to be the very first president in American history to face impeachment for a second time because of his incitement of the riots on January 6th at the U.S. State capital. The actions of the House of Representatives with a single article of impeachment will happen tomorrow, January 13, 2021 unless Trump decides to resign from office. But he is too stupid to resign. He still may want to pardon himself for everything he’s been guilty for while being president. But if he were to do that, he would admit his failures and guilt to his followers, and he still has ambitions to run for president again in 2024. If he were smart, he would step down from the presidency, and let Mike Pence run out the clock as president, before Vice-President Elect Joe Biden takes over on January 20th. But Trump, as usual, doesn’t have an ounce of sense in his brain. It is my opinion that he must be one of the most stupid people on the face of the earth. Being the most unfit person to serve as the President of the United States, he has done more harm to the country than good as a supposed leader of the free world. Even the things he has done right, where almost half of the people who voted in the presidential election voted for him in 2020  now no longer counts. Donald J. Trump will never be known as for the good he has done. Instead, he will be known as the worst president in American history, and will be known as the leader of the Republican party that he incited the attack of the State Capital. He will always be remembered for this. Unfortunately, he will be also known for all the other things bad that will be associated with him, like supporting the likes of Kim Jong Un and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The resolution created by the U.S. House also has a prevision that he can also be barred from ever running for state office again in the future. Trump totally denies that he is to blame for any of the crimes committed at the State Capital, even if there is ample proof that he convinced his followers to march to the Capital. But everything he said in the past, every instance of lies and corruption about Trump has been recorded, and he has no standing of innocence. He may have escaped by the skin of his teeth to be able to finish his first and only term in office as President, but he cannot escape what is coming to him in the future, especially with trials and convictions pending in the state of New York, which he has no protection from. If convicted, I expect to see Trump either behind bars, or at the least facing arrest and embarrassment to the entire world. Don’t look for a presidential pardon from President Joe Biden. All of his cronies, like Rudy Giuliani and others that he has yet to pardon that he may not pardon  because it may be too late, will also face the possibility of conviction centered around the insurrection of the Capital which he also instigated in a speech just prior to the rioters leaving for the State Capital.

Trump will be impeached tomorrow in the U.S. House, but Senator McConnell has decided that the U.S Senate would not take up the article of impeachment until at 1 PM on January 20th, one hour after Joe Biden becomes president and Trump leaves office. Still, the now controlled U.S. Senate will take up the resolution of impeachment after Trump leaves the presidency, in order to convict and to make sure that Trump never holds another political office in the future, which means he could never again run for the presidency.

Trump already lost allot even before the pending impeachment, even before he’s going to leave office. Because of what he incited to bring harm to the institutions he is supposed to protect, he and others now have to deal with reality, the result for what they did. The Justice Department and FBI have confirmed they are investigating everyone involved in the riot and have repeatedly asked the people for help in producing photographs and video to identify suspects. Everyone present who participated will eventually be brought to justice.

  • Several of the Trump supporters who participated in the riots have lost their jobs and businesses because of their participate in their illegal activity at the State Capital and face prosecution with jail time.
  • On Friday night, Twitter finally had enough of Trump and permanently banned him from the service.
  • Facebook temporarily banned him until after the election, pending how he manages his account from that point on. Any reference against Biden or Harris or the election, or even mentions the word ‘fraud’, most likely will get him banned for life from Facebook. Presently, only will post for Rudy Giuliani and others in his orbit.
  • At least for now, he will not represent the Republican party, as others within plan to take it back from being the ‘Trump party’. His political capital was already weakened by the Republican’ defeats in the two runoff races in Georgia that were poisoned by the President’s lies about voter fraud.
  • Besides impeachment, he also faces an action by Vice-President Mike Pence as he has an option to be ousted out of office by the 25th amendment, although there is no indication that Mike Pence will do the right thing, even though his life was on the line on that fateful night, thanks to the henchman, Donald Trump.
  • Republican Senators are coming forward now claiming that they will vote for impeachment of Trump.
  • Two of Trump’s lenders, Deutsche Bank and Signature bank cut ties with Trump after the riots. No more business between the banks and Trump’s businesses will be in order. Signature Bank that catered to Trumps family for a long time, is closing two of his personal accounts in which Trump held about %5.3 million. It looks like Donald Trump and others, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner need to find another bank. Good Luck!
  • PGA cancels plans to hold the May 2022 Championship at Trump’s New Jersey Golf Course. So, there will be no future PGA tournament at Trump’s Bedminster in New Jersey.  The PGA Board of Directors president, Jim Richerson announced that keeping Trump on the PGA schedule would be “detrimental to the PGA of America brand”.
  • Universities have stripped Donald Trump of honorary degrees, including Lehigh University in Pennsylvania received in 1988, Wagner College on Staten Island for an honorary degree received in 2004 and the major banks mentioned have stopped political contributions, at least for now. Google, Facebook and Microsoft said they were pausing political spending.
  • Stripe, the online payment platform is no longer processing payments for Trump’s campaign website, citing violations of its user policy.
  • Shopify, which powers e-commerce sites closed two online stores tied to Mr. Trump, and as in their words, “Based on recent events, we have determined that the actions by President Donald J. Trump violate our Acceptable Use Policy, which prohibits promotion or support of organizations, platforms or people that threaten or condone violence to further a cause,” the Shopify representative said earlier on Thursday. “As a result, we have terminated stores affiliated with President Trump.”
  • Other financial institutions, including Citigroup claim they are pausing all campaign contributions until March. JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock and Bank of America are suspending donations through their PACs.
  • Members of Congress who supported Trump in his claim of fraud, had their contributions suspended by Morgan Stanley. The Bank stopped Congress donations for those who voted against certifying the results of the election.
  • Visa temporarily suspended all political donations through its PAC. American Express and Mastercard claim they will no longer give political contributions to politicians who had tried to block the certification of the election results.

Rudy Giuliani hasn’t completely escaped the wrath of the law either. The New York State Bar Association has started an inquiring into whether he should be removed from its membership. He has been widely spreading false claims of widespread election fraud and used the phase to the rioters at a rally just prior to the Capital attack “trial by combat” as it indicates that it is now time for the Trump supports to take matters into their own hands. Why this can occur is because the New York State Bar Association bylaws forbid members from, among or other things, advocating “the overthrow of the government.” But Giuliani would still be able to practice law even if he lost his membership to the association. Middlebury College in Vermont revoked an honorary doctor of laws degree to Giuliani because of his role in “formenting the violent uprising against our nation’s Capital building.”.

  • AT&T, Amazon, Comcast, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Ford, Best Buy and Marriott International are also suspending or ending contributions to members of Congress who voted against the certification of the Electoral College.
  • The U.S Chamber of Commerce, known as the nation’s largest business lobbying group, condemned Donald Trump’s conduct and anyone who backed his efforts to discredit the election would no longer receive the organization’s financial backing.
  • Walmart, along with the Walt Disney Company will no longer make political contributions to the House and Senate members who voted to reject the certification of votes.
  • The short-term home rental company AirBnB will suspend contributions to any member of Congress who voted against the certification of the presidential election.
  • Dow, the chemicals giant will also suspend contributions to any member of Congress who voted against the certification of the presidential election.
  • The Hallmark Cards political action committee asked both Republican senators – Mr. Josh Hawley and Mr. Roger Marshall who voted to overturn the election results to return all of the committee’s campaign contributions.
  • Other political contributions have been suspended, including those of UPS, American Airlines, BP, ConocoPhillips and Coca-Cola, General Motors, Hilton. Fed Ex, CVS Health, Delta and Exxon Mobile would review their future political contributions.
  • The Parlor online app has been suspended. The social platform that had no rules and allowed Trumps supporters to circulate false statements concerning fraud in the election essentially has been shut down, as the platforms of Apple, Amazon and Google have pulled the plug on the Parlor app.

This is all that I know for now. Other things affecting Donald Trump’s finances are surely to come. Loosing his political platform of “Twitter” most likely hits him harder than most as he now has a large disconnect from his Twitter followers, maybe even more than his financial matters that seem to take a turn to the unknown, but Trump needs to realize that he will not get away for the danger he has done to the country, and most likely will be prosecuted for his actions  in the future.  Several lawsuits against Trump will continue and he will have to deal with them for a long time to come.


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