Insurrection Planned and Executed by Donald J. Trump – January 6, 2021

This website – exists because of a corrupt president. Never before in history have we had such a man, who during his first term in office, committed such an egregious violation of his presidency. Already with two impeachments behind him, now the insurrection of the U.S. Capital that Trump himself had orchestrated.  During his entire 1st term and ONLY term in office, the Republican party, now known to have become the Trump party, supported him and still do to this day. Trump continues to take donations of money from his supporters whom he convinced that he won the election. People blindly give him money, and he’s using the money to line his pockets in an attempt to fight off the myriad of lawsuits coming his way.

Now that the first wave of Congressional hearing have now ended, details of what happened in Trumps orbit, before, during and after the riots of January 6, 2021 have been revealed in front of the entire world, beginning and ending on Prime-time TV.

Trumps inner circle have now been peeled away from him, except from the liking of Steve Bannon and other co-conspirators of January 6th. Bannon who went to court and lost his bid to stay out of jail because he has been found guilty in two counts of contempt of Congress. He failed to reply to subpoenas of the January 6th committee. He, like others in the Republican party, feel that they are above the law as he claims Executive privilege, because the ex-President Donald Trump claimed that he didn’t need to testify. But actually, Bannon had to testify, because Trump is no longer the acting president.

Bannon faces up to 1 year in jail for the conviction with each count. When eventually sentenced, he may have to serve the minimum of 1 month for each count, either in concurrent or consecutive fashion. He has been the one of the many evils of our democracy. Other members of Congress still have to respond to their subpoenas, such as Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, Jim Jordan of Ohio, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, and Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania.

Others in the Trumps White House, including Administration Officials contain Jeffrey Clark who was the former acting civil division assistant attorney general, Judd Deere, Deputy White House press secretary, Cassidy Hutchinson, special assistant to the president for legislative affairs and secretary of Mark Meadows – Chief of Staff who did provide thousands of documents to the committee and others, but then decided not to participate with a January 6th committee subpoena and others who have and not testified, include the following, some who have testified…

Keith Kellogg – Former Vice President Pence national security advisor

Ken Klukowski – Senior counsel in the division led by Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark

Christopher Liddell – White House deputy chief of staff who was reportedly at the White House on Jan 6

Nicholas Luna – Trump’s personal assistant who was reportedly present in the Oval Office on Jan 6

Kayleigh McEnany – White House press secretary

John McEntee – White House personnel director

Molly Mchael – special assistant to the president and Oval Office operations coordinator

Max Miller – Former White House staffer who served on both of Trump’s presidential campaigns

Stephen Miller – former White House senior adviser who played a major role of Trump’s policies

Peter Navarro – White House trade adviser  – multiple subpoenas

Kash Patel – chief of staff to acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller

Roberet “Bobby” Peede Jr. – met with Trump on Jan. 4th to discuss plans for the Ellipse rally

Daniel Scavino – White House deputy chief of staff for communications but now will not be charged in contempt

Marc Short – Pence’s chief of staff

Ben Williamson – deputy assistant to the president and senior adviser to Meadows, Trumps chief of staff

Brian Jack, White House director of political affairs

Also subpoenaed were campaign officials and Trump allies, include the following…

Stephen Bannon – White House chief strategist and senior counselor to Trump now found guilty in court

Gary Michael Brown – Trump campaign deputy director of election day operations

John Eastman –  conservative lawyer who served as a key legal adviser to Trump

Jenna Ellis – a Trump campaign attorney

Boris Epshteyn – Trump campaign strategic adviser

Michael Flynn – former Trump national security adviser

Rudy Giuliani – Trump’s personal lawyer

Angela McCallum – Trump campaign national executive assistant

Jason Miller – Trump campaign senior adviser

Sidney Powell – attorney on Trump’s legal team

Michael A. Roman – Trump campaign director of election day operations

William Stepien – Trump campaign manager

Other tied to the January 6 riot…

Proud Boys International, LLC – far-right group accused of calling for violence ahead of the attach on the Capital and also storming the Capital with seditious conspiracy charges

Patrick Casey – leader of the alt-right “America First” who was at the Capital on Jan 6

Nicholas J. Fuentes – leader of the alt-right “America First” accused of helping to plan the Jan 6 attack

Oath Keepers – far-right group accused of helping plan and participate in the attack on the Capital

Elmer Stewart Rhoded, president of the Oath Keepers

Henry “Enrique” Tarrio – chairman of the Proud Boys accused of helping group prepare for the Jan 6 rally

Lyndon Brentnall – Onsite supervisor of the Jan 6 Ellipse rally tied to a private security firm

Taylor Budowich – managed an advertising campaign of the Jan. 6 Ellipse rally on now Trump’s spokesperson

Justin Caporale – Project manager listed on a permit for the Jan. 6 Ellipse rally

Cynthia Chafian – submitted the Jan. 6 Ellipse rally permit on behalf of the Women for America First

Kimberly Fletcher – Founder of Moms for America – helped plan rallied on Jan 5 and 6 in DC.

Alex Jones – Founder of Info Wars who attended the Ellipse rally

Amy Kremer – CO-founder of Women for America First

Kylie Kremer – Co-founder of Women for America First

Jennifer Lawrence – assisted Women for America First in planning rallies leading to the Capital attack

Bryon Lewis – listed on the “one Nation Under God” rally permit for January 6

Robert Patrick Lewis – Chair of the 1st Amendment Praetorian, which provided security at multiple events leading up to January 6

Ed Martin – Stop the Steal organizer

Nathan Martin – Listed on the “one Nation Under God” rally permit

Maggie Mulvaney – Listed as “VIP lead” on a permit for the Jan 6 Ellipse rally

Katrina Pierson – Former Trump spokesperson who assisted Woman for America First

Megan Powers – “Operations Manager for scheduling and guidance”

Arthur Schwartz – Republican strategist in communications about the Ellipse rally

Stop the Steal LLC – Right-wind organization tied to a permit for a Jan 6 rally on Capital grounds

Duston Stockton – assisted Women for America First in planning rallies leading to the Capital attack

Hannal Salem Stone – Listed on a permit for the Jan 6 Ellipse rally as “operations manager for logistics and communications”

Roger Stone – Republican operative who used Oath Keepers members as security guards. Previously he was sentenced and in jail, but Trump gave him a pardon.

Andy Surabian – Republican strategist who communicated with Kimberley Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. About the Ellipse rally

Tim Unes – Listed on a permit for the Jan 6 Ellipse rally as a “stage manager”

Ross Worthington – former White House official who helped draft Trump’s speech at the Ellipse

Caroline Wren – “VIP advisor” at the Jan 6 Ellipse rally

Others tied to efforts to Overturn the Election

Bill Bachenberg

Kathy Berden

Christina Bobb

Kenneth Chesebro

Nancy Cottle

Laura Cox

James DeGraffenried

Mark Finchem

Katherine Friess

Andrew Hitt

Bernard Kerik

Phill Kline

Deborah Maestas

Douglas Mastriano

Michael McDonald

Cleta Mitchell

Kurt Olsen

Lisa Patton

Loraine Pellegrino

Jewll Powdrell

Mayra Rodriguez

Kelly Ruh


Shawn Still

Phil Waldron

Kelli Ward

Companies that were subpoenaed as part of the Jan 6 investigation

Alphabet – Parent company of Facebook – users relayed communications about the Jan. 6 attack

Reddit – Platform where users relayed communications about the Jan. 6 attack

Twitter – Platform where users relayed communications about the Jan. 6 attack


So many of these people listed above did come before the committee, unlike Steve Bannon that will now pay by serving time in jail.

All the evidence presented at the January 6 hearings point to Donald Trump as he orchestrated the January 6 attack. Pending charges of president Trump may be pending by the Department of Justice.

It has also been revealed that the January 6 committee will hold more hearings in about a month.

When the committee formally concludes that its investigation has ended and a final report of their findings has been released, they will then have 30 days to disband the committee. By then, mid-term elections may have taken place and some of the January 6 committee panel may have to testify to a Republican lead House if the Republicans take control. Corruption within the Republican party will then continue.

It is a never-ending fight for democracy. The history books nevertheless will reveal the facts in detail, not regarding to which party may be in charge of the government in the future. The world continues to look on to see if this idea of an ‘American Democracy’ will hold. If Donald Trump became president once again, the country most likely would fail to survive as a democracy. Never before in American history, can it be found that such a corrupt president was part of a plan to overrun democracy as it stands today.

But Donald Trump will not be around forever, but the Republican party, the Conservative party, will have been forever stained by what is considered the poorest example of a U.S. President in U.S. history.

This blog will continue to list the prior and upcoming decisions of president Donald J. Trump.