Merrick Garland concerning Hunter Biden

Right from the top, why didn’t Merrick Garland appoint a special counsel for the investigation and possible prosecution of Hunter Biden? The answer is simple. The Hunter case is being presently investigated by a Delaware attorney named David Weiss, who is a Republican appointee of Bill Barr. He is still in office and continuing with investigation whether Hunter Biden committed tax fraud or not. Merrick Garland could have stepped in and taken out the Republican attorney and put in a special counsel in the Hunter Biden case, but he instead has decided to let the Delaware attorney continue with the case.  But Merrick Garland put in a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump because of two reasons. First, Trump has announced his candidacy and Joe Biden plans to run for re-election. President Joe Biden is Merrick Garland’s boss, and he felt that he had to recuse himself and take politics out of the game. Garland now has a prosecuting attorney named Jack Smith who is on record of prosecuting both Democrats and Republicans.

Merrick Garland has an extremely large load of cases because of January 6. He has prosecuted many, and more prosecutions to come. Within the last day, a jury in federal court in Washington convicted Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the far-right militia, and one of his subordinates for a plot to keep Donald Trump in power. David Weiss continues on the case. 

Trump Admits to Crimes

Donald J. Trump doesn’t know when to shut up.

It is believable to me that he would hand prosecuting attorney Jack Smith very incriminating evidence that can be used against him because the ONLY reason for doing so would be that Donald J. Trump is a very stupid fool. That is exactly what Trump did on his social media platform called ‘Truth Social’.  Donald J. Trump continues to incriminate himself and as I just mentioned, he doesn’t know when to shut up.  He publicly admits to crimes.

What I just said in the first five sentences of this post is actually accurate, because the following is a statement made on his social platform…  The statement is aimed as Jack Smith.

“…When will you invade Bill and Hillary’s home in search of the 33,000 emails she deleted AFTER receiving a subpoena from the U.S. Congress? When will you invade the other Presidents’ homes in search of documents, which are voluminous, which they took with them, but not nearly so openly and transparently as I did? “

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Trump Backed Republican Candidates that Lost the Mid-Term General Election

Many Republicans are now having a second thought about supporting Trump in the upcoming presidential election in 2024. Do not look any further than the midterm elections in 2022 to get an answer as to why Republicans are now seeking a second choice as their nominee for president. But right now, the Republicans only have Trump, as he is the only person to make the announcement of running for President in 2024.

Like Trump, the Republican party which is now the ‘Trump party’, not the party it used to be before Trump, is just as bad as Trump. They supported him for 6 years, but many of the Republicans that believed in true Republican principals either left the party long time ago or switched over to the Democratic Party.  Where are they going? In one such case still to be determined, Liz Chaney, one of the two Republicans on the House Committee looking into the January 6 Insurrection, claimed publicly that she will leave the Republican Party if Donald Trump becomes the Republican candidate for the presidential election.

Liz Cheney lost her House seat because she wasn’t an election denier and openly despaired Trump. The Republicans in her state elected someone else to take her place in the chamber. Trump thought it was now his opportunity to now endorse midterm candidates, mostly election deniers that spread the ‘BIG LIE’. But what Trump didn’t see coming is that many of these ‘election deniers’ lost their elections.

The following is a list of candidates that lost their bids for a seat in Congress.


  1. Mehmet Oz was defeated in Pennsylvania by John Fetterman.
  2. Don Bolduc was (R) defeated in New Hampshire by Senator Maggie Hassan (D).
  3. Leora Levy (R) was defeated in Connecticut by Richard Blumenthal (D).
  4. Gerald Mallow (R) was defeated in Vermont by Peter Welch (D).


  1. Bo Hines (R) was defeated in North Carolina’s District 13 by Wiley Nickel (D).
  2. Steve Chabot (R) was defeated in Ohio’s District 1 by Greg Landsman (D).
  3. Madison Gilbert (R) was defeated in Ohio’s District 13 by Emilia Sykes (D).
  4. John Gibbs (R) was defeated in Michigan District 3 by Hillary Scholten (D).
  5. Yesli Vega (R) was defeated in Virginia’s District 7 by Abigail Spanberger (D).
  6. Karoline Leavitt (D) was defeated in New Hampshire’s District 1 by Rep. Chris Pappas (D).
  7. J.R. Majewski (D) was defeated in Ohio’s District 9 by Marcy Kaptur (D).
  8. Sandy Smith (R) was defeated in North Carolina’s District 1 by Don Davis (D).
  9. Robert Burns (R)was defeated in New Hampshire’s District 2 by Ann McLane Kuster (D).
  10. Sarah Palin (R) was defeated in Alaska’s At-Large District 2 by Mary Pelota (D).
  11. Jim Bognet (R)was defeated in Pennsylvania’s District 8 by Matt Cartwright (D).


  1. Tudor Dixon (R) was defeated to incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) in Michigan.
  2. Josh Shapiro (D) in Pennsylvania defeated Doug Mastriano (R).
  3. Lee Zeldin (R) was defeated to Governor Kathy Houchul(D) in New York.
  4. Dan Cox was defeated (R) by Wes Moore (D) in Maryland.
  5. Maura Healey in Massachusetts (D) defeated Geoff Diehl (R).
  6. Governor Tony Evers (D) in Wisconsin defeated Tim Michels (R).
  7. Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) in Illinois defeated Darren Bailey (R).
  8. Scott Jensen (R) was defeated in Minnesota to Governor Tim Walz (D).
  9. Mark Ronchetti (R) was defeated in New Mexico by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D).
  10. Derek Schmidt (R) was defeated in Kansas to Governor Laura Kelly (D).


  1. Kim Crocket (R) was defeated in Minnesota in the Secretary of State election by Steve Simon (D).
  2. Kristina Karamo (R) was defeated in the Michigan Secretary of State election by Jocelyn Benson (D).
  3. Kari Lake (R) was defeated in the Arizona election by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D). Kari Lake still refuses to concede, filing a lawsuit against Maricopa County election officials accusing them of violating elections laws. Of course, Trump is backing Kari Lake’s claim promoting claims that the ballot tabulator issued skewed results in Hobbs’ favor, accusing the Arizona election officials of running a “criminal voting operation”. Where can you find more about this election lie? Of course, you can find the information on ‘Truth Social’ which is owned and operated by Donald Trump, the #1 election denier of all time.

In a race still to be determined, but the pending outcome must be clear is, the runoff race between Congressman Rafael Warnock and Hershel Walker should be a slam dunk for the Democrats in the Senate.

The Republicans predicted that they would over-take the House by at least 60 seats, but because of the 26 poor candidates supported by Trump who advanced from the primary elections to the general election who failed to make good on their nominations, Trump is now facing a growing number of Republicans that do not believe he is the best candidate for President in 2024.

Also with major defeats in court, he faces a rapidly upcoming issue with the Mar-a-Largo documents case with criminal handling of government records, violation of the Espionage Act and the investigation of his potential of obstruction of justice charges on January 6, 2021.

It is no wonder with all the obvious defeats of civil lawsuits and court matters that Trump has much more to worry about concerning legal issues that can deplete his money or land him in jail.

When will the Republicans wake up to Trumps devious, malicious, and disgusting acts as president and now as a civilian to not support him? Obviously, with the list as presented above, the public didn’t support the candidates that he supported in the elections, and now it is time for the Republicans to turn up the heat on Trump and support another candidate for president. The good news here is that Trump may never again be the nominee for president for the Republicans.  Trump is running out of time deposing many of the lawsuits which is taking most of his attention now, instead of the concerns running for president.







Trump’s 45 Posts on Thanksgiving

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, posted 45 posts on his social media pages (trumptruthsocial).  Was that number a coincidence? I think so, but what is so ridicules are that considerable number of posts. In not one of those posts, did Trump wish his readers Happy Thanksgiving. All he was interested in doing was to threaten his adversaries. Should that be a good trait of someone running again for president? It may have worked for him last time in 2020, but it will not help him in 2024. In fact, it’s going to hurt him. His attorneys must be livid because Trump just cannot keep his mouth shut.

Listen to the attached video by Ben Meiselas of the YouTube production called MeidasTouch and make your own conclusions.

Trump is Losing Tax Returns to the House

Before the 2020 election, Donald Trump claimed he would release his tax returns. But finally, after 6 years of trying to keep them hidden, Trump must produce.  This past Tuesday, the Supreme Court gave the order that clears the way for the House committee to obtain the returns. He’s the only president in known history that refused to turn over his tax returns. He got away from it, up until now. The reasons why he wanted to hide them must be because his tax records would reveal more crimes than he could be prosecuted for. But besides that, they may reveal that he’s not as rich as he says he is. But for the money he has made, he hasn’t paid his fair share of taxes or paid none. If you were to ask Donald Trump, he would say that he pays a lot. It’s already known that Trump did not pay Federal taxes in 2011. Trump received a large refund for 2010, $73 million, but then the very next year, he didn’t pay a dime. Ever since 2011, Trump received audits from the IRS and has been giving the excuse that he couldn’t release them because the IRS is auditing him. That is a lie. He could have produced his tax returns even while they were being audited. If you ask him if he’s still being audited, he will say yes, so his statement doesn’t hold water. He’s been ordered to hand them over.

Suddenly, Donald Trump doesn’t have control as he did as acting President of the United States. Hopefully, the public will eventually find out what he’s been hiding.



Donald Trump in REAL Trouble

Who would have guessed?

Trump dealings before and in his presidency and even up to today, must deal with multiple legal challenges coming his way. Now that the midterms are over and most of Trump backed candidates lost, Trump will be in the news. Now the Republicans are waking up, realizing that Trump doesn’t have magic powers and cannot be their leader in the party. Trump realizes it too, but he will lie to claim innocence, because as everyone knows by now, ‘Trump is NEVER wrong’. Really?//!*%$/

Let’s start with just today. It is thanksgiving-2022. Can Trump celebrate it today without a lawsuit coming his way? Absolutely not. Today on Thanksgiving, Donald Trump is being sued for adult sex abuse for battery and defamation by an ex-columnist, E. Jean Carroll in New York. The case goes back to 2019 when she sued Trump for defamation because he claimed he never did it. She was able to file the suit because as Trump speaks, he has this uncanny ability to lie. He does this day in and day out. For example, in his recent announcement of running for President in 2022, it was proven by fact-checkers that he lied twenty-two times during his announcement that he was now a candidate for President.  But back in 2019, Trump denied her sexual assault allegation, and he claimed at the time, before his presidency, that he never met with Carroll. He accused her of making false statements for a story she claimed true in her new book. But now, she added new statements to the suit for what Trump said later in October 2022, as he was providing a deposition of the 2019 lawsuit. In a story provided by CNN today, by reporter Kara Scannell, the previous lawsuit is being re-hashed as she is trying to bring Trump accountable for “battery for allegedly raping Carroll in the dressing room of a New York department store in the mid-1990’s. The lawsuit also alleges a new defamation claim based on statements Trump made last month.” says reporter Kara Scannell.

Just a few days ago, the Supreme Court voted against Donald Trump to allow access by the House of his taxes during his past business dealings. I bet Trump didn’t see that coming. It’s his Supreme Court. Three of the Supreme Court Judges were his picks during his four years in office. The entire Supreme Court voted against Trump. The clock is ticking, because as soon as the newly controlled Republican Party led House convenes in January, the House will kill the investigation on Trump’s taxes. At least that is what the very possible House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy will do. But then again, Kevin McCarty has his own issues, and may never get a chance to serve as majority leader. Because of the very slim Republican majority in the new House for 2023 thanks to Donald Trump backing very poor candidates for office, McCarthy may not get complete support by the House to become their leader. McCarthy is a “Trumper”, and people are now running away from Trump supported candidates. Even if he became Speaker, he could never control it, nor get anything accomplished except to go after Democrats. He will have the help of Congressmen Jim Jordan to do that. Now it will be ‘Hunter Biden’ all over again. As if the country wants to hear it. That is a story in itself.

In Georgia, the Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is investigating into attempts to subvert the 2020 election led by the one and only Donald Trump while he was still President, and her team is now preparing for a flurry of activity after the midterm elections. Trump announced early of his presidency run for office in the 2024 election, just to snub his thumb in everyone’s face who is investigating him. But his actions just will not work. He never admitted defeat in the 2020 election and thinks he is immune from prosecution. Slowly but surely, he may be finally waking up to reality. He is losing money every day from lawsuits that he continues to lose.  By the time that the courts get done with Trump after these upcoming cases, Trump may not have a dime to his name, but would not need money, because he may be wearing an orange jumpsuit.

In New York, State Attorney General Letitia James has accused Trump of systematically misstating the value of his properties. So, what did Trump do?  Trump overvalued his property worth to get large loans, but then claimed the land wasn’t worth as much so that he didn’t have to pay a lot of taxes. This is a textbook Fraud case. Letitia James wants to bar Donald Trump and all his family from ever doing business in the state of New York because of fraudulent business practices. He is also being sued to pay money to recover unpaid taxes, a value that would destroy his wealth and businesses.  How did Trump react to this lawsuit? In a move that no one understands, Trump’s attorneys filed a lawsuit in the state of Florida, attempting to block Letitia James’s own civil case in New York. But Letitia is always one step away from Trump. She moved the case to Florida’s federal courts, with the case falling before Judge Middlebrooks, who is a Clinton appointed attorney. This same judge just fined Trump’s lawyers in a different suit.

And then there is January 6th. Trump is accused of orchestrating the insurrection at the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C. The January 6 House Committee has put forward damning evidence that Trump is responsible for the attack on the U.S. Capital, and the threats made against his own Vice-President for not helping him over through a valid election that just didn’t go his way. The present Attorney General Merrick Garland has now turned over further investigations that may lead to an indictment of Trump to a special counsel named prosecuting Attorney Jack Smith. Smith is a former chief of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section and will oversee criminal matters related to former President Donald Trump. He is credited for prosecuting both Republicans and Democrats in the past.

It’s just not going well for Trump. His family is being investigated and members of his own family may face fines and prosecution. But his lawyers just received sanctions for bringing an “objectively frivolous” racketeering lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and thirty other left-leaning defendants. All of this is Trump’s stall tactic to avoid prosecution, but in the end, no one is above the law and Trump will pay. Every time his lawyers go to court, they lose because of Trump’s baseless allegations.

Also, Trump is losing his credibility from voters as most Trump backed candidates in the country lost their bid for elections. Many of them were 2020 election deniers. Because of Donald Trump, the Republicans lost the U.S. Senate, and it looks like after a Senate Runoff in Georgia between Republican candidate Herschel Walker and incumbent Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock, the U.S. Senate will be in solid Democratic control, as Warnock is expected to win re-election. The Republicans are blind. During Trump’s tenure as the 45th President of the United States, the party lost control of the Senate and House of Representatives. Then they lose the Presidency. Still, many Republicans are ‘forever Trumpers’ and will never go against Trump in fear that Trump may retaliate and vet against them, which may cause them to lose their seat. They are violating their oath when elected because they do not support the truth. They say what their constituents say, not the truth.

The Republican Party as it stands now is the “Trump Party”. What will it be when Trump is indicted or prosecuted.

Trump is in such hot water right now, how could anyone support him as their next President of the United States. I predict a large slate of Republicans running against Trump for the Republican nomination for next President. Can the party survive in this fashion with Trump in the mix? Most likely not, especially now that President Biden claims he will run again for a second term. Watch the video immediately below that confirms what is written above.



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