Trump is Indicted in the Stormy Daniels Hush Money Case

The decisions of Donald J. Trump did not go good for him on March 30, 2023, when it was learned that the disgraced ex-President has now been indicted by a Grand Jury in New York. He is the first President in U.S. history to ever be indicted and now must face what he may want to turn into a spectacle for political reasons and to raise more money. He will raise the money from his followers, and he will use the money for re-election purposes. So in Trumps sick mind, most likely he welcomes this indictment.  His attorneys have stated that President Trump will turn himself into the authorities on New York on Tuesday, April 4th, 2023. The easiest shot any law maker had was to convict him when he was impeached twice, but the U.S. Senate twice refused to vote favorably to convict. In the case of presidential impeachment trials, the chief justice of the United States presides. The Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate to convict, and the penalty for an impeached official upon conviction is removal from office.

Trump is facing the first of four criminal investigations for his actions, prior, during and most likely after his service to the country as the 45th President of the United States. Charges include at least 30 document fraud charges.

Even with that said, Donald Trump can continue to run for President again. He can run again while being indicted or even when convicted. If convicted of a misdemeanor which is likely the sure thing he can be prosecuted of, alone could not stop him from running. Also, if it is decided by a jury court that he committed a felony, he can be sentenced to prison or home confinement, which certainly would not allow him to continue to run for office and if incarcerated, he surely couldn’t act as the President of the United States. He most likely would not be allowed on social media, and for all intents and purposes not be allowed to continue posting on his social media outlets. These decisions would be the sole direction of the presiding Judge in Trumps court case.

Even in better times for Trump, especially when he became president, he did not win with the popular vote, but he did win the electoral college vote. Chances this time around he will not win either the vote count or electoral college vote, as more pending charges will come his way. Presently, there are very limited requirements when running for Presidential election, which are listed below:

  • The candidate contesting for the position must be a natural-born citizen of the United States of America.
  • The candidate must be 35 years or older.
  • The candidate should be a US resident for 14 years.

The only additional exception is that the American Constitution prohibits a tenure of longer than 2 terms of 4 years each. In Donald Trump’s case, he has only served for 1 full term as President, so he qualifies to run again. But what makes it unlikely that he would succeed to become President after being convicted of a felony would be purely political. The fallout from his own party would be devastating to him. If he were to be re-elected, all current and future charges against him would be put on hold, as a sitting President of the United States cannot be convicted of crimes while in office.

Besides all of the very real reasons why Trump was indicted now in March of 2023 is because the Statute of Limitations is running out for crimes that must be proved he committed in the past.




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