Fallout to Republicans and Criminal Defendant Trump because of the 14th Amendment

Now that criminal defendant Trump really is disqualified to run for President under the 14th Amendment, Section 3, will the Secretaries of the States now remove Trump from their state ballots?

Lawsuits now showing up to get Trump removed from running for President in 2024..  Thank GOD, because I need him out of my life!


More than likely, Trump will be removed from EVERY Democratically controlled ballot across the country. That means that even if Trump still runs in every Republican controlled state, he could never receive the required number of electoral votes – 270, to become President.

The question I have, will the Republican controlled states now go against the U.S. Constitution and still leave Trump on their ballots in November 2024? If you are a follower of the Constitution and believe what it stands for, then all the states will remove Trump from their ballots.

Now, all the news media on both sides of the aisle will talk about this, and I wonder how long it will take for the Republicans to realize that the longer they support criminal defendant Trump for re-election as President, the higher the possibility that they will not be able to produce a candidate that the country could follow as a Republican candidate.

Actually, the boat has already sailed. It really makes no difference what the Republicans do now. Trump is toast. The Republican Party is toast, because of their leaders who fail their constituents because of MAGA. The longer the MAGA Republicans support Trump, the more certain that Joe Biden will win re-election. The best chance they have to beat Joe Biden is to have another candidate, someone other than criminal defendant Trump as their candidate that will run against Biden.

The Republican Party is ignorant and most definitely blind. The Republican legislators in Congress that still support Trump for President, a criminal defendant that Trump is, the so-called Republican Party will not only lose the Presidency to Joe Biden but will be swept clean regarding seats in the Senate and the House, meaning that the Democrats will take COMPLETE control of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government.

Maybe, this is what it will take to get the Republicans to take their blinders off, or not follow a criminal man just because you feel it’s your only way to stay in your position. On the contrary, the members of the House and Senate that support Trump will start losing their re-elections in a historical fashion. There is a possibility the House and Senate will be highly controlled by Democrats in 2024.

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