Donald Trump Will Be Convicted and Will See JAIL TIME

If you watch the news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, NEWSMAX and FOX NEWS, you will not totally hear the truth. That’s because they seem to always proclaim in their newscasts what their specific audiences want to hear. Up front in full disclosure, you are reading a website blog here that is a written by a Democrat. Ok, for you Republicans, this statement must turn you off for what I’m about to say, and for that reason, I believe that any Republican reading this article up to this point will just bail out and not read further.

But what you will read here is what most governments, Republican or Democratic, will not totally be transparent when it comes to how they manage their own affairs.

Here, you will receive what I totally believe is true. In my last article written, I stated that Donald Trump’s LLC were cancelled. What I should have said is that it is with certainty that they will be cancelled, pending the outcome of the Fraud trial now going on in New York.

But in an effort to not lead you on, I would like to state why it is my belief that Donald Trump will be convicted and will spend the rest of his life in a jail cell.

Donald Trump is facing 91 felony charges across four different jurisdictions; he will face multiple convictions that will then equal several life sentences in jail confinement.

Donald Trump tried to bring an end to our government and our democracy and tried to overturn the will of the American voters to keep himself in power for a second term. The case against him to overturn the election will not be until next year, but Trump is presently all but surely will be convicted in the disgorgement case in progress NOW that will determine how much money he will have to pay to the State of New York for failing to pay his fair share of taxes and then over-valuating his properties throughout the years to be able to get very big loans from banks and be one of the companies on the Forbes top 400 list. It is a fraud case that will end in Trump then actually losing his LLC’s, take away all the money he has left, and even lose his property in Mar-a-lago. Trump needs to plead a deal, if possible, because once he is convicted, other court districts will never consider a plea deal. Trump may have to liquidate the Mara largo property to help pay his debts in New York. The baseline amount that the state of New York is asking for in the disgorgement case is $250 million dollars. But the actual amount awarded by Judge Arthur F. Engoron in the fraud case may be double or triple that amount.  But like I said from the onset, Trump is facing several life sentences in jail, and he will no longer need his properties, including the Trump Tower in New York, as he WILL spend the rest of his life in prison. Who knows what may happen in the future to his children, as they will be also affected in their business ventures in New York state and other jurisdictions.

Some of my close Republican friends of course are on the other side of the fence and believe Trump will never go to prison, but the facts are facts. Donald J. Trump has 91 felony charges now pending against him, and even if the majority of these charges get overturned, if just one of these felony charges are left that he is convicted of, he will spend time in a jail cell. The minimum amount of jail time could be as low as one year, but he would be incarcerated behind bars. But to be real here, with 91 felony charges pending against Trump, who in his right mind would believe that Trump would not spend the rest of his life in prison. The only people I know of that would believe that are my Republican friends.


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