Actions Always Speak Louder than Voices

Let’s take a walk down this road. My Uncle has stated many times Only Trumps current actions mean something and the past accomplishments mean nothing. Let’s examine what reasons I know and feel Trump is deserving of a second term and the narrative that a majority of this country have subscribed to.   Accomplishments Taxes … Read more

“Enemy of the People”

Below is presentation of what I see is a real enemy of America and our freedoms. They are the very issues that at the very least need to be considered from macro and micro level concepts as to why we are here as a nation. Also what we can do about it and our actions … Read more

A Trump Supporter Perspective

I love this country. We enjoy and take for granted many freedoms and opportunities that do not exist in many places of the world. As an American I wake up, work hard and with adequate time and perseverance achieve whatever I set before me. We can achieve our dreams and I am grateful for this … Read more