Insurrection Planned and Executed by Donald J. Trump – January 6, 2021

This website – exists because of a corrupt president. Never before in history have we had such a man, who during his first term in office, committed such an egregious violation of his presidency. Already with two impeachments behind him, now the insurrection of the U.S. Capital that Trump himself had orchestrated.  During his entire 1st term and ONLY term in office, the Republican party, now known to have become the Trump party, supported him and still do to this day. Trump continues to take donations of money from his supporters whom he convinced that he won the election. People blindly give him money, and he’s using the money to line his pockets in an attempt to fight off the myriad of lawsuits coming his way.

Now that the first wave of Congressional hearing have now ended, details of what happened in Trumps orbit, before, during and after the riots of January 6, 2021 have been revealed in front of the entire world, beginning and ending on Prime-time TV.

Trumps inner circle have now been peeled away from him, except from the liking of Steve Bannon and other co-conspirators of January 6th. Bannon who went to court and lost his bid to stay out of jail because he has been found guilty in two counts of contempt of Congress. He failed to reply to subpoenas of the January 6th committee. He, like others in the Republican party, feel that they are above the law as he claims Executive privilege, because the ex-President Donald Trump claimed that he didn’t need to testify. But actually, Bannon had to testify, because Trump is no longer the acting president.

Bannon faces up to 1 year in jail for the conviction with each count. When eventually sentenced, he may have to serve the minimum of 1 month for each count, either in concurrent or consecutive fashion. He has been the one of the many evils of our democracy. Other members of Congress still have to respond to their subpoenas, such as Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, Jim Jordan of Ohio, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, and Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania.

Others in the Trumps White House, including Administration Officials contain Jeffrey Clark who was the former acting civil division assistant attorney general, Judd Deere, Deputy White House press secretary, Cassidy Hutchinson, special assistant to the president for legislative affairs and secretary of Mark Meadows – Chief of Staff who did provide thousands of documents to the committee and others, but then decided not to participate with a January 6th committee subpoena and others who have and not testified, include the following, some who have testified…

Keith Kellogg – Former Vice President Pence national security advisor

Ken Klukowski – Senior counsel in the division led by Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark

Christopher Liddell – White House deputy chief of staff who was reportedly at the White House on Jan 6

Nicholas Luna – Trump’s personal assistant who was reportedly present in the Oval Office on Jan 6

Kayleigh McEnany – White House press secretary

John McEntee – White House personnel director

Molly Mchael – special assistant to the president and Oval Office operations coordinator

Max Miller – Former White House staffer who served on both of Trump’s presidential campaigns

Stephen Miller – former White House senior adviser who played a major role of Trump’s policies

Peter Navarro – White House trade adviser  – multiple subpoenas

Kash Patel – chief of staff to acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller

Roberet “Bobby” Peede Jr. – met with Trump on Jan. 4th to discuss plans for the Ellipse rally

Daniel Scavino – White House deputy chief of staff for communications but now will not be charged in contempt

Marc Short – Pence’s chief of staff

Ben Williamson – deputy assistant to the president and senior adviser to Meadows, Trumps chief of staff

Brian Jack, White House director of political affairs

Also subpoenaed were campaign officials and Trump allies, include the following…

Stephen Bannon – White House chief strategist and senior counselor to Trump now found guilty in court

Gary Michael Brown – Trump campaign deputy director of election day operations

John Eastman –  conservative lawyer who served as a key legal adviser to Trump

Jenna Ellis – a Trump campaign attorney

Boris Epshteyn – Trump campaign strategic adviser

Michael Flynn – former Trump national security adviser

Rudy Giuliani – Trump’s personal lawyer

Angela McCallum – Trump campaign national executive assistant

Jason Miller – Trump campaign senior adviser

Sidney Powell – attorney on Trump’s legal team

Michael A. Roman – Trump campaign director of election day operations

William Stepien – Trump campaign manager

Other tied to the January 6 riot…

Proud Boys International, LLC – far-right group accused of calling for violence ahead of the attach on the Capital and also storming the Capital with seditious conspiracy charges

Patrick Casey – leader of the alt-right “America First” who was at the Capital on Jan 6

Nicholas J. Fuentes – leader of the alt-right “America First” accused of helping to plan the Jan 6 attack

Oath Keepers – far-right group accused of helping plan and participate in the attack on the Capital

Elmer Stewart Rhoded, president of the Oath Keepers

Henry “Enrique” Tarrio – chairman of the Proud Boys accused of helping group prepare for the Jan 6 rally

Lyndon Brentnall – Onsite supervisor of the Jan 6 Ellipse rally tied to a private security firm

Taylor Budowich – managed an advertising campaign of the Jan. 6 Ellipse rally on now Trump’s spokesperson

Justin Caporale – Project manager listed on a permit for the Jan. 6 Ellipse rally

Cynthia Chafian – submitted the Jan. 6 Ellipse rally permit on behalf of the Women for America First

Kimberly Fletcher – Founder of Moms for America – helped plan rallied on Jan 5 and 6 in DC.

Alex Jones – Founder of Info Wars who attended the Ellipse rally

Amy Kremer – CO-founder of Women for America First

Kylie Kremer – Co-founder of Women for America First

Jennifer Lawrence – assisted Women for America First in planning rallies leading to the Capital attack

Bryon Lewis – listed on the “one Nation Under God” rally permit for January 6

Robert Patrick Lewis – Chair of the 1st Amendment Praetorian, which provided security at multiple events leading up to January 6

Ed Martin – Stop the Steal organizer

Nathan Martin – Listed on the “one Nation Under God” rally permit

Maggie Mulvaney – Listed as “VIP lead” on a permit for the Jan 6 Ellipse rally

Katrina Pierson – Former Trump spokesperson who assisted Woman for America First

Megan Powers – “Operations Manager for scheduling and guidance”

Arthur Schwartz – Republican strategist in communications about the Ellipse rally

Stop the Steal LLC – Right-wind organization tied to a permit for a Jan 6 rally on Capital grounds

Duston Stockton – assisted Women for America First in planning rallies leading to the Capital attack

Hannal Salem Stone – Listed on a permit for the Jan 6 Ellipse rally as “operations manager for logistics and communications”

Roger Stone – Republican operative who used Oath Keepers members as security guards. Previously he was sentenced and in jail, but Trump gave him a pardon.

Andy Surabian – Republican strategist who communicated with Kimberley Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. About the Ellipse rally

Tim Unes – Listed on a permit for the Jan 6 Ellipse rally as a “stage manager”

Ross Worthington – former White House official who helped draft Trump’s speech at the Ellipse

Caroline Wren – “VIP advisor” at the Jan 6 Ellipse rally

Others tied to efforts to Overturn the Election

Bill Bachenberg

Kathy Berden

Christina Bobb

Kenneth Chesebro

Nancy Cottle

Laura Cox

James DeGraffenried

Mark Finchem

Katherine Friess

Andrew Hitt

Bernard Kerik

Phill Kline

Deborah Maestas

Douglas Mastriano

Michael McDonald

Cleta Mitchell

Kurt Olsen

Lisa Patton

Loraine Pellegrino

Jewll Powdrell

Mayra Rodriguez

Kelly Ruh


Shawn Still

Phil Waldron

Kelli Ward

Companies that were subpoenaed as part of the Jan 6 investigation

Alphabet – Parent company of Facebook – users relayed communications about the Jan. 6 attack

Reddit – Platform where users relayed communications about the Jan. 6 attack

Twitter – Platform where users relayed communications about the Jan. 6 attack


So many of these people listed above did come before the committee, unlike Steve Bannon that will now pay by serving time in jail.

All the evidence presented at the January 6 hearings point to Donald Trump as he orchestrated the January 6 attack. Pending charges of president Trump may be pending by the Department of Justice.

It has also been revealed that the January 6 committee will hold more hearings in about a month.

When the committee formally concludes that its investigation has ended and a final report of their findings has been released, they will then have 30 days to disband the committee. By then, mid-term elections may have taken place and some of the January 6 committee panel may have to testify to a Republican lead House if the Republicans take control. Corruption within the Republican party will then continue.

It is a never-ending fight for democracy. The history books nevertheless will reveal the facts in detail, not regarding to which party may be in charge of the government in the future. The world continues to look on to see if this idea of an ‘American Democracy’ will hold. If Donald Trump became president once again, the country most likely would fail to survive as a democracy. Never before in American history, can it be found that such a corrupt president was part of a plan to overrun democracy as it stands today.

But Donald Trump will not be around forever, but the Republican party, the Conservative party, will have been forever stained by what is considered the poorest example of a U.S. President in U.S. history.

This blog will continue to list the prior and upcoming decisions of president Donald J. Trump.

The Present Status of Donald Trump

So what’s the status of Donald J. Trump after his presidency? He survived a second impeachment trail, but he now faces legal threats in Georgia and New York. As if the allegations were not enough for Trump prior to Joe Biden’s election as the 46th President. In the state of New York, Trump made every effort to overturn the state’s election results in his favor, and when he failed to do so, he had his supporters storm the U.S. Capital on January 6, 2021. What’s uncanning about this, he is still trying to overturn the results, as if there were any chance of pushing President Joe Biden out of office.  That’s not too smart considering the legal actions he is facing. Joe Biden has been serving as the 46th President of the United States for 5 months now. Trump continues to stir up his base of supporters, and undermine election results,  but his supporters continue to blindly follow him. They continue to donate money to him, and he pockets the money, most likely to pay legal bills. During the course of his presidency, he has alienated so many people and has successfully isolated the Democratic and Republican parties so that now they agree on nothing. The Republican party as we knew it is no more. It is now the Trump party.

After Trump left office, he continues to have a strangle-hold on a party that once truly believed in conservatism. Yet, it looks as if he is taking a serious look of running for the White House again. If he was successful in becoming our 47th president, that would make him almost 80 years old when he’s elected again. Really? It was one thing putting up with this man as a president in his early 70’s, but now the people are expected to have better days ahead of President Biden as Trump will be nearly 80 years of age? But the Republican party has shown no momentum for another candidate. They honestly feel, at least today that if Trump were to run again, that they would support him. Honestly, Joe Biden hopes that he will run. His opponent may be President Biden, but I’m looking for Vice-President Kamala Harris to run instead. She will beat Trump hands down, even if the Republican state houses are changing rules so that many people of color may not be able to vote in the next election. The Republicans know that the only way to victory in the next election is to cheat, and that they will try to do in every way to insure that Republicans take control of the peoples house in the next election. But, I believe that the American people had enough of Trump. The despise his actions and policies on immigration and foreign affairs. They despise his solid support for the rich and his unwavering support for guns and the NRA. It makes no difference what the people want in his house. He would only do what he wants.

Because of the actions of himself and his supporters, there are now several new investigations that most likely will threaten his finances and his freedom. His long time personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani is now facing possible prosecution as his home has been raided for evidence of corruption and to find evidence of collusion with other countries along with Trump.  There are several criminal investigations, two defamation lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault, along with civil state inquiries. Donald Trump may be broke by the next presidential election, or may be behind bars. He will be known in history as the most corrupt president ever.  He will be remembered for the one person in history that truly was not qualified to be the President of the United States and history will haunt him and his family.

Extent of Abuses of Power in the Trump Presidency

The fact is that Donald Trump’s tenure as President is over, but the reverberation that will be felt for years to come will be something that cannot be ignored. Trump is about to experience an impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, but this time the outcome may be allot different than the first trial, which actually was not a trial at all. The Republican led Senate under the direction of Mitch McConnell refused to hold hold the trial with witnesses during Trump’s first impeachment hearing and Trump was acquitted.

But what has Donald Trump done to be impeached yet a second time by the House of Representatives,  was with the most bipartisan vote in U.S. history. To preface my statements, I must say that Trump seemed to be his own worst enemy, and it didn’t seem that he cared if he was following the law or not. Trump would never accept the fact that the “fake media” as he called it, along with everyone including FOX NEWS, NEWSMAX and other outlets blamed the media for reporting lies, when in actuality, Mr. Trump attempted to do so and violated his own claim of fraud in the election. I’m not here writing this article to try to list fraud in the election, as Trump tried more than just a few dozen times in court to prove it, but lost approximately 50 lawsuits of voter fraud in U.S. Courts by bipartisan members of the Supreme court. I would have to write a book to explain all of the missteps of this president. At the end when he ran out of options, he tasked Vice President Pence to not certify the election on January 6th, in which the Vice-President had no authority to do, and when Trump realized that even that was about to fail, he decided to get his supporters involved who attacked the U.S. State Capital while it was in joint-session to certify the election. They stormed the building, took control of it, ransacking the Senate and House Chambers while putting the Vice-President and The U.S. House of Representatives leader, Nancy Pelosi in danger along with AOC and others; it was proven that Donald Trump’s supporters came extremely close from harming them and others in both chambers in the U.S. State Capital building.

I have been criticized as others who want to write the truth, projecting that Donald Trump actually abused his office, his power. He failed the American people, not because he lost the election fairly and failed to admit it EVER, but during his tenure in the first and only term he served as president, he manifested several abuses of power in which most any other person, Democratic or Republican would most likely be booted out of office if they committed the same infractions as Donald Trump.

In an article on CNN Politics, the analysis of Marshall Cohen, the author of the article, highlighted Trump’s 10 worst abuses of power during his presidency updated on January 24th. The accusations in EVERY case can be proven, even though Trump supporters continue to wear their blinders and not accept the facts.

This blog’s purpose is not to criminalize Donald Trump, as he is doing that himself, in the open, in front of the whole world to see. Now that he is gone, people now see what Trump was all about.  Now that his tools of not being able to speak freely on Twitter, and other social media outlets have been eliminated or diminished, so is some of his Republican base, affecting his ability to further promote his baseless ideas about the election. I wished that I had a good story to report about Donald Trump and his presidency. If he would have acted like one president that was for all of the people instead of none of the people, except for himself, then I would have reported those good things about him. After a short period of time I realized that I would not be able to write anything here on this blog that would support the president, as the blogs purpose is to publish Trump’s decision points, and it was evident to me that there were so many bad decision to be made by this president. So, I asked my nephew, who supported Trump if he would write articles supporting the president on this blog, and he did write a few articles. The difference in opinion grew into a large bet, which I finally put an end to because as were the followers of Donald Trump, my nephew also had blinders on and only wanted me and the readers of this blog to understand why Trump was going to win the election. If I would have kept with the bet, I would have won a substantial sum of money, but instead I elected to not even attempt to put the burden on my nephew. I’m sure he is very glad that I did step down from the bet after seeing the results. Although I admit that an unusual number of people did support Trump in the election, but several million more people voted for Biden, so the results were clear. The results could have been different, if Trump would have done a better job on the Pandemic. The voting people would have responded in like when Mr George W. Bush won his second term after the 911 bombings in NYC, at the beginning of his first term. Mr. Bush brought the country together, doing the opposite of what Donald Trump did when he was faced with the pandemic.

The following are the 10 worst abuses of power as reported by CNN Politics.

There was nothing normal of his presidency and how he tried to govern as a lawmaker in the legislative branch instead of the Executive branch as President. Every day, there was something coming out about Trump or what he did to incite divisivment in the political arena. As long as Donald J. Trump, president, could steal the headlines, he became successful because of the enablers by outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, Fox News and Newsmax which allowed him to continuously spread lies. Again, this is my opinion, and not the opinion of many other people that support the actions of media and social outlets, that support Donald Trump.

Here is the list of abuses of power, as stated in the CNN article totally committed by Donald J. Trump, the president of the United States.

First, he subverted the election. But it wasn’t what he did during and after the outcome when he was pronounced the looser, “false disinformation about the voting process”. He even floated the idea of unconstitutionally delaying the election, “leading to a bipartisan rebuke.”, as written by Marshall Cohen of CNN. For this abusive act, Trump has now been impeached a second time, the first ever in American history, as no other president in history every was impeached twice. It was for his subversion of the election, that lead to the riot at the U.S. Capital in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021. Leading up to that “he falsely claimed victory and pressured election officials in battleground states to fraudulently throw out millions of votes for President Joe Biden,” again stated by the CNN article. Trump tried to bribe the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in Trump’s hour-long call, again reported by CNN. You don’t have to take my word for it or CNN’s word for it, but you can actually hear Donald Trump’s actual audio call by Trump to the Secretary of State, which openly proves his guilt of trying to subvert the election. The full recording was also published by YouTube, who provided the entire conversation between Donald Trump and the Georgia Secretary of State.  But this wasn’t the main reason why he was impeached a second time.

That information will be outlined now, as the second abuse of power, the reason for his second impeachment is that he incited the insurrection  at the U .S. Capitol. This incitement is the basis of the sole article stated in the impeachment lawsuit. On January 6, 2021, in his attempt to cling to power since nothing else seemed to work, he ran out of time. The joint session of Congress was about to certify the election which is the absolute final act before an inauguration. He incited his followers in a rally not far from the U.S. Capital just before the certification vote, and encouraged them to go down to the U.S. Capital and stop the proceedings and bring justice because he couldn’t do it himself, because even his own Vice-President wasn’t going to do it. Donald Trump has never admitted fault, nor has he admitted encouraging his followers from doing what they did at the U.S. Capital, but instead take opportunities to express his innocence and to condemn his own followers. His own followers expected to get a presidential pardon from Trump for their actions at the U.S. Capitol and some actually came out and asked for one, but instead, Trump abandoned them and did not provide any pardons for them. Again, Donald Trump was looking out for himself, as he didn’t want to incriminate himself in any way for promoting such an evil act. He condemned his own followers in a speech in an attempt to save himself.

Third, he took for granted his powers as President. He abused the bully pulpit. Even that he continued throughout his presidency, it was never proven to be criminal and not impeachable, at least not with a Republican majority sitting in the U.S. Senate who would not convict during the first impeachment. In the CNN article, and known by everyone who followed news about Trump, they were getting a daily dose of his continued and repeated lies about everything. He made racist claims and drove people away from each other instead of trying to bring together people who disagreed with each other. He continuously fanned the flames until he could do no more. He did it because he had the power to do it, and no one was putting him on the blog when he did so. Why, because the own Republican Senate refused to keep him in check, and gave him absolute authority to do whatever he wanted when they failed to convict him during the first impeachment.

A normal president would have condemned white supremacists during the 2017 Charlottesville rally, and also praised QAnon in 2020. But Trump would not. A normal president would have never associated himself to the dictators of Kim Jon Un and Vladimir Putin. But Trump did. He sided with them, and there wasn’t a thing anyone could make him account to, again because the Republican Senate was afraid of him an what he could do to them if they disagreed with him. To this day, even after they were attacked under the leadership of Donald Trump at the U.S. State Capital, many Senators in the House and Senate still support Trump.

At the end of his tenure as president, Trump pardoned killers convicted in court, pardoned people within his Cabinet that were convicted, and pardoned many of his friends that never turned against him. Of course, he would not pardon the likes of Michael Cohen, who for years and years supported every move by Trump even before Trump became president because Cohen revolted against him and wrote that very incriminating book against Trump, only to find himself being convicted in some of the same crimes that Donald Trump my be proven guilty of in the near future. Donald Trump’s future looks grim, as he has lost tons of money, tons of support and facing lawsuit after lawsuit now as a citizen of the United States. Soon he may soon be convicted in the U.S. Senate, and if so, will loose any chance to run for president of the United States in the future, something that he has mentioned he would like to do. At the end, it’s all driven by money, and Trump will see that he will have more to lose than win if he runs again.

Fourth, Trump continued to violate norms when he Politicized the Justice Department. He would not stay away from federal law enforcement. “It is extremely important for the integrity of American democracy that the president cannot manipulate law enforcement for partisan, political, self-interested preferences,” said Rick Pildes, a former CNN legal analyst.  Trump tried to have the Justice Department “investigate more than two dozen of his perceived appointments.” According the CNN report, Trump wanted the DOJ to also look into Biden’s son Hunter Biden and Google. Also, instead of staying out of official business of the DOJ, he decided to fire then FBI Director James Comey in 2017. In hindsight, Trump most likely would have not fired Comey if he knew that he was about to be investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election.” Trump undermined the department by constantly getting in the way. No other president in history has attempted to do so in such a blatant fashion, in public view, for the whole world to see.

This brings me to the fifth abuse of power as Trump obstructed the Mueller investigation.  Trump was plagued for three years in his first term with investigation going on by Robert Mueller. Trump claimed that the investigation was illegitimate. He tried to obstruct the criminal probe. Mueller investigated 10 episodes and found persuasive evidence that Trump’s actions fit the legal criteria to warrant criminal charges, but he never charged him. Instead he just handed over the report that took 3 years to create and let the Republican controlled Senate decide on what to do with it during the 1st impeachment trial, because Mueller believed that he had no right to convict a U.S. sitting president. At the same time, Mueller would not clear his name. He would never say that Trump was innocent of “obstruction of justice and political corruption”, stated by Paulsen, the conservative legal scholar.

It is my opinion that Trump broke the law while being president, but with the office that he held, no one including Mueller would ever even attempt to convict him or charge him directly with crimes.

The 6th abuse as stated in the CNN article is for abusing the pardon power. Because there are no limits on what the president can do regarding crimes, Trump took his office to heart and pardoned several people as most do, but the difference was that some of whom pardoned by Trump were not deserving of a pardon. That’s my opinion, but you would think that anyone that has been convicted of murder would never receive a pardon from the U.S. president, as it is up to the courts to convict because of facts. But the facts do not matter with Donald Trump. The only thing that matters is that he benefits on everything he does. Public opinion was split between the Democrats and Republicans, and Donald Trump never benefited from any popularity poll over 50%. On the last day of his presidency, his polls reached an all-time low of just a 38.6 % approval rating. I might add that it dropped several points since the riots occurred on January 6th. Most modern presidents hardly survive making it over 50% at the end of their first term. Ironically, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon had exceptional poll numbers at the beginning of their second terms and both left office with high numbers. Actually, the last 9 presidents besides Trump had numbers better than Trumps, other that Gerald Ford who never broke a 50% likeability with the American people.

The 7th abuse would be the Ukraine affair and cover-up. Donald Trump pressured the Ukrainian government “to help his reelection campaign by announcing a baseless investigation into the Biden’s “according to the CNN article which states these facts in detail. It was political corruption out in the open, at its finest, but still wasn’t enough for the Republican Senate to do the right thing and even have an impeachment trial. The democratic base pleaded with the Republicans, but the Senate leader – Mitch McConnell just dismissed it and refused to start a trial. Ultimately, the Senate voted to acquit and Donald Trump then gained the ammunition to continue to work in corruption for the rest of his term. Trump impeded the investigation as he told government officials that they were “not to cooperate with the Democrats-run House impeachment inquiry.  The facts came to bear that President Trump would hold money destined for Ukraine unless he spoke out in his support against the Biden’s. He constantly held information and prevented witnesses from appearing at the trials. It was a clear sense of power for political gain, as Trump knew back then that he needed to be re-elected in order to survive upcoming lawsuits when he steps down and becomes a citizen.  Reality has set in, as Donald Trump is no longer president, and he will be facing one lawsuit action with another, and will witness the destruction of his financial wealth.

The 8th thing mentioned in CNN’s article were the Loyalty oaths and personalizing government. Trump demanded personal loyalty from his lawmakers in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. If you crossed him, you were most likely be defeated in the next election, because Trump almost totally controlled the party. Cabinet members had to do things for Trump or risk loosing their jobs.

The 9th thing mentioned were Firing whistleblowers and truth-tellers. If you didn’t give Trump your absolute royalty, you wouldn’t have had a difficult discussion with the president, but instead you would receive tweets and used the power of his office to fire people he disagreed with by tweet. Trump fired his long-time personal friend and personal attorney Michael Cohen. He did the same thing with FBI director James Comey. He fired his Inspector General Michael Atkinson who worked in the Department of Justice for approximately 15 years. Mr. Atkinson succeeded Thomas Monheim who never advanced any further than Acting Inspector General. A complete list of people Trump either fired or resigned under pressure and those who just resigned on their own is listed below.

Robin Townley – a previous Marine who held the position of Senior Director for Africa, NSC, resigned Feb 10, 2017 under pressure.

Michael Flynn – his prior job with the Trump campaign, held the position of National Security Advisor, resigned 2-13-2017 under pressure.

Katie Walsh – with a prior job at the RNC, held a position of Deputy Chief of Staff, resigned under pressure on March 30, 2017.

KT McFarland – prior TV analyst, held the position of Deputy National Security Adviser, resigned under pressure on April 19, 2017.

Michael Dubke – prior position with the Black Rock Group, held a position of AP and Communications Director, retired under pressure 5/30/2017.

Sean Spicer – prior position with the RNC, held a position of Press Secretary, retired under pressure on July 21, 2017.

Josh Pitcock – prior position on Capital Hill, held the position of AP and Chief of Staff to the VP – resigned on July 28, 2017.

Reince Priebus – prior position as head of RNC, held the position of Chief of Staff, retired unde pressure on July 31, 2017.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick – prior position with the U.S. Government (DIA), held the position of Senior Intelligence Director, NSC, retired under pressure on August 2, 2017.

Steve Bannon – prior position with Republican Media, held the position of AP and Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to the President, retired under pressure on August 18, 2017 to work with Breitbart News.

George Sifakis – prior work in Government relations, held the AP and Director of Public Liason, retired unde pressure on August 18, 2017 to work with Ideagen.

George Gigicos – previously in consulting, held the position of AP and Director of Presidential Advance, retired under pressure on August 22, 2017.

Keith Schiller – previously worked in the Trump organization – held the position of Director of Oval Office Operations, retired under pressure on September, 20, 2017.

Greg Katsas – previously worked in a law firm – held the office of Deputy AP and Deputy White House Counsel, resigned on 11/28/2017 to become a Federal judge in the DC Circuit court.

Omarosa Manigault – previously worked on Reality Television – held the office of AP and Director of Communications, Office of Public Liaison, retired under pressure on December 15, 2017 and then worked for the Heritage Foundation.

Rick Dearborn – previously worked as a staff member in the U.S. Senate, resigned on December 23, 2017 and departed on March 13, 2018.

Rob Porter – previously worked as a Senate Senate Staff member, retired under pressure on February 7, 2018.

Reed Cordish – previously worked in Real Estate, held the position of AP for Intergovernmental and Technology Initiatives, resigned on February 16, 2018 to become a parter at Cordish Companies.

Gary Cohn – previously worked at Goldman Sachs,  held the position of AP and Director of the National Economic Council, resigned on March 6, 2018.

Mike Pompeo – previously a member of the House of Representatives, became the CIA director, then promoted on March 13, 2018.

Thomas Bossert – previously worked for the Atlantic Council, was retired under pressure on April 10, 2018.

Everett Eissenstat – Worked for Senator Orrin hatch of Utah, became the Deputy Director, National Economic Council and International Economic Affairs. He resigned on July 20, 2018 to go to work at General Motors.

Marc Short – Previously worked on the Trump campaign, held the position of AP and White House Director of Legislative Affairs, resigned on July 20, 2018 to work for Guidepost Strategies and UVA.

Jen Pavlik – worked in the office of Governor Mike Pence and became the DAP and Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice President. Resigned in August 2018 to work for Keystone.

Donald McGahn – previously worked in the Trump campaign, was counsel to the President, resigned on Septembe 17, 2018 to work at Jones Day.

Marcia Lee Kelly – previously worked for the RNC, became the DAP and Director of White House Management, Office of Administration. Resigned in November of 2018 to work on the Trump reelection campaign.

Bill Stepien – previously worked in the Trump campaign, resigned on December 7, 2018 to work on the Trump Reelection campaign.

Neomi Rao – left the George Mason Law School to become OIRA Administrator, resigned on March 13, 2019 to become a D.C. Circuit Federal judge.

Richard Burkhouser – was previously a professor, held the position of White House Council of Economic Advisors membership., resigned in May 2019, to work at Cornell University.

Kevin Hasset – previously worked for the American Enterprise Institute, held the a chair position with the White House Council of Economic Advisers, resigned on June 2, 2019.

William McGInley – previously worked for Jones Day, held the position of DAP and Cabinet Secretary, resigned on June 28, 2019 with a July departure, now working for the Vogel Group.

Fiona Hill – previously worked at the Brookings Institution, resigned on June 17, 2019 with an August departure.

Dan Coats – previously a U.S. Senator, worked as the Director of National Intelligence, retired under pressure on September 5, 2019, went to work for King and Spalding.

Jason Greenblatt – previously worked for the Trump organization, held the position of AP and Special Representative for International Negotions, resigned on September 5, 2019.

Jessica Ditto – previously worked in the Office of Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, and also worked in the Trump campaign. She became the Deputy AP and Deputy Communications Director and Research Director. She resigned on March 20, 2020.

Lidsay Reynolds – previously worked for the LBR Group/event planning. Held a position of AP and Chief of Staff to the First Lady. He resigned on April 6, 2020

Kellanne Conway – previously worked in the Trump campaign, became counselor to the President, resigned on August 24, 2020.

Lisa Curtis – Previously worked for the Heritage Foundation, held the position of DAP and Senior Director for South and Central Asia. Lisa resigned on January 8th 2021, now working for the Center for New American Security.

As reported by research, 45% of President Trump’s “A Team” departures have undergone serial turnover as of January 24, 2021.

The following positions were held my a multiple of people.

Chief of Staff – Reince Prebus, then John Kelly, Mick Mulvaney and then Mark Meadows.

Deputy Chief of Staff – Katie Walsh, then Kirstjen Nielsen, Zachary Fuentes, Emma Doyle and finally John Fleming.

Chief of Staff to the VP – Josh Pitcock, thn Nick Ayers, and finally Marc Short

Chief of Staff to the First Lady – Lindsay Reynolds, then Stephanie Grisham and then someone else that I do not have a name for.

Communications Director – Michael Dubke, then Anthony Scaramucci, Hope Hicks, Bill Shine, Stephanie Grisham, Alyssa Farah, and then to someone else that I do not have a name for.

Press Secretary – Sean Spicer, then Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Stephanie Grisham then Kayleigh McEnany.

Director of Strategic Operations – Keith Schiller, then Jordan Karem, Madeleine Westerhout and Nicholas F. Luna.

Director of Presidential Personnel – John DeStefano, then Sean Doocey and John McEntee.

Staff Secretary – Rob Porter, then Derek Lyons and then to someone else that I do not have a name for.

Director of Presidential Advance – George Gigicos, then Robert L. Peede, then Max Miller.

Deputy White House Counsel – Greg Katsas, then Uttam Dhillon, then Patrick Philbin.

National Security Adviser – Michael Flynn, HR McMaster, John Bolton and then Robert C. O’Brien.

Deputy National Security Adviser – KT McFarland, Then Dina Powell/Ricky Waddell, Nadia Schadlow, Mira Ricardel, Charles Kupperman, and finally Mathew Pottinger/Victoria Coates***

AP for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism – Thomas Bossert then Doug Fears, then Peter Brown, then Julia Nesheiwat.

Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary, NSC – Keith Kellogg, then Fredrick Fleitz, then Joan Virginia O’Hara, and finally Matthias Mitman

Senior Director of Intelligence, NSC – Ezra Cohen Watnick, then Michael Barry and AMichael Ellis

Senior Director for Europe and Russia, NSC – Fiona Hill, then Tim Morrison, Andrew Peek, Tom Wiliams, and Ryan Tully

Senior Director for Africa, NSC – Derek Harvey, then Cyril Sartor and Elizabeth Erin Walsh.

Director of Domestic Policy Council – Andrew Bremberg, Then Joe Grogan and Brooke Rollins as acting director.

Deputy Director, of National Economic Council and International Economic Affairs – Everett Eissenstat, then Cletus Willems, Kelly Ann Shaw, Thomas Storch and finally Francis Brooke.

The 10th thing Trump has done is enrich himself by profiting from the office of the presidency.  He was the first billionaire to ever become president. Then “he wouldn’t divest from his international business empire.” The appearance of conflict of interest was of big concern, but Donald Trump didn’t care what is conveyed which gave you an idea into Trump’s morals.  With his money and the office that he holds, in his mind gave him the rights to do anything he wanted to do. While president, he was active at several of his golf clubs, and made money from the Federal government on the way, while billing the Federal government millions of dollars for Secret Service agents to stay at his properties while protecting him. With his high-end hotel located in Washington, D.C. many of the GOP insiders and lobbyists, and some foreign officials stayed at his hotel, while Trump claimed to have donated all profits from foreign government to the United States Treasury. The president claimed that he would never take the presidential salary of $400,000 per year, but he made millions off of his office in so many other ways.

Now with Donald Trump about to be impeached a second time, he stands to lose his $400,000 per year salary for life, and his ability to run again for president in 2024 if he is convicted in the Senate. He stands to lose all National Security clearances. Note, that being convicted in the Senate does not warrant any jail time, but it is a sign of things to come that would be very detrimental to Donald J. Trump.

All Known Pardons By Donald J. Trump during his Tenure as President

President Trump is now a citizen. Before leaving, he administered at least 150 + pardons to people that did not deserve a pardon, but many did deserve a pardon. One that sticks out is Steve Bannon. Mr. Bannon was indicted and never reached trial. But now since he received a full pardon from the Trump, he doesn’t have to go to court on any Federal charges against him. That doesn’t excuse Bannon from having to testify if he is called about others. “If the witness has already received a pardon, he cannot longer set up his privilege of the fifth amendment, since he stands with respect to such an offense as if it had never been committed.” He or she must testify or face contempt from court. He can then incriminate himself but not be charged, but anyone else he talks about can face prosecution. If it is proven that he lies about his statements in another trial about someone else, then he is liable and faces prosecution for lying in court.

Others that received a last minute pardon from President Donald J. Trump…

With only hours to go before leaving office, President Donald Trump pardoned 74 people and commuted the sentences of 70 others.

A list of 143 people, made public early Wednesday morning, included his former chief strategist and longtime ally Steve Bannon as well as his former top fundraiser Elliott Broidy. Then, with less than an hour to go before President-elect Joe Biden was set to be sworn in, Trump granted one last pardon: to Albert J. Pirro, Jr., the ex-husband of Fox News host and longtime ally Jeanine Pirro. Most names highlighted in red have something directly to do with Donald Trump, most likely to cover-up Trump offenses.

Here are some of the most notable names:

Alex Adjmi: Adjmi was granted a full pardon. The White House said Adjmi was convicted of a financial crime in 1996 and served 5 years in prison.

Fred Keith Alford: Alford received a full pardon. The White House said he was convicted in 1977 for a firearm violation and served one year’s unsupervised probation.

Michael Ashley: Ashley was convicted for bank fraud over the 2009 collapse of mortgage company Lend America and sentenced to 3 years in prison in 2019. He was the executive vice president and chief business strategist with the company. Ashley was ordered to pay $49 million in restitution and $800,000 in forfeiture. His sentence was commuted.

Stephen K. Bannon: Trump’s former chief strategist in the White House was in charge of the final months of his 2016 presidential campaign and was indicted in August along with three others on wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy charges. Prosecutors alleged that Bannon’s crowdfunding “We Build the Wall” campaign raised more than $25 million from Trump supporters and used hundreds of thousands for personal expenses. He was taken into custody by U.S. Postal Inspection Service agents while on board the yacht of Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui. Bannon received a full pardon and now will not have to face a trial.

Lynn Barney: Trump granted a full pardon to Lynn Barney, who was sentenced to 35 months in prison for possessing a firearm as a previously convicted felon, after having previously been convicted for distributing a small amount of marijuana, according to the White House.

David Barren: Trump commuted the sentence of David Barren, who was sentenced to life in prison in addition to 20 years for a drug conspiracy charge. In 2017, President Barack Obama commuted his life term to a 30-year sentence. The White House said Barren is a father of six children and has maintained an exemplary prison record. A petition advocating for further clemency for Barren’s release has garnered nearly 20,000 signatures.

Dr. Faustino Bernadett: Bernadett, a retired anesthesiologist, was sentenced last year to 15 months in federal prison for taking part in a long-running health care fraud scheme where he authorized sham contracts that concealed over $30 million in illegal kickback payments to physicians, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The overall scheme resulted in more than $900 million in fraudulent bills being submitted, the office said. The White House said Bernadett has spent the past year “devoted to helping protect his community from Covid-19.” He received a full pardon.

Carl Andrews Boggs: Trump granted a full pardon to Carl Andrews Boggs. In 2014, Boggs pleaded guilty to federal charges stemming from a criminal investigation into the illegal use of a disadvantaged business enterprise to obtain government-funded construction contracts. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the department of transportation and one count of money laundering conspiracy.

Kristina Bohnenkamp: Trump commuted the sentence of Kristina Bohnenkamp. According to the White House, she has served more than 10 years of a 24-year sentence for a non-violent drug offense.

Todd Boulanger: Trump granted a full pardon to Todd Boulanger, who is a former deputy to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to conspiring with others to commit honest services fraud, according to the Department of Justice. Boulanger, Abramoff and other lobbyists working with them sought to advance the interests of groups and companies they represented by lobbying federal legislative and executive branch officials, the department said.

Jonathon Braun: Braun imported marijuana worth approximately $1.76 billion, from 2008 to 2010, according to Customs and Border Protection documents, including 2,200 pounds in a single incident. He pleaded guilty in 2011 and served five years of a 10-year sentence for conspiracy to import marijuana and to commit money laundering. Trump commuted his sentence.

Elliott Broidy: Broidy, a former Republican National Committee finance chair and one of Trump’s top fundraisers, was pardoned. Broidy pleaded guilty in October to conspiring to violate foreign lobbying laws. Prosecutors said that the scheme aimed to have the Trump administration sink an investigation into the multibillion-dollar looting of a Malaysian state investment fund.

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.: Carter, a rapper who performs as Lil Wayne, was also granted a pardon. He pleaded guilty in December to a federal weapons charge after he carried a handgun from California to Florida on his private jet. Due to past felony convictions, he is barred under federal law from possessing firearms. The charge carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. Carter has frequently expressed support for Trump and recently met with the president on criminal justice issues.

Randall “Duke” Cunningham: Another ex-member of Congress, the California Republican was sentenced to 8 years in prison for bribery and was released in 2013. He received a conditional pardon.

Paul Erickson: Erickson, a conservative operative with ties to the NRA, came under scrutiny during the investigation into Russian election interference. He pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering in an unrelated case.

Rodney Nakia Gibson: Convicted of drug trafficking in 2009, Gibson served more than 11 years in custody, according to the White House. His commutation was supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. The details of his conviction couldn’t be independently verified.

George Gilmore: This former local GOP chairman was convicted in April 2019 of failing to pay payroll taxes and for making false statements on a bank loan application. In an appeal, Gilmore claimed that a “hoarding” disorder made him spend lavishly on personal expenses rather than make timely payments to the IRS. His pardon was supported by former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie among others.

Deborah, Gregory and Martin Jorgensen: In the 1980s, the Jorgensens marketed and sold processed beef as heart-healthy, antibiotic-free and hormone-free. When demand outstripped their supply of beef, they mixed in commercial beef trim that usually used to make hamburgers, without telling their customers. They were convicted in 1996 of several counts, including conspiracy and fraudulent sale of misbranded meat. Martin Jorgensen passed away in 2019, and was married to Deborah Jorgensen. Gregory Jorgensen is their son.

Bill K. Kapri: Kodak Black, whose legal name is Bill Kapri, was sentenced to 46 months in prison on federal weapons charges in 2019 after admitting that he falsified information on federal forms to buy four firearms. The rapper obtained three guns: a 9mm handgun, a .380-caliber handgun and a semi-automatic Mini Draco weapon. He received a pardon.

Kwame Kilpatrick: The former mayor of Detroit had his 28-year sentence commuted. He pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and resigned from office as part of a plea deal in 2008 following a pay-to-play scheme in which Kilpatrick and his father took kickbacks and bribes to steer city business to certain contractors. He initially served 99 days in prison but then served an additional year for violating his probation and was released in 2011.

Kenneth Kurson: Trump granted clemency to Kurson, the former editor of the New York Observer and friend of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner who was charged last October with cyberstalking during a heated divorce.

Anthony Levandowski: Levandowski, a former Google engineer who was sentenced for stealing a trade secret on self-driving cars months before he briefly headed Uber Technologies Inc’s rival unit, was also pardoned.

Salomon Melgen: Trump commuted the prison sentence of Melgen, an eye doctor and major Democratic donor convicted of defrauding Medicare patients. He stood trial with New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, who lobbied Trump for Melgen’s case.

Desiree Perez: Perez was arrested in 1994 for drug possession and in 1998 for grand larceny and possession of a firearm. In 2019, she was named CEO of Roc Nation, the entertainment company founded by rapper-turned-mogul Jay-Z.

Albert J. Pirro, Jr.: With less than an hour to go before Biden is sworn in, Trump granted a full pardon to Albert J. Pirro, Jr. Pirro, Jr., the ex-husband of Fox News host and Trump ally Jeanine Pirro, was convicted on conspiracy and tax evasion charges in 2000.

Rick Renzi: Former U.S. Rep. Rick Renzi, R-Ariz., was granted a full pardon. In 2013, he was sentenced to three years in prison for extortion, bribery, insurance fraud, money laundering and racketeering in a public corruption case. He had served three terms in the House.

Aviem Sella: An Israeli citizen, Sella was indicted in March 1987 on charges he recruited convicted American spy Jonathan Jay Pollard to collect U.S. military secrets for Israel. Trump granted him a full pardon and his request was supported by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. and the U.S. ambassador to Israel.

Brian Simmons: Trump commuted the sentence of Brian Simmons, who has served 5 years of a 15-year sentence for nonviolent conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana.

Syrita Steib-Martin: Syrita Steib of New Orleans, received a full pardon after being convicted at the age of 19 of using fire to commit a felony. Steib now serves as executive director and co-founder of Operation Restoration, which works to create education and work opportunities for formerly incarcerated women.

Patrick Lee Swisher: Patrick Swisher of Charlotte, North Carolina, was granted a full pardon after being convicted in 2002 of tax fraud and false statements and serving 18 months in prison. Previous to this, the Securities and Exchange Commission had charged his company with accounting fraud in 2001. Swisher now works as CEO of a company at which he employs more than 1,000 individuals, according to the White House.

David Tamman: Trump granted a full pardon to David Tamman, who was a partner at a law firm when he doctored financial documents at the behest of a client who was perpetrating a Ponzi scheme. According to the Department of Justice, the scheme ultimately took $22 million from victims. Tamman was found guilty of 10 counts that included obstruction of justice, altering records in a federal investigation, and being an accessory after the fact to the fraud scheme. He was convicted in 2013 and completed his seven-year sentence in 2019.

Casey Urlacher: Urlacher was pardoned after being named in a grand jury indictment in 2020 and being accused of helping to run an illegal offshore gambling business. Urlacher faced two counts in the case, each of which had carried a potential prison sentence of five years. He currently serves as the mayor of Mettawa, Illinois and is the brother of former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Monstsho Eugene Vernon: Vernon had his sentence commuted after serving 19 years in prison. Vernon committed numerous armed bank robberies in Greenville, South Carolina. The White House said that some of these offenses involved Vernon carrying BB guns as opposed to genuine firearms.

Blanca Virgen: Blanca Virgen was convicted of drug charges, and has served 12 years of a 30-year sentence. Virgen featured on the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers trial penalty clemency project which described her as “a model prisoner” and highlighted her desire to return to Mexico to care for her children.

Jerry Donnell Walden: Convicted in 1998 of conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine, Walden was sentenced to 40 years in prison. President Trump has commuted Walden’s sentence, 23 years into his incarceration.

John Harold Wall: Wall was granted a full pardon after being convicted of aiding and abetting possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine in 1992. According to the White House, he completed a 60 month prison sentence with 4 years’ supervised release.

William Walters: A retired professional gambler, Las Vegas-based William Walters had been sentenced to prison for five years in 2017 for conspiring to commit insider trading from at least 2008 through 2014. Walters, who was 70 at the time of his conviction, was also ordered to pay a $10 million fine. Trump’s commutation of the sentence was supported by former Majority Leader Harry Reid and golfer Phil Mickelson, among others. The New York Times reported that this pardon was brokered by John Dowd, Trump’s former personal lawyer, who was hired by Walters to exert his influence on Trump

Eliyahu Weinstein: Weinstein, from Lakewood, New Jersey, has been pardoned whilst serving his eighth year of a 24-year sentence for a real estate investment fraud as well as money laundering charges. His commutation was supported by former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman, former Representative Bob Barr, and Alan Dershowitz, among others.

Shalom Weiss: Weiss was pardoned 18 years into an 835-year sentence — believed to be the longest-ever white-collar prison sentence — for his role in setting up an insurance fraud scheme. He received support from Alan Dershowitz and Jay Sekulow, who sent letters to Trump.

Tom Leroy Whitehurst: The White House has said that Whitehurst was serving a life sentence in prison for leading a conspiracy to manufacture at least 16.7 kilograms of methamphetamine and possessing numerous firearms during the course of the conspiracy. His sentence has been commuted to 30 years, of which he’s served 24.

Caroline Yeats: The White House has said that Yeats’s 20-year sentence has been commuted. She has served almost 7 years of it and is a first-time, non-violent drug offender.

Chris Young: Young was pardoned for his non-violent drug offense in a conspiracy case and had served over 10 years of the sentence. He has initially been given a life sentence. Kim Kardashian West had been advocating for his release.

Robert “Bob” Zangrillo: Robert Zangrillo was pardoned for his role in the 2019 college admissions scandal. Zangrillo, the CEO of a private investment firm in Miami, FL, was accused of bribing employees from the University of Southern California’s athletics department to secure his daughter’s college place. He was charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

Here is the full list, as provided by the White House:

Abel Holtz — President Trump granted a full pardon to Abel Holtz. This pardon is supported by Representative Mario Diaz-Balart and friends and business colleagues in his community. Mr. Holtz is currently 86 years old. In 1995, he pled guilty to one count of impeding a grand jury investigation and was sentenced to 45 days in prison. Before his conviction, Mr. Holtz, who was the Chairman of a local bank, never had any legal issues and has had no other legal issues since his conviction. Mr. Holtz has devoted extensive time and resources to supporting charitable causes in South Florida, including substantial donations to the City of Miami Beach.

Jaime A. Davidson — President Trump commuted the sentence of Jaime A. Davidson. This commutation is supported by Mr. Davidson’s family and friends, Alice Johnson, and numerous others. In 1993, Mr. Davidson was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in relation to the murder of an undercover officer. Notably, witnesses who testified against Mr. Davidson later recanted their testimony in sworn affidavits and further attested that Mr. Davidson had no involvement. Although Mr. Davidson has been incarcerated for nearly 29 years, the admitted shooter has already been released from prison. Following the commutation of his sentence, Mr. Davidson will continue legal efforts to clear his name. In addition, while incarcerated, Mr. Davidson mentored and tutored over 1,000 prisoners to help them achieve their GED certificates. Mr. Davidson has earned praise from prison officials for his dedication to helping others.

James E. Johnson, Jr. — President Trump granted a full pardon to James E. Johnson, Jr. In 2008, Mr. Johnson pled guilty to charges related to migratory birds. Mr. Johnson received 1 year probation, was barred from hunting during that period, and a $7,500 fine was imposed. Throughout his life, Mr. Johnson has made numerous contributions for the conservation of wildlife.

Tommaso Buti — President Trump granted a full pardon to Tommaso Buti. Mr. Buti is an Italian citizen and a respected businessman. He is the Chief Operating Officer of a large Italian company and has started a successful charitable initiative to raise funds for UNICEF. More than 20 years ago, Mr. Buti was charged with financial fraud involving a chain of restaurants. He has not, however, been convicted in the United States.

Jawad A. Musa — President Trump commuted the sentence of Jawad A. Musa. In 1991, Mr. Musa was sentence to life imprisonment for a non-violent, drug-related offense. Mr. Musa’s sentencing judge and the prosecutor on the case have both requested clemency on his behalf. He is currently 56-years old. During his time in prison, Mr. Musa has strengthened his faith and taken dozens of educational courses. Mr. Musa is blessed with a strong supportive network in Baltimore, Maryland and has numerous offers of employment.

Adriana Shayota — President Trump commuted the sentence of Adriana Shayota. Ms. Shayota has served more than half of her 24 month sentence. The Deputy Mayor of Chula Vista, California, John McCann, supports this commutation, among other community leaders. Ms. Shayota is a mother and a deeply religious woman who had no prior convictions. She was convicted of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods, commit copyright infringement, and introduce misbranded food into interstate commerce. During her time in prison, Ms. Shayota mentored those who wanted to improve their lives and demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to rehabilitation.

Glen Moss — President Trump granted a full pardon to Glen Moss. After pleading guilty in 1998, Mr. Moss has been a vital member of his community. Mr. Moss has been committed to numerous philanthropic efforts at the national level, including St Jude’s Hospital for Children, Breast Cancer Awareness, and the Colon Cancer Foundation. Within his community, he has contributed to Danbury Hospital and Ann’s Place, a community-based cancer support center.

Michael Liberty — President Trump granted a full pardon to Michael Liberty. Mr. Liberty’s request for clemency is supported by Representative Susan Austin, Matthew E. Sturgis, and Anthony Fratianne. In 2016 Mr. Liberty was convicted for campaign finance violations and later was indicted for related offenses. Mr. Liberty is the father of 7 children and has been involved in numerous philanthropic efforts.

Greg Reyes — President Trump granted a full pardon to Greg Reyes. This pardon is supported by Shon Hopwood, former United States Attorney Brett Tolman, and numerous others. Mr. Reyes was the former CEO of Brocade Communications. Mr. Reyes was convicted of securities fraud. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, however, threw out his convictions, finding prosecutorial misconduct. He was later retried, convicted, and sentenced to 18 months in Federal prison. Mr. Reyes has accepted full responsibility for his actions and has been out of prison for more than 8 years.

Ferrell Damon Scott — President Trump commuted the sentence of Ferrell Damon Scott. This commutation is supported by former Acting United States Attorney Sam Sheldon, who prosecuted his case and wrote that he “… strongly does not believe that [Mr. Scott] deserves a mandatory life sentence.” Ms. Alice Johnson, the CAN-DO Foundation, and numerous others also support clemency for Mr. Scott. Mr. Scott has served nearly 9 years of a life imprisonment sentence for possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Under today’s sentencing guidelines, it is likely that Mr. Scott would not have received such a harsh sentence.

Jeffrey Alan Conway — President Trump granted a full pardon to Jeffrey Alan Conway. Mr. Conway’s pardon is strongly supported by his business partners Gary N. Solomon and Ely Hurwitz, members of law enforcement, and numerous other members of the community. Since his release from prison, Mr. Conway has led a successful life and currently runs 10 restaurant businesses that employ nearly 500 people. Mr. Conway is active in his community and in various philanthropic efforts.

Benedict Olberding — President Trump granted a full pardon to Benedict Olberding. Mr. Olberding was convicted on one count of bank fraud. Mr. Olberding is an upstanding member of the community who has paid his debt to society. After completing his sentence, he purchased two aquarium stores, as well as a consulting business to train prospective mortgage brokers.

Lou Hobbs — President Trump commuted the sentence of Lou Hobbs. Mr. Hobbs has served 24 years of his life sentence. While incarcerated, Mr. Hobbs completed his GED as well as various other education classes. Mr. Hobbs is dedicated to improving his life and is focused on his family and friends who have assisted him during difficult times.

Matthew Antoine Canady — President Trump commuted the sentence of Matthew Antoine Canady. This commutation is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Canady had an unstable childhood and all of his prior drug-related convictions occurred during his teenage years. Mr. Canady worked hard to move beyond his challenging circumstances and has demonstrated extraordinary rehabilitation while in custody. He has maintained clear conduct while incarcerated and has notably taken advantage of significant vocational programs, including an electrical apprenticeship. He receives “outstanding” work reports and is described as “hardworking” and “respectful” by the Bureau of Prisons staff. Mr. Canady takes full responsibility for his criminal actions and would like to find gainful employment to help support his children.

Mario Claiborne — President Trump commuted the sentence of Mario Claiborne. This commutation is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Claiborne is serving life imprisonment and has already served more than 28 years in prison. For more than 20 years, Mr. Claiborne has maintained clear conduct. Mr. Claiborne currently works for a UNICOR facility and has completed rehabilitative programming, including drug education.

Luis Fernando Sicard — President Trump commuted the sentence of Luis Fernando Sicard. This commutation is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Sicard was sentenced in 2000 for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and possession of a firearm during and in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. He has served 20 years with clear conduct. Mr. Sicard has participated in substantial programming, including a number of vocational courses. Currently, Mr. Sicard works in the camp vehicular factory and previously worked in UNICOR earning “outstanding” work reports, and he also volunteers in the inmate puppy program. Importantly, Mr. Sicard takes full responsibility for his criminal actions. Mr. Sicard is a former Marine and father of two girls.

DeWayne Phelps — President Trump commuted the sentence of DeWayne Phelps. This commutation is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Phelps has served 11 years in prison for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. He has served over a decade in prison with clear conduct, has trained as a dental apprentice, participated in UNICOR, and is noted as being a reliable inmate capable of being assigned additional responsibilities. Most notably, Mr. Phelps’s sentence would unquestionably be lower today under the First Step Act.

Isaac Nelson — President Trump commuted the sentence of Isaac Nelson. This commutation is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Nelson is serving a mandatory 20 year sentence for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribution of 5 kilograms or more of cocaine and 50 grams or more of crack cocaine. Following the First Step Act’s changes to the definition of serious drug felony, Mr. Nelson would no longer receive a mandatory minimum term of 20 years’ imprisonment. Instead, he would likely face a 10-year sentence. He has already served more than 11 years in prison. Throughout his incarceration, he appears to have demonstrated commendable adjustment to custody.

Traie Tavares Kelly — President Trump commuted the sentence of Traie Tavares Kelly. This commutation is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Kelly was convicted of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute 50 grams or more of cocaine base and 5 kilograms or more of cocaine. He has served over 14 years in prison, but if he were sentenced today, he would likely be subject only to 10-year mandatory minimum. Moreover, Mr. Kelly has substantial work history while incarcerated and his notable accomplishments in education and programming demonstrate that he has used his time to maximize his chance at being a productive citizen upon release.

Javier Gonzales — President Trump commuted the sentence of Javier Gonzales. This commutation is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Gonzales was convicted of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine and distribution of methamphetamine in 2005. He has served over 14 years in prison, which is 4 years longer than the 10-year sentence he would likely receive today. He has a demonstrated record of rehabilitation during his incarceration, including steady employment, with substantial UNCIOR experience, and participation in vocational programming and training to facilitate his successful reintegration into the workforce upon release. He also has no history of violent conduct. Mr. Gonzales has actively addressed his admitted substance abuse issues with nonresidential drug treatment and participation in the residential program.

Eric Wesley Patton — President Trump granted a full pardon to Eric Wesley Patton. This pardon is supported by former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Patton was convicted of making a false statement on a mortgage application in 1999. In the 20 years since his conviction, Mr. Patton has worked hard to build a sterling reputation, been a devoted parent, and made solid contributions to his community by quietly performing good deeds for friends, neighbors, and members of his church.

Robert William Cawthon — President Trump granted a full pardon to Robert William Cawthon. His pardon is supported by former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Cawthon was convicted in 1992 for making a false statement on a bank loan application and was sentenced to 3 years’ probation, conditioned upon 180 days’ home confinement. Mr. Cawthon has accepted responsibility for his offense, served his sentence without incident, and fulfilled his restitution obligation. His atonement has been exceptional, and since his conviction he has led an unblemished life while engaging in extensive, praiseworthy community service.

Hal Knudson Mergler — President Trump granted a full pardon to Hal Knudson Mergler. This pardon is supported by former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Mr. Mergler was convicted of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribution of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in 1992. He received 1 month imprisonment, 3 years supervised release, and ordered to pay restitution. Since his conviction, Mr. Mergler has lived a productive and law-abiding life, including by earning a college degree, creating a successful business career, and starting a family. He has made significant contributions to his community and has helped to build a new school for a non-profit charitable organization. He is uniformly praised as a hardworking and ethical businessman and a caring father.

Other Political pardons and commutations since Trump has been in office…

Joseph M. Arpaio – for Contempt of court

Kristian Mark Saucier – Unauthorized retention of defense information

Scooter Lewis Libby – Obstruction of justice; false statements; perjury (two counts)

Jack Johnson – Violation of the White Slave Traffic Act

Dinesh D’Souza – Campaign contribution fraud

Dwight Lincoln Hammond – Use of fire to damage and destroy property of the United States (two counts)

Michael Chase Behenna – Unpremeditated murder; assault

Patrick James Nolan – Conducting the affairs of an enterprise through a pattern of racketeering

Conrad Moffat Black – Mail fraud; attempted obstruction of justice

Michael Anthony Tedesco – Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribute in excess of 5 kilograms of cocaine and quantities of marijuana

Roy Wayne McKeever – Used telephone in distributing marijuana

John Richard Bubala – Conversion of government property

Chalmer Lee Williams – Conspiracy to steal firearms and other goods as part of an interstate shipment; theft from shipment in interstate commerce; theft of firearms shipped in interstate commerce.

Rodney M. Takumi – Participating in an illegal gambling business.

Zay Jeffries – Conspiracy to violate the Sherman Act.

Mathew Golsteyn – Premeditated murder (charged, not tried or convicted)

Clint A. Lorance – Attempted murder; murder (two specifications); wrongfully communicating a threat (two specifications); reckless endangerment; solicitating a false statement; obstructing justice.

Angela Ronae Stanton – Conspiracy to transport in interstate commerce a stolen motor vehicle and tampering with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Ariel Manuel Friedler – Conspiracy to access a protected computer without authorization.

David Hossein Safavian – Obstruction; false statement (three counts).

Michael Robert Milken – Conspiracy; securities fraud; mail fraud; tax fraud; filing false reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); assisting a brokerage firm in violating its net capital requirements.

Paul Harvey Pogue – Making and subscribing a false tax return.

Bernard Bailey Kerik – Obstructing the administration of the Internal Revenue Laws; aiding in the preparation of a false income tax return; making false statements on a loan application; making false statements (five counts).

Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. – Misprision of a felony.

Susan B. Anthony – (June 18, 1873) Illegal voting

Jon Donyae Ponder – Bank robbery; interference with commerce by armed robbery (six counts.

Alice Marie Johnson – Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine; attempted possession of 12 kilos of cocaine with intent to distribute; attempted possession of 9 kilos of cocaine; attempted possession of 75 kilos of cocaine; attempted possession of 10 kilos of cocaine; conspiracy to commit money laundering; money laundering ($1.5 million); structuring monetary transactions.

Michael T. Flynn – Making false statements to Federal investigators.

Phillip Kay Lyman – Conspiracy to operate off-road vehicles on public land closed to off-road vehicles; operation of off-road vehicle on public lands closed to off-road vehicles.

Otis Gordon – Sell, distribute, or dispense a controlled substance.

Weldon Hal Angelos – Possession with intent to distribute marijuana (five counts); possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime (three counts); possession of a stolen firearm (two counts); possession of a firearm with a removed serial number; use of a controlled substance in possession of a firearm (two counts); money laundering (three counts).

Alex Van Der Zwaan – False statements.

George Papadopoulos – False statements

Christopher Carl Collins – Conspiracy to commit securities fraud; false statements

Duncan D. Hunter – Conspiracy to commit offenses.

Alfonso Antonio Costa – Health care fraud.

Paul Alvin Slough – Voluntary manslaughter, aiding and abetting and causing an act to be done (13 counts); attempt to commit voluntary manslaughter, aiding and abetting and causing an act to be done (17 counts); using and discharging a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence and aiding and abetting and causing an act to be done.

Nicholas Abram Slatten – Murder in the first degree.

Evan Shawn Liberty – Voluntary manslaughter, aiding and abetting and causing an act to be done (eight counts); attempt to commit voluntary manslaughter, aiding and abetting and causing an act to be done (12 counts); using and discharging a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence and aiding and abetting and causing an act to be done.

Dustin Laurent Heard – Voluntary manslaughter, aiding and abetting and causing an act to be done (six counts); attempt to commit voluntary manslaughter, aiding and abetting and causing an act to be done (11 counts); using and discharging a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence and aiding and abetting and causing an act to be done.

Jose Alonso Compean – Assault with a dangerous weapon, and aiding and abetting; assault with serious bodily injury, and aiding and abetting; discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence; deprivation of rights under color of law.

Alfred Lee Crum – Illegally operating a still; unlawful possession of a still; operating without bond.

Ignacio Ramos – Assault with a dangerous weapon and aiding and abetting; assault with serious bodily injury and aiding and abetting; discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence; deprivation of rights under color of law.

Roger Joseph Stone Jr. – Obstruction of proceeding; false statements (five counts); witness tampering.

Paul J. Manafort – Subscribing to false United States individual income tax returns for 2010-2014 tax years (five counts); failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts for calendar years 2011-2014; bank fraud/Lender B/$3.4 million loan; bank fraud/Lender C/$1 million loan. Conspiracy against the United States; conspiracy to obstruct justice (witness tampering)

Margaret E. Hunter – Conspiracy to commit offenses

Charles Kushner – Fraud and false statements (16 counts); retaliating against witness, victim; statements or entries generally.

William Plemons – Structuring transactions to avoid reporting requirements (four counts. Willfully attempting to evade personal

income tax (three counts). Wire fraud.

Topeka Kimberly Sam – Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine hydrochloride.

Peter Y. Atkinson – Mail fraud (three counts).

John A. Boultbee – Mail fraud.

Andrew Barron Worden – Mail fraud.

Mary Ballard McCarty – Conspiracy to commit honest services fraud.

James J. Kassouf – Making a false tax return.

John Frederick Tate – Conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States; causing false records; causing false campaign contribution reports; false statements scheme.

Jesse R. Benton – Conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States; causing false records; causing false campaign contribution reports; false statements scheme.

Christopher II X – Conspiracy to distribute cocaine. 4 other occuring cocaine violations.

Cesar Agusto Lozada – Conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Rickey Ivan Kanter – Mail fraud

Stephanie Christine Mohr – Deprivation of rights under color of law

Robert Edward Coughlin II – Conflict of interest

Mark Siljander – Obstruction of justice; violation of Foreign Agents Registration Act

James Harutun Batmasian – Willful failure to pay over tax

Gary Mark Brugman – Deprivation of rights under color of law

Joseph Occhipinti – Conspiracy to violate civil rights; deprivation of rights under color of law (10 misdemeanor counts); false statements (six counts)

Rebekah Kay Charleston – Conspiracy to commit tax evasion

Russell Paul Plaisance – Conspiracy to unlawfully import cocaine into the U.S.






Trump Now Faces Many Legal Difficulties and Financial Issues after the ‘Insurrection’ on the U.S. Capitol in D.C.

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is about to leave office. But he couldn’t leave or even admit defeat in the election even after almost 50 confirmations by the courts, including the Supreme Court, have decided that the election was not stolen, and there was no proof of fraud during the voting. Donald Trump has NEVER admitted defeat, so there were no other options left available to him before he was forced out of office. On January 6th, shortly after he was unsuccessful in keeping the U.S. Senate under Republican control, in an attempt to save face to his very loyal followers, he decided to take the election into his own hands, even when there was absolutely nothing  he could legally do about it. The only thing left to do was to rile up his loyal followers and have them march down to the U.S. State Capitol in Washington, D.C. A joint-session of Congress was in the process on January 6th to certify the votes in the election with Vice-President Joe Biden as the winner of the Presidency. It was the final straw for Donald Trump. He had no other recourse in his sick mind than to attack the institution representing the United States, in a time in his life as president that he was supposed to protect.

Trump, along with Senator Cruz and Senator Hawley, the Trump family, including his lawyer and long-time friend Rudy Giuliani, decided that their loyal followers should march down to the capital and claim fraud in the election. Rudy will be the first to admit that the rioters were not from the rally held by Trump just minutes before, even when the rioters that showed up held up signs supporting Trump, flags and those “America First’ red hats. But in reality, the majority did come from the rally and Trump encouraged his followers to take the election in their own hands, and that is exactly what they did. It wasn’t since the State Capital was attacked by the British over 200 years ago, has anyone ever put the U.S. Capital located in Washington D.C. in great peril. The Trump supporters broke into the building in an attempt to find Vice-President Mike Pence and the leader of the U.S. House of Representatives – Nancy Pelosi, to bring them to what they called justice. The rioters brought nooses to “hang Pence”. They wanted to do anything possible to change the outcome of the election, even though nothing could be done. Trump now shows no remorse for inciting the crowd and offered only a forced denunciation of their actions several hours later after he was finally convinced by others in the party to do so.

The joint-session of Congress to certify the election was interrupted before finishing the confirmation of votes. Tragically, they had to hide from the protesters, as the protesters had breached the building, putting the lives of the senators, including Vice-President Pence and Democratic Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi in harms way. Luckily none of the Senators and Congressmen were injured, but the damage by the protesters was widespread. Windows and doors were broken, and a police officer, Brian Sickneck died one day later from injuries inflicted by rioters. It took a few days before Trump was finally convinced to fly the U.S. flag at half-mast at the White House. A total of 5 people died from the riot.  One of the protesters, a woman named Ashli Babbit, was killed by police while trying to break into the Speaker’s Lobby. Several of the rioters were also heard and recorded demanding that Vice-President be hanged while others carried nooses. Sadly some of the Capital police that were on-site to protect the building, sided with the rioters, took selfie pictures with them and stood with them during the riots. The officers who were know to support the actions of the rioters were permanently suspended from their jobs and also face prosecution with the rioters.

The country witnessed in real time, what destruction was being done to the historical building and to our institution of democracy. The entire world was watching in real time, while the president said nothing. It was the true definition of an insurrection, and some of the participants will be destined for jail time up to 10 years when they are caught, tried and convicted of  ‘Insurrection‘.

After the crowds were finally turned away, the joint-session of Congress was held, in determination by both the leaders – Senator Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi. They formally certified the election results, and now there wasn’t a thing that could be done to change the outcome.

Everything that was done by the rioters was for naught. They did not accomplish what they set out to do, because Donald Trump told them to do it and justice was not accomplished by his reasoning. Vice-President failed Donald Trump so the president showed his outrage.

Donald J. Trump is now positioned to be the very first president in American history to face impeachment for a second time because of his incitement of the riots on January 6th at the U.S. State capital. The actions of the House of Representatives with a single article of impeachment will happen tomorrow, January 13, 2021 unless Trump decides to resign from office. But he is too stupid to resign. He still may want to pardon himself for everything he’s been guilty for while being president. But if he were to do that, he would admit his failures and guilt to his followers, and he still has ambitions to run for president again in 2024. If he were smart, he would step down from the presidency, and let Mike Pence run out the clock as president, before Vice-President Elect Joe Biden takes over on January 20th. But Trump, as usual, doesn’t have an ounce of sense in his brain. It is my opinion that he must be one of the most stupid people on the face of the earth. Being the most unfit person to serve as the President of the United States, he has done more harm to the country than good as a supposed leader of the free world. Even the things he has done right, where almost half of the people who voted in the presidential election voted for him in 2020  now no longer counts. Donald J. Trump will never be known as for the good he has done. Instead, he will be known as the worst president in American history, and will be known as the leader of the Republican party that he incited the attack of the State Capital. He will always be remembered for this. Unfortunately, he will be also known for all the other things bad that will be associated with him, like supporting the likes of Kim Jong Un and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The resolution created by the U.S. House also has a prevision that he can also be barred from ever running for state office again in the future. Trump totally denies that he is to blame for any of the crimes committed at the State Capital, even if there is ample proof that he convinced his followers to march to the Capital. But everything he said in the past, every instance of lies and corruption about Trump has been recorded, and he has no standing of innocence. He may have escaped by the skin of his teeth to be able to finish his first and only term in office as President, but he cannot escape what is coming to him in the future, especially with trials and convictions pending in the state of New York, which he has no protection from. If convicted, I expect to see Trump either behind bars, or at the least facing arrest and embarrassment to the entire world. Don’t look for a presidential pardon from President Joe Biden. All of his cronies, like Rudy Giuliani and others that he has yet to pardon that he may not pardon  because it may be too late, will also face the possibility of conviction centered around the insurrection of the Capital which he also instigated in a speech just prior to the rioters leaving for the State Capital.

Trump will be impeached tomorrow in the U.S. House, but Senator McConnell has decided that the U.S Senate would not take up the article of impeachment until at 1 PM on January 20th, one hour after Joe Biden becomes president and Trump leaves office. Still, the now controlled U.S. Senate will take up the resolution of impeachment after Trump leaves the presidency, in order to convict and to make sure that Trump never holds another political office in the future, which means he could never again run for the presidency.

Trump already lost allot even before the pending impeachment, even before he’s going to leave office. Because of what he incited to bring harm to the institutions he is supposed to protect, he and others now have to deal with reality, the result for what they did. The Justice Department and FBI have confirmed they are investigating everyone involved in the riot and have repeatedly asked the people for help in producing photographs and video to identify suspects. Everyone present who participated will eventually be brought to justice.

  • Several of the Trump supporters who participated in the riots have lost their jobs and businesses because of their participate in their illegal activity at the State Capital and face prosecution with jail time.
  • On Friday night, Twitter finally had enough of Trump and permanently banned him from the service.
  • Facebook temporarily banned him until after the election, pending how he manages his account from that point on. Any reference against Biden or Harris or the election, or even mentions the word ‘fraud’, most likely will get him banned for life from Facebook. Presently, only will post for Rudy Giuliani and others in his orbit.
  • At least for now, he will not represent the Republican party, as others within plan to take it back from being the ‘Trump party’. His political capital was already weakened by the Republican’ defeats in the two runoff races in Georgia that were poisoned by the President’s lies about voter fraud.
  • Besides impeachment, he also faces an action by Vice-President Mike Pence as he has an option to be ousted out of office by the 25th amendment, although there is no indication that Mike Pence will do the right thing, even though his life was on the line on that fateful night, thanks to the henchman, Donald Trump.
  • Republican Senators are coming forward now claiming that they will vote for impeachment of Trump.
  • Two of Trump’s lenders, Deutsche Bank and Signature bank cut ties with Trump after the riots. No more business between the banks and Trump’s businesses will be in order. Signature Bank that catered to Trumps family for a long time, is closing two of his personal accounts in which Trump held about %5.3 million. It looks like Donald Trump and others, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner need to find another bank. Good Luck!
  • PGA cancels plans to hold the May 2022 Championship at Trump’s New Jersey Golf Course. So, there will be no future PGA tournament at Trump’s Bedminster in New Jersey.  The PGA Board of Directors president, Jim Richerson announced that keeping Trump on the PGA schedule would be “detrimental to the PGA of America brand”.
  • Universities have stripped Donald Trump of honorary degrees, including Lehigh University in Pennsylvania received in 1988, Wagner College on Staten Island for an honorary degree received in 2004 and the major banks mentioned have stopped political contributions, at least for now. Google, Facebook and Microsoft said they were pausing political spending.
  • Stripe, the online payment platform is no longer processing payments for Trump’s campaign website, citing violations of its user policy.
  • Shopify, which powers e-commerce sites closed two online stores tied to Mr. Trump, and as in their words, “Based on recent events, we have determined that the actions by President Donald J. Trump violate our Acceptable Use Policy, which prohibits promotion or support of organizations, platforms or people that threaten or condone violence to further a cause,” the Shopify representative said earlier on Thursday. “As a result, we have terminated stores affiliated with President Trump.”
  • Other financial institutions, including Citigroup claim they are pausing all campaign contributions until March. JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock and Bank of America are suspending donations through their PACs.
  • Members of Congress who supported Trump in his claim of fraud, had their contributions suspended by Morgan Stanley. The Bank stopped Congress donations for those who voted against certifying the results of the election.
  • Visa temporarily suspended all political donations through its PAC. American Express and Mastercard claim they will no longer give political contributions to politicians who had tried to block the certification of the election results.

Rudy Giuliani hasn’t completely escaped the wrath of the law either. The New York State Bar Association has started an inquiring into whether he should be removed from its membership. He has been widely spreading false claims of widespread election fraud and used the phase to the rioters at a rally just prior to the Capital attack “trial by combat” as it indicates that it is now time for the Trump supports to take matters into their own hands. Why this can occur is because the New York State Bar Association bylaws forbid members from, among or other things, advocating “the overthrow of the government.” But Giuliani would still be able to practice law even if he lost his membership to the association. Middlebury College in Vermont revoked an honorary doctor of laws degree to Giuliani because of his role in “formenting the violent uprising against our nation’s Capital building.”.

  • AT&T, Amazon, Comcast, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Ford, Best Buy and Marriott International are also suspending or ending contributions to members of Congress who voted against the certification of the Electoral College.
  • The U.S Chamber of Commerce, known as the nation’s largest business lobbying group, condemned Donald Trump’s conduct and anyone who backed his efforts to discredit the election would no longer receive the organization’s financial backing.
  • Walmart, along with the Walt Disney Company will no longer make political contributions to the House and Senate members who voted to reject the certification of votes.
  • The short-term home rental company AirBnB will suspend contributions to any member of Congress who voted against the certification of the presidential election.
  • Dow, the chemicals giant will also suspend contributions to any member of Congress who voted against the certification of the presidential election.
  • The Hallmark Cards political action committee asked both Republican senators – Mr. Josh Hawley and Mr. Roger Marshall who voted to overturn the election results to return all of the committee’s campaign contributions.
  • Other political contributions have been suspended, including those of UPS, American Airlines, BP, ConocoPhillips and Coca-Cola, General Motors, Hilton. Fed Ex, CVS Health, Delta and Exxon Mobile would review their future political contributions.
  • The Parlor online app has been suspended. The social platform that had no rules and allowed Trumps supporters to circulate false statements concerning fraud in the election essentially has been shut down, as the platforms of Apple, Amazon and Google have pulled the plug on the Parlor app.

This is all that I know for now. Other things affecting Donald Trump’s finances are surely to come. Loosing his political platform of “Twitter” most likely hits him harder than most as he now has a large disconnect from his Twitter followers, maybe even more than his financial matters that seem to take a turn to the unknown, but Trump needs to realize that he will not get away for the danger he has done to the country, and most likely will be prosecuted for his actions  in the future.  Several lawsuits against Trump will continue and he will have to deal with them for a long time to come.


Difficult Times Ahead for Donald J. Trump

In just about a month, President Trump will be out of the White House. Where is he going to live? Most presidents are welcome back into their communities, but for this president, leaving the White House will be a total and undesired experience from other past presidents. He is not welcome back into the community in Palm Beach, Florida, where his Mar-a-Largo business resides. When he turned it into a business in the 1990’s, he lost the legal right to live there. Presently, he can only stay at that resort legally for a few weeks at a time. For most communities, they offer their city to an outgoing president, but apparently no city wants Trump. He lived in Manhattan just prior to becoming president, and I hardly doubt that he would be interested in living in New York in the future.

Donald Trump thinks that losing the White House is the worst thing that can happen to him, thus his reason for fighting to stay in office at all costs. But why would he want to stay there when he mostly enjoys playing golf instead of leading all the people in the free world to have a better life? He proved that after loosing the election. He stopped governing as president and became a full time golf player. His job as president was to be a protector and chief, with the American people first with utmost importance in his mind. Instead, his thinking has always been about himself.

What can he do to make money regardless of how he acquires it? That’s a $50 million dollar question. The fact is that he will spare no means on how he acquires his money as long as he doesn’t have to pay any taxes and thinks he can get away with it. Everyone wants to pay less taxes, but all law abiding people would never come up with schemes to not pay taxes as Trump proved time and time again that may be proven with his tax returns that the State of New York has already acquired, and may pay for it with a conviction in court.

Yes, there are many other reasons why Donald Trump would like to continue being the president, besides making life miserable for the majority of the citizens he is supposed to represent.
First and foremost in his mind, he knows that New York prosecutors are looking into possible extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump organization. He was the first one to tell you that there was fraud in the election in 4 particular states that he lost. But now, he most likely will be investigated with possible crimes involving bank and insurance fraud. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office put out a subpoena detailing financial records in connection with at least an amount of $2 billion Deutche Bank has lent Trump.

Approximately 5 months ago, the Supreme Court declared that the president can face state criminal charges. Trump’s financial records may show in detail how Trump devaluated his properties to pay little or no taxes, which is against the law. For years, he paid no taxes. In 2019, his tax liability was claimed to be under $1,000 per returns that were able to be acquired to date. He is in short a ‘tax-cheat and hid his business records to promote a tax scam that may be a felony. Chances are that he most likely will face serious fines instead of jail time for his tax under-payments. But of course, since he lost the election, he has been successfully convincing his blind followers to donate money to him, which he will use to pay his taxes, tax penalties and lawyer expenses. Up to this point, going to jail may just be political, but not ruled out as an actual possibility. If Trump is actually charged with a felony, he will be dragged through the court system, and he may go to jail. There are several lawsuits that he will face when he leaves office, and it will be a miracle if he survives to stay out of prison for his prior actions before and during his tenure as president.

So what can happen to Trump if he is accused and convicted of serious felonies by the state of New York? Time will tell and the Manhattan District Attorney also claims that it is possible for his children to go to prison for banking and insurance fraud. Already on record are decades of Trump family lies on loan applications and insurance forms.

It is alleged that there are pre-election hush money payments to silence two women named Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. He can face jail time for this as his ex-attorney Michael Cohen has publicly stated that Trump was involved with the payments.

The district attorneys of New York will not wait for Trump to leave office, as it is being reported that Trump’s actions are already under investigation with possible indictments to soon follow. The president will no longer be protected from prosecution after he leaves office. Though I doubt if he will ever see a harsh jail environment if convicted, but then again he may find himself at a correctional facility like Michael Cohen or may need to stay at home under house arrest. Presently, his crimes may be so extensive, that he may face some real time behind bars. I would agree that he should not serve any hard time but his actions as president may just put him there. Don’t look for any presidential pardons from President Joe Biden. But one may come his way someday, especially if Kamala Harris is not the president after Joe Biden leaves office, most likely in just 4 years. The next Republican president to gain the office most likely would grant Trump a full pardon for any Federal crimes he may be convicted of.

The American people thirst for justice. At the least, this 45th President of the United States will be shamed and stamped a crook. He most likely will spend the rest of his life in his legal battles and exposed as a criminal regardless if he spends time in prison or not. In hindsight, I can say that Trump may wish he never became president. While running, there was no one  more surprised of winning the office in 2016 than Trump himself. Trump needs to live with his buddies in North Korea and Russia, where he may get permission to build his hotels and golf courses. He may be really happy there, especially as it is my prediction that Melania Trump will divorce him some day and so may his family.

He said that he would submit his taxes and he didn’t. He said that he would make Mexico pay for the wall, and they are not. Trump lied about so many things, so many times that it’s not even a surprise as he keeps doing it. Americans are paying for electing such a criminal mind and yet the Republican base tried their best to get him re-elected but failed. That shows you how corrupt the Republican thinking is these days. Many things that Trump promised that would help the American people never came to light.

He said he would never take a salary while living at the White House. As that may be true, it may never be proven that he didn’t accept a presidential salary of $400,000 a year. Instead, he accepted money in other ways. Now, he is openly accepting donations from his followers as he tries to convince them that he actually won the election and not Joe Biden. He plans to pocket most of the money for his rainy days in court.

Will the American people ever stop hearing news about Trump? Most likely Trump will always make news, as he lives to be the center of the universe, even when he becomes a private citizen. But he will soon find out that an Ex-president’s life is never totally private, which in his mind may work in his favor.  In reality, it will work against him but he truly will not recognize that.

Will Trump ever run again for office? He has mentioned the fact, but if convicted with a felony and falls out of grace with the American people, namely the Republican party, he will never be able to run again for public office. The majority of the Republicans support Trump at the moment, but allot can change in 4 years and it will. Will the American people support re-electing Trump at the age of 78? After all, it’s not an impossibility by most likely improbable. President-Elect Joe Biden is age 78 at the moment and will leave office when he is 82. I also agree that a younger person should be the Democratic President-Elect. But Biden’s running mate and now to become Vice-President is Kamala Harris who will turn 60 when Biden leaves office. She will become the Democratic candidate in 2024 for the Democrats, and possibly the first woman president of the United States. She may also have a chance to be a president for 2 terms, insuring that there will be no Republican president in the White House until  a Republican maybe elected in 2032.
Trump’s future in American government ends in about a month. Don’t ever expect to see him in public office again in the future. If you are hoping for this, you will be sadly disappointed.
Continue to read my articles on this website to keep up with my predictions and views concerning Donald J. Trump.

On another note, my nephew apparently has decided that it is a waste of time to continue writing articles supporting a deposed president. My nephew was totally convinced that Trump would win re-election. He’s had many opportunities to write with no moderation by me, but wrote few articles. I am happy that I did not go along with the wager as I would not want to collect such funds from my nephew, as he would have lost the wager. But if he comes out with a notion to support Donald J. Trump for election in 2024, I’ll take the wager next time I will not back down. I believe that in todays times, it would be such a foolish thing to make a prediction of an another Trump presidency in the future. 


Ken Paxton to be Tried by a Jury in Collin County Texas

As stated in a previous post about the frivolous lawsuit headed by the Attorney General of Texas – Ken Paxton, is an attempt for him to have Donald Trump clear his name in an upcoming presidential pardon.
Most likely, Donald J. Trump, now known as one of the most corrupt Presidents in U.S. history most surely will pardon Ken Paxton, as Donald Trump holds onto power for the next month before being prevented to serve a second term. Trump will pardon Paxton just because he initiated the lawsuit that went to the Supreme Court in favor of Donald Trump and to try and overturn an election where the president lost.
The following is what can happen if Trump does not pardon Paxton. The Attorney General of Texas most likely will be tried for felony securities fraud charges of 2015 in Collin County Texas. A judge from Harris County reversed a decision made a year ago that Paxton should now face a jury in Collin county where he and his wife have deep political connections. Since Paxton can now have that trial in Collin county, it would favor the outcome of the court proceedings in Ken Paxton’s case thanks to a Democratic judge in Houston. The special prosecutors in the case against Paxton are filing to reverse the Democratic judge’s decision. This Attorney General just recently received other serious allegations claiming wrongdoing. Also Paxton’s own top aides claim that he is using his general office agency to serve the interests of a political donor. As expected, Paxton is denying any wrong-doing.
But now that he has stuck his nose out for Trump, expect a presidential pardon to come his way, and Trump will again prove that he does not support the law, as he pardons his criminal supporters, and expect more to come. The only problem here is that when Trump leaves office, he cannot save himself. The state of New York most likely will file criminal charges against Trump after he leaves office on January 20, 2021 and at least a half-dozen lawsuits against Trump are pending.

Stay tuned to what happens to Donald J. Trump after he leaves office right here on

Frivolous lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court and Quickly Rebuked

The below stated list of members of Congress, signed onto a lawsuit with the Attorney General of Texas – Ken Paxton and filed an Amicus Curiae Brief with the Supreme Court. What is an Amicus Curiae Brief? By definition, an Amicus Curiae Brief is a persuasive legal document filed by a person or entity in a case, usually while the case is on appeal, in which it is not a party but has an interest in the outcome—typically the rule of law that would be established by the court in its ruling. These signing contributors wanted their names known, stating that unconstitutional irregularities took place in the 2020 Presidential election with no real proof into these allegations for the lawsuit. These accusations and irregularities centered around an accusation of fraud, and none have been proven in any court of law. Over 30 previous lawsuits were lost by Donald Trump after his loosing bid to be re-elected to the Presidency, claiming fraud in the 2020 presidential election. This last lawsuit was masterminded by the State Attorney General of Texas and was directed at the Supreme Court for review and decision. When the document with the signers as stated above reached the Supreme Court, the motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the electors from ratifying and finalizing the vote of the 2020 election was unanimously turned down in a 9-0 vote.
The obvious desire of these representatives were to have the Supreme Court overturn the results of the election and go against the will the the majority of people in respective states. If they didn’t have this outcome in mind, they would have not signed such a document. These representatives also outwardly intended to disenfranchise all of the voters in the four battleground states of concern in the 2020 election. These states included Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. The preliminary injunction that was filed was quickly rebuked by the Supreme Court.

What’s in it for these Representatives that filed a motion?

First and foremost, the Attorney General of Texas – Ken Paxton wants a presidential pardon for his outright corruption during his tenure as the Attorney General of Texas. He received the attention of the president when he initiated this lawsuit. He really didn’t care that he dragged 126 representatives with him, to forever be known as the people who wanted to disenfranchise voters from four independent states, in which no state has the supreme authority over the other. The Supreme Court recognizes this, but Donald Trump who also conspired with the Texas Attorney General for this lawsuit against four other states, most likely will pardon the Attorney General of Texas because he helped Trump’s cause to try and keep him in power, against the will of the majority of people who voted in 2020.

For all who signed onto this lawsuit, the main goal was to overturn the election.  They are openly attempting to stay in the good graces of Donald J. Trump who has several legal issues and lawsuits to attend to after he leaves office. The representatives condone the actions of President Trump.

All the listed representatives of Congress stated below are Republicans. These Republicans have lowered themselves to openly state by the lawsuit that the will of the people in these four states does not matter. What only matters is that the current president stay in office, which is their own will, not the will of the voters of individual respective states. This is the first time in American history that a sitting president forcefully pursued changing the outcome of a certified general election.
Tomorrow, December 14th, the electors will gather and put a final certification on the results of the election, thus eliminating any chance for Donald J. Trump to pursue this outcome, and President-Elect Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States, as he is sworn into office on January 20, 2021. The reckless actions of these Representatives will forever change what the American people believe are the beliefs of the Republican party and will forever be listed in the history books that they conspired to overturn an American election.

126 U.S. Representatives in the 116th Congress that sponsored a lawsuit

after the 2020 Presidential Election to Disenfranchise  voters in the states of

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia.

Mike Johnson – Louisiana
Gary Palmer – Alabama
Kevin McCarthy – California
Steve Scalise – Louisiana
Jim Jordan – Ohio
Ralph Abraham – Louisiana
Robert Aderholt – Alabama
Rick W. Allen – Georgia
Jodey Arrington – Texas
Brian Babin – Texas
James R. Baird Indiana
Jim Banks – Indiana
Jack Bergman – Michigan
Andy Biggs – Arizona
Gus Bilirakis – Florida
Dan Bishop – North Carolina
Mike Bost – Illinois
Kevin Brady – Texas
Mo Brooks – Alabama
Ken Buck – Colorado
Ted Budd – North Carolina
Tim Burchett – Tennessee
Michael C. Burgess – Texas
Bradley Byrne – D.C.
Ken Calvert – D.C.
Earl L. Carter – Georgia
Ben Cline – Virginia
Michael Cloud – Texas
Doug Collins – Georgia
Mike Conaway – Texas
Rick Crawford – Arkansas
Dan Crenshaw – Texas
Scott Des-Jarlais – Tennessee
Maria Diaz-Balart – Florida
Jeff Duncan – South Carolina
Neal P. Dunn – Florida
Tom Emmer – Minnesota
Ron Estes – Kansas
A. Drew Fergenson – Georgia
Chuck Fleischmann – Tennessee
Bill Flores – Texas
Jeff Fortenberry – Nebraska
Virgina Foxx – North Carolina
Russ Fulcher – Idaho
Matt Gaetz – Florida
Greg Gianforte – Montana
Bob Gibbs – Ohio
Louie Gohmert – Texas
Lance Gooden – Texas
Sam Graves – Missouri
Mark Green – Tennessee
H. Morgan Griffith – Virginia
Michael Guest – Mississippi
Jim Hagedorn – Minnesota
Andy Harris, M.D. – Maryland
Vicky Hartzler – Missouri
Kevin Hern – Oklahoma
Jody Hice – Georgia
Clay Higgins – Louisiana
Trey Hollingsworth – Indiana
Richard Hudson – North Carolina
Bill Huizenga – Michigan
Bill Johnson – Ohio
John Joyce – Pennsylvania
Fred Keller – Pennsylvania
Mike Kelly – Pennsylvania
Trent Kelly – Mississippi
Steve King – Iowa
David Kustoff – Tennessee
Darin LaHood – Illinois
Doug LaMalfa – California
Doug Lamborn – Colorado
Robert E. Latta – Ohio
Debbie Lesko – Arizona
Billy Long – Missouri
Barry Loudermild – Georgia
Blaine Luetkemeyer – Missouri
Kenny Marchant – Texas
Roger Marshall, M.D. 0 Kansas
Tom McClintock – California
Cathy McMorris – Washington
Dan Meuser – Pennsylvania
Carol D. Miller – West Virginia
John Moolenaar – Michigan
Alex X. Mooney – Virginia
Markwayne Mullin – Oklahoma
Gregory Murphy, M.D. North Carolina
Dan Newhouse – Washington
Ralph Norman – South Carolina
Steven Palazza – Mississippi
Greg Pence – Indiana
Scott Perry – Pennsylvania
Bill Posey – Florida
Guy Reschenthaler – Pennsylvania
Tom Rice – South Carolina
Mike Rogers – Alabama
John Rose – Tennessee
David Rouzer – North Carolina
John Rutherford – Florida
Austin Scott – Georgia
Mike Simpson – Idaho
Adrian Smith – Nebraska
Jason Smith – Missouri
Ross Spano – Florida
Peter Stauber – Minnesota
Elise Stefanik – New York
W. Gregory Steube – New Jersey
Glenn “GT: Thompson – Pennsylvania
Tom Tiffany Wisconsin
William Timmons South Carolina
Jeff Van Drew – South Carolina
Ann Wagner – Missouri
Tim Walberg – Michigan
Mark Walker – North Carolina
Jackie Walorski – Indiana
Michael Waltz – Florida
Randy Weber – Texas
Daniel Webster – Florida
Brad Wenstrup – Ohio
Bruce Westerman – Arkansas
Roger Williams – Texas
Joe Wilson – South Carolina
Rob Wittman – Virginia
Ron Write – Texas
Ted S. Yoho – Florida
Lee Zeldin – New York