Donald Trump in a COMPLETE MELTDOWN as Poll Numbers are Collapsing

I cannot just standby and wait for my nephew Dominic to state his valid arguments as to why Trump will win re-election in the fall in his next article he promises to publish on this website. He is spending a considerable amount of time putting his facts together that support Trump and thus his reasoning … Read more

Trump Failed to Heed Warning and HE FAILED TO ACT!

Donald Trump is on a blame game tirade that openly shows that HE does not know about what every other president in U.S. history has known, and that is “the buck stops here”.  He truly cannot lead, and cannot react properly and in a timely manner when it comes to things like a pandemic. Today, … Read more

Trump Continues to Deliver False Claims

There seems to be not a day that goes by as Donald Trump continues to give the media and bloggers like myself the material to display his constant lying to the world on national TV. Today seemed to be one of many of the Trump egregious lies that show  his inability to represent the Office … Read more

The Facts As They Are Centered Around Donald Trump

Yesterday on April 8, 2020, Bernie Sanders made the announcement that he is stepping out of the presidential race. That makes Vice-President Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee to run against Donald Trump in November. The year 2020 has been difficult for every American with the pandemic and I’m sure that the peoples of the … Read more

Finally Heard from Dominic

Hello Everyone, Well, you would think that someone finally came back from the dead. Dominic is off today, and he promises that he plans to write his first article today. I will have fun refuting just about everything he says. But I encourage all of the readers here to have an open mind. His first … Read more

Trump – The King of False Facts

Why do the American people let Donald Trump get away with it? Or will they in November? Every day at every news briefing, Donald Trump, a man whom the citizens of the United States is supposed to believe in, trust and respect, continuously lies and makes false claims about everything that he talks about. We … Read more