Trump Indicted a 4th Time

Now with ninety-one felony charges hanging over his head, accused defendant Donald Trump now has a serious problem. The fourth indictment is in the State of Georgia and accuses Trump with racketeering and is named as one of eighteen criminal defendants charged with the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act). A ninety-eight-page indictment has been handed down by a grand jury in Georgia, and now defender Trump must do one of two things, to keep himself out of jail.

First, Trump must surrender himself for arraignment, which is a court hearing that will formally accuse him of the charges as outlined in the indictment pending against him, and his so-called racketeering partners. The prosecuting attorney, Fani Willis, wants to see all those charged to appear at the courthouse on the same day, which is August 25th.

Second, which will fail, will try to move his case in Georgia to a Federal Court, instead of being tried in a state court. Why? Because he believes in his own mind that if he became president again in 2024, he could pardon himself from charges from a federal court, but not from a state court.

Regardless of what he believes he can do, it is clear that a few of these upcoming court hearings will commence before the 2024 election. Trump calls this political interference, and it is his method to try and halt the hearings until after the election where he is hopeful that he will win, and then he will nullify any charges against him. He believes that this is the one way he can stay out of jail. If he could ever pull this off, he may have been right. But I don’t believe that even the Supreme Court, who is overwhelmingly Republican biased, with 3 of the members of this high court chosen by Trump himself, would allow Trump, even as president, to be able to pardon himself.

Trump has no shame. He doesn’t care that even in his mind that he caused the insurrection where people were injured and killed because of rioting, he is now running for president. It is his way to clear his name, and only Donald Trump would do it. But if he is convicted in Georgia, he could never pardon himself from the RICO charges he is accused of and will be found guilty of. Trump is staring at a jail sentence if found guilty in Florida. Most likely, Trump will spend the rest of his life in prison. But then the judge can elect to put Trump under house arrest instead. Trump has never faced accountability. He has always evaded it. But in Georgia, especially if the case is held and determined in a state court in Georgia, Trump will finally receive justice. This is my belief.

In a week, the Republicans will hold their first Republican debate. Originally, Trump claimed he would not attend, because he believes in his mind that he is so far ahead of every other contestant in the polls. This is the one thing that Trump is telling the truth about. He is leading in the polls, but now with the indictments held over his head, he must do a few things to be able to qualify for the debate.

Trump is a coward. Trump is quoted as not attending the debate because he will not support any other candidate per the rules of being to attend the debate.  But the rules for attending the debate claim that he must support the nominee.

What are the requirements that FOX News states to be able to attend the debate?

1) Candidates must poll at least 1% in three national polls or 1% in two national polls and 1% from an early state poll from two “carve out” states recognized by the committee.

2) Candidates must also have a minimum of 40,000 unique donors’ part of their presidential campaign committee – with at least two hundred unique donors per state – AND SIGN A PLEDGE AGREEING TO SUPPORT THE EVENTUAL PARTY NOMINEE.

Trump will support no one. He in his mind could only support himself. No other candidate matters, except the person he chooses as his running mate for Vice-President, if he becomes the Republican nominee for president. He believes he is better than any of his political candidates. He may just show up, so he could denigrate other candidates. Then again, he may not show up so he could put on a show of his own, during the same time as the debate on Fox.

It is very unlikely that Donald Trump will be able to get all or any of the felony charges removed from any of his court cases. Trump stands to spend the rest of his life in a jail cell.



The Present Status of Donald Trump

So what’s the status of Donald J. Trump after his presidency? He survived a second impeachment trail, but he now faces legal threats in Georgia and New York. As if the allegations were not enough for Trump prior to Joe Biden’s election as the 46th President. In the state of New York, Trump made every effort to overturn the state’s election results in his favor, and when he failed to do so, he had his supporters storm the U.S. Capital on January 6, 2021. What’s uncanning about this, he is still trying to overturn the results, as if there were any chance of pushing President Joe Biden out of office.  That’s not too smart considering the legal actions he is facing. Joe Biden has been serving as the 46th President of the United States for 5 months now. Trump continues to stir up his base of supporters, and undermine election results,  but his supporters continue to blindly follow him. They continue to donate money to him, and he pockets the money, most likely to pay legal bills. During the course of his presidency, he has alienated so many people and has successfully isolated the Democratic and Republican parties so that now they agree on nothing. The Republican party as we knew it is no more. It is now the Trump party.

After Trump left office, he continues to have a strangle-hold on a party that once truly believed in conservatism. Yet, it looks as if he is taking a serious look of running for the White House again. If he was successful in becoming our 47th president, that would make him almost 80 years old when he’s elected again. Really? It was one thing putting up with this man as a president in his early 70’s, but now the people are expected to have better days ahead of President Biden as Trump will be nearly 80 years of age? But the Republican party has shown no momentum for another candidate. They honestly feel, at least today that if Trump were to run again, that they would support him. Honestly, Joe Biden hopes that he will run. His opponent may be President Biden, but I’m looking for Vice-President Kamala Harris to run instead. She will beat Trump hands down, even if the Republican state houses are changing rules so that many people of color may not be able to vote in the next election. The Republicans know that the only way to victory in the next election is to cheat, and that they will try to do in every way to insure that Republicans take control of the peoples house in the next election. But, I believe that the American people had enough of Trump. The despise his actions and policies on immigration and foreign affairs. They despise his solid support for the rich and his unwavering support for guns and the NRA. It makes no difference what the people want in his house. He would only do what he wants.

Because of the actions of himself and his supporters, there are now several new investigations that most likely will threaten his finances and his freedom. His long time personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani is now facing possible prosecution as his home has been raided for evidence of corruption and to find evidence of collusion with other countries along with Trump.  There are several criminal investigations, two defamation lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault, along with civil state inquiries. Donald Trump may be broke by the next presidential election, or may be behind bars. He will be known in history as the most corrupt president ever.  He will be remembered for the one person in history that truly was not qualified to be the President of the United States and history will haunt him and his family.