First Post since Trump became a failing President

As the title of this blog suggests, the purpose is to publicly state the decisions of the now 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. When he was elected, I was pretty upset, but not knowing at the time that I would have so much to report, in consistence with the purpose of this blog.

As time has gone by for over 270 days now of his presidency, I purposely held back from reporting one single thing about the decisions of the 45th President of the United States, in hopes that I could at least report something good. To my dismay, I really have nothing to report of any substance that is good regarding the president’s decisions as the most powerful man in the world. Now is the time to openly state the decisions of this president, especially since just about every decision has been very inappropriate as a U.S. President since he has taken office.

But in retrospect, if he is the most powerful man in the world, then why hasn’t he and his fully Republican Congress have yet to pass one single bill of importance or substance? Why is it that he has not fulfilled any promises other than to fulfill ones that hurt the prior Democratic president before him, the 44th President of the United States Barrack Obama, and most importantly the people of this country that he wants to lead. He is hell-bent in destroying Obama’s legacy, while at the same time, destroying his own and at the same time taking the country down with him.

Finally, I have come out of my shell, to begin to openly report on this blog, the decision points of Donald J. Trump. Why? Because after the last few days hearing about the total disrespect to gold-star families and fallen soldiers, namely four that were killed in Iraq by Isis fighters two weeks ago. He finally reached out to the families, but created a firestorm within the media because of how he treated one grieving mother, then outrightly called her a liar, for a statement that was confirmed he said by the parents of the fallen soldier who happened to listen in on the call as they were in transit to the airport to recover the soldiers body.

To begin expressing my anger with Donald Trump, I must state that there is no greater sacrifice to the country than a soldier who dies in combat. There is no greater sacrifice of a soldier than his death for his country. There is no amount of phone calls or letters that a president can make to the family of a fallen soldier that console that family that would make them ever forget their misery they feel and will feel for the rest of their lives because of the loss of their loved one.

Donald Trump, has the inability to express consistent empathy, not driven by his own success, not because he was forced into it, but what has happened displays in full, the inability for the President to lead this country.

How then are we supposed to judge this President? I would think three basic things… First, leadership, second, integrity, and lastly by intelligence and competence. If you were to ask any political scientist about how Trump stacks up to these basics, you will undeniably learn that the president has failed to attain ANY of these basic traits that we would judge a president.

Empathy, you would not just expect from a president,  but from every human being. Donald J. Trump is incapable of displaying empathy. What does this mean? First he now becomes unfit for the presidency, but also in just being incapable of acting with any responsible capacity and have solace or show comfort for anyone except himself. Donald J. Trump does NOT apologize for anything or to anyone, even if he is proven wrong, especially when he hurts a grieving wife and family of a fallen soldier. He takes it to the next step calling them liars.

For the last three days, the main story has been about Donald Trump and his callousness,  his disrespecting the family and the memory of a fallen soldier. You would think with all of this coverage, the President would make another phone call and apologize for his actions, then make a public statement to the citizens of the United states, and every living member of every family of a fallen soldier.

Donald J. Trump is truly not qualified to be President of the United States. How long must the country bear the existence of Donald Trump as president? The Republican Congress except for a very few accept the actions of this President, who has become the least popular president of all time.