Trump – An Ignorant President

Donald Trump obviously is not on his game with North Korea. Why did he just expect North Korea to disarm its nuclear arsenal just by his demands? Does he not realize that North Korea has always believed that they have just as much right to nuclear weapons as the United States does? If Kim Jong Un gives up his weapons now, he will be considered weak by his own people. He has spent too much of his time and money to develop his nuclear arsenal, and the only person who doesn’t see that is the most ignorant President in U.S. history, Donald J. Trump.
There is ONLY one way that Trump will disband North Korea from nuclear weapons. The United States would have to start a war, but the result would be thousands upon thousands of casualties just within the first 15 minutes, according to many reputable sources. North Korea would not have to use its nuclear arsenal to cause severe damage. Kim Jong Un can use the regular ground to ground artillery against its southern neighbor. When it came down to war, who would South Korea side with? Since the long outstanding war between the North and the South has been dissolved by a recently written treaty by both presidents – North and South Korea, the Americans would solely be the blame if an outbreak of war began with casualties in the south.
The whole world witnessed North Korea free the only three prisoners from the United States within the last month. The whole world witnessed the North and South Korean presidents shake hands and sign a treaty, officially ending the war between the North and South. The whole world is witnessing the threats made by Donald Trump against the North Korean President, even after he freed the prisoners and signed a treaty. They even agreed to dismantle one of their nuclear facilities. But that wasn’t enough for Donald Trump. He obviously is not a president that has the skills to negotiate with a dictator such as Kim Jong Un. Prove of that is when he ripped up the nuclear treaty with Iran. Proving that Donald Trump is the disrupter, he tries to destroy NAFTA, and now has harmed Planned Parenthood, taking no consideration of what good Planned Parenthood actually does. They provide screenings and care for women who cannot afford to go to doctors and hospitals. But the recent presidential action he as signed without the US Congress will severely limit the ability for women to get their services from Planned Parenthood. Donald Trump does not care about the lives of these women.
Going back to the subject of North Korea, my bet is that Trump and Kim Jung Un will NEVER meet, as now even ignorant Donald Trump realizes that the North Korean dictator will NEVER give up his nukes. Trump needs to understand that North Korea already has nukes, and it’s too late to prevent the North Koreans from producing them. They have now considered a nuclear power whether Donald Trump likes it or not. Still, Trump continues to threaten North Korea, and demand that they give up their nukes.
Only Donald Trump most likely is the ONLY person on the face of this earth that doesn’t recognize that making him one of the most ignorant people on the face of this earth.