Trump and Cohen Coverup

Anyone following the Stormy Daniels case along with her attorney Michael Avenetti has been following the more recent developments involving her attorney with respect to a man that paid her $130,000 to keep her silence regarding an affair she had with president Trump.

Below is a timeline of events since the beginning….

In January of 2015, Donald Trump marries his present wife and first lady, Melania.

Back in March of 2006, their son Barron Trump was born.

Just 4 months later, Trump has an affair with the porn-star named Stormy Daniels whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. which continued well in 2007.

Four years after the affair in 2011, she was approached by a man that warned her to stay silent about the affair.
A man threatened her with a statement similar to this “Oh it’s a beautiful little girl, would be a shame if something happened to her mom. Forget about this story, leave Mr. Trump alone.”

The money flowing begins just days before the November 2016 election as Michael Cohen pays Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep her quiet. This story was told to by untrue by Trump’s spokeswoman named Hope Hicks.

In June of 2017, Trump disclosed his personal finances with no listed debt to Michael Cohen.

Almost 7 months later, The Wall Street Journal claimed that Michael Cohen made arrangements with Clifford back in October of 2017. Michael Cohen states the payment was lawful.

About this time her attorney Michael Avenetti shows up on a scene with a Story Daniels lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court in an attempt to invalidate a nondisclosure agreement that apparently only Michael Cohen signed, but not the president. Meanwhile, Trump claimed that none of the allegations are true.

On March 25th, 2018, Stormy Daniels has an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes, as she mentions that she was threatened to keep silent.

Just 10 days later on April 5th, Trump tells reporters getting ready for a flight on Air Force One that he did not know about the payment made to Stormy Daniels by Michael Cohen. Trump mentions when asked why Cohen made a payment to her, he claims, “I don’t know”.

Then Michael Cohen himself takes a big hit and is now facing a criminal investigation of his own in New York, as on April 9, 2018 Federal agents raid his office and his hotel room and his home, while seizing many records on different things, including the recorded payment to Stormy Daniels.

On April 26th, while in a phone interview with “Fox & Friends” from the Fox News Channel, Trump reinserts that he didn’t know about the Cohen payments but that Cohen did represent him in what he called the “crazy Storm Daniels deal.”

Just one month later, the former Mayer of New York Rudy Giuliani, who was hired by Trump to now be one of his lawyers, blurts out on Fox News to host Sean Hannity that Trump actually reimbursed Michael Cohen for the $130,000 that Cohen paid Stormy Daniels, which confirms Trumps lie in the past that on April 25th, he did not know of a payment to Daniels. Giuliani says the payment was completely legal, but the fact is that Donald Trump was caught in another lie to the American people. Trump comes clean after caught in the lie on May 3, 2018 making a statement on Twitter as he now claimed that he repaid Cohen the $130,000.

Michael Avenatti, the attorney of Stormy Daniels presents evidence against Michael Cohen on ‘The Late Show’. He claimed that the case is not normal. He continues to use the media and is confident that he can win the Stormy Daniels case. He also stated on this show that he believes that the president will not serve out his term. The purpose of the case is about the coverup, the lies and deceit by Cohen and the president.

He shows a $130,000 receipt coming from a First Republic bank in California instead of a New York bank on the ‘Late night show’.  If Cohen is charged in the California case, Cohen could not be pardoned by the president. He also claims that Cohen will eventually flip on the president.
He also claims that Trump will step down from office. The FBI seized 16 cell phones and tons of records belonging to Cohen and believes that the president will not be able to stand the heat of the day. Cohen was his personal attorney for approximately 15 years.

In some of the most recent findings of monies tendered by Michael Cohen, it was determined that Avenetti claims a connection of Michael Cohen accepting over $500,000 by a Russian billionaire Oligarch with ties to Putin. Besides that payment, he received more money from AT&T in an attempt to receive possible favors from Donald Trump. Avenetti claims that Cohen misled officials with lies about receiving the money. Michael Avenetti claimed in a published 7-page document that from October of 2016 through January of 2018, that Michael Cohen’s consulting firm called ‘Essential Consultants, LLC’ “engaged in suspicious financial transactions totaling $4,425,033.46.” The payment included a $500,000 payment from a Russian Oligarch named Viktor Vekselberg with a US company called ‘Columbus Nova’. He used part of those funds to pay Stormy Daniels the infamous “hush money” to keep her quiet. After the payment was made, it was believed that Vekselberg replenished the account following the payment to Miss Clifford. A spokesman for Viktor Vekselberg and Renova Group also stated the following..”Neither Viktor Vekselberg nor Renova Group has ever had any contractual relationship with Mr. Cohen or essential Consultants. As to relationship between Columbus Nova and Mr. Cohen you have to ask Mr. Andy Intrater, because Columbus Nova is a company owned and managed by him.”
Michael Avenetti also stated that there were several payments by other LLC’s to Cohen’s firm in late 2017 and early 2018. These payments included $300,902 from a company called Novartis, a pharmaceutical company, and $200,000 from AT&T but then the story was revised to state that AT&T paid Cohen allot more. AT&T now acknowledges the facts, but also now state that they should have never paid the money to Cohen, as he was never going to give them the information that they needed. It is well known now that the reason why AT&T paid Cohen to get some information about Trump, but to also maybe convince the president that he should put his blessing on the upcoming possible merger with Time Warner, in which Trump actually previously stated that he did not approve of the deal. Time Warner is presently being sued by the Justice department.
The bottom line, if Michael Cohen is convicted of crimes, he can spend decades in jail if the payments are found to be illegal, and it is possible that Trump will not be able to help him. He could face bank fraud as he may have lied on his forms with an FDIC insured bank, not to mention that he knows that he is taking money from someone that he knows to be Russian, so then he may be accused and convicted as acting as a foreign agent.
Michael Cohen is hanging low these days, but his silence now will not save him from the courts that most likely will convict him. He’s always stated that he would do anything for Donald Trump. What I really expect him to do is to turn on Trump to save his own skin.