Everything Trump Touches – CRASHES!

The big announcement was coming! In mid-December, Trump did announce an online store depicting himself as a superhero on his $99 trading cards. Just prior to this announcement on TV, anyone who followed him on his personal social network called the Truth Social website was made aware of something huge coming, and he was going to announce what it was the very next day. Then, it turned out to be nothing more than his announcement of his new NFT trading cards, depicting him as a superhero, or an old west sheriff or an astronaut. Trump designed these cards to be of limited edition, were announced being available for purchase just before Christmas.
Many people fell for his new swindle, as I call it. Whether this NFT scheme was legit or not, just like everything else that Donald touches, crashes. The value of the trading cards initially went up sharply to approximately $125 per card shortly after Trump announced them, with initial sales at $99. But now, just one month later, the value of the cards had now dropped 98%. The cards can now be purchased for around $99 each, but they are hard to find. The idea would have worked if many of these cards were sold. Only a few purchasers made large transactions of these cards, which initially brought up the value of them, and now these purchases may not be worth the card stock they are printed on.
What was the purpose of Donald Trump creating these trading cards in the first place? First, you must believe that he was trying to pump up his own ego. In the video that he made for the announcement, he mentioned how great he was, in a sense “better than Lincoln, better than Washington.” This is what he also proclaimed about himself in the public announcement of these NFT trading cards.
The actual announcement that Trump should be making is that he will drop out of the presidential race, in which he is the only candidate to date that explicitly stated he will be running.
Much to the dismay of the Republican Party, he declared his presidency over a month ago, yet to campaign, have any rallies or speeches. He did this to throw off the Attorney General from the path to continue in the process of his own prosecution. But instead, Attorney General Garland announces that a new prosecuting attorney is now in charge of ‘everything Trump ‘and will be taking over the investigation of himself. Unfortunately for Trump, this new prosecuting attorney will now speed up the investigation into Trump, so Trumps announcement to be a candidate was futile. Now Trump knows he will be crashing once again, against his will of course, to drop out of the presidential race, eventually, but not until he loses more millions of dollars, just like his recently made public tax returns shows.
In all sincerity, most Republicans are hoping Trump will drop out of the race before Ron DeSantis – governor of Florida, announces his candidacy for president. If Trump were as smart as he says he is, he would realize that Ron DeSantis will be the choice of the Republicans to run against Joe Biden in 2023 and 2024 and drop out just like anyone else would if they were known to be less popular than a formidable opponent. But, as always, Trump is too stupid to act on the things he needs to act on (like drop out of the race for president), and acts on the things that he should not, (NFT trading cards). He has people around him that constantly give him bad advice. In a sense, I feel sorry for the man, but then when I think about all the things that he got away with in the past 6 years, I’m rooting for his demise. Most other people in the country feel the same, except for his hard-nosed followers, people like the ones that gave Trump money on his NFT trading card scheme. Every time I think of the people that Trump poisoned with his lies, I think of my nephew. But, to give my nephew credit, he is a smart man, but he still has his blinders on, believing all that Donald Trump puts out. Who’s to say that my nephew is or is not one of the Trump supporters that purchased the doomed NFT cards by Trump.