The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Passes in the U.S Senate

The U.S. Senate passed H.R. 1, as the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ passed in the house 51 votes ‘for’ and 49 votes ‘against’. The voting went ALL Republican and NO Democrats. Obviously, this was not a bi-partisan bill, as the Republicans would have been hard pressed to get any Democratic votes. Still, there was one Republican who voted against the measure, and that was Senator Bob Corker. The Senate approved a $1.4 Trillion tax overhaul at 3AM today along with sneaking into the bill,  the repeal of Obamacare personal mandates. Whatever happens to Obamacare now, may now be called ‘TrumpCare’ as now millions of Americans may loose their medical insurance without the mandates in place. Something else must happen to save people from loosing health insurance. So much for decreasing the national debt. The Republicans are no longer the so debt hawks as they previously professed to be. They will be responsible for increasing the national debt. They are increasing the national debt by over a trillion dollars. President Donald Trump should be very happy that he has given extensive tax cuts to the rich including himself even though he publicly denies it, at the expense to low and average income families, as they will pay more taxes then they did before the passage of this bill. At the same time, he now has to watch his back, as I expect several Senators will now turn against him, as they only needed him to sign off on this bill as soon as they can get it to his desk, which most likely will be sometime before Christmas. The Republicans will not need him anymore. Now they can invoke the 25th Amendment and Vice President Pence can take over the presidency. They would be very happy with a President Pence as they watched this man gavel into law as the head of the Senate their new tax bill that gives them along with their friends, the richest Americans, immediate tax cuts.

There is one thing that President Trump may not know, or that he is just so naive to know. The members of the U.S. Congress, the same Republicans who originally did not want him to be the next President, who voted for another person to become president, now line up with him but why? I don’t believe that they are doing it out of respect even if many of them have questions about his demeanor, his grip on reality and don’t show concern about his mental health at this time. They are ignoring the symptoms that Trump displays every day. I believe  it is happening to him because of his constant threats and pressure he is facing with special council Robert Mueller pushing on with his pursuit of investigating the people surrounding Donald Trump prior to the election and after. More and more people believe that Donald Trump is becoming very mentally unstable. With the admission of guilt just yesterday of Mike Flynn admitting guilt as he lied to the FBI, Trump has never been more threatened than now. General Michael Flynn received a fairly lenient plea deal, most likely for what he told special council about the Trump campaign. But my guess is that Flynn is doing so to save his own hide, so most likely he may have been co-operating with the special council for some time now and there is more dirt to stir up against the Trumps, including Kushner, Donald Trump Jr. and the President himself.

Why does the U.S. Congress support him? It’s not that Trump continues to throw insults against them, not his racist re-tweets, or even his very erratic behavior. Why do they not care that he got into office with the help of a foreign power? Deep in their souls, they all believe that. You might even ask why they support him so much regardless of how he degrades the office he represents, the Presidency of the United States. It became crystal clear when the Senate voted for a bill that raises taxes on working Americans in order to reduce taxes on the rich and with corporations. If President Obama were still president, you would just know that he would refuse to sign such a bill favoring the super rich immediately cutting their taxes, while immediately raising taxes for middle class working Americans and the poor. But again as I see it, the U.S. Congress only needed him to support a bill such as this that he would sign. Now, do you think that they need him any more? Time will tell as special council Robert Mueller’s investigation snow-balls and whether the senators stick with Trump or not, but I truly believe that they will start peeling from him and it will be the beginning of the end for Trump. It may very well,  spell the end for the Senators who voted for the bill. This may be the only way that they may now try and save themselves from their own constituents, which would be to get rid of Donald Trump. The Senators all know that they will be facing stunning defeats in the House and the Senate and that many may loose their jobs.

During the next several months, the fallout of such a vote will be heard nationwide. Town halls will denounce every single Republican that voted for the tax bill. Ironically, the only sitting Republican Senator now that may have a chance to hold his job in Congress is the single Senator, Bob Corker, who does not plan to run for office for another term.

The Democrats, now have so much to run on, and I doubt that any sitting Republican senator now has a chance to keep his own seat. Only time will tell, as the Democrats will rub this vote into their faces for the next year until the mid-term elections. Everyone may have been tired about listening about the Republicans complaining constantly about Hilary Clinton’s emails, but now they will have to hear the constant outcry from not only the Democrats about their disastrous vote on taxes that in every respect also repeals ObamaCare, along with the constant outcry from most Republican voting Americans who most likely will vote against their own party in 2018. The midterms should now represent a windfall for the Democrats, and they should easily reclaim both the Senate and the House with ease.

But wait, this bill is a product of the U.S. Senate. It now has to be ratified by the House of Representatives. As it is written now, the House Republicans may refute the bill as written, and they may have to amend it, thus sending the amended bill back to the Senate. After all of this celebration, the bill may never reach the Presidents desk for signature at least by the end of his first year in office. I say this because House Republicans have to know how signing off on such a bill puts their own jobs in danger.

Personally, I believe that they (the Republicans) will pass it anyway, for the mere fact that if they do not, they will forever own the fact that they never got even a single major legislative decision under their belts the entire 1st year that they totally owned Congress, along with the Executive branch of government. But the effects of the bill which they ratified, will forever haunt them in future elections regardless of whatever good may come out of it, which cannot be much.