Trump Admits to Crimes

Donald J. Trump doesn’t know when to shut up.

It is believable to me that he would hand prosecuting attorney Jack Smith very incriminating evidence that can be used against him because the ONLY reason for doing so would be that Donald J. Trump is a very stupid fool. That is exactly what Trump did on his social media platform called ‘Truth Social’.  Donald J. Trump continues to incriminate himself and as I just mentioned, he doesn’t know when to shut up.  He publicly admits to crimes.

What I just said in the first five sentences of this post is actually accurate, because the following is a statement made on his social platform…  The statement is aimed as Jack Smith.

“…When will you invade Bill and Hillary’s home in search of the 33,000 emails she deleted AFTER receiving a subpoena from the U.S. Congress? When will you invade the other Presidents’ homes in search of documents, which are voluminous, which they took with them, but not nearly so openly and transparently as I did? “

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