Trump Admits to Crimes

Donald J. Trump doesn’t know when to shut up.

It is believable to me that he would hand prosecuting attorney Jack Smith very incriminating evidence that can be used against him because the ONLY reason for doing so would be that Donald J. Trump is a very stupid fool. That is exactly what Trump did on his social media platform called ‘Truth Social’.  Donald J. Trump continues to incriminate himself and as I just mentioned, he doesn’t know when to shut up.  He publicly admits to crimes.

What I just said in the first five sentences of this post is actually accurate, because the following is a statement made on his social platform…  The statement is aimed as Jack Smith.

“…When will you invade Bill and Hillary’s home in search of the 33,000 emails she deleted AFTER receiving a subpoena from the U.S. Congress? When will you invade the other Presidents’ homes in search of documents, which are voluminous, which they took with them, but not nearly so openly and transparently as I did? “

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Media News and Reports Trump Can’t Hide From

Trump apparently denies the seriousness of the Pandemic. He’s fighting the crisis that affects every American’s public health with denial and self-promotion.  Any normal president up for the job of the office would never convey that notion to any citizen of the country that he represents. Trump is supposed to represent all of us. This public health crisis couldn’t be managed by a worse president EVER than the Republican president holding the office of the 45 President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. The media except for FOX NEWS is blamed for fake news. FOX NEWS talks about the news media as if they are not part of the media. They preach that what they say is only right, and all other news media are wrong. They believe their news is always correct and never fake, especially Mr. Sean Hannity. Actually, no news is fake. It is either good reporting or bad reporting. No news reporter purposely writes fake news. Only Donald Trump misleads the citizens with his own lies, which are much worse than any news report that ever came out of the media.  If the media reports news that is not entirely true, then they will come back and admit being wrong. All news media does that, including Fox News that does apologize from time to time. Mr. Trump says that everything he says is always right, and even if he knows differently, he is never willing to admit fault. Why? Because he believes that would make him look weak. In fact, the opposite would be the case. He would be a stronger president for admitting when he is wrong, and for never admitting faults at any time qualify him as one of the weakest presidents in U.S. history. His decision points never seem to benefit the American people, but rather than to benefit himself. He is relaxing social distancing and instructing governors to get businesses back up and running. Trump doesn’t care that there is not enough testing to date, and he doesn’t care that he cannot prove that people that go back to work will pass on the Coronavirus. Trump believes it’s a small price to pay if it is kept under control. But what I say is that if only one dies because of the relaxing of social distancing and people going back to the workplace now, even before they have received a test to find out if they have Covid-19 or has built up antibodies, then absolutely ALL deaths from this point in the pandemic that has killed over 60,000 people will continue to take lives. HE IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE.

The U.S. death toll tops all other countries in the world, yet Trump boasts with the following comment…”We’re very proud of the job we’ve done,” even though over 2000 people are still dying each and every day.  I guess he is happy with himself that HE HAD ONLY  60,000 people die on his watch. Actually, the death toll is much higher than that today. The way it’s going, Dr. Fauci will be proven right again, as 100,000 people will die from Covid-19 before it’s over. The security of American citizens should be the president’s utmost concern, but instead, he is self-promoting himself by asking governors to get people back to work.  The country must continue with this president for the next 6 months, God forbid. But the American people are strong. The American people are smart. They know who’s giving them the truth, regardless of the consequences, and who are telling lies about the pandemic. Donald Trump is at the top of the list regarding the outright lies he tells the American people, yet he claims that the problem is that the media promotes fake news. No, Mr. President. They are not promoting fake news. They are just doing their jobs by fact-checking your comments each and every day. They are not making up the lies that you state. What you say, Mr. President, especially your lies are EASILY PROVEN and you are guaranteed to lose the election in November because of it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. What an ignoramus Trump is. Of course, I would never expect Mr. Donald Trump to ever read a word that I write, but I think the main reason is that he is truly not able to comprehend what he reads. It has been proven that he does not read the classified briefs that are handed to him each and every day. He doesn’t keep up with what’s happening, and therefore he continues to make very rash decisions that put Americans at risk.  President Trump is not faithfully executing the office that he holds.

Now, he talks about the pandemic in the past tense, indicating that the pandemic is behind us. That is what he wants everyone to believe. The country is not doing well. People are dying because they do not have the proper masks and Personal Protective Equipment to wear, and the general public is now going back out on the streets because Trump says the worst is behind us and now it’s time to open up the economy. He says this when he and his vice-president get tested for Covid-19 each and every day. Neither men are good role models. I have yet to see Donald Trump wear a face mask.  He will not wear one because that would make him look weak. Vice-President Pence visited a hospital recently where the rules for everyone who works there, and for everyone that visits, MUST WEAR A FACE MASK. But what does Trump’s right-hand man do? He goes to visit a hospital with Covid-19 patients, and he is the ONLY person in the entire hospital that did not wear one.  He was asked by the news media why he didn’t wear a mask when he visited a hospital, and his answer was that he’s checked every day and he is certain that he doesn’t have Covid-19. Even his own secret service who should be there to protect him, decided not to protect him when they didn’t insist that he wear a mask. That was a dereliction of duty.  If I was the administrator of that hospital, I would have had the Vice-President escorted out the door. I partially blame the hospital for not making the VP wear a mask. On the other hand, they make sure that everyone else wears one. They make sure that the relatives of the sick with Covid-19 cannot ever visit their loved ones, even the ones on their death beds because they say that it’s too dangerous, and actually I believe it is. Is it OK for the Vice-President to pass bad judgment to the American people that it’s ok for him not to wear a mask? It’s ok for the patient to die alone with no family members present, yet they allow a person- VP Pence, to go into a Covid-19 patient’s room to visit without ANY PPE. The hospital administrator performed a disservice to all families of the sick by allowing VP Pense note to wear a mask. Boy what a selfish, senseless act that was of the VP. He definitely is not a good role model, and I should have known that to be true since he was picked for his position as VP by the least qualified person in U.S. history to ever become a U.S. president.

Trump claims the following..”It’s going to go. It’s going to leave”. He tells the people and media that put up with his briefings the opposite facts of that stated by an American immunologist that happens to be the head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Trump claims that Dr. Fauci is wrong and he is right. He says then with the American people and the world who listen in on his briefings. He says this when there is STILL no vaccine. He says this even when Dr. Fauci claims that he is 100% certain that it will come back in the fall, just in time to work in tandem with the flu season, that appears each year in the fall.  The combination of these two problems can be a real killer in the fall. Only time will tell, but I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

I can foresee that the country gets shut down again, this time taking the total economy with it.  The stock markets will almost totally crash. It will be a crisis that was totally engineered for the most part by Donald Trump. The United States will shed the title of being the most powerful country in the world. Trump will hand Joe Biden a mess when he becomes the next President and destroys every citizen’s future. And guess what? Vice-President Joe Biden wanted to run against Trump. He is the most likely candidate to win the election in November. He will INHERIT everything that is affecting the country, even a second wave of Covid-19. He will become responsible for everything that he does or does not do regarding Covid-19, just like Trump. Luckily, he will handle the pandemic very differently that Mr. Donald Trump.  He will use the Defense Production Act to its fullest and do whatever must be done to save this country from Covid-19 and Mr. Trump. If Biden shows the American people that he can be like Trump, then look for articles that highlight his decisions, good and bad on the other website that is in its infancy. It can be found at

History will not be nice to Mr. Trump. He is and will be known to be the worst president in U.S. history. On many accounts, he already is. All of our allies know that, and they are counting the days for Trump’s exit from the White House like most Americans, except for my nephew Dominic who believes that Trump will win. Dominic is willing to lose substantial capital when he loses a wager with me.  With just 6 months to go to the election, the wager will soon be listed here on this website. If I do not hear from my nephew soon, I will publish the initial wager as I predict it to be, and everyone will get to see first hand how brainwashed my nephew is. He may not appreciate me saying these things, but what else can you say about a person who refuses to acknowledge the facts, and only believes that Trump can win the election in November!!


Donald Trump – A Sorry Representation of President

I have been silent over the last several months in an attempt to see if the President of the United States would ever act like a President. Sadly, I am to report that the leader of the free world is not the leader of the free world that I know. He is looked down on by many leaders of the free world. He lies continuously.  With just 1 year plus a 2 months in office, Mr. Trump has belittled just about anyone and everyone that has disagreed with him on anything, even his own government. He has the lowest approval rating of ANY president in U.S history. From this point on, I will refer to the 45th President of the United States, as “president”, not “President” or “my president“.   Donald Trump tries to rule with an iron fist and never admits fault, compared to President Obama who admitted fault, and who truly was the leader of the free world whom everyone around the world respected, even Vladimir Putin. The Russian president may not have agreed with him on mostly anything, but at least Putin and Obama knew where they stood with each other and had an awkward respect for one another. This thing between Trump and Putin is almost like a ‘love fest’. How pitiful our president is, someone who couldn’t even properly respect the victims of the Florida shooting. After all the gun violence, he and his Congress refuse to put up any bans on guns and condemn the shooter. Instead he continues to state that the shooter named Cruz must have mental issues

Well, the fact is that Donald Trump, IS unequivocally the most hideous president of ALL-TIME, and continues to live up to his most pitiful representation of a U.S. President. It was proven over the weekend with Bob Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians over the weekend that it proves the conspiracy theory’s and that the Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was not “FAKE NEWS”. Donald Trump constantly calls out about the reporting of the news media. It was a “hoax” as he calls it referring to the Russians involvement into the 2016 elections. How biased can a president be? So biased and favored towards Russia, president Trump will never call out the Russians with interference in our general election. Well, as a previously registered Democrat and a supporter of liberals, Donald Trump has only not abandoned ship and the ideals that everyone believed that he lived by, but now represents the Republicans as their president. He is supposed to be the leader of the Republicans? For the most part, the Republican Congress support him and back him in just about everything. They have become co-conspirators to his actions. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, the leaders of the House and Senate, are totally complicit in the actions of this sorry display as president.

The basis of this website from it’s inception is to reflect on president Trump’s decisions made in office. For the last several months, I have been complacent in providing updates. But this president cares for no-one, and only is concerned about himself. I can no longer sit back and just watch him destroy this country day by day without showing how culpable he truly is.

The office of the President of the United states is a place of moral leadership, and Donald J. Trump does not have ANY morals. In other serious news on the president, a second woman came out with allegations of sexual interaction with him while married to the First Lady Melania Trump. How long does the First Lady put up with her cheating husband? In his quest to become the most hated U.S. president in history, ee continuously tries to convey that it is O.K. to govern with fear instead of hope. He is totally unfitting to be the President of the United States. What he does, matters. But in his eyes, what he does is great and he can do no wrong, instead, he is defensive, self-serving, and his incorrect defenses  are most  indefensible. Everyone except the president actually knows that what he does from day to day belittles our country. What an ignorant person he truly is.

How much longer will this country put up with such a sadistic president? How much longer can the U.S. Congress support him.? He surely will take a beating in the mid-term elections along with most Republicans that support him, including Russian evidence with interference in the election that he never wants to put an end to. He has done nothing to prevent further attacks in our mid-term election this year. Mark my words here. Before the end of his third year in office if he lasts that long, he will be impeached, most likely by the House, not necessarily the Senate,  and this body of governing representatives will gain a Democratic majority in 2018. It is unknown if the Senate will swing to become a Democratically controlled body, but if it were ever to happen,  this president WILL be ousted from office. The Republican controlled Congress does not have the guts to disagree with this president now since they are in majority. But in 2018, I can tell you now that the Democratic wave is coming and the U.S. Congress will turn against Trump after the mid-term elections.   

Regarding Russia, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are the only two people that disagree Russia meddled in the 2016 election. But the rest of the world thinks differently, including the U.S. Justice Department, the CIA, the FBI, the Director of National Intelligence, the NSA, the Senate intelligence committee, also including H.R. McMaster and Senator Chuck Grassley, Ben Sass and many more. With the condemnation and indictments of 13 Russians by Bob Mueller, the president still will not admit Russian interference. Both the House and Senate created a bill and sent it to the president to sign for further sanctions against Russia, but he refused to sign it, even though Congress voted mutual consensus that the Russians interfered. Trump continues to protect Russia. The question is WHY?  What does Putin have over Trump?

The Twitter storm over the weekend regarding Mueller’s findings, proves the presidents melt down over the Russian investigation. There is no precedent for his actions, and what we are witnessing today I can predict will in the future never happen again. Trump has singularly destroyed what the office of President of the United States represents.

Thanksgiving Today, Keep Up HOPE.. Better Days Ahead

Today is Thanksgiving. It is a time to reflect on the year we have just witnessed and to share your hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. In a Washington Post opinion article, written by Dana Milbank, an opinion writer for the Washington Post, an article titled

‘Dear Sara Huckabee Sanders: I’m thankful that Trump has failed’

kind of hits the spot for me.

It can be found at the following link..

For me and for many Americans, TRUMP HAS FAILED.

What immediately comes to mind is the millions of Americans that he failed in Puerto Rico. Still, after 2 months after the weather disaster that took down their electrical grid, the majority of people living there still are without power, yet Donald Trump is enjoying  his holiday weekend in his Florida luxury resort called Mar-a-Largo. He stated in his campaign as he used to mock everyone, that he would not be golfing as much or if at all, as he was comparing himself to President Obama. Has he kept his promise. The answer is an outright NO. He has already golfed more times that the prior President has done for the entire time of his 2nd term and he’s been in office now for just under a year.

What I’m thankful for, number 1, is my family. Second for my health. Third for the Lord that I worship. Forth, for my job with IBM and soon to retire, Fifth, to be able to profess my ideas and truths within this publication and others that I write, thanks to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It prevents Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, prohibiting the free exercise of religion, or abridging the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or to petition for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights. I’ve never been rich, and never will profess to be. But I am thankful for the life that God has given me. Sure, there has been some ‘ups and downs’, divorces and heartaches. But the saying goes, ‘the third time is the charm’, and I can say without hesitation that being married a third time is ‘a charm’. I feel as if I’m still on my honeymoon.

I don’t think I would ever feel safe until Donald J. Trump is out of office. I pray for our country. Donald J. Trump has taken this country down a road of despair, but now is not the time to give up to oppose everything he does. Mark my words, Donald Trump’s time is coming. I feel sorry for his family, as he is dragging them into the depths of hell with him. I pray for countries like North Korea, as Donald Trump may be responsible for the killing of millions of people if the North Korean leader does react on Donald Trumps threats. I pray for places like Guam, and other places close to North Korea and my wifes home country – the Philippines, with millions of innocent people and of American soldiers who have a good chance of being exterminated if North Korea attacks. Within the boundaries of our own country, I pray for the millions of people who may loose their health insurance because of failed leadership and governance of the 45th President of the United States and the failed U.S. Congress who has yet to pass ANY major legislation to help the people of this country. If Donald Trump does not get his tax bill passed, then he will be forever known as being the first lame duck President after only one year in office. The trouble is that if it is passed the way that it is written now, Obamacare will be pushed into extinction because Senate Republicans have decided to include the repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that most people have health insurance into the sprawling tax rewrite, merging the fight over health care with the high-stakes effort to cut taxes. Hopefully the Congress will see the light and Bob Mueller of  the ‘special council’ will be able to enlighten the world all about Donald Trump, starting with displaying his taxes so that the American people can witness what he has been up to within the last 20 years or so. Hopefully the tax bill will fail, thus the beginning of the end of Donald J. Trump.

Trump Endorses Roy Moore for Congress – Needs Moore to Support new Republican Tax Plan

On another trip, this time to go to his Thanksgiving holiday at his Mar-a-Largo estate in Palm Beach, Florida, President Trump made statements about accused pedophile Roy Moore, supporting the accused child molester in his responses to questions. He supports him because Roy Moore stands by his denial of the accusations of women and that there is no proof other than statements by women as he claims who have everything to gain by coming forward and lie. He also supports him because the Republicans cannot afford to loose a Senate seat.

So, this is where the world is today. You have a president who has been accused of sexually harassing approximately 18 women, supporting another man who is running for U.S. Senate as a Republican who has been accused of sexual allegations concerning under aged girls decades ago.

The President seems to have no moral standards. Even his own members of Congress, including the leader of the Senate – Mitch McConnell, believe that Roy Moore should never be a U.S. Congressman along with dozens of other Republican members.  Roy Moore is denying all sexual harassment claims against him. He is running the play-book of Donald Trump and expects to get away with it. The White House in news briefings state that it should be up to the Alabama voters who may put him in the Senate in just a few weeks.

Before the 1st of next year, the President may also get a chance to sign the very controversial tax plan. Everyone agrees that the passage of this bill is critical for Don Trump and the Republican party, because if the bill does not pass, then Donald Trump will have no real legislative wins since he was elected.  The Republicans are willing to sell their souls, and go against the will of their constituents in order to pass tax laws that only the very rich want or can benefit by.  You have Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate that fought President Obama at every turn, complaining that what he was doing was not reducing the Federal deficit.  But now it’s OK that the Republicans will now guarantee that the deficit will greatly increase if the tax bill goes through. And if it does, it will pass at the expense of low and middle class earners, only helping the rich.