Trump Takes a Phone Call from Tiawan’s President Breaking Long Outstanding Protocol


Not a good decision

Another decision that Donald Trump has made is that he has broken decades of protocol , actually since the mid 70’s, with a simple phone call with Tiawan’s president. It is important that the President-Elect simply ignored the fact he will be the next U.S. president, No U.S. president has had diplomatic contact with Tiawan since the 1970’s. China is very upset with the change in protocol, and has lodged a formal complaint with the United States.
Ok, so you can’t take back the phone call. It’s happened so now what. First the implications of the phone call throws up a red flag about his fitness to be president. He does things not in tradion it seems, but obviously that is not what he is about, and he ran on non-tradition and change.  He’s presently on a nationwide ‘thank-you tour for getting elected to the presidency.  No other president has done that. People also wonder now that he’s willing to break long standing protocol with Tiawan, his upcoming Secretary of State choice seems to be critical.
And there is a conflict of interest here. Trump has interest in building luxury hotels in Tiawan according to a reporter and staff writer of the Taiwan News on November 16, 2016. So you have to wonder if this is all about diplomacy, or to line up his own pockets with dollars. He has nothing to loose here, but everything to gain, and from a foreign governments to boot – but it is a blatent example of  ‘conflict of interest’.
Presently, all that Trump is doing is making the news, but figuratively speaking, he is hanging out his neck just enough to get it chopped off as soon as he becomes president. The Republicans are happy to let things slide when it comes to Trump, because now they have a big agenda that the Congress has been working on for over a year on things that they plan to get done. I’m certain that the Democrats will not let anything slide regarding U.S. protocol with foreign nations.
Donald Trump has already caused a diplomatic incident and he is not even President yet. Continued actions such as this will shine a negative light about the United States to our allies accross the world.
Maybe I’m wrong about Trump. Maybe he will not make decisions of this nature when he takes the oath of office as the 45th President of the United States, but maybe he will. He is not showing any sign that he will change.
Donald Trump believes that once he is president, he can do what he wants. Even if that were the case, acting in such a way as president of the United States, will cause issues for himself and others. The stocks will fluxuate upon his every tweet. That’s scary. He continues to tweet because he feels that it’s a great way to immediately talk to at least 40 million of his followers on Twitter in which he will be able to get his word out fast. Thanks to the news media, they follow each and every tweet, and they monitor his feed all the time, which is exactly what Donald Trump wants. He wants the media to be talking about him all the time.
By now, everyone believes that Donald Trump will be a very vocal and a very outspoken president. But he also claims that the element of suprise is something he plans to incorporate when it comes to wars, and he may receive his first test on this revelation when he claims that he will confront ISIS and destroy them. He will be considered a war president, but the question is will he start his own war with another country. Seeing how he can easily provoke China with a simple phone call, what’s next on his agenda to make headlines?