Donald Trump in REAL Trouble

Who would have guessed?

Trump dealings before and in his presidency and even up to today, must deal with multiple legal challenges coming his way. Now that the midterms are over and most of Trump backed candidates lost, Trump will be in the news. Now the Republicans are waking up, realizing that Trump doesn’t have magic powers and cannot be their leader in the party. Trump realizes it too, but he will lie to claim innocence, because as everyone knows by now, ‘Trump is NEVER wrong’. Really?//!*%$/

Let’s start with just today. It is thanksgiving-2022. Can Trump celebrate it today without a lawsuit coming his way? Absolutely not. Today on Thanksgiving, Donald Trump is being sued for adult sex abuse for battery and defamation by an ex-columnist, E. Jean Carroll in New York. The case goes back to 2019 when she sued Trump for defamation because he claimed he never did it. She was able to file the suit because as Trump speaks, he has this uncanny ability to lie. He does this day in and day out. For example, in his recent announcement of running for President in 2022, it was proven by fact-checkers that he lied twenty-two times during his announcement that he was now a candidate for President.  But back in 2019, Trump denied her sexual assault allegation, and he claimed at the time, before his presidency, that he never met with Carroll. He accused her of making false statements for a story she claimed true in her new book. But now, she added new statements to the suit for what Trump said later in October 2022, as he was providing a deposition of the 2019 lawsuit. In a story provided by CNN today, by reporter Kara Scannell, the previous lawsuit is being re-hashed as she is trying to bring Trump accountable for “battery for allegedly raping Carroll in the dressing room of a New York department store in the mid-1990’s. The lawsuit also alleges a new defamation claim based on statements Trump made last month.” says reporter Kara Scannell.

Just a few days ago, the Supreme Court voted against Donald Trump to allow access by the House of his taxes during his past business dealings. I bet Trump didn’t see that coming. It’s his Supreme Court. Three of the Supreme Court Judges were his picks during his four years in office. The entire Supreme Court voted against Trump. The clock is ticking, because as soon as the newly controlled Republican Party led House convenes in January, the House will kill the investigation on Trump’s taxes. At least that is what the very possible House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy will do. But then again, Kevin McCarty has his own issues, and may never get a chance to serve as majority leader. Because of the very slim Republican majority in the new House for 2023 thanks to Donald Trump backing very poor candidates for office, McCarthy may not get complete support by the House to become their leader. McCarthy is a “Trumper”, and people are now running away from Trump supported candidates. Even if he became Speaker, he could never control it, nor get anything accomplished except to go after Democrats. He will have the help of Congressmen Jim Jordan to do that. Now it will be ‘Hunter Biden’ all over again. As if the country wants to hear it. That is a story in itself.

In Georgia, the Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is investigating into attempts to subvert the 2020 election led by the one and only Donald Trump while he was still President, and her team is now preparing for a flurry of activity after the midterm elections. Trump announced early of his presidency run for office in the 2024 election, just to snub his thumb in everyone’s face who is investigating him. But his actions just will not work. He never admitted defeat in the 2020 election and thinks he is immune from prosecution. Slowly but surely, he may be finally waking up to reality. He is losing money every day from lawsuits that he continues to lose.  By the time that the courts get done with Trump after these upcoming cases, Trump may not have a dime to his name, but would not need money, because he may be wearing an orange jumpsuit.

In New York, State Attorney General Letitia James has accused Trump of systematically misstating the value of his properties. So, what did Trump do?  Trump overvalued his property worth to get large loans, but then claimed the land wasn’t worth as much so that he didn’t have to pay a lot of taxes. This is a textbook Fraud case. Letitia James wants to bar Donald Trump and all his family from ever doing business in the state of New York because of fraudulent business practices. He is also being sued to pay money to recover unpaid taxes, a value that would destroy his wealth and businesses.  How did Trump react to this lawsuit? In a move that no one understands, Trump’s attorneys filed a lawsuit in the state of Florida, attempting to block Letitia James’s own civil case in New York. But Letitia is always one step away from Trump. She moved the case to Florida’s federal courts, with the case falling before Judge Middlebrooks, who is a Clinton appointed attorney. This same judge just fined Trump’s lawyers in a different suit.

And then there is January 6th. Trump is accused of orchestrating the insurrection at the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C. The January 6 House Committee has put forward damning evidence that Trump is responsible for the attack on the U.S. Capital, and the threats made against his own Vice-President for not helping him over through a valid election that just didn’t go his way. The present Attorney General Merrick Garland has now turned over further investigations that may lead to an indictment of Trump to a special counsel named prosecuting Attorney Jack Smith. Smith is a former chief of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section and will oversee criminal matters related to former President Donald Trump. He is credited for prosecuting both Republicans and Democrats in the past.

It’s just not going well for Trump. His family is being investigated and members of his own family may face fines and prosecution. But his lawyers just received sanctions for bringing an “objectively frivolous” racketeering lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and thirty other left-leaning defendants. All of this is Trump’s stall tactic to avoid prosecution, but in the end, no one is above the law and Trump will pay. Every time his lawyers go to court, they lose because of Trump’s baseless allegations.

Also, Trump is losing his credibility from voters as most Trump backed candidates in the country lost their bid for elections. Many of them were 2020 election deniers. Because of Donald Trump, the Republicans lost the U.S. Senate, and it looks like after a Senate Runoff in Georgia between Republican candidate Herschel Walker and incumbent Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock, the U.S. Senate will be in solid Democratic control, as Warnock is expected to win re-election. The Republicans are blind. During Trump’s tenure as the 45th President of the United States, the party lost control of the Senate and House of Representatives. Then they lose the Presidency. Still, many Republicans are ‘forever Trumpers’ and will never go against Trump in fear that Trump may retaliate and vet against them, which may cause them to lose their seat. They are violating their oath when elected because they do not support the truth. They say what their constituents say, not the truth.

The Republican Party as it stands now is the “Trump Party”. What will it be when Trump is indicted or prosecuted.

Trump is in such hot water right now, how could anyone support him as their next President of the United States. I predict a large slate of Republicans running against Trump for the Republican nomination for next President. Can the party survive in this fashion with Trump in the mix? Most likely not, especially now that President Biden claims he will run again for a second term. Watch the video immediately below that confirms what is written above.



Maybe you would like to hear more truth about the goings-on with Donald Trump.  Make a comment on this story. If credible, it will be published. If not, it will be trashed and will not be published here. You can agree with it or not agree with it, but if you are commenting to advertise yourself or your own interests, it will go right in the trash.


Media News and Reports Trump Can’t Hide From

Trump apparently denies the seriousness of the Pandemic. He’s fighting the crisis that affects every American’s public health with denial and self-promotion.  Any normal president up for the job of the office would never convey that notion to any citizen of the country that he represents. Trump is supposed to represent all of us. This public health crisis couldn’t be managed by a worse president EVER than the Republican president holding the office of the 45 President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. The media except for FOX NEWS is blamed for fake news. FOX NEWS talks about the news media as if they are not part of the media. They preach that what they say is only right, and all other news media are wrong. They believe their news is always correct and never fake, especially Mr. Sean Hannity. Actually, no news is fake. It is either good reporting or bad reporting. No news reporter purposely writes fake news. Only Donald Trump misleads the citizens with his own lies, which are much worse than any news report that ever came out of the media.  If the media reports news that is not entirely true, then they will come back and admit being wrong. All news media does that, including Fox News that does apologize from time to time. Mr. Trump says that everything he says is always right, and even if he knows differently, he is never willing to admit fault. Why? Because he believes that would make him look weak. In fact, the opposite would be the case. He would be a stronger president for admitting when he is wrong, and for never admitting faults at any time qualify him as one of the weakest presidents in U.S. history. His decision points never seem to benefit the American people, but rather than to benefit himself. He is relaxing social distancing and instructing governors to get businesses back up and running. Trump doesn’t care that there is not enough testing to date, and he doesn’t care that he cannot prove that people that go back to work will pass on the Coronavirus. Trump believes it’s a small price to pay if it is kept under control. But what I say is that if only one dies because of the relaxing of social distancing and people going back to the workplace now, even before they have received a test to find out if they have Covid-19 or has built up antibodies, then absolutely ALL deaths from this point in the pandemic that has killed over 60,000 people will continue to take lives. HE IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE.

The U.S. death toll tops all other countries in the world, yet Trump boasts with the following comment…”We’re very proud of the job we’ve done,” even though over 2000 people are still dying each and every day.  I guess he is happy with himself that HE HAD ONLY  60,000 people die on his watch. Actually, the death toll is much higher than that today. The way it’s going, Dr. Fauci will be proven right again, as 100,000 people will die from Covid-19 before it’s over. The security of American citizens should be the president’s utmost concern, but instead, he is self-promoting himself by asking governors to get people back to work.  The country must continue with this president for the next 6 months, God forbid. But the American people are strong. The American people are smart. They know who’s giving them the truth, regardless of the consequences, and who are telling lies about the pandemic. Donald Trump is at the top of the list regarding the outright lies he tells the American people, yet he claims that the problem is that the media promotes fake news. No, Mr. President. They are not promoting fake news. They are just doing their jobs by fact-checking your comments each and every day. They are not making up the lies that you state. What you say, Mr. President, especially your lies are EASILY PROVEN and you are guaranteed to lose the election in November because of it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. What an ignoramus Trump is. Of course, I would never expect Mr. Donald Trump to ever read a word that I write, but I think the main reason is that he is truly not able to comprehend what he reads. It has been proven that he does not read the classified briefs that are handed to him each and every day. He doesn’t keep up with what’s happening, and therefore he continues to make very rash decisions that put Americans at risk.  President Trump is not faithfully executing the office that he holds.

Now, he talks about the pandemic in the past tense, indicating that the pandemic is behind us. That is what he wants everyone to believe. The country is not doing well. People are dying because they do not have the proper masks and Personal Protective Equipment to wear, and the general public is now going back out on the streets because Trump says the worst is behind us and now it’s time to open up the economy. He says this when he and his vice-president get tested for Covid-19 each and every day. Neither men are good role models. I have yet to see Donald Trump wear a face mask.  He will not wear one because that would make him look weak. Vice-President Pence visited a hospital recently where the rules for everyone who works there, and for everyone that visits, MUST WEAR A FACE MASK. But what does Trump’s right-hand man do? He goes to visit a hospital with Covid-19 patients, and he is the ONLY person in the entire hospital that did not wear one.  He was asked by the news media why he didn’t wear a mask when he visited a hospital, and his answer was that he’s checked every day and he is certain that he doesn’t have Covid-19. Even his own secret service who should be there to protect him, decided not to protect him when they didn’t insist that he wear a mask. That was a dereliction of duty.  If I was the administrator of that hospital, I would have had the Vice-President escorted out the door. I partially blame the hospital for not making the VP wear a mask. On the other hand, they make sure that everyone else wears one. They make sure that the relatives of the sick with Covid-19 cannot ever visit their loved ones, even the ones on their death beds because they say that it’s too dangerous, and actually I believe it is. Is it OK for the Vice-President to pass bad judgment to the American people that it’s ok for him not to wear a mask? It’s ok for the patient to die alone with no family members present, yet they allow a person- VP Pence, to go into a Covid-19 patient’s room to visit without ANY PPE. The hospital administrator performed a disservice to all families of the sick by allowing VP Pense note to wear a mask. Boy what a selfish, senseless act that was of the VP. He definitely is not a good role model, and I should have known that to be true since he was picked for his position as VP by the least qualified person in U.S. history to ever become a U.S. president.

Trump claims the following..”It’s going to go. It’s going to leave”. He tells the people and media that put up with his briefings the opposite facts of that stated by an American immunologist that happens to be the head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Trump claims that Dr. Fauci is wrong and he is right. He says then with the American people and the world who listen in on his briefings. He says this when there is STILL no vaccine. He says this even when Dr. Fauci claims that he is 100% certain that it will come back in the fall, just in time to work in tandem with the flu season, that appears each year in the fall.  The combination of these two problems can be a real killer in the fall. Only time will tell, but I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

I can foresee that the country gets shut down again, this time taking the total economy with it.  The stock markets will almost totally crash. It will be a crisis that was totally engineered for the most part by Donald Trump. The United States will shed the title of being the most powerful country in the world. Trump will hand Joe Biden a mess when he becomes the next President and destroys every citizen’s future. And guess what? Vice-President Joe Biden wanted to run against Trump. He is the most likely candidate to win the election in November. He will INHERIT everything that is affecting the country, even a second wave of Covid-19. He will become responsible for everything that he does or does not do regarding Covid-19, just like Trump. Luckily, he will handle the pandemic very differently that Mr. Donald Trump.  He will use the Defense Production Act to its fullest and do whatever must be done to save this country from Covid-19 and Mr. Trump. If Biden shows the American people that he can be like Trump, then look for articles that highlight his decisions, good and bad on the other website that is in its infancy. It can be found at

History will not be nice to Mr. Trump. He is and will be known to be the worst president in U.S. history. On many accounts, he already is. All of our allies know that, and they are counting the days for Trump’s exit from the White House like most Americans, except for my nephew Dominic who believes that Trump will win. Dominic is willing to lose substantial capital when he loses a wager with me.  With just 6 months to go to the election, the wager will soon be listed here on this website. If I do not hear from my nephew soon, I will publish the initial wager as I predict it to be, and everyone will get to see first hand how brainwashed my nephew is. He may not appreciate me saying these things, but what else can you say about a person who refuses to acknowledge the facts, and only believes that Trump can win the election in November!!


Donald Trump in a COMPLETE MELTDOWN as Poll Numbers are Collapsing

I cannot just standby and wait for my nephew Dominic to state his valid arguments as to why Trump will win re-election in the fall in his next article he promises to publish on this website. He is spending a considerable amount of time putting his facts together that support Trump and thus his reasoning for supporting him. But what I need to do is to move forward and explain why I believe that Trump will not win in the fall. When Dominic finally does write his next article then and, in the future, I will fact check everything he says, just like the media fact-checks Trump, and some of the lies are so obvious, how does Trump think he can get away with any of the lies!!

Even Trump is getting some very bad news from his top political advisers that there is some very worrisome polling data out there that shows eroding support in battleground states. I briefly mentioned this to my nephew Dominic, but he laughs and says that I’m reading what he calls ‘fake media’ reporting.

First and foremost, the 2020 general election will be mainly about Trump’s response, or the lack of it for the Covid-19 outbreak. His making a of good economy will have no effect now, especially since it’s in the toilet as of this writing. Second, as previously mentioned, surveys made by his own Republican National Committee show that the outcome will be very bleak for the president if he doesn’t get a handle around the virus outbreak and get people to work.

The problem is that there are now several million people out of work, the unemployment roles could go upwards in excess of almost 53 million people out of work. That sounds very serious, and it is. If the unemployment reached that height, that would mean that there would be more than three times as many people out of work than during the worst peak of the Great Depression. Who would ever imagine that there may be a 30% unemployment rate affecting the American people?

Trumps answer to this is to open the county back up, and get people back to work. The problem here is that the American people no longer trust the president, and even when he gives the states the go-ahead to open, he cannot force people to go back to work. But at the same time, Donald Trump has decided that as of the end of this month, either today or tomorrow, that there will be no further need to practice social distancing. Many people don’t like the fact that they are laid-off from work, but they now have some support with unemployment benefits that they qualify for. But instead of keeping the people safe by staying at home, Trump wants to reopen the economy by having workers go back to their jobs, without any real testing in force. Some Republican governors are telling residents of their states that they must go back to their jobs as early as next Monday or possibly lose their unemployment benefits. That’s what Trump wants to happen, even if the companies haven’t figured out a way to continue social-distancing at the workplace. Trump is banking on the economy getting back in shape, when in actuality, the economy will be in pretty bad shape up to including and after the presidential election.

Also, as if Donald Trump already doesn’t have the deaths of thousands of Americans on his hands already, he is gambling that the outbreak of Covid-19 will just stop, even though some major cities in the United States are still experiencing a very high death rate. Restaurants plan to open, with the guidelines of lowering their occupant capacity to only 25% of what it was during normal times. They think that would be enough to open. Still, will all the people wear face masks? Will they continue to practice staying away from the next person by 6-8 feet apart? Will the businesses fully enforce the rules? The answer to all three questions is ‘NO’.

Several of the governors will allow places like barbershops and beauty salons to open up. How do you practice social distancing in those businesses? Can you stand at least 6-8 foot from your patron?

The simple answer is you cannot. Another outrageous outcome for example, the governor of Florida is opening up the beaches. That means that there will be hundreds of people playing and bathing together. No social distancing will be there. Is there a high chance of covid-19 outbreaks to continue on the beaches? The answer is YES.

Will any of this activity stop the continued spread of Covid-19? Can we be sure that the people who go to the beaches, the barbershops, restaurants and the like are Covid-19 free? Of course, you cannot, which means even more people will die who become infected with Covid-19. The total death toll will continue to rise and that will again surely be on the hands of Donald Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if the country had to go back to social distancing again, and that surely would kill what was left of the economy.

All of the experts say that without the necessary volume of testing, social distancing should continue and the economy should not try and open up at this time until testing and social distancing can be done.

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated “It’s inevitable that we have a return of the virus and maybe it even never goes away”, but Trump contradicts the doctor saying “It’s going to be eradicated” That’s doctor Trump speaking.

Dr. Fauci stated “If you want to get to pre-coronavirus, that may never happen in the sense that the threat is there.”

But Trump then states “I can see the new normal being what it was three months ago. I think we want to go back where it was”.

A question was posed to the president “Do you think you are confident that you can surpass 5 million tests?”

Trump answers, stating “We are going to be there very soon. If you look at the numbers, it could be that we are getting very close”. Then he contradicts himself saying… “Somebody came out with 5,000,000 people. Do I think we will? I think we will, but I never said it”. Professionals who know about testing says that the amount of 5,000,000 tests a day will never happen.

So, Trump contradicts Dr. Fauci, and Trump then has to lie again, saying that he didn’t say something that was actually recorded on tape. How big of an ignoramus fool do you have to be to act like Trump!

Another fact. With the death toll continuing to rise, Trump is rejecting the idea of a new normal, as he repeatedly states that things will get back to what they were like before the pandemic hit, and it will do so quickly. He claims that the virus will be eradicated with, or without a vaccine. No medical professional would say that, only Donald Trump who is scared that if it is not eradicated before the election, that would hurt his chances for re-election.

Even if my nephew could honestly convince himself while trying to convince me that Donald Trump will win re-election, then what is the explanation for the polling numbers. By ALL polls, if the general election were held today, Trump would lose. Trump is melting down, with his slipping poll numbers.

Presently, Trump is losing in every important state. His own campaign manager Pascal told him how grim his election possibilities were at this moment. Then he threatens to sue his own campaign manager because he gave him that information. That’s a terrible place to be with only 6 months left before the election. Then he states that his relation with his campaign manager is good. Another lie!!

There are some very important states that he MUST win in order to be re-elected but he trails Joe Biden in several key states. His only out may be to reverse the economic downturn effecting the economy caused by Covid-19. Anyone with any sense will tell you that will that the economy will not come back by election day. The GDP dropped almost 5% yesterday, and the prediction is that there will be another big drop next month. There is just not enough time before the election for the economy to recover.

Here are the polls that all show Trump losing to Joe Biden. His campaign team brought him a dose of reality, stating if the election were held today, he would lose.

Trump is losing in Texas, in North Carolina and all over the United States and overall, he would lose the electoral college. He presently is trailing Joe Biden by 10 points nationally in a few polls. In a little more of a breakdown, check out the following information. Fact-check it if you like.

By today’s date, April 30th, here are the standings…

Trump is losing by 8 points in Pennsylvania and Michigan according to most polls.

Trump is losing by 3 points in Florida. He is down by double digits by seniors in Florida.

Trump is losing by 8 points in New Hampshire.

Trump is losing by 5 points in North Carolina.

Trump is losing by 1 point in the state of Texas.

Trump is losing by 36 points in his home state of New York.

Now stop and think about this for a second. He is technically in a statistical tie in the state of Texas. Really?!?!?!? Texas is or was a solid Republican state. Texas may flip in November, but I even admit that it is a real long-shot, even if Trump is only loosing by one point in a poll.

Again, today is April 30th. Trumps approval rating now sits at 44%. He has done nothing to date to gather support from Democrats, Independents, women and minorities. Trumps campaign team implored Trump to stop holding his daily task force briefings as they are hurting his numbers, but instead of acknowledging that, he was more concerned that his TV ratings could take a hit. Trump openly states that he doesn’t believe the polls. Even though his own senior campaign staff is telling him that he’s losing, he still says that he’s still winning Florida and the mid-west. I guess the seniors in Florida where they now do not support Trump by double digits will still vote for him in November. Now that is what I call wishful thinking….

The bottom line here is that Donald Trump is in trouble. He is in a total meltdown, and harmed his political reputation with the daily briefings especially when he likes to play doctor, telling people that they need to ingest Lysol . Of course, he would never acknowledge the true facts. Trump is truly bleeding here. It pretty much started at the beginning of the pandemic just a few months ago. On February 28th, there was only 1 recorded death from Covid-19, but today there are over 60,000 deaths, but he believes that now social distancing should be stopped. Why? Because he has to get the economy working again so he can get re-elected. Never mind about the health and welfare of the American people. Good luck Mr. Trump..  Good luck to my nephew Dominic!!

Donald Trump – A Sorry Representation of President

I have been silent over the last several months in an attempt to see if the President of the United States would ever act like a President. Sadly, I am to report that the leader of the free world is not the leader of the free world that I know. He is looked down on by many leaders of the free world. He lies continuously.  With just 1 year plus a 2 months in office, Mr. Trump has belittled just about anyone and everyone that has disagreed with him on anything, even his own government. He has the lowest approval rating of ANY president in U.S history. From this point on, I will refer to the 45th President of the United States, as “president”, not “President” or “my president“.   Donald Trump tries to rule with an iron fist and never admits fault, compared to President Obama who admitted fault, and who truly was the leader of the free world whom everyone around the world respected, even Vladimir Putin. The Russian president may not have agreed with him on mostly anything, but at least Putin and Obama knew where they stood with each other and had an awkward respect for one another. This thing between Trump and Putin is almost like a ‘love fest’. How pitiful our president is, someone who couldn’t even properly respect the victims of the Florida shooting. After all the gun violence, he and his Congress refuse to put up any bans on guns and condemn the shooter. Instead he continues to state that the shooter named Cruz must have mental issues

Well, the fact is that Donald Trump, IS unequivocally the most hideous president of ALL-TIME, and continues to live up to his most pitiful representation of a U.S. President. It was proven over the weekend with Bob Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians over the weekend that it proves the conspiracy theory’s and that the Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was not “FAKE NEWS”. Donald Trump constantly calls out about the reporting of the news media. It was a “hoax” as he calls it referring to the Russians involvement into the 2016 elections. How biased can a president be? So biased and favored towards Russia, president Trump will never call out the Russians with interference in our general election. Well, as a previously registered Democrat and a supporter of liberals, Donald Trump has only not abandoned ship and the ideals that everyone believed that he lived by, but now represents the Republicans as their president. He is supposed to be the leader of the Republicans? For the most part, the Republican Congress support him and back him in just about everything. They have become co-conspirators to his actions. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, the leaders of the House and Senate, are totally complicit in the actions of this sorry display as president.

The basis of this website from it’s inception is to reflect on president Trump’s decisions made in office. For the last several months, I have been complacent in providing updates. But this president cares for no-one, and only is concerned about himself. I can no longer sit back and just watch him destroy this country day by day without showing how culpable he truly is.

The office of the President of the United states is a place of moral leadership, and Donald J. Trump does not have ANY morals. In other serious news on the president, a second woman came out with allegations of sexual interaction with him while married to the First Lady Melania Trump. How long does the First Lady put up with her cheating husband? In his quest to become the most hated U.S. president in history, ee continuously tries to convey that it is O.K. to govern with fear instead of hope. He is totally unfitting to be the President of the United States. What he does, matters. But in his eyes, what he does is great and he can do no wrong, instead, he is defensive, self-serving, and his incorrect defenses  are most  indefensible. Everyone except the president actually knows that what he does from day to day belittles our country. What an ignorant person he truly is.

How much longer will this country put up with such a sadistic president? How much longer can the U.S. Congress support him.? He surely will take a beating in the mid-term elections along with most Republicans that support him, including Russian evidence with interference in the election that he never wants to put an end to. He has done nothing to prevent further attacks in our mid-term election this year. Mark my words here. Before the end of his third year in office if he lasts that long, he will be impeached, most likely by the House, not necessarily the Senate,  and this body of governing representatives will gain a Democratic majority in 2018. It is unknown if the Senate will swing to become a Democratically controlled body, but if it were ever to happen,  this president WILL be ousted from office. The Republican controlled Congress does not have the guts to disagree with this president now since they are in majority. But in 2018, I can tell you now that the Democratic wave is coming and the U.S. Congress will turn against Trump after the mid-term elections.   

Regarding Russia, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are the only two people that disagree Russia meddled in the 2016 election. But the rest of the world thinks differently, including the U.S. Justice Department, the CIA, the FBI, the Director of National Intelligence, the NSA, the Senate intelligence committee, also including H.R. McMaster and Senator Chuck Grassley, Ben Sass and many more. With the condemnation and indictments of 13 Russians by Bob Mueller, the president still will not admit Russian interference. Both the House and Senate created a bill and sent it to the president to sign for further sanctions against Russia, but he refused to sign it, even though Congress voted mutual consensus that the Russians interfered. Trump continues to protect Russia. The question is WHY?  What does Putin have over Trump?

The Twitter storm over the weekend regarding Mueller’s findings, proves the presidents melt down over the Russian investigation. There is no precedent for his actions, and what we are witnessing today I can predict will in the future never happen again. Trump has singularly destroyed what the office of President of the United States represents.

It’s Time to Visit the 25th Amendment

President Trump seems to have enemies at every turn. He was supposed to build relationships with Congressmen from both the House and Senate which would definitely help him pass his agenda in the governing bodies. But throughout his 274 days in office so far he has criticized and openly spat with members of both the House and Senate. So guess what? There hasn’t been one single piece of legislation passed of any major importance since he has become President, even though his political party owns both Houses of Congress.

But then there are the Twitter statements. Donald Trump continues to make comments on Twitter that takes the air out of what the Congress is trying to do, and that is to pass legislation. Trump seems to want center stage all the time, and he is sacrificing his own party in his desire to continue with his ridicules reteric on Twitter.

For example, Yesterday, Oct 19, at exactly 12:32PM EST, Donald Trump tweeted the following…

” Workers of firm involved with the discredited and Fake dossier take the 5th. Who paid for it Russia, the FBI or the Dems (or all)?”

He has insulted the FBI and the Democrats with that statement. How can he expect to win over any Democrat to get his legislation passed? The answer is that he cannot and will not, especially if he guts Obamacare as he is openly trying to do. 

Richard Painter, the chief White House ethics lawyer under George W. Bush had an answer for the President. In his own Twitter response he tweeted the following…

“Conspiracy between Russia, the FBI and Democrats? The response to this is clear: Amendment 25.”

President Trump has control of all the nuclear weapons of this country and is the undisputed “most powerful man of the World” but yet does not show any sympathy or concern for world civilization. We may be going to another war, this time with a country that DOES have nuclear weapons – North Korea, and Trump will ultimately be responsible for the millions of citizens of multiple countries that may die in a possible World War III, just because of his mental incapacity.  The dictator of North Korea may start the conflict, but President Trump will end it, but at the cost of millions of peoples lives.

To further explain what is meant by invoking the 25th Amendment, an article on NBC News titled ” the 25th Amendment proves why Trump’s mental health matters” as is stated by Richard Painter’s article..

“Though remote, we cannot rule out the possibility that a president in a downward mental health spiral could destroy important global partnerships, alter centuries-old alliances and leave the United States vulnerable to terror attacks or war.” Painter then asks..”Is America today in need of such an unprecedented intervention?”

The 25th Amendment was adopted on February 10, 1967.

As it stands as we know it today, Donald Trump is not physically incapacitated and there is no way to know if he is mentally incapacitated because no psychiatrist has treated him.

On MSNBC’s nightly show called “ALL IN”, Painter states on how concerned he was for months now. Donald Trump exerts extreme Narcissism, or self-centeredness. The only land properties that he visits are the ones with his name on them. He is extremely focused on himself and the election he won only by electoral vote and not by popular vote. He campaigns as President as if he were still running for the office at various events. More people voted to have Clinton in office as the 45th President of the United States than Trump, as she claimed 3,000,000 more votes nationally that Trump on election day, November 8th. He appoints family members to the White House staff. He also displays extreme anti-social tendencies. He doesn’t seem to show that he has the ability to see how other people feel. A prime example would be that of his dealings with families of fallen soldiers. The same symptoms appeared last summer after Charlottesville. At that time, there were racists running up and down the streets chanting “Down with the Jews” along with swastikas and Confederate flags. The President refuses to apologize for anything, states that he is right, even if there is mounds of proof that he is not. Trump is considered the ‘ultimate liar’ and is the epitome of what he calls “Fake News”. Most people never heard of such a thing until Trump started the claim in his political career over a year ago, and continues to do so to this day.

So why the 25th Amendment. The 25th amendment allows for the Vice President to become president in the event of death, resignation, removal from office or impairment that prevents the current president from fulfilling his or her duties.

I mentioned the 25th Amendment to my fellow workers almost 3 months ago, and now members of both political parties, Republican and Democrat are talking about this same possibility.

It’s just a matter of time that Vice-President Pence will become acting President. If Pence becomes the 46th President, there will be no election for Vice-President. If for any reason that President Pence is incapacitated for any reason and he is evicted from the White House for any reason, including Amendment 25, the Speaker of the House – Paul Ryan will become the 47th President. Then to follow him would be the Speaker of the Senate – Mitch McConnell who is in line to be the 48th President of the United States. Very scary stuff !!!

Yes, it’s going to be a long 4 years until the election of a newly appointed President by the people. But the fact is that in 2020, there will be another person elected, and he could become the 46, 47, or 48 President depending on what happens before the general election in 2020.


Puerto Rico, Trump’s Katrina

It has been a month since the island of Puerto Rico has lost power do to a category 5 storm named Jose and another named Maria. The second storm, doomed the island,  completely darkening the island of some 3.4 million US citizens. Still to this day, the majority of the people are short of food and without clean drinking water. 74% still do not have electricity.  The island remains almost virtually dark at night as the entire power grid was destroyed.

In retrospect, Donald J. Trump believes that he as done an excellent job with Puerto Rico  disaster aid as reported by Anderson Cooper of CNN.  In a scale of 1 to 10, he gives himself a 10. In his eyes, he can do nothing wrong. To me, his statements mean  that he could have done nothing better, and that everything is great. Actually what it does mean is that he is incapable of comprehending what it will take to get Puerto Rico on its feet again. Of course, the entire world knows that this is the farthest from the truth. It’s just another falsehood strewed out by this disaster of a president. The infrastructure has been totally destroyed, leaving towns, roads and bridges in total destruction. Only 28 percent of the total population of the island have clean drinking water, while the rest of the population is getting water from wherever they can find it, including from water that is known to be contaminated.  People wait in line for hours upon hours to buy gasoline for their cars and for the gasoline generators that are the only source of electricity many people have. Puerto Rico has turned out to be Trump’s Katrina, but the sad thing this is that he doesn’t even know it yet. His thinking is so far out from reality that many people are now questioning his ability to lead as president.

On the record in a meeting in the oval office with the governor of Puerto Rico, the president asked if the United States did a great job militarily, with first responders and FEMA. He asked the governor the question as Trump expects to receive compliments from just about everyone he deals with. The governor responded that the President was on the phone with him every day since the disaster and he appreciates and praises the Federal government response. So what does that mean? Right out of the gate, everyone knows that it was impossible immediately after the storm passed that the governor could speak to anyone off the the island with a telephone, and with anyone from the island for that matter. The entire phone grid was knocked out.  It was reported that it took days before any kind of telephone service was available to anyone, including the governor.

On the other hand, let’s acknowledge that Puerto Rico is making headway, but what is wrong about this whole thing is that the president is already taking credit for the wonderful job he is doing. For the most part, the people are helping themselves. I would love to hear what the suffering people of Puerto Rico have to say about the President.  It may be a good thing that Puerto Rico does not participate in the general election, because it is a territory and not a state. Puerto Rico’s residents may not vote in federal elections, except for a nonvoting delegate who has an office on Capitol Hill. There are five non-incorporated territories that send delegates to the United States House of Representatives that participate in the presidential primaries but the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico cannot vote for members of Congress or of President.

In Donald Trump’s eyes, it may be a good thing that the people of Puerto Rico cannot vote, because he would have only 1 vote from the island, the governor, and 3,999,000 other people to vote for the other person.