The Trump Shutdown Continues

The 116th Congress was sworn in yesterday on January 3, 2019. Of the 100 new House members, 63 are Democrats. Overall, Democrats gained 39 seats, giving them a 235 to 199 advantage and control of the House for, at least, the next two years. They have become a force that Donald J. Trump must recon … Read more

What’s happened to this President?

I’ve been away from posting for ONLY several months now, but since the last post and observing what is happening today with President Donald J. Trump, you would have to think that so much time has passed, but that I as the writer/editor of this site just came back from another universe. Personally, I never … Read more

Trump Damages the Country

After almost two years of Donald Trump as president, one has to wonder why he gets away with all that he gets away with. Obviously, what contributes to him beleiving that he can get away with anything is because it is true that the Republican controlled Congress lets him get away with everything. Trump believes … Read more

The Upcoming Government Shutdown Vote May be the Showdown to Protect ObamaCare

I was at work at 3AM this morning when the House of Representatives passed H.R.1, the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ and couldn not believe they would approve of such a vote. Where were the Republicans that voted againt ObamaCare repeal who were responsible for the failure of the Republican healthcare insurance law that never … Read more

Trump Endorses Roy Moore for Congress – Needs Moore to Support new Republican Tax Plan

On another trip, this time to go to his Thanksgiving holiday at his Mar-a-Largo estate in Palm Beach, Florida, President Trump made statements about accused pedophile Roy Moore, supporting the accused child molester in his responses to questions. He supports him because Roy Moore stands by his denial of the accusations of women and that … Read more

Special Council Bob Mueller – Most Powerful man in D.C.

The fact is that even when Special Council Bob Mueller, the attorney and person in charge of the Federal investigation of Republican party practices with cooperation with Russia in an attempt to defeat Hilary Clinton, is working very hard to hold people accountable with their actions, originally centered around people cooperating with Russia. To this … Read more

Donald Trump Incriminating Past – Caught on Hollywood Tape – Unedited

The following is a unedited transcript by Penn Bullock of The New York Times. Donald Trump making vulgar comments about women to Billy Bush who worked for ‘Access Hollywood’ on the set of “Days of Our Lives”. Trump was making a cameo appearance. These words were spoken by the man we elected as the 45th … Read more

Administration of Donald Trump

  Decision is not decided Donald Trump is building an administration that is full of people who have great deals of money, business interests. The Guardian put together a list of people selected for his Cabinet. Trump claims that he ‘will drain the swamp’ but is he really?!?!?!!! They are as follows: Todd Ricketts – … Read more