Trump Destined to be a One-Term President

The 2020 election is steadily creeping closer. Donald Trump is getting further and further behind in the polls. He knows he is losing, so he is outwardly stating that the election will be illegitimate. Trump behavior concerning the virus is backfiring against him as he has not administered an aggressive message to control it.

Nothing seems to be going the way the president wants it to go. He’s got to be very frustrated. Even the Fox News polls that came out just yesterday have him way down from Biden. The news on the real polls that count now are really bad for Trump. He is losing everywhere, and he is even losing to himself, as this time four years ago, he was well ahead of his present numbers. He’s been losing supporters by the droves, and he really can’t afford to lose a single voter. Yet, he has already lost millions.

In just the last couple of days, one of his adult sons, Eric Trump has been ordered by a judge that he must produce documents and sit down for a sworn deposition before the New York Attorney General, and he has to do that in the next few weeks by October 7. Very bad timing for Donald Trump as the election is looming. So, what is the subject matter of the sworn deposition? Eric Trump is in conjunction with what appears to be a fairly sprawling inquiry by New York authorities into allegations of fraud and other potential crimes by the President’s businesses.

Trump is fighting subpoenas for his own tax returns and financial records in conjunction with other investigations brought by New York authorities.

The president also got news that his niece, Mary Trump who is the daughter of his oldest brother, has brought a lawsuit against the president and his sister for tens of millions of dollars in inheritance that she says the president did her out of. His niece who has filed suit in this case, claims to have receipts, and a trove of financial documents and tax returns that provide the basis for the lawsuit.

Now there are over 200,000 people dead due to Covid-19, but the president is still lying about it. He has failed to protect the Americans. He is more concerned about replacing the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg than spending his time on working on how to protect the American people from the corona-virus.

Donald Trump now refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. He makes up many reasons, but in my opinion in the back of his head, he knows that he’s is losing, so what did he do. He announced in a news conference as he refused to devote himself to accepting the results of the election. This would be the first time in recorded history that an American sitting president will try to buck the election and try to illegitimize it. His goal is to throw the results of the election in chaos by refusing to accept defeat. He most likely will do everything in his power to stop the vote count after the night of the election, because everyone believes that on election night, Trump will be very much ahead in the vote count. Thus on election night, he will claim to be the winner of the election, way in advance of all of the absentee ballots to come in, which would be the majority of the ballots voting for Joe Biden.

Trump is not stupid, but at the same time is one of the dumbest presidents in American history.  It may be the night of the election, but most certainly in a few days or maybe a week or more out after the election, Joe Biden will be the declared the winner, and will become president-elect.  Trump most likely will refuse to leave the White House. Why? Because he knows that the state of New-York will have no mercy on him. His taxes will become public knowledge, and the country will finally see who Trump really is. His taxes most likely will work against him, as he knows he has a very good chance of doing a jail term. No-one can protect him, not even Vice president Pence if he happens to become the 46th president before Joe Biden swears the oath of office as the new president to forgive him of Federal crimes. What attorney after he is defeated in the election would ever want to represent Trump? The state of New York will have him on a silver platter for the whole world to see. I predict that his wife Melania will leave him, and his family, including his sons are also in peril for prosecution. I hope they don’t think that President Biden would ever give any of the Trump’s a pardon.

As the election nears, I sort of wish that I would have gone through with the bet with my nephew Dominic. I’m sure he is upset with me, and for that I am sorry. But I think he wanted to go through with this bet to make a fast buck. Personally, if this race was up and up, meaning both parties where acting in a respected manner, and if I thought that Trump had any chance of winning, I would have given my nephew the benefit of the doubt and secure the bet.

But out of all of what has happened in this very sad year of 2020, at least the world will be able to breathe again and hope for a better tomorrow. That could only happen if Trump was not re-elected. I’m not saying that it’s impossible at this point, because Trump has proven that anything can be possible. If he won in a legitimate way, I would have to accept his win.

Now on a completely different note that is not related to this article, in order to make amens with my nephew Dominic, I am willing to share a business opportunity with him. Presently, he drives a truck for a living, and I would definitely like to see him get out of that profession. Sometimes he doesn’t see his family for weeks at a time.  If he takes the opportunity, he stands a chance to make hundreds of thousands of dollars and even a few million if he worked at it. I would be honored to have him on my team if he is willing to go for it. I will give him an update if he asks me about the opportunity.  Also, I feel kind of guilty for not honoring the bet that he so desperately wanted to make with me, and for that I apologize.