Donald Trump in REAL Trouble

Who would have guessed?

Trump dealings before and in his presidency and even up to today, must deal with multiple legal challenges coming his way. Now that the midterms are over and most of Trump backed candidates lost, Trump will be in the news. Now the Republicans are waking up, realizing that Trump doesn’t have magic powers and cannot be their leader in the party. Trump realizes it too, but he will lie to claim innocence, because as everyone knows by now, ‘Trump is NEVER wrong’. Really?//!*%$/

Let’s start with just today. It is thanksgiving-2022. Can Trump celebrate it today without a lawsuit coming his way? Absolutely not. Today on Thanksgiving, Donald Trump is being sued for adult sex abuse for battery and defamation by an ex-columnist, E. Jean Carroll in New York. The case goes back to 2019 when she sued Trump for defamation because he claimed he never did it. She was able to file the suit because as Trump speaks, he has this uncanny ability to lie. He does this day in and day out. For example, in his recent announcement of running for President in 2022, it was proven by fact-checkers that he lied twenty-two times during his announcement that he was now a candidate for President.  But back in 2019, Trump denied her sexual assault allegation, and he claimed at the time, before his presidency, that he never met with Carroll. He accused her of making false statements for a story she claimed true in her new book. But now, she added new statements to the suit for what Trump said later in October 2022, as he was providing a deposition of the 2019 lawsuit. In a story provided by CNN today, by reporter Kara Scannell, the previous lawsuit is being re-hashed as she is trying to bring Trump accountable for “battery for allegedly raping Carroll in the dressing room of a New York department store in the mid-1990’s. The lawsuit also alleges a new defamation claim based on statements Trump made last month.” says reporter Kara Scannell.

Just a few days ago, the Supreme Court voted against Donald Trump to allow access by the House of his taxes during his past business dealings. I bet Trump didn’t see that coming. It’s his Supreme Court. Three of the Supreme Court Judges were his picks during his four years in office. The entire Supreme Court voted against Trump. The clock is ticking, because as soon as the newly controlled Republican Party led House convenes in January, the House will kill the investigation on Trump’s taxes. At least that is what the very possible House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy will do. But then again, Kevin McCarty has his own issues, and may never get a chance to serve as majority leader. Because of the very slim Republican majority in the new House for 2023 thanks to Donald Trump backing very poor candidates for office, McCarthy may not get complete support by the House to become their leader. McCarthy is a “Trumper”, and people are now running away from Trump supported candidates. Even if he became Speaker, he could never control it, nor get anything accomplished except to go after Democrats. He will have the help of Congressmen Jim Jordan to do that. Now it will be ‘Hunter Biden’ all over again. As if the country wants to hear it. That is a story in itself.

In Georgia, the Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is investigating into attempts to subvert the 2020 election led by the one and only Donald Trump while he was still President, and her team is now preparing for a flurry of activity after the midterm elections. Trump announced early of his presidency run for office in the 2024 election, just to snub his thumb in everyone’s face who is investigating him. But his actions just will not work. He never admitted defeat in the 2020 election and thinks he is immune from prosecution. Slowly but surely, he may be finally waking up to reality. He is losing money every day from lawsuits that he continues to lose.  By the time that the courts get done with Trump after these upcoming cases, Trump may not have a dime to his name, but would not need money, because he may be wearing an orange jumpsuit.

In New York, State Attorney General Letitia James has accused Trump of systematically misstating the value of his properties. So, what did Trump do?  Trump overvalued his property worth to get large loans, but then claimed the land wasn’t worth as much so that he didn’t have to pay a lot of taxes. This is a textbook Fraud case. Letitia James wants to bar Donald Trump and all his family from ever doing business in the state of New York because of fraudulent business practices. He is also being sued to pay money to recover unpaid taxes, a value that would destroy his wealth and businesses.  How did Trump react to this lawsuit? In a move that no one understands, Trump’s attorneys filed a lawsuit in the state of Florida, attempting to block Letitia James’s own civil case in New York. But Letitia is always one step away from Trump. She moved the case to Florida’s federal courts, with the case falling before Judge Middlebrooks, who is a Clinton appointed attorney. This same judge just fined Trump’s lawyers in a different suit.

And then there is January 6th. Trump is accused of orchestrating the insurrection at the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C. The January 6 House Committee has put forward damning evidence that Trump is responsible for the attack on the U.S. Capital, and the threats made against his own Vice-President for not helping him over through a valid election that just didn’t go his way. The present Attorney General Merrick Garland has now turned over further investigations that may lead to an indictment of Trump to a special counsel named prosecuting Attorney Jack Smith. Smith is a former chief of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section and will oversee criminal matters related to former President Donald Trump. He is credited for prosecuting both Republicans and Democrats in the past.

It’s just not going well for Trump. His family is being investigated and members of his own family may face fines and prosecution. But his lawyers just received sanctions for bringing an “objectively frivolous” racketeering lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and thirty other left-leaning defendants. All of this is Trump’s stall tactic to avoid prosecution, but in the end, no one is above the law and Trump will pay. Every time his lawyers go to court, they lose because of Trump’s baseless allegations.

Also, Trump is losing his credibility from voters as most Trump backed candidates in the country lost their bid for elections. Many of them were 2020 election deniers. Because of Donald Trump, the Republicans lost the U.S. Senate, and it looks like after a Senate Runoff in Georgia between Republican candidate Herschel Walker and incumbent Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock, the U.S. Senate will be in solid Democratic control, as Warnock is expected to win re-election. The Republicans are blind. During Trump’s tenure as the 45th President of the United States, the party lost control of the Senate and House of Representatives. Then they lose the Presidency. Still, many Republicans are ‘forever Trumpers’ and will never go against Trump in fear that Trump may retaliate and vet against them, which may cause them to lose their seat. They are violating their oath when elected because they do not support the truth. They say what their constituents say, not the truth.

The Republican Party as it stands now is the “Trump Party”. What will it be when Trump is indicted or prosecuted.

Trump is in such hot water right now, how could anyone support him as their next President of the United States. I predict a large slate of Republicans running against Trump for the Republican nomination for next President. Can the party survive in this fashion with Trump in the mix? Most likely not, especially now that President Biden claims he will run again for a second term. Watch the video immediately below that confirms what is written above.



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The Facts As They Are Centered Around Donald Trump

Yesterday on April 8, 2020, Bernie Sanders made the announcement that he is stepping out of the presidential race. That makes Vice-President Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee to run against Donald Trump in November. The year 2020 has been difficult for every American with the pandemic and I’m sure that the peoples of the entire world will like to forget this year and the liking’s of Donald Trump. Not many Americans will be willing to continue with Donald Trump as their president. Even several of the Republicans that voted for him in 2016 are jumping ship. Enough is enough!!

Most every U.S. president in modern history has become very popular when they successfully handle crisis. They also do well when they follow in the footsteps of their predecessors. But unlike previous presidents, Donald Trump doesn’t know how to follow or take advice from his predecessors, especially President Obama. He constantly disrespects the prior president, and blames him for many things. He hasn’t learned that ‘the buck stops here’ and that he will be totally held responsible for the having no plan at the beginning of the pandemic, and starting to fight what he calls “the enemy” in a timely manner so that many lives could have been spared.

What people will remember in their minds the most after this pandemic will be the way that Donald Trump conducted himself in those daily briefings. He used the lectern as his bully pulpit. Since he cannot have rallies for his re-election campaign, he has the advantage of speaking to the people every day.  Never a day goes by while reporting on the progress of his administration to fight just against the pandemic, he campaigns by attacking he foes.  He attacks the press, and criticizes his soon to be challenger in the election, Vice-President Joe Biden. This is one way that he fails the people. People who watch the briefings are not just Republicans, but Democrats, peoples of every color and race and they listen to him closely.  But he just doesn’t care, as he insults the media on live TV, and talks bad about everyone who does not support him.

While he speaks, you can say he demonstrates that he is a very unsteady captain of the ship. He demonstrates all the qualities that you do not want to see in a leader during a crisis.  In this time of need, Americans always look up for guidance to the president but to state the facts, Donald Trump is not the first president that showed his inability to lead during a crisis.

What we have in November is what is called a crisis driven presidential election. In the past, presidents didn’t handle their duties the way that they should to protect the people, just like Donald Trump is failing. During the civil war, President James Buchanan let the nation into the Civil war and is considered our worst president. Andrew Johnson – the reconstruction.  In 1865,  Johnsons plan for reconstruction gave the South, predominantly white, the authority in regulating from slavery to freedom but in the end, there wasn’t any reconstruction policy. Herbert Hoover – did poorly during the depression. President Lyndon Johnson, handled Vietnam very poorly. He constantly told the American people that we were winning the war, but people knew the truth and of course, the United States lost the war. Johnson also lost re-election. Jimmy Carter is well known for the Iranian hostages. George W. Bush is known for Katrina, Iraq and Afghanistan.  All of these presidents had the qualities of in confidence, the lack of capability, and that of the president.  Donald Trump is at the top of the list.

Where can you begin when you talk about Donald Trump’s poor qualities as president.  To get to the point here, I will quote text from the QUORA WEBSITE from back in 2018.

The facts concerning Donald J. Trump are stated as follows:

  • First, besides the presidency, he is a failed businessman.
  • While hiring contractors for his properties, he routinely cheated them.
  • He promotes frivolous lawsuits that have ruined his competitors.
  • He constantly tells lies. He is very compulsive with lies. Every day he tells lies.
  • He made fun of an American POW for being captured by the enemy which was particularly egregious.
  • He knows nothing about the American political system and apparently does not give a damn about learning. It is believed that he doesn’t even read his daily briefings to know what’s going on in the world. He received briefings of the upcoming pandemic back in December, but did nothing about it. It wasn’t until March that he finally came on-board and wanted the fight the virus.
  • He appeals to, and associates with, shamefully bigoted groups such as the KKK and the Alt-White.
  • He makes threats to his political opponents and suggests to anyone who does not applaud him is guilty of “treason”.
  • He behaves as if the US Presidency were a dictatorship and he were entitled to pass laws by fiat.
  • He will not, cannot cooperate or negotiate.
  • He seems determined to alienate America’s allies and make America’s enemies only hate America more than they already do.
  • He never served in the military, and shows no respect for veterans, and yet is prepared to go to war in order to boost his ratings.
  • He continues to act as a Reality-TV star. He is all show and constantly displays no substance.
  • He is a narcissist and a xenophobe.
  • He has no morals, but that of a scam artist, while displaying methods as a shyster.
  • The one thing felt by many or most Americans is the lack of confidence in the president.
  • Donald Trump has the morals of a scam artist and the methods of a shyster.

An added fact to come will be that Donald J. Trump will be remembered as the worst U.S. president in history even worse than President James Buchanan  for handling the epidemic known as Covid-19 so poorly. All of these traits that Trump owns makes him totally unqualified to continue to be the President of the United States. Others impeached by Congress, there were Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.