“Enemy of the People”

Below is presentation of what I see is a real enemy of America and our freedoms. They are the very issues that at the very least need to be considered from macro and micro level concepts as to why we are here as a nation. Also what we can do about it and our actions … Read more

A Trump Supporter Perspective

I love this country. We enjoy and take for granted many freedoms and opportunities that do not exist in many places of the world. As an American I wake up, work hard and with adequate time and perseverance achieve whatever I set before me. We can achieve our dreams and I am grateful for this … Read more

Trump Believes he knows more about viruses than Dr. Anthony Fauci

It’s been over a month since I last wrote, but with the obvious failure by the president of the Unite States, Donald J. Trump, the Coronavirus known as Covid-19 is now ravaging many of the U.S. States, including mine which is Texas. The president convinced many governors to open their states early, before the virus … Read more

Trump Thinks He Knows More than The Experts

Trump is claiming that the year 2020 will be one of the best years for the country. At the time he made his prediction, there was a total of 1,385,639 Covid-19 cases. Out of that number, there has been 83,648 deaths to Americans, since the end of February, in just 3 months of time. Also … Read more

Many More People to Die because of Relaxed Social Distancing

The following statement can be found in an article published at www.marketwatch.com dated May 4th, 2020, written by William A. Haseltine. “Unfortunately, the U.S. is not limiting COVID-19 infections enough to avoid a severe second wave. Our current control measures — limited testing and largely voluntary self-isolation for those known to be infected or exposed … Read more

Trump Continues to Deliver False Claims

There seems to be not a day that goes by as Donald Trump continues to give the media and bloggers like myself the material to display his constant lying to the world on national TV. Today seemed to be one of many of the Trump egregious lies that show  his inability to represent the Office … Read more

The Facts As They Are Centered Around Donald Trump

Yesterday on April 8, 2020, Bernie Sanders made the announcement that he is stepping out of the presidential race. That makes Vice-President Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee to run against Donald Trump in November. The year 2020 has been difficult for every American with the pandemic and I’m sure that the peoples of the … Read more