Trump is Indicted in the Stormy Daniels Hush Money Case

The decisions of Donald J. Trump did not go good for him on March 30, 2023, when it was learned that the disgraced ex-President has now been indicted by a Grand Jury in New York. He is the first President in U.S. history to ever be indicted and now must face what he may want to turn into a spectacle for political reasons and to raise more money. He will raise the money from his followers, and he will use the money for re-election purposes. So in Trumps sick mind, most likely he welcomes this indictment.  His attorneys have stated that President Trump will turn himself into the authorities on New York on Tuesday, April 4th, 2023. The easiest shot any law maker had was to convict him when he was impeached twice, but the U.S. Senate twice refused to vote favorably to convict. In the case of presidential impeachment trials, the chief justice of the United States presides. The Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate to convict, and the penalty for an impeached official upon conviction is removal from office.

Trump is facing the first of four criminal investigations for his actions, prior, during and most likely after his service to the country as the 45th President of the United States. Charges include at least 30 document fraud charges.

Even with that said, Donald Trump can continue to run for President again. He can run again while being indicted or even when convicted. If convicted of a misdemeanor which is likely the sure thing he can be prosecuted of, alone could not stop him from running. Also, if it is decided by a jury court that he committed a felony, he can be sentenced to prison or home confinement, which certainly would not allow him to continue to run for office and if incarcerated, he surely couldn’t act as the President of the United States. He most likely would not be allowed on social media, and for all intents and purposes not be allowed to continue posting on his social media outlets. These decisions would be the sole direction of the presiding Judge in Trumps court case.

Even in better times for Trump, especially when he became president, he did not win with the popular vote, but he did win the electoral college vote. Chances this time around he will not win either the vote count or electoral college vote, as more pending charges will come his way. Presently, there are very limited requirements when running for Presidential election, which are listed below:

  • The candidate contesting for the position must be a natural-born citizen of the United States of America.
  • The candidate must be 35 years or older.
  • The candidate should be a US resident for 14 years.

The only additional exception is that the American Constitution prohibits a tenure of longer than 2 terms of 4 years each. In Donald Trump’s case, he has only served for 1 full term as President, so he qualifies to run again. But what makes it unlikely that he would succeed to become President after being convicted of a felony would be purely political. The fallout from his own party would be devastating to him. If he were to be re-elected, all current and future charges against him would be put on hold, as a sitting President of the United States cannot be convicted of crimes while in office.

Besides all of the very real reasons why Trump was indicted now in March of 2023 is because the Statute of Limitations is running out for crimes that must be proved he committed in the past.




Trump Backed Republican Candidates that Lost the Mid-Term General Election

Many Republicans are now having a second thought about supporting Trump in the upcoming presidential election in 2024. Do not look any further than the midterm elections in 2022 to get an answer as to why Republicans are now seeking a second choice as their nominee for president. But right now, the Republicans only have Trump, as he is the only person to make the announcement of running for President in 2024.

Like Trump, the Republican party which is now the ‘Trump party’, not the party it used to be before Trump, is just as bad as Trump. They supported him for 6 years, but many of the Republicans that believed in true Republican principals either left the party long time ago or switched over to the Democratic Party.  Where are they going? In one such case still to be determined, Liz Chaney, one of the two Republicans on the House Committee looking into the January 6 Insurrection, claimed publicly that she will leave the Republican Party if Donald Trump becomes the Republican candidate for the presidential election.

Liz Cheney lost her House seat because she wasn’t an election denier and openly despaired Trump. The Republicans in her state elected someone else to take her place in the chamber. Trump thought it was now his opportunity to now endorse midterm candidates, mostly election deniers that spread the ‘BIG LIE’. But what Trump didn’t see coming is that many of these ‘election deniers’ lost their elections.

The following is a list of candidates that lost their bids for a seat in Congress.


  1. Mehmet Oz was defeated in Pennsylvania by John Fetterman.
  2. Don Bolduc was (R) defeated in New Hampshire by Senator Maggie Hassan (D).
  3. Leora Levy (R) was defeated in Connecticut by Richard Blumenthal (D).
  4. Gerald Mallow (R) was defeated in Vermont by Peter Welch (D).


  1. Bo Hines (R) was defeated in North Carolina’s District 13 by Wiley Nickel (D).
  2. Steve Chabot (R) was defeated in Ohio’s District 1 by Greg Landsman (D).
  3. Madison Gilbert (R) was defeated in Ohio’s District 13 by Emilia Sykes (D).
  4. John Gibbs (R) was defeated in Michigan District 3 by Hillary Scholten (D).
  5. Yesli Vega (R) was defeated in Virginia’s District 7 by Abigail Spanberger (D).
  6. Karoline Leavitt (D) was defeated in New Hampshire’s District 1 by Rep. Chris Pappas (D).
  7. J.R. Majewski (D) was defeated in Ohio’s District 9 by Marcy Kaptur (D).
  8. Sandy Smith (R) was defeated in North Carolina’s District 1 by Don Davis (D).
  9. Robert Burns (R)was defeated in New Hampshire’s District 2 by Ann McLane Kuster (D).
  10. Sarah Palin (R) was defeated in Alaska’s At-Large District 2 by Mary Pelota (D).
  11. Jim Bognet (R)was defeated in Pennsylvania’s District 8 by Matt Cartwright (D).


  1. Tudor Dixon (R) was defeated to incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) in Michigan.
  2. Josh Shapiro (D) in Pennsylvania defeated Doug Mastriano (R).
  3. Lee Zeldin (R) was defeated to Governor Kathy Houchul(D) in New York.
  4. Dan Cox was defeated (R) by Wes Moore (D) in Maryland.
  5. Maura Healey in Massachusetts (D) defeated Geoff Diehl (R).
  6. Governor Tony Evers (D) in Wisconsin defeated Tim Michels (R).
  7. Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) in Illinois defeated Darren Bailey (R).
  8. Scott Jensen (R) was defeated in Minnesota to Governor Tim Walz (D).
  9. Mark Ronchetti (R) was defeated in New Mexico by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D).
  10. Derek Schmidt (R) was defeated in Kansas to Governor Laura Kelly (D).


  1. Kim Crocket (R) was defeated in Minnesota in the Secretary of State election by Steve Simon (D).
  2. Kristina Karamo (R) was defeated in the Michigan Secretary of State election by Jocelyn Benson (D).
  3. Kari Lake (R) was defeated in the Arizona election by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D). Kari Lake still refuses to concede, filing a lawsuit against Maricopa County election officials accusing them of violating elections laws. Of course, Trump is backing Kari Lake’s claim promoting claims that the ballot tabulator issued skewed results in Hobbs’ favor, accusing the Arizona election officials of running a “criminal voting operation”. Where can you find more about this election lie? Of course, you can find the information on ‘Truth Social’ which is owned and operated by Donald Trump, the #1 election denier of all time.

In a race still to be determined, but the pending outcome must be clear is, the runoff race between Congressman Rafael Warnock and Hershel Walker should be a slam dunk for the Democrats in the Senate.

The Republicans predicted that they would over-take the House by at least 60 seats, but because of the 26 poor candidates supported by Trump who advanced from the primary elections to the general election who failed to make good on their nominations, Trump is now facing a growing number of Republicans that do not believe he is the best candidate for President in 2024.

Also with major defeats in court, he faces a rapidly upcoming issue with the Mar-a-Largo documents case with criminal handling of government records, violation of the Espionage Act and the investigation of his potential of obstruction of justice charges on January 6, 2021.

It is no wonder with all the obvious defeats of civil lawsuits and court matters that Trump has much more to worry about concerning legal issues that can deplete his money or land him in jail.

When will the Republicans wake up to Trumps devious, malicious, and disgusting acts as president and now as a civilian to not support him? Obviously, with the list as presented above, the public didn’t support the candidates that he supported in the elections, and now it is time for the Republicans to turn up the heat on Trump and support another candidate for president. The good news here is that Trump may never again be the nominee for president for the Republicans.  Trump is running out of time deposing many of the lawsuits which is taking most of his attention now, instead of the concerns running for president.







Insurrection Planned and Executed by Donald J. Trump – January 6, 2021

This website – exists because of a corrupt president. Never before in history have we had such a man, who during his first term in office, committed such an egregious violation of his presidency. Already with two impeachments behind him, now the insurrection of the U.S. Capital that Trump himself had orchestrated.  During his entire 1st term and ONLY term in office, the Republican party, now known to have become the Trump party, supported him and still do to this day. Trump continues to take donations of money from his supporters whom he convinced that he won the election. People blindly give him money, and he’s using the money to line his pockets in an attempt to fight off the myriad of lawsuits coming his way.

Now that the first wave of Congressional hearing have now ended, details of what happened in Trumps orbit, before, during and after the riots of January 6, 2021 have been revealed in front of the entire world, beginning and ending on Prime-time TV.

Trumps inner circle have now been peeled away from him, except from the liking of Steve Bannon and other co-conspirators of January 6th. Bannon who went to court and lost his bid to stay out of jail because he has been found guilty in two counts of contempt of Congress. He failed to reply to subpoenas of the January 6th committee. He, like others in the Republican party, feel that they are above the law as he claims Executive privilege, because the ex-President Donald Trump claimed that he didn’t need to testify. But actually, Bannon had to testify, because Trump is no longer the acting president.

Bannon faces up to 1 year in jail for the conviction with each count. When eventually sentenced, he may have to serve the minimum of 1 month for each count, either in concurrent or consecutive fashion. He has been the one of the many evils of our democracy. Other members of Congress still have to respond to their subpoenas, such as Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, Jim Jordan of Ohio, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, and Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania.

Others in the Trumps White House, including Administration Officials contain Jeffrey Clark who was the former acting civil division assistant attorney general, Judd Deere, Deputy White House press secretary, Cassidy Hutchinson, special assistant to the president for legislative affairs and secretary of Mark Meadows – Chief of Staff who did provide thousands of documents to the committee and others, but then decided not to participate with a January 6th committee subpoena and others who have and not testified, include the following, some who have testified…

Keith Kellogg – Former Vice President Pence national security advisor

Ken Klukowski – Senior counsel in the division led by Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark

Christopher Liddell – White House deputy chief of staff who was reportedly at the White House on Jan 6

Nicholas Luna – Trump’s personal assistant who was reportedly present in the Oval Office on Jan 6

Kayleigh McEnany – White House press secretary

John McEntee – White House personnel director

Molly Mchael – special assistant to the president and Oval Office operations coordinator

Max Miller – Former White House staffer who served on both of Trump’s presidential campaigns

Stephen Miller – former White House senior adviser who played a major role of Trump’s policies

Peter Navarro – White House trade adviser  – multiple subpoenas

Kash Patel – chief of staff to acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller

Roberet “Bobby” Peede Jr. – met with Trump on Jan. 4th to discuss plans for the Ellipse rally

Daniel Scavino – White House deputy chief of staff for communications but now will not be charged in contempt

Marc Short – Pence’s chief of staff

Ben Williamson – deputy assistant to the president and senior adviser to Meadows, Trumps chief of staff

Brian Jack, White House director of political affairs

Also subpoenaed were campaign officials and Trump allies, include the following…

Stephen Bannon – White House chief strategist and senior counselor to Trump now found guilty in court

Gary Michael Brown – Trump campaign deputy director of election day operations

John Eastman –  conservative lawyer who served as a key legal adviser to Trump

Jenna Ellis – a Trump campaign attorney

Boris Epshteyn – Trump campaign strategic adviser

Michael Flynn – former Trump national security adviser

Rudy Giuliani – Trump’s personal lawyer

Angela McCallum – Trump campaign national executive assistant

Jason Miller – Trump campaign senior adviser

Sidney Powell – attorney on Trump’s legal team

Michael A. Roman – Trump campaign director of election day operations

William Stepien – Trump campaign manager

Other tied to the January 6 riot…

Proud Boys International, LLC – far-right group accused of calling for violence ahead of the attach on the Capital and also storming the Capital with seditious conspiracy charges

Patrick Casey – leader of the alt-right “America First” who was at the Capital on Jan 6

Nicholas J. Fuentes – leader of the alt-right “America First” accused of helping to plan the Jan 6 attack

Oath Keepers – far-right group accused of helping plan and participate in the attack on the Capital

Elmer Stewart Rhoded, president of the Oath Keepers

Henry “Enrique” Tarrio – chairman of the Proud Boys accused of helping group prepare for the Jan 6 rally

Lyndon Brentnall – Onsite supervisor of the Jan 6 Ellipse rally tied to a private security firm

Taylor Budowich – managed an advertising campaign of the Jan. 6 Ellipse rally on now Trump’s spokesperson

Justin Caporale – Project manager listed on a permit for the Jan. 6 Ellipse rally

Cynthia Chafian – submitted the Jan. 6 Ellipse rally permit on behalf of the Women for America First

Kimberly Fletcher – Founder of Moms for America – helped plan rallied on Jan 5 and 6 in DC.

Alex Jones – Founder of Info Wars who attended the Ellipse rally

Amy Kremer – CO-founder of Women for America First

Kylie Kremer – Co-founder of Women for America First

Jennifer Lawrence – assisted Women for America First in planning rallies leading to the Capital attack

Bryon Lewis – listed on the “one Nation Under God” rally permit for January 6

Robert Patrick Lewis – Chair of the 1st Amendment Praetorian, which provided security at multiple events leading up to January 6

Ed Martin – Stop the Steal organizer

Nathan Martin – Listed on the “one Nation Under God” rally permit

Maggie Mulvaney – Listed as “VIP lead” on a permit for the Jan 6 Ellipse rally

Katrina Pierson – Former Trump spokesperson who assisted Woman for America First

Megan Powers – “Operations Manager for scheduling and guidance”

Arthur Schwartz – Republican strategist in communications about the Ellipse rally

Stop the Steal LLC – Right-wind organization tied to a permit for a Jan 6 rally on Capital grounds

Duston Stockton – assisted Women for America First in planning rallies leading to the Capital attack

Hannal Salem Stone – Listed on a permit for the Jan 6 Ellipse rally as “operations manager for logistics and communications”

Roger Stone – Republican operative who used Oath Keepers members as security guards. Previously he was sentenced and in jail, but Trump gave him a pardon.

Andy Surabian – Republican strategist who communicated with Kimberley Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. About the Ellipse rally

Tim Unes – Listed on a permit for the Jan 6 Ellipse rally as a “stage manager”

Ross Worthington – former White House official who helped draft Trump’s speech at the Ellipse

Caroline Wren – “VIP advisor” at the Jan 6 Ellipse rally

Others tied to efforts to Overturn the Election

Bill Bachenberg

Kathy Berden

Christina Bobb

Kenneth Chesebro

Nancy Cottle

Laura Cox

James DeGraffenried

Mark Finchem

Katherine Friess

Andrew Hitt

Bernard Kerik

Phill Kline

Deborah Maestas

Douglas Mastriano

Michael McDonald

Cleta Mitchell

Kurt Olsen

Lisa Patton

Loraine Pellegrino

Jewll Powdrell

Mayra Rodriguez

Kelly Ruh


Shawn Still

Phil Waldron

Kelli Ward

Companies that were subpoenaed as part of the Jan 6 investigation

Alphabet – Parent company of Facebook – users relayed communications about the Jan. 6 attack

Reddit – Platform where users relayed communications about the Jan. 6 attack

Twitter – Platform where users relayed communications about the Jan. 6 attack


So many of these people listed above did come before the committee, unlike Steve Bannon that will now pay by serving time in jail.

All the evidence presented at the January 6 hearings point to Donald Trump as he orchestrated the January 6 attack. Pending charges of president Trump may be pending by the Department of Justice.

It has also been revealed that the January 6 committee will hold more hearings in about a month.

When the committee formally concludes that its investigation has ended and a final report of their findings has been released, they will then have 30 days to disband the committee. By then, mid-term elections may have taken place and some of the January 6 committee panel may have to testify to a Republican lead House if the Republicans take control. Corruption within the Republican party will then continue.

It is a never-ending fight for democracy. The history books nevertheless will reveal the facts in detail, not regarding to which party may be in charge of the government in the future. The world continues to look on to see if this idea of an ‘American Democracy’ will hold. If Donald Trump became president once again, the country most likely would fail to survive as a democracy. Never before in American history, can it be found that such a corrupt president was part of a plan to overrun democracy as it stands today.

But Donald Trump will not be around forever, but the Republican party, the Conservative party, will have been forever stained by what is considered the poorest example of a U.S. President in U.S. history.

This blog will continue to list the prior and upcoming decisions of president Donald J. Trump.

Trump Now Faces Many Legal Difficulties and Financial Issues after the ‘Insurrection’ on the U.S. Capitol in D.C.

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is about to leave office. But he couldn’t leave or even admit defeat in the election even after almost 50 confirmations by the courts, including the Supreme Court, have decided that the election was not stolen, and there was no proof of fraud during the voting. Donald Trump has NEVER admitted defeat, so there were no other options left available to him before he was forced out of office. On January 6th, shortly after he was unsuccessful in keeping the U.S. Senate under Republican control, in an attempt to save face to his very loyal followers, he decided to take the election into his own hands, even when there was absolutely nothing  he could legally do about it. The only thing left to do was to rile up his loyal followers and have them march down to the U.S. State Capitol in Washington, D.C. A joint-session of Congress was in the process on January 6th to certify the votes in the election with Vice-President Joe Biden as the winner of the Presidency. It was the final straw for Donald Trump. He had no other recourse in his sick mind than to attack the institution representing the United States, in a time in his life as president that he was supposed to protect.

Trump, along with Senator Cruz and Senator Hawley, the Trump family, including his lawyer and long-time friend Rudy Giuliani, decided that their loyal followers should march down to the capital and claim fraud in the election. Rudy will be the first to admit that the rioters were not from the rally held by Trump just minutes before, even when the rioters that showed up held up signs supporting Trump, flags and those “America First’ red hats. But in reality, the majority did come from the rally and Trump encouraged his followers to take the election in their own hands, and that is exactly what they did. It wasn’t since the State Capital was attacked by the British over 200 years ago, has anyone ever put the U.S. Capital located in Washington D.C. in great peril. The Trump supporters broke into the building in an attempt to find Vice-President Mike Pence and the leader of the U.S. House of Representatives – Nancy Pelosi, to bring them to what they called justice. The rioters brought nooses to “hang Pence”. They wanted to do anything possible to change the outcome of the election, even though nothing could be done. Trump now shows no remorse for inciting the crowd and offered only a forced denunciation of their actions several hours later after he was finally convinced by others in the party to do so.

The joint-session of Congress to certify the election was interrupted before finishing the confirmation of votes. Tragically, they had to hide from the protesters, as the protesters had breached the building, putting the lives of the senators, including Vice-President Pence and Democratic Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi in harms way. Luckily none of the Senators and Congressmen were injured, but the damage by the protesters was widespread. Windows and doors were broken, and a police officer, Brian Sickneck died one day later from injuries inflicted by rioters. It took a few days before Trump was finally convinced to fly the U.S. flag at half-mast at the White House. A total of 5 people died from the riot.  One of the protesters, a woman named Ashli Babbit, was killed by police while trying to break into the Speaker’s Lobby. Several of the rioters were also heard and recorded demanding that Vice-President be hanged while others carried nooses. Sadly some of the Capital police that were on-site to protect the building, sided with the rioters, took selfie pictures with them and stood with them during the riots. The officers who were know to support the actions of the rioters were permanently suspended from their jobs and also face prosecution with the rioters.

The country witnessed in real time, what destruction was being done to the historical building and to our institution of democracy. The entire world was watching in real time, while the president said nothing. It was the true definition of an insurrection, and some of the participants will be destined for jail time up to 10 years when they are caught, tried and convicted of  ‘Insurrection‘.

After the crowds were finally turned away, the joint-session of Congress was held, in determination by both the leaders – Senator Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi. They formally certified the election results, and now there wasn’t a thing that could be done to change the outcome.

Everything that was done by the rioters was for naught. They did not accomplish what they set out to do, because Donald Trump told them to do it and justice was not accomplished by his reasoning. Vice-President failed Donald Trump so the president showed his outrage.

Donald J. Trump is now positioned to be the very first president in American history to face impeachment for a second time because of his incitement of the riots on January 6th at the U.S. State capital. The actions of the House of Representatives with a single article of impeachment will happen tomorrow, January 13, 2021 unless Trump decides to resign from office. But he is too stupid to resign. He still may want to pardon himself for everything he’s been guilty for while being president. But if he were to do that, he would admit his failures and guilt to his followers, and he still has ambitions to run for president again in 2024. If he were smart, he would step down from the presidency, and let Mike Pence run out the clock as president, before Vice-President Elect Joe Biden takes over on January 20th. But Trump, as usual, doesn’t have an ounce of sense in his brain. It is my opinion that he must be one of the most stupid people on the face of the earth. Being the most unfit person to serve as the President of the United States, he has done more harm to the country than good as a supposed leader of the free world. Even the things he has done right, where almost half of the people who voted in the presidential election voted for him in 2020  now no longer counts. Donald J. Trump will never be known as for the good he has done. Instead, he will be known as the worst president in American history, and will be known as the leader of the Republican party that he incited the attack of the State Capital. He will always be remembered for this. Unfortunately, he will be also known for all the other things bad that will be associated with him, like supporting the likes of Kim Jong Un and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The resolution created by the U.S. House also has a prevision that he can also be barred from ever running for state office again in the future. Trump totally denies that he is to blame for any of the crimes committed at the State Capital, even if there is ample proof that he convinced his followers to march to the Capital. But everything he said in the past, every instance of lies and corruption about Trump has been recorded, and he has no standing of innocence. He may have escaped by the skin of his teeth to be able to finish his first and only term in office as President, but he cannot escape what is coming to him in the future, especially with trials and convictions pending in the state of New York, which he has no protection from. If convicted, I expect to see Trump either behind bars, or at the least facing arrest and embarrassment to the entire world. Don’t look for a presidential pardon from President Joe Biden. All of his cronies, like Rudy Giuliani and others that he has yet to pardon that he may not pardon  because it may be too late, will also face the possibility of conviction centered around the insurrection of the Capital which he also instigated in a speech just prior to the rioters leaving for the State Capital.

Trump will be impeached tomorrow in the U.S. House, but Senator McConnell has decided that the U.S Senate would not take up the article of impeachment until at 1 PM on January 20th, one hour after Joe Biden becomes president and Trump leaves office. Still, the now controlled U.S. Senate will take up the resolution of impeachment after Trump leaves the presidency, in order to convict and to make sure that Trump never holds another political office in the future, which means he could never again run for the presidency.

Trump already lost allot even before the pending impeachment, even before he’s going to leave office. Because of what he incited to bring harm to the institutions he is supposed to protect, he and others now have to deal with reality, the result for what they did. The Justice Department and FBI have confirmed they are investigating everyone involved in the riot and have repeatedly asked the people for help in producing photographs and video to identify suspects. Everyone present who participated will eventually be brought to justice.

  • Several of the Trump supporters who participated in the riots have lost their jobs and businesses because of their participate in their illegal activity at the State Capital and face prosecution with jail time.
  • On Friday night, Twitter finally had enough of Trump and permanently banned him from the service.
  • Facebook temporarily banned him until after the election, pending how he manages his account from that point on. Any reference against Biden or Harris or the election, or even mentions the word ‘fraud’, most likely will get him banned for life from Facebook. Presently, only will post for Rudy Giuliani and others in his orbit.
  • At least for now, he will not represent the Republican party, as others within plan to take it back from being the ‘Trump party’. His political capital was already weakened by the Republican’ defeats in the two runoff races in Georgia that were poisoned by the President’s lies about voter fraud.
  • Besides impeachment, he also faces an action by Vice-President Mike Pence as he has an option to be ousted out of office by the 25th amendment, although there is no indication that Mike Pence will do the right thing, even though his life was on the line on that fateful night, thanks to the henchman, Donald Trump.
  • Republican Senators are coming forward now claiming that they will vote for impeachment of Trump.
  • Two of Trump’s lenders, Deutsche Bank and Signature bank cut ties with Trump after the riots. No more business between the banks and Trump’s businesses will be in order. Signature Bank that catered to Trumps family for a long time, is closing two of his personal accounts in which Trump held about %5.3 million. It looks like Donald Trump and others, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner need to find another bank. Good Luck!
  • PGA cancels plans to hold the May 2022 Championship at Trump’s New Jersey Golf Course. So, there will be no future PGA tournament at Trump’s Bedminster in New Jersey.  The PGA Board of Directors president, Jim Richerson announced that keeping Trump on the PGA schedule would be “detrimental to the PGA of America brand”.
  • Universities have stripped Donald Trump of honorary degrees, including Lehigh University in Pennsylvania received in 1988, Wagner College on Staten Island for an honorary degree received in 2004 and the major banks mentioned have stopped political contributions, at least for now. Google, Facebook and Microsoft said they were pausing political spending.
  • Stripe, the online payment platform is no longer processing payments for Trump’s campaign website, citing violations of its user policy.
  • Shopify, which powers e-commerce sites closed two online stores tied to Mr. Trump, and as in their words, “Based on recent events, we have determined that the actions by President Donald J. Trump violate our Acceptable Use Policy, which prohibits promotion or support of organizations, platforms or people that threaten or condone violence to further a cause,” the Shopify representative said earlier on Thursday. “As a result, we have terminated stores affiliated with President Trump.”
  • Other financial institutions, including Citigroup claim they are pausing all campaign contributions until March. JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock and Bank of America are suspending donations through their PACs.
  • Members of Congress who supported Trump in his claim of fraud, had their contributions suspended by Morgan Stanley. The Bank stopped Congress donations for those who voted against certifying the results of the election.
  • Visa temporarily suspended all political donations through its PAC. American Express and Mastercard claim they will no longer give political contributions to politicians who had tried to block the certification of the election results.

Rudy Giuliani hasn’t completely escaped the wrath of the law either. The New York State Bar Association has started an inquiring into whether he should be removed from its membership. He has been widely spreading false claims of widespread election fraud and used the phase to the rioters at a rally just prior to the Capital attack “trial by combat” as it indicates that it is now time for the Trump supports to take matters into their own hands. Why this can occur is because the New York State Bar Association bylaws forbid members from, among or other things, advocating “the overthrow of the government.” But Giuliani would still be able to practice law even if he lost his membership to the association. Middlebury College in Vermont revoked an honorary doctor of laws degree to Giuliani because of his role in “formenting the violent uprising against our nation’s Capital building.”.

  • AT&T, Amazon, Comcast, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Ford, Best Buy and Marriott International are also suspending or ending contributions to members of Congress who voted against the certification of the Electoral College.
  • The U.S Chamber of Commerce, known as the nation’s largest business lobbying group, condemned Donald Trump’s conduct and anyone who backed his efforts to discredit the election would no longer receive the organization’s financial backing.
  • Walmart, along with the Walt Disney Company will no longer make political contributions to the House and Senate members who voted to reject the certification of votes.
  • The short-term home rental company AirBnB will suspend contributions to any member of Congress who voted against the certification of the presidential election.
  • Dow, the chemicals giant will also suspend contributions to any member of Congress who voted against the certification of the presidential election.
  • The Hallmark Cards political action committee asked both Republican senators – Mr. Josh Hawley and Mr. Roger Marshall who voted to overturn the election results to return all of the committee’s campaign contributions.
  • Other political contributions have been suspended, including those of UPS, American Airlines, BP, ConocoPhillips and Coca-Cola, General Motors, Hilton. Fed Ex, CVS Health, Delta and Exxon Mobile would review their future political contributions.
  • The Parlor online app has been suspended. The social platform that had no rules and allowed Trumps supporters to circulate false statements concerning fraud in the election essentially has been shut down, as the platforms of Apple, Amazon and Google have pulled the plug on the Parlor app.

This is all that I know for now. Other things affecting Donald Trump’s finances are surely to come. Loosing his political platform of “Twitter” most likely hits him harder than most as he now has a large disconnect from his Twitter followers, maybe even more than his financial matters that seem to take a turn to the unknown, but Trump needs to realize that he will not get away for the danger he has done to the country, and most likely will be prosecuted for his actions  in the future.  Several lawsuits against Trump will continue and he will have to deal with them for a long time to come.


Difficult Times Ahead for Donald J. Trump

In just about a month, President Trump will be out of the White House. Where is he going to live? Most presidents are welcome back into their communities, but for this president, leaving the White House will be a total and undesired experience from other past presidents. He is not welcome back into the community in Palm Beach, Florida, where his Mar-a-Largo business resides. When he turned it into a business in the 1990’s, he lost the legal right to live there. Presently, he can only stay at that resort legally for a few weeks at a time. For most communities, they offer their city to an outgoing president, but apparently no city wants Trump. He lived in Manhattan just prior to becoming president, and I hardly doubt that he would be interested in living in New York in the future.

Donald Trump thinks that losing the White House is the worst thing that can happen to him, thus his reason for fighting to stay in office at all costs. But why would he want to stay there when he mostly enjoys playing golf instead of leading all the people in the free world to have a better life? He proved that after loosing the election. He stopped governing as president and became a full time golf player. His job as president was to be a protector and chief, with the American people first with utmost importance in his mind. Instead, his thinking has always been about himself.

What can he do to make money regardless of how he acquires it? That’s a $50 million dollar question. The fact is that he will spare no means on how he acquires his money as long as he doesn’t have to pay any taxes and thinks he can get away with it. Everyone wants to pay less taxes, but all law abiding people would never come up with schemes to not pay taxes as Trump proved time and time again that may be proven with his tax returns that the State of New York has already acquired, and may pay for it with a conviction in court.

Yes, there are many other reasons why Donald Trump would like to continue being the president, besides making life miserable for the majority of the citizens he is supposed to represent.
First and foremost in his mind, he knows that New York prosecutors are looking into possible extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump organization. He was the first one to tell you that there was fraud in the election in 4 particular states that he lost. But now, he most likely will be investigated with possible crimes involving bank and insurance fraud. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office put out a subpoena detailing financial records in connection with at least an amount of $2 billion Deutche Bank has lent Trump.

Approximately 5 months ago, the Supreme Court declared that the president can face state criminal charges. Trump’s financial records may show in detail how Trump devaluated his properties to pay little or no taxes, which is against the law. For years, he paid no taxes. In 2019, his tax liability was claimed to be under $1,000 per returns that were able to be acquired to date. He is in short a ‘tax-cheat and hid his business records to promote a tax scam that may be a felony. Chances are that he most likely will face serious fines instead of jail time for his tax under-payments. But of course, since he lost the election, he has been successfully convincing his blind followers to donate money to him, which he will use to pay his taxes, tax penalties and lawyer expenses. Up to this point, going to jail may just be political, but not ruled out as an actual possibility. If Trump is actually charged with a felony, he will be dragged through the court system, and he may go to jail. There are several lawsuits that he will face when he leaves office, and it will be a miracle if he survives to stay out of prison for his prior actions before and during his tenure as president.

So what can happen to Trump if he is accused and convicted of serious felonies by the state of New York? Time will tell and the Manhattan District Attorney also claims that it is possible for his children to go to prison for banking and insurance fraud. Already on record are decades of Trump family lies on loan applications and insurance forms.

It is alleged that there are pre-election hush money payments to silence two women named Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. He can face jail time for this as his ex-attorney Michael Cohen has publicly stated that Trump was involved with the payments.

The district attorneys of New York will not wait for Trump to leave office, as it is being reported that Trump’s actions are already under investigation with possible indictments to soon follow. The president will no longer be protected from prosecution after he leaves office. Though I doubt if he will ever see a harsh jail environment if convicted, but then again he may find himself at a correctional facility like Michael Cohen or may need to stay at home under house arrest. Presently, his crimes may be so extensive, that he may face some real time behind bars. I would agree that he should not serve any hard time but his actions as president may just put him there. Don’t look for any presidential pardons from President Joe Biden. But one may come his way someday, especially if Kamala Harris is not the president after Joe Biden leaves office, most likely in just 4 years. The next Republican president to gain the office most likely would grant Trump a full pardon for any Federal crimes he may be convicted of.

The American people thirst for justice. At the least, this 45th President of the United States will be shamed and stamped a crook. He most likely will spend the rest of his life in his legal battles and exposed as a criminal regardless if he spends time in prison or not. In hindsight, I can say that Trump may wish he never became president. While running, there was no one  more surprised of winning the office in 2016 than Trump himself. Trump needs to live with his buddies in North Korea and Russia, where he may get permission to build his hotels and golf courses. He may be really happy there, especially as it is my prediction that Melania Trump will divorce him some day and so may his family.

He said that he would submit his taxes and he didn’t. He said that he would make Mexico pay for the wall, and they are not. Trump lied about so many things, so many times that it’s not even a surprise as he keeps doing it. Americans are paying for electing such a criminal mind and yet the Republican base tried their best to get him re-elected but failed. That shows you how corrupt the Republican thinking is these days. Many things that Trump promised that would help the American people never came to light.

He said he would never take a salary while living at the White House. As that may be true, it may never be proven that he didn’t accept a presidential salary of $400,000 a year. Instead, he accepted money in other ways. Now, he is openly accepting donations from his followers as he tries to convince them that he actually won the election and not Joe Biden. He plans to pocket most of the money for his rainy days in court.

Will the American people ever stop hearing news about Trump? Most likely Trump will always make news, as he lives to be the center of the universe, even when he becomes a private citizen. But he will soon find out that an Ex-president’s life is never totally private, which in his mind may work in his favor.  In reality, it will work against him but he truly will not recognize that.

Will Trump ever run again for office? He has mentioned the fact, but if convicted with a felony and falls out of grace with the American people, namely the Republican party, he will never be able to run again for public office. The majority of the Republicans support Trump at the moment, but allot can change in 4 years and it will. Will the American people support re-electing Trump at the age of 78? After all, it’s not an impossibility by most likely improbable. President-Elect Joe Biden is age 78 at the moment and will leave office when he is 82. I also agree that a younger person should be the Democratic President-Elect. But Biden’s running mate and now to become Vice-President is Kamala Harris who will turn 60 when Biden leaves office. She will become the Democratic candidate in 2024 for the Democrats, and possibly the first woman president of the United States. She may also have a chance to be a president for 2 terms, insuring that there will be no Republican president in the White House until  a Republican maybe elected in 2032.
Trump’s future in American government ends in about a month. Don’t ever expect to see him in public office again in the future. If you are hoping for this, you will be sadly disappointed.
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On another note, my nephew apparently has decided that it is a waste of time to continue writing articles supporting a deposed president. My nephew was totally convinced that Trump would win re-election. He’s had many opportunities to write with no moderation by me, but wrote few articles. I am happy that I did not go along with the wager as I would not want to collect such funds from my nephew, as he would have lost the wager. But if he comes out with a notion to support Donald J. Trump for election in 2024, I’ll take the wager next time I will not back down. I believe that in todays times, it would be such a foolish thing to make a prediction of an another Trump presidency in the future. 


Ken Paxton to be Tried by a Jury in Collin County Texas

As stated in a previous post about the frivolous lawsuit headed by the Attorney General of Texas – Ken Paxton, is an attempt for him to have Donald Trump clear his name in an upcoming presidential pardon.
Most likely, Donald J. Trump, now known as one of the most corrupt Presidents in U.S. history most surely will pardon Ken Paxton, as Donald Trump holds onto power for the next month before being prevented to serve a second term. Trump will pardon Paxton just because he initiated the lawsuit that went to the Supreme Court in favor of Donald Trump and to try and overturn an election where the president lost.
The following is what can happen if Trump does not pardon Paxton. The Attorney General of Texas most likely will be tried for felony securities fraud charges of 2015 in Collin County Texas. A judge from Harris County reversed a decision made a year ago that Paxton should now face a jury in Collin county where he and his wife have deep political connections. Since Paxton can now have that trial in Collin county, it would favor the outcome of the court proceedings in Ken Paxton’s case thanks to a Democratic judge in Houston. The special prosecutors in the case against Paxton are filing to reverse the Democratic judge’s decision. This Attorney General just recently received other serious allegations claiming wrongdoing. Also Paxton’s own top aides claim that he is using his general office agency to serve the interests of a political donor. As expected, Paxton is denying any wrong-doing.
But now that he has stuck his nose out for Trump, expect a presidential pardon to come his way, and Trump will again prove that he does not support the law, as he pardons his criminal supporters, and expect more to come. The only problem here is that when Trump leaves office, he cannot save himself. The state of New York most likely will file criminal charges against Trump after he leaves office on January 20, 2021 and at least a half-dozen lawsuits against Trump are pending.

Stay tuned to what happens to Donald J. Trump after he leaves office right here on

Frivolous lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court and Quickly Rebuked

The below stated list of members of Congress, signed onto a lawsuit with the Attorney General of Texas – Ken Paxton and filed an Amicus Curiae Brief with the Supreme Court. What is an Amicus Curiae Brief? By definition, an Amicus Curiae Brief is a persuasive legal document filed by a person or entity in a case, usually while the case is on appeal, in which it is not a party but has an interest in the outcome—typically the rule of law that would be established by the court in its ruling. These signing contributors wanted their names known, stating that unconstitutional irregularities took place in the 2020 Presidential election with no real proof into these allegations for the lawsuit. These accusations and irregularities centered around an accusation of fraud, and none have been proven in any court of law. Over 30 previous lawsuits were lost by Donald Trump after his loosing bid to be re-elected to the Presidency, claiming fraud in the 2020 presidential election. This last lawsuit was masterminded by the State Attorney General of Texas and was directed at the Supreme Court for review and decision. When the document with the signers as stated above reached the Supreme Court, the motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the electors from ratifying and finalizing the vote of the 2020 election was unanimously turned down in a 9-0 vote.
The obvious desire of these representatives were to have the Supreme Court overturn the results of the election and go against the will the the majority of people in respective states. If they didn’t have this outcome in mind, they would have not signed such a document. These representatives also outwardly intended to disenfranchise all of the voters in the four battleground states of concern in the 2020 election. These states included Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. The preliminary injunction that was filed was quickly rebuked by the Supreme Court.

What’s in it for these Representatives that filed a motion?

First and foremost, the Attorney General of Texas – Ken Paxton wants a presidential pardon for his outright corruption during his tenure as the Attorney General of Texas. He received the attention of the president when he initiated this lawsuit. He really didn’t care that he dragged 126 representatives with him, to forever be known as the people who wanted to disenfranchise voters from four independent states, in which no state has the supreme authority over the other. The Supreme Court recognizes this, but Donald Trump who also conspired with the Texas Attorney General for this lawsuit against four other states, most likely will pardon the Attorney General of Texas because he helped Trump’s cause to try and keep him in power, against the will of the majority of people who voted in 2020.

For all who signed onto this lawsuit, the main goal was to overturn the election.  They are openly attempting to stay in the good graces of Donald J. Trump who has several legal issues and lawsuits to attend to after he leaves office. The representatives condone the actions of President Trump.

All the listed representatives of Congress stated below are Republicans. These Republicans have lowered themselves to openly state by the lawsuit that the will of the people in these four states does not matter. What only matters is that the current president stay in office, which is their own will, not the will of the voters of individual respective states. This is the first time in American history that a sitting president forcefully pursued changing the outcome of a certified general election.
Tomorrow, December 14th, the electors will gather and put a final certification on the results of the election, thus eliminating any chance for Donald J. Trump to pursue this outcome, and President-Elect Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States, as he is sworn into office on January 20, 2021. The reckless actions of these Representatives will forever change what the American people believe are the beliefs of the Republican party and will forever be listed in the history books that they conspired to overturn an American election.

126 U.S. Representatives in the 116th Congress that sponsored a lawsuit

after the 2020 Presidential Election to Disenfranchise  voters in the states of

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia.

Mike Johnson – Louisiana
Gary Palmer – Alabama
Kevin McCarthy – California
Steve Scalise – Louisiana
Jim Jordan – Ohio
Ralph Abraham – Louisiana
Robert Aderholt – Alabama
Rick W. Allen – Georgia
Jodey Arrington – Texas
Brian Babin – Texas
James R. Baird Indiana
Jim Banks – Indiana
Jack Bergman – Michigan
Andy Biggs – Arizona
Gus Bilirakis – Florida
Dan Bishop – North Carolina
Mike Bost – Illinois
Kevin Brady – Texas
Mo Brooks – Alabama
Ken Buck – Colorado
Ted Budd – North Carolina
Tim Burchett – Tennessee
Michael C. Burgess – Texas
Bradley Byrne – D.C.
Ken Calvert – D.C.
Earl L. Carter – Georgia
Ben Cline – Virginia
Michael Cloud – Texas
Doug Collins – Georgia
Mike Conaway – Texas
Rick Crawford – Arkansas
Dan Crenshaw – Texas
Scott Des-Jarlais – Tennessee
Maria Diaz-Balart – Florida
Jeff Duncan – South Carolina
Neal P. Dunn – Florida
Tom Emmer – Minnesota
Ron Estes – Kansas
A. Drew Fergenson – Georgia
Chuck Fleischmann – Tennessee
Bill Flores – Texas
Jeff Fortenberry – Nebraska
Virgina Foxx – North Carolina
Russ Fulcher – Idaho
Matt Gaetz – Florida
Greg Gianforte – Montana
Bob Gibbs – Ohio
Louie Gohmert – Texas
Lance Gooden – Texas
Sam Graves – Missouri
Mark Green – Tennessee
H. Morgan Griffith – Virginia
Michael Guest – Mississippi
Jim Hagedorn – Minnesota
Andy Harris, M.D. – Maryland
Vicky Hartzler – Missouri
Kevin Hern – Oklahoma
Jody Hice – Georgia
Clay Higgins – Louisiana
Trey Hollingsworth – Indiana
Richard Hudson – North Carolina
Bill Huizenga – Michigan
Bill Johnson – Ohio
John Joyce – Pennsylvania
Fred Keller – Pennsylvania
Mike Kelly – Pennsylvania
Trent Kelly – Mississippi
Steve King – Iowa
David Kustoff – Tennessee
Darin LaHood – Illinois
Doug LaMalfa – California
Doug Lamborn – Colorado
Robert E. Latta – Ohio
Debbie Lesko – Arizona
Billy Long – Missouri
Barry Loudermild – Georgia
Blaine Luetkemeyer – Missouri
Kenny Marchant – Texas
Roger Marshall, M.D. 0 Kansas
Tom McClintock – California
Cathy McMorris – Washington
Dan Meuser – Pennsylvania
Carol D. Miller – West Virginia
John Moolenaar – Michigan
Alex X. Mooney – Virginia
Markwayne Mullin – Oklahoma
Gregory Murphy, M.D. North Carolina
Dan Newhouse – Washington
Ralph Norman – South Carolina
Steven Palazza – Mississippi
Greg Pence – Indiana
Scott Perry – Pennsylvania
Bill Posey – Florida
Guy Reschenthaler – Pennsylvania
Tom Rice – South Carolina
Mike Rogers – Alabama
John Rose – Tennessee
David Rouzer – North Carolina
John Rutherford – Florida
Austin Scott – Georgia
Mike Simpson – Idaho
Adrian Smith – Nebraska
Jason Smith – Missouri
Ross Spano – Florida
Peter Stauber – Minnesota
Elise Stefanik – New York
W. Gregory Steube – New Jersey
Glenn “GT: Thompson – Pennsylvania
Tom Tiffany Wisconsin
William Timmons South Carolina
Jeff Van Drew – South Carolina
Ann Wagner – Missouri
Tim Walberg – Michigan
Mark Walker – North Carolina
Jackie Walorski – Indiana
Michael Waltz – Florida
Randy Weber – Texas
Daniel Webster – Florida
Brad Wenstrup – Ohio
Bruce Westerman – Arkansas
Roger Williams – Texas
Joe Wilson – South Carolina
Rob Wittman – Virginia
Ron Write – Texas
Ted S. Yoho – Florida
Lee Zeldin – New York

Actions Speak Louder than Voices – True Statement

This website has been down for over a week because it was hacked and it took a while to get it back up and running. But, I promised my nephew that it would be back up and running before the end of the night, and I’m happy to be able to keep my word.

Yes, my nephew’s view on Donald Trump may be the case in his mind, but let’s just stop and think what actually happened here. Donald J. Trump just lost the election, and now he has become a “LOSER”. Can Donald Trump handle the facts? In Donald’s mind, he has never been a loser, and never will be. That’s the main reason why he refuses to concede. My nephew believes that the Supreme Court will rule on “suspicious” balloting and that the end result will be “glorious”. My nephew thinks I talk in circles. I mentioned in a text message that the Supreme Court “SCOTUS” “won’t take up the case”, but then I said, “if they do, then it won’t matter”…. Come on. I never said that they wouldn’t and then they would. The statement just indicates that there may be a possibility. I’m trying to give Dominic the benefit of the doubt as if the bet was carried out, he did have a good chance of winning, after I witnessed how close the election was.

In a previous post by Dominic, he tries to list Trump’s accomplishments. Many of the statements are simply not true. Regardless, it doesn’t even make any difference if it even was true. Yes, I know, Dominic must be thinking that I’m talking in circles again. I told him time and time again, regardless if Trump did accomplish most of those things he listed in his last article right before this one, that anything that Trump actually did accomplish was negated because of his actions or non-actions concerning the coronavirus. Donald Trump stopped his focus on this disease several months ago.  He no longer takes the virus seriously. It was more important that he center his focus around his campaign and not on the virus during the election cycle, and you can see where that got him.

What should have been Trump’s major concern is what he failed to do for the country which was his primary role, and that is to protect the country. Bottom line here, he did not. That is why he did not romp Biden at the polls.  I will say it again, so maybe it will sink into Dominic’s head. Trump totally gave up on the corona-virus. He was thinking that it would just go away, or everything would be OK again after a vaccine would be available to the public. In a sense, he is right. The corona-virus will go away some day, but not because of him and not anytime soon. He hasn’t figured out how to even convince the public to wear masks which has been proven to be the #1 method of protection without a vaccine. For him, wearing a mask makes him look weak. Because of his lack of leadership during this pandemic, thousands upon thousands of unnecessary lives have been lost and will continue to be lost, and many more to come. Each day that goes by, a new record is set on the number of people that acquire the virus. How does Donald Trump sleep at night knowing that he could have actually won the election if he wouldn’t have gave up on the virus?

That question brings up another one that I have for myself. I was totally wrong in my mind thinking that Donald J. Trump couldn’t win. I would have never thought in a million years that he would have had the votes of nearly half of all who voted for a president in 2020. But the fact is that TRUMP didn’t win and why? I said it before and I will say it again, regardless of all the good Trump may have done during his term in office, all was negated because he could not and would not even try to defeat the virus. Is it getting into your heard now Dominic? He gave up on his doctors, especially Dr. Fauchi, the most renowned doctor who is  surpassed by no one having more knowledge on infectious diseases.

I’ll say it one more time. Donald J. Trump’s response or the lack of handling the virus is the action or the lack of, that costed him re-election. Now after I have seen the results of the election, I can reluctantly say that I was wrong on many fronts about Donald J. Trump. He ruled the country as if he was a cult leader. He continues to possess the Trump spell over the lawmakers, mainly his Republican enablers in the Senate. Regardless of all the people (Republicans) that he directly affected in a negative way, they still voted for him. I will never understand that. But the fact is that it is so hard for me to accept that Donald J. Trump at one time actually had a clear path to victory in 2020. Just think how the result of the election could be in favor of Donald Trump, if he just thought like Biden about what he would do to defeat the virus.

Before the pandemic hit, his first 3 years in office worked out for him in big ways. But then all came crashing down in February of 2020. When the country finally closed down and the stock markets tumbled, all of a sudden NONE of his successes in those first 3 years mattered. He has such a chance to gain the support of all the American people, not just Republicans. But instead, people lost jobs, their income, their businesses, then the effects of the virus hit directly home to so many families as now hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost to Covid-19. Trump’s actions did not even slow the virus down.

Trump wanted to show how powerful he was. He ruled the country and made the entire world see what kind of strong-man he was. He governed like a dictator, and associated himself to the major known dictators in the world with the countries, namely North Korea and Russia, He used his powers in very corrupt and unusual ways, in that many of these ways were never seen before by any prior president. And the Republican party now branded forever to be the Trump party, allowed their president to act upon his will with no consequences for what he has done. But now, Donald J. Trump will be known as the most hated president. He will be forever known as an impeached president that only served one term and left the office in disgrace.  He will be forever known to have been defeated by the one person who is his primary reason for getting impeached in the first place. The differences in every aspect imaginable are different between Trump and President-Elect Biden. Trump will forever be known as the lying president. He will be the only president in history to have refused to show his taxes before serving in office, and for that matter, the only president that would never show his taxes while in office.

Seeing Donald Trump’s taxes could be the tell-all to the corruptness of Donald  J. Trump, and that’s the reason why he has fought every step of the way to keep his taxes private. His only excuse… his taxes are being audited. The fact is that even if they are being audited, that would not keep the U.S. public from seeing them if he willed it. Not wanting the American people to see his taxes displays one glaring fact in a form of a question. WHAT IS HE HIDING?

Well soon, when he is no longer in office, for one thing, the state of New York will find out everything about his taxes. Is that a good thing? For the country it is, and for Donald J. Trump, it will not be. Why?

First of all, there are many pending lawsuits that will surface as soon as Donald J. Trump leaves office. But even before he does, I fully expect that Donald J. Trump, as corrupt as he is, will pardon himself for ALL FEDERAL CRIMES along with every Federal lawsuit in existence against him. He can do that as president. But what he can’t do is pardon himself of crimes found by a state.

There are at least six lawsuits facing Trump when he leaves office by a state or individuals suing him.  but I can name most of them from the top of my head. I will name them here…  Please consider the following links provided in these cases are from CNN Politics and these accusations are fact as they stand.

In New York, the Manhattan district attorney’s office is looking into the financial inner workings of the Trump Organization.

The New York state attorney general examining how Trump valued his assets. He inflated his property values to gain more graces with the banks for future loans, but then devalued the property at tax time so that he had less taxes to pay if any at all. No one on the planet knows how to evade taxes better than Donald Trump. But if he was going to do such a bold thing, you would think if he was smart that he would be able to keep it out of the courts, and especially not allow the American public to see what actually transpired in his taxes.  But his is not smart, actually pretty stupid. The only problem is that he ran for president thinking he was going to loose to Hilary Clinton, but surprisingly won. It is tradition that presidential candidates and Presidents openly show their taxes if running for an office such as the President of the United States. But not Donald Trump. To this point, Donald Trump has been successful from allowing the American people, the people that have elected him in the first place from seeing all his taxes and corruptness that his tax reports will show. He has been successful time after time getting the courts to grant him the right to not show his taxes, but now that he will no longer be president, things will change.

Then there are the Attorneys General of Maryland and Washington, DC, suing over the emoluments clause. Trump has openly profited from his businesses while in office by accepting funds from foreign leaders when they visited the United States. They stayed at his hotels and he profited from them.

Then there is the Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit which basically states that Donald Trump raped her in the 1990’s. Of course he denies it, never ever admitting to ANY wrongdoing in his life, especially as the 45th President of the United States. But he says in public “She’s not my type”, which in some ways that if she were his type, he may have raped her. A judge refused to dismiss the case against him just before he won the presidency.

Then there is another sexual assault case in the Summer Zervos’ defamation lawsuit. Her claims are that Trump repeatedly kissed her during one of his  beauty pageants as she was one of the contestants, and that he fondled her breasts. He repeatedly tried to get the case thrown out of court, but unsuccessful each time.

Then there is still another lawsuit, this time coming from his own family. His niece Mary Trump claims that Donald Trump committed fraud as he was part of the scheme with his late brother and his sister, to keep Mary Trump from getting her fair share of the estate of Trump’s father, Fred Sr. A former FBI director, Robert Mueller testified that Trump can be charged when he leaves office.

Little is left to the imagination regarding the failures of Donald Trump as most of his failures have been posted by the media in detail. Right now for at least the next 70 days as Trump serves out his term as president, he enjoys the protections provided to a president to resist prosecution, but as a former president after he leaves office, he will have fewer airtight legal protections and it is my opinion that TRUMP WILL BE PROSECUTED .

One last comment, and it is in regards to the election. Donald Trump gave it his best to become the victor in the elections but he failed. I must hand it to him. He almost pulled it off.  Trump refuses to concede as he believes that a judge somewhere will disenfranchise voters by negating their vote so he could still have a chance to win. Even if the case reaches the Supreme Court, my opinion is that it won’t matter. The election is made by the people, not the Supreme court, and in this election whether the court is leaning Republican/Conservative or not, I sincerely believe that they would not even act on the request by a loosing party to help them overturn an election. THE ELECTION IS OVER.

In closing, I have created and will continue a new website located at the following address..

I encourage all who reads the articles here in this blog to also read what is published as time goes by during Biden’s tenure as the 46th President of the United States. I will be just as critical and in some cases harsh if the Democratic President of the United States fails as Donald Trump has during the last 4 years. But the fact is that no-one in the future could fail as badly as Trump has done as our 45th president.

Actions Always Speak Louder than Voices

Let’s take a walk down this road. My Uncle has stated many times Only Trumps current actions mean something and the past accomplishments mean nothing. Let’s examine what reasons I know and feel Trump is deserving of a second term and the narrative that a majority of this country have subscribed to.



Taxes Reduced taxes for businesses and individuals. The details are complex but in general how can one believe this is not the chief reason as to why the American economy became so strong? Did not businesses BIG  & SMALL benefit and therefore invest more? I contend this was and is a big part (2nd to Regulation cuts) of the foundation of our growing economy.

Veterans Mission Act – Made the provisions of privatizing the VA healthcare permanent and not temporary as in the 2014 VA Choice Act. Also made firing of poor performers possible. There are many advantages and disadvantages but none the less positive progress is being made by these reforms.

Opportunity Zones – These were established in 2017 and have the purpose of incentivizing economic development though by which Taxes and profits can be deferred or eliminated if the investment is rooted the distressed community for an appropriate amount of years. The details are complex and many.

Deregulation – For every one new bureaucratic regulation made or kept, approximately 8 have been removed.

Religious Freedom – 50 million allocated and foreign policy directives to include pursue religious freedom protections abroad. Has been active in issuing E.O.’s and negotiating legislation in Congress to ensure all religious rights are protected and not just the loudest religions and active disciples.

Prescription Drugs- E.O. and talks in congress to lower drugs strong arming drug manufacturing companies into lowering prices (success with insulin and Epi-pens for starters)

Human Trafficking – Has targeted human traffickers at home and abroad as well as paved the way for assistance after victims are freed. I don’t recall any other president effort in similar form. This is a big issue and highly complex and when discussed heavily politicized.

Right to try – Sign bipartisan legislation in fast tracking drug potentials into clinical trial with some successes in patient trials

School Choice – Continues to push for the freedom and responsibility of school choice being that of the family unit. Less government more freedom. This is a big issue and will be resolved once the BS in congress is removed

China and Russia – He is the ONLY president to have directly confronted China’s unfair and unethical and unlawful abuse of trade laws and agreements. Has held their feet to the fire. Tariffed the shit out of them and gave large amounts of money to those businesses who suffered. He will not back down as many other before couldn’t even make a single call let alone took action for change. He is also the only President to reduce the negative role Russia plays in the world by issuing many E.O.s and legislative actions. You can search and read the Brookings Institute website to confirms this if any readers are interested in the DATA regarding that in addition to the many congressional hearing regarding Russia and other national security threats.

NATO – Negotiated with applied pressure to achieve more nations involved paying their fair share. Held other nations accountable. Many don’t care if he changed his views once in office with getting out of NATO at this point.

USMCA – Renegotiated the  NAFTA trade deal agreement which had negative effects on the American worker and economy

Trade Agreements – Renegotiated many trade agreements into a form that reposition America’s strength on the world economy. He installed tariffs to aid in his ability to negotiate those agreements and the results speak for themselves. He is the only President that remained true to his promise in holding tariffs over the countries and demand fair reciprocal trade agreement

Immigration – Remained consistent in aggressively attacking illegal immigration.

Israel – He said he would recognize the state of Israel’s capital and move the US embassy and he did. He also saved over a billion dollars in doing so too by some estimates

UAE Peace Deal –  This administration took a different approach in negotiating with Israel and the many Muslim countries in the middle east and the results speak for themselves. The first peace deal had been signed and has started the beginning of normalization of diplomatic and economic relations of the Judaic and Muslim countries in the middle east.

Terrorism – Chief terrorist killed Qasem Soleimani and Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi. He removed the bureaucracy involved from the previous administrations weak polices in dealing with terrorist and now allows the generals to do what they are trained to do and. He said “he would bomb the shit out of them “But he did more than that he removed the ISIS caliphate 100% The killing of Iran top terrorist now places Iran in a different position and will soon force them to come to the table for a new deal.

Healthcare reform – Not much has gotten done but a few executive orders and legislative actions have chipped away the reasons for insurance companies to destroy the healthcare market. The market is slightly more stable and premiums lower.

LAW & ORDER – Most police departments and Unions have openly endorsed President Trump …This speaks for itself regarding him being a LAW & Order President as promised.

I will discuss this more in detail in a separate article discussing the decisions and action should there be interest in this. However I cant help it… I must divulge a little……… I find it interesting that every accusation that democratic party has thrown at this administration is found to be proven not true by the serious rank and file people who perform the investigating. Even more surprisingly many reports show that it is those in leadership of the democratic party who are guilty of bribery and corruption and harming the interest of the American people. We may go down this rabbit hole if My Uncle chooses to provoke me in this direction.

Let us not forget how things turned out in North Korea, Puerto Rico regarding aid corruption, many natural disasters and tragic events and how they were directly handled by President Trump. What about illegal immigration, DACA, Caravans, Opioid Epidemic, fisa warrant abuses, legitimate textbook spying (with written evidence!) on a political opponent, Space Force, Paris climate agreement, Iran nuclear deal (many haven’t read into it but I have), Russia Ukraine invasion consequences and punishment, 3 Supreme court Justices (the world isn’t fair!) Covid-19 testing rate standards, FDA bureaucracy modified in time of crisis, I can go on and on, but unfortunately there is not benefit for the effort. I would need write many articles with at least 3-5000 words each just to fully examine these. The reality for me is that I am not looking to be busier,

My Conclusion

The above list is only a fraction of the efforts and accomplishments of this administration. These are things he promised to work on as president during his campaign against Clinton and he had performed remarkably despite an uphill battle with a divided congress and even more divided internally right and left parties. I will say to be objective that there are unresolved negative aspects that raise concerns with each accomplishment; AND that as I said in my very first article nothing is simple in government.

Trump controls the narrative with those who make his base, those who like me, work a lot and do not have time for political debating and who don’t trust the cookie cutter, poorly rated corporate conspiratorial media networks, Fox included!!  Podcasts such as Tim Pool, Ben Shapiro & YouTube videos of Direct White House Briefings with Trump and or spokeswomen and heck even the long dragged out circus show Congressional hearings show ratings and statistics that this administration is generating the bigger viewership and therefore influence. Some of these shows consistently garner just under 100 Million views each month. Joe Biden and Obama interviewing each to date just pushed past a million views (2 MONTHS LATER on Bidens own Channel). Other Data is gathered by watching the Presidents rallies briefings and then comparing with the lack of excitement and just raw confusion in Biden’s events. I can see where the direction of influence is flowing. All points lead to Trump winning by a landslide.

Trump maintains a winner attitude and sure there’s smoke and mirror tactics being used in the press briefings. That is not new with Trump, (call it Trump Flavor) it is how he has always operated from his first deal in Manhattan to now in his Presidency. If you want something you and you alone go after it regardless of the obstacles. He stands for less government overreach and operating the government from a federalist position. He advocates for less government intervention in our lives so Americans can free accomplish anything we choose.

I could expand each paragraph with more comprehensive support, for the sake of time I can only hope that my written words will point you in understanding the direction of this conservative leaning American.

Final note

I am not here to convince you to vote Trump I am only here to present my views as to why I will support President Trump’s reelection. This was to fulfill a term of a bet in which the goalpost had been moved multiple times to date (albeit an effort to thwart my support of Trump (fascist tactic)).

My Uncle says The polls, poll, polls and MORE the POLLS. However, let us not forget about how the data is gathered, and that suppression polling does exist. I would be very cautious in where I place my eggs. I will give my uncle credit that he is smart for backing out. The conservative voices are not truly silent. We and the many more out there are wise to wait for our moment and will not contribute to the divisive culture of the liberal heads of which when you disagree with their heavily lauded view you are Canceled or deemed a hateful racist. The conservative base has matured and during this cycle shall be fully able to express our American views & rights. Many in the Liberal media know this and are afraid this election cycle. So much so that CNN Don Lemon literally calling for those who listen to burn down the entire system!!! Fucking Madness!!!

This process has been very time consuming and has brought to light a dizzying amount of data to look at and determine what is true, half true, our out-right dishonest propaganda from all sides and facets.

I will be polishing up my last few articles (“Covid-19”, “Leadership”, “Clarity from a rebuttal” and “final note regarding the narrative”) and will fight against my schedule to publish this week or the next, after which unless my Uncle chooses to remain true to his word regarding a decent size bet or present a good alternative I wish to fade back into the distance in expressing my political thoughts through writing.



ALSO Please comment as I look forward to answering or clarifying and of my views if possible……….Uncle Jimmy stop suppressing the free expression of speech from the readers.  Thanks!!



Rebuttal on Dominic’s “Whats Happening Now is only important” Response

Wow… I finally got underneath my nephews’ skin. This is what it had to take to have him really write. I must say that I’m impressed. You can tell that I got under his skin as he wrote fairly quickly which highlighted his poor grammar and misspelling, but the substance of his ideas conveyed in an article is very ample to say the least.

Dominic actually believes what he writes. I thought he was writing for the sake of just a bet, but he actually can write extremely well, better than I ever have. Congratulations Dominic! So I’m not here trying to compete with Dominic’s writing skills, but I am here to challenge the substance of his writing.

To make this article a valid response to his “huge article” – “My thoughts on “Whats Happening Now is only important”, I find myself in need to correct the incorrect information as presented by my nephew Dominic. Actually, I don’t have enough time to correct everything he writes about, but I’ll start at the top and see how much I can put into this article. I had to carry-over the incorrect grammar in the title that he created because it is the actual title of his article. But I’ve got to hand it to him. He put some thought and time into his article, so I can’t just ignore that fact.

I must also warn you, “this is a huge article.”

PART 1  (I can’t even get into PART 2 by Dominic, because then this article would be way too long)

My nephew is trying to tell all of us readers in his article that he knows the world we live in as if we don’t. Really? Yes, it is true that “information can travel and influence at a rate never experienced before.” This is what Democratic freedom is all about. Obviously, the Data started before his time, but the networks like FOX NEWS and MSNBC always have been at odds of what they report. They have been at each other since before my nephew could even think clearly to write such a great article, although inaccurate as he has responded here.  So “at a rate never experienced before” statement is inaccurate. That happens to be the opening statement in his “PART 1”.  That’s OK Dominic, I forgive you. But I will correct you on EVERY piece of information that I believe needs to be corrected, until I don’t have any further time to write.

Dominic is trying to explain to me obviously, since I must read his article, that he must know what data is. Maybe he knows, but I’m trying to understand why he is telling me what data is, because I’ve worked for IBM for the past 25 years, on mainframe computers and lots and lots of data. I’m 68 years old and I’ve been around, and he is just a know-it-all YOUNG GUY. Of course, in a sense he is right, but knowing what data is comprised of is not the same as who conveys that information. So, lets get away from the tiny building blocks of a bigger more intelligent “system” and get to the “Program”.

Dominic likes basics, and I can understand that. Where else should he start to try and convince people by demeaning them to think with “building blocks”. How ignorant does he believe his readers are? How ignorant does he believe I am? Again, he thinks like racist Trump, as he uses the words “building blocks” to try  to prove that his thinking is superior than that of his readers and what he says is only the truth. It would be different if he had a degree in psychology and then we could maybe trust what he says.

He mentions “Trump now Dis-enfranchising Voters to Win the General Election”

Dominic is commenting on this because I wrote it, and he doesn’t agree with it. But first, he has to tell me, a man again at age 68, who’s been around awhile, and had been writing political blogs for over 20 years. That doesn’t make my thoughts to have to be acceptable by everyone.  I thought he was going to talk about Dis-enfranchising because he actually provided the definition of it. But instead, he starts with a COVID-19 response?!?!?!?!? But since Dominic mentioned the pandemic, then I guess I can comment on that next. He mentions “Data” in the middle of a sentence. He does this twice in a row, so maybe he meant to capitalize a word in the middle of a sentence to prove a point. He has many Trump tendencies. Just take a look at the president’s Twitter posts. Actually, I don’t know what “Data” he is reading, because he didn’t reference it, other than say that “the case fatality rate and the mortality rate of our country is not out of line with what is going on in the rest of the world.” Where is the proof. Maybe I can shed the light on this as the following chart are statistics and facts from the health and pharmaceuticals industry. This is just the fatality rate, which proves my point, as it’s the one that counts. So yes, the USA is pretty much is out of line with the rest of the world. The graph below shows 62,000 more deaths than Brazil in the #2 spot. The following chart is 1 already month old.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths worldwide per one million population as of August 17, 2020, by country (This is the published fatality rate)

Confirmed deaths (absolute)
Daily increase (# deaths)¹ Population (in millions) Deaths per million
Belgium 9,939 23 11.42 870.16
Peru 26,075 427 31.99 815.12
United Kingdom² 46,706 0 66.49 702.46
Spain 28,617 12 46.72 612.47
Italy 35,396 165 60.43 585.72
Sweden 5,783 7 10.18 567.9
Chile 10,452 153 18.73 558.06
USA 169,701 2,910 327.17 518.7
Brazil 107,852 2,389 209.47 514.88
France² 30,293 16 66.99 452.22
Mexico 56,757 1,464 126.19 449.77
Panama 1,767 45 4.18


Presently, there are over 200,000 fatalities from Covid-19. That is only the reported figure. With Donald Trumps “herd immunity” thought, and if followed through, there would be well over a few million deaths.

Dominic will tell you because the USA tests more than any other country (Dominic is correct), but it still is not enough. Actually, the fatality rate should be higher, which is my educated guess because even though “The USA is leading the world in testing and in vaccine development” and “will deploy via military logistics” but the fatality rate no longer is provided from the CDC, but from the government, “via military logistics. Trump only wants people to see what he wants people to see. Trump openly admits that if provided everything for all Americans, the numbers would be much worse. Of course, they would Mr. Trump, and that’s the reason why everyone should be able to acquire a test when they want one. The end result is that we will never know of all Americans that contracted the virus, let alone that what’s actually reported is done so transparently. Since Trump removed the CDC from publishing the numbers, and he “will deploy via military logistics”, which is totally under his control. Again, this means that the people only get to see what he wants them to see. But let’s step back a moment. If the military is now controlling the logistics instead of the CDC, then why do those numbers stated above actually exist? It’s because most people know that they cannot believe or trust this American president.

My nephew claims that “Under Trumps leadership terminated entry into the USA form those traveling from China and Europe.”  Another misspelling, as it should be from instead of form, but that’s OK Dominic. He doesn’t enumerate about what Trump didn’t do because he can’t. The facts are, if Trump would have listened to his advisors when the pandemic actually was known in February, there would have been allot less deaths to this point. Now there are the tapes and the book from Bob Woodward that proves trump kept pandemic information for the American people since early February. He didn’t stop all entry from the China when he supposedly terminated entry into the USA from China. He did not stop any U.S. citizens returning from China when he put on his ban, at least a month too late, and the infected people were still coming in, but not as many as what were coming in from Europe.  Then Trump doubled down by telling his Republican governors that they needed to open the country, at a time when the Coronavirus was starting to point upwards in most other states except New York. Now the kiddos are back in school, and the problems are mounting in the schools. So, what’s the result to the world since Trump opened up the country? The United States citizens are now banned from traveling abroad in every major foreign city. That is a first. Never in modern times has the United States been banned from England or Canada for God’s sake. Great move Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Regarding another statement by Dominic, “Many who lead the democrat party ON THE RECORD stating that Trump banning people is due to his Racism and Xenophobia.” Democrat party should be democratic party. That statement was the worst so far, as it has a grammar and spelling issue. But again, since you want to showcase your excellent writing skills on this website, then you need to check your articles before you publish them, because I have given you an open hand to write on this blog without moderation.

Regarding Racism and Xenophobia, that’s exactly what Donald Trump is doing to excite his base ahead of the 2020 election. In a PolitiFact article, Biden tweeted… “We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.” Biden also said… “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria xenophobia, hysterical xenophobia, and fear-mongering to lead the way instead of science.” Biden also says “Stop the xenophobic fear-mongering. Be honest. Take responsibility. Do your job.” in reply to a Trump tweet about limiting entry to travelers from China and in which he described the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus.” Biden did not spell out which part of Trump’s tweet was xenophobic.

“The economy is in shambles” response by Dominic to that statement I wrote in my last article is a total lie. Sorry Dominic. I must call you out on this. Obviously, you don’t believe that shutting down the country had to happen, but your reasoning to support Trump for him opening up early just doesn’t make sense. Because the country opened up earlier than what many Democrats and governors wanted, the virus is present here now more than ever. The reason is because most states never had it in a controllable state to allow states to re-open safely. But Trump didn’t care. He wanted to try and revive the economy again so that when the election came in November, the economy would be back on track, so he could take credit for it. The stock exchange and wall street is back on track, but not main street. The only thing Trump should take credit for is for opening up early, causing many thousands of people to die than had to be. But of course, Donald Trump never does anything wrong, and as he openly states, he is smarter than most and knows everything. And for God’s sake, what in the heck did it take so long for Donald Trump to “give in” and wear a mask. Even when he did, he never issued a mandate for all Americans to wear a mask. Trump refused to activate the ‘WAR POWERS ACT’ in every means possible to help the American people get over this pandemic. Why, if he would have used it like he should have, their may be a point for his re-election, because then he could honestly say he did everything he could do. But he didn’t because he doesn’t have to because his minority base will support him anyway. Now Trump continues to have rallies without people wearing masks, as he stands on a far away stage so he feels protected. Everyone else is not protected and he just doesn’t care. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. At this point in 2020, it makes no difference what Trump has done good, but what people see and what he does that they don’t like, so they are not going to vote for him.

Regarding a racist re-tweet by Donald Trump, he re-tweeted this

“Leave Democrat cities. Let them rot. The media and @TheDemocrats have activated this mental illness and it’s going to get more and more people hurt and killed. #WalkAway from the radical left. And did it quickly.”

If he’s talking about Democratic cites, he’s talking about many minority populated cites, like where blacks live. He wants Democrats in these cities left to rot. Tell me that’s not racist.

But since Dominic truly believes that Trump is not a racist, then I guess I must enlighten him exactly why I see his as being racist. Here are just some of the examples…

  • He promoted the lie that President Obama was born in Kenya.
  • He described to the American people that Mexicans are rapists.
  • His real-estate company tried to avoid renting properties to African Americans.
  • In one of his casinos, he is quoted “Black guys counting my money!”
  • He is quoted “laziness is a trait in blacks.”
  • In 1989, Trump took out ads in New York newspapers urging the death penalty for five black and Latino teenager saccused of raping a white woman in Central Park; he argued they were guilty as late as June 2019, more than 15 years after DNA evidence had exonerated them.
  • In 1989, on NBC, Trump said: “I think sometimes a black may think they don’t have an advantage or this and that. I’ve said on one occasion, even about myself, if I were starting off today, I would love to be a well-educated black, because I really believe they do have an actual advantage.”
  • He uses the gang MS-13 to disparage all immigrants. Among many other statements, he has suggested that Obama’s protection of the Dreamers — otherwise law-abiding immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally as children — contributed to the spread of MS-13.
  • In December 2015, Trump called for  “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” including refusing to readmit Muslim-American citizens who were outside of the country at the time.
  • Trump said a federal judge hearing a case about Trump University was biased because of the judge’s Mexican heritage.
  • In June 2017, Trump said 15,000 recent immigrants from Haiti “all have AIDS”and that 40,000 Nigerians, once seeing the United States, would never “go back to their huts” in Africa.
  • Trump regularly demonized dark-skinned immigrants before the 2018 midterm elections, and his campaign produced an ad — about a caravan of migrants traveling through Mexico — that was so racist even Fox News declined to air it. He claimed that the same caravan included “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners.”
  • During a White House meeting in 2018, he referred to some undocumented immigrants as “animals” and later said they would “pour into and infest our country.” He also claimed, without evidence, that migrants were bringing diseases into the country.
  • Trump called Obama (who was editor in chief of the Harvard Law Review) “a terrible student, terrible.
  • Trump frequently claimed that Obama did not work hard as president. (As if he does??!?!?!)
  • He often casts heavily black American cities as dystopian war zones. In a 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton, Trump said, “Our inner cities, African Americans, Hispanics are living in hell because it’s so dangerous. You walk down the street, you get shot.” Trump also said to black voters: “You’re living in poverty; your schools are no good; you have no jobs.”
  • He frequently offers false crime statistics to exaggerate urban crime, including about Oakland, Philadelphia and Ferguson, Mo.
  • He is quick to highlight crimes committed by dark-skinned people, sometimes exaggerating or lying about them (such as a claim about growing crime from “radical Islamic terror” in Britain). He is very slow to decry hate crimes committed by whites against dark-skinned people (such as the killing of an Indian man in Kansas last year).
  • He frequently criticizes prominent African-Americans for being unpatriotic, ungrateful and disrespectful.
  • He called Puerto Ricans who criticized his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria “politically motivated ingrates.”
  • He also has a pattern of criticizing African-Americans as unintelligent or racist.
  • In July 2019, Trump suggested that four minority Democratic congresswomen, all of whom are American citizens and three of whom were born in the United States, should “go back” to “the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”
  • He has retweeted white nationalists without apology.
  • He called some of those who marched alongside white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., last August “very fine people.”
  • After David Duke, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, endorsed him, Trump was reluctant to disavow Duke even when asked directly on television.
  • Trump hired Steve Bannon as his campaign head and later White House chief strategist. Under Bannon’s leadership, the website Breitbart made white nationalism a central theme. It featured a section, for example, on “black crime.”
  • Trump has endorsed or praised politicians who have made racist statements, defended the Confederacy or associated with white supremacists, including Roy Moore in Alabama.
  • Trump pardoned – and fulsomely praises – Joe Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff sanctioned for racially profiling Latinos and for keeping immigrants in brutal prison conditions.
  • In the 1990s, Trump took out advertisements alleging that the “Mohawk Indian record of criminal activity is well documented.” At the time, he was fighting competition for his casino business.
  • In a 1993 radio interview, he suggested that Native Americans in Connecticut were faking their ancestry. “I think I might have more Indian blood than a lot of the so-called Indians that are trying to open up the reservations.”
  • In a November 2017 meeting with Navajo veterans of World War II, Trump mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas.”
  • In a Feb. 2019 tweet about Elizabeth Warren, Trump appeared to mock the Trail of Tears, a forced exodus that killed thousands of Native Americans.
  • Trump has trafficked in anti-Semitic caricatures, including the tweeting of a six-pointed star alongside a pile of cash. He has also been reluctant to condemn anti-Semitic attacks on journalists from his supporters, and he echoed neo-Nazi conspiracy theories by saying that Hillary Clinton “meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors.”
  • In a White House meeting with a Korean-American intelligence analyst briefing him on Pakistan, Trump wondered aloud why she was not working on North Korea policy.
  • Trump once referred to a Hispanic Miss Universe as “Miss Housekeeping.”
  • At a June 2016 campaign rally, Trump pointed to one attendee and said: “Oh, look at my African-American over here. Look at him.”
  • According to Michael Cohen, his former lawyer, Trump has privately made disparaging remarks about minority neighborhoods in Chicago, countries run by black people, an African-American contestant on “The Apprentice” and African-American voters.
  • Trump has nominated or appointed multiple people with a history of making racist comments.
  • Trump parroted a racist conspiracy theory about the alleged killing of white South African farmers.
  • Most recently, Trump has called the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and “kung flu” — racist terms that tap into the kind of xenophobia that he latched onto during his 2016 presidential campaign.
  • Trump suggested that Kamala Harris, who’s Black and South Asian, “doesn’t meet the requirements” to be former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate — yet another example of birtherism.
  • Donald Trump will be the first to tell you that white people are better than Hispanics and black people.
  • Individual One‘ will be found guilty unless justice is truly blind. If Cowen had to go to jail, so should Trump.

Racism = Racial Prejudice + Power and ignorance of the truth. This = Donald J Trump

All of the examples above are statements, thoughts and actions of a racist. Things come out of his mouth and are so evident and disgusting regarding his racist comments that is proof that he does not want to represent ALL of the American people. He is very selective. He favors his supporters. And to be honest, some of his supporters are black, and he has the gull to insult their heritage. If they don’t benefit him and support him, he will mock and denigrate them. Donald Trump is a racist through and through.

With what has gone on lately regarding the president keeping the truth about the coronavirus from the American people, as he very well knew what was coming, it just adds fuel to the fire. Yes, Trump will burn in hell someday. He lives the ‘life of Riley’ at the moment as the White House is his cover. But when he leaves, whether it be in January 2021, or after another 4 more years in the White House, his fate will be very reckoning.

Even though I feel very confident that I would win the ‘bet’ with my nephew, I just do not want to bet with someone who is just like Trump, who spreads lies about what is actually happening, and who is an avid supporter for Trump. Dominic only sees what he believes in his heart that Trump has done good. He doesn’t see any of his failures as president of the United States. I do not want to take advantage of him, because if I were to win, I would spare no restraint to make sure that I received my just reward.